“…You’re In The Right Place At The Right Time…” David Wood & Vick Strizheus Hangout May 17th, 2013!!!

Quick introduction: Below are notes. I spend 20-30 minutes transcribing vids of my old successful stuff, other people’s vids, and this one in particular is just notes and does not cover the entire video.

The reason I have this habit, is because I used to be bad at listening to people. Creating a connection between listening and kinesthetic action like writing forms reflex connections in the brain that will eventually fire off the kinesthetic counterparts whether you’re using them or not… Essentially meaning that you’ll listen like you’re taking notes, even when you’re not. This combined with 1 hour per day of Mathematics is the BEST personal development you will ever do!!!

David Wood (DW):

You’ve marketed in the opportunity space… business opportunities, you’ve sold your own stuff, and you came here and uh $70,000 your first day is pretty high, and he comes in and he didn’t just come in he came in and did $70,000 his first day… and uh, there’s barely a day where he’s under $10,000 now.

And he came, and they were from weird places, and people just love you.

He actually hit me on on Skype, and …

…I’m just curious as to why you’re here, why you want to stay here, why you are here, what’s your perspective, maybe some tidbits that you want to share… First of all, Dave I appreciate you.

Vick Strizheus (VS):

Why I joined Empower is because of YOU really.  I was you know, making money and listening to this hangout, you guys are saying to yourself and asking questions “What’s the Secret” and I’ll talk a little bit about it and tell you what the Secret is… I’ll even tell you “The Secret” tonight.

The reason I’m bringing my team now is not because of the compensation plan.  There’s companies trying to knock Empower off.

People who used to talk crap about Empower Network, they’re trying to copy what you’re doing and it’s not working.

Obviously the compensation is AWESOME.  100% doesn’t get any better.

There’s absolutely no reason why someone shouldn’t go all in.

What makes companies be different in the marketplace?

It’s not because of the PRODUCTS, although the PRODUCTS are top notch.

Ultimately what it comes down to is “Hey” you don’t realize that “conversions are not an issue.”

Gold Nugget #1:

If you don’t believe in what you’re promoting, if you’re just scattering around and you’re all over the place, you’re going to fail, because you’re not focused.

So I think (this thinking has created a lifestyle that other people only dream about) you know I started out working and bringing home $300 a week and we had a 300 square foot apartment and that’s where we started out.

But what I wanted for myself, is I wanted MORE THAN WHAT I HAD.

When we start something, and we don’t believe it’s going to work for you, if we have a plan ‘B’ and if it works out, if you have that mentality my friend, you’re going to fail.  Subconsciously you’re not 100% focused.

When I got started I had to borrow $30,000 to get started, and I quit my Day Job, and I burned my business, and I came in TOTALLY GREEN…. BUT I CAME IN WITH A MINDSET THAT ‘I’M GOING TO DO THIS, OR I’M GOING TO DIE TRYING…’  

I knew this was going to workout.

But I decided “I’m going to treat this like a business…”

I don’t like to sugar coat stuff… I like to TELL YOU HOW IT IS!!!

People who listen to what Tracey was talking about, and what CHRIS RECORD was talking about… If you guys just LISTEN… if you DO what I TELL YOU, YOU WILL HAVE WHAT I HAVE!!!

You can be here in 6 months, you can ACTUALLY BE HERE if you just focus… if you want to know a SECRET TO SUCCESS… FOCUS!!!


So (when I got started) you could not convince me that I wasn’t making a MILLION dollars a year.

You know, it’s having that UNWAVERING FAITH that WHAT YOU WANT is going to happen.

THE FIRST THING IS:  You have to know EXACTLY what you want.  I used to drive around in the NICEST NEIGHBORHOOD in my city, every 2-3 days for no reason I would just go to the RICHEST NEIGHBORHOOD in my city, for no reason, just imagining myself being in that area.

I would go to car dealerships, and just walk around and look at the most expensive cars… and in my mind, IT WAS A DONE DEAL!!!  What happens is, when you do it often enough, you actually believe you can achieve that kind of stuff.

It’s funny how things work.  If you don’t know where you’re going, ANY ROAD WILL TAKE YOU THERE.   You gotta be very, very specific about what you want to accomplish. You’re hearing success story after success story if you just bombard yourself with success story after success story after success story, subscribe to success magazine.

How does one go from being completely broke to becoming a MILLIONAIRE in a very short period of time.  You can get rich, yet the fundamentals are what you have to pay attention to.

What do successful people do?

I would just go to Facebook and GOOGLE success stories, and check out what other people are doing in the company and model it.

This is your vehicle right here, you’re already a part of Empower Network.  You’ve got to focus. Buy all the products, and just get in.

People ask me “Vick, how did you make so much money when you first got in Empower Network?” and the reality is people you’ve got to get all the products.

I was LASER FOCUSED.  I did not switch companies at that time.  I got myself a mentor, go to the $15k Formula I used to pay $10,000’s of THOUSANDS of dollars for the same things that you guys are learning in the 15k formula.

Dave, you know the MASTERS RETREAT… That thing is OFF THE HOOK!!!

If someone’s not willing to get that, and study it… to me, they’re not serious.  They’re just going to dip their hands in different things, and try it out.

You get focused, and you’ll see people making money.

Positioning for your success is very important.

How is it that people are going all in?

If you have that conviction inside of you, I just tell them to go all in.

If you cannot afford to go all in right away, go all in as quickly as possible.

The following things will happen:

#1) You’re going to position yourself to make A LOT MORE MONEY.

#2)  You’ve got to have a lot of skin in the game, and that’s what will happen when you go all in.

You’re going to go through the 15k Formula.  You’re going to go through the Masters Course.  You’re listening to the Key Ideas that you can implement in your business.

You’ll have MORE PERSPECTIVE.  You’ll have MORE KNOWLEDGE. Doctors spend 10 years of their life to become a doctor.

Is there a guarantee you’ll be a doctor after 10 years?  No.

Ok, that’s all my notes – I listened to the rest while doing other things, only taking notes for the first 15 minutes or so.

David Wood
“the Best Marketer On The Internet…”

P.S. What did you learn from Vick? Leave me your thoughts in the comments. Vick Strizheus is a BRILLIANT MARKETER who owns the 4% group.

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