Small Business Loan Proposal For Empower Network To Secure Funding For An Initial Return On Your Investment Of 35% On A $100,000 Capital Injection.

To whom it may concern,

The intention of this letter is to secure a small business loan for $100,000 for the purpose of restarting my business in the proper way, making sure that my brand is cleaned up, and make sure that this time, I can do things right.  This will help provide me with the resources I need to really make a lot of money online. If you are reading this on my blog, then I would encourage you to consider being a part of the funding for a potential return on your investment of 35% – a higher rate making up for the risk, and obviously, you know me and what I can do, I will pay it back. Empower Network had VERY GOOD CORPORATE CREDIT for the MAJORITY of it’s existence. This loan in particular will help me start a new division of the company, Empower Network International. If you are not looking to help with funding, perhaps you know somebody and you could cut a deal, and get in on the action.

This will also help you understand how to secure your own funding in your business.

So why should you want to work with me?  Lots of reasons, really.  

  • I was the #1 recruiter in 4 separate Network Marketing Companies just in the first 2 years after I got started online.
  • I recruited nearly 100% of the people I talked to on the phone, for a total of around 5,000 personal phone call recruits.
  • I recruited another 15,000 people without picking up the phone in the next 2-3 years.
  • That organization grew into a team of over 600,000 people.

So why do I need the money, you might ask?

Like most people, the first time I made money – I lost it, basically putting all my money back into the company I was building as it was in decline… The reason I’m mentioning this is because I am very willing to admit my mistakes, and also it shows that I love my businesses, my people, and my company. I am not a victim of circumstance, I learned through the school of hard knocks. Now, I learn from books, relationships, mentors, and hands on successful experience.  So I need the help to get started again properly so I can come back stronger than before, which will ensure that the loan payments happen on time, every time.

Why won’t that happen again?

The problem that caused the collapse of the company was ADHD, which I have now figured out how to heal out of the brain through mathematical training which I do for 2 hours a day.  Problem solved.

Which the second problem that caused that was actually the math bit.  Being bad at math as a kid because I used to not be able to pay attention in the past made it so I did not know how to put in proper checks and balances to keep the system working properly.

Well, I figured that out by studying business books, and mathematics, and accounting in my own personal time.  I am VERY CAREFUL with money now compared to like 99.99999% of the population.

Now I have a 100 page DETAILED business plan, that covers everything from accounting, checks and balances, software development, vision, and more.  It’s done, and I could simply hand that to a CEO and he could execute on it (or I could simply be the CEO, which is what I will do for a while before I hire one).  That plan goes over an idea to secure venture capital funding, which I plan on doing in Costa Rica and America, and then building a publicly traded technology company that provides small business services to North America to blog, host their websites, and also training products and technology upgrades that go hand in hand.

The real vision of the company is to be a technology company that re-creates the success infrastructure of small business america from the ground up. To build our real technology, we will be looking for more funding. The $100,000 is to build a low cost office infrastructure in Costa Rica, where we will work out of a home initially until we are profiting with local, bilingual costa rican staff, a majority of which will be women, because Empower Network, LLC has a vision of helping women step into their power, and far out earn the men who are involved in the company.


Because the WOMEN will bring the men, if you know what I mean.

So what’s the plan?

Really simple.  

  1. Go back to Costa Rica and build with LIFESTYLE AND social proof, with new contacts, starting in a way that we can support bilingual expansion.  Start building an internal sales and customer service team there trained by me personally.  It is very cheap to get apartments/housing there and they have reliable, fast internet like I need to build my business.  I lived in Costa Rica for 8 years and launched Empower Network from there originally.
  2. Get the Empower Network site back live with the original compensation plan.
  3. Get some results by driving traffic, leads, and sales via some of my relationships that are very good marketers.  The goal is to personally close 10-15 sales a day within the first month from new, organic traffic targeted at small business owners.
  4. Take the results and the infrastructure built from profits and go back to utah with my wife to meet with several potential partners who can help get venture capital funding after the brand is cleaned up and we are profitable and getting new sales every day.
  5. Get Venture Capital of at least $10,000,000 – the purpose of this capital injection is to get players on board with the vision from third party credibility, pay off debts, restore trust, fly in leaders, and begin building technology and preparing for our public launch.
  6. Open up the Utah office, primarily focused on traffic, leads, and sales through organic SEO and brand cleanup and clean backlink profile connections.  Reach out to everyone that has negative articles and simply ask them to take them down and if they will not, have the company ask them to add an update from the company to the top and the bottom of the post to avoid a lawsuit. Most people will opt to take the posts down, and the remaining people will have the company update visible right next to the post.
  7. Begin flying North American leaders into Orem, Utah (I will probably build the office infrastructure there in North America) to meet with them face to face.  This would include venture capitalists, and all sorts of others like field leaders and affiliate leaders.
  8. Build from that point to the next September 15th for the ‘taking the company public’ launch.  That could be in 2020, will probably be this year depending on how fast we begin to grow.
  9. When taking the company public, I will retain 51% ownership and control like Mark Zuckerberg did at Facebook
  10. Begin the technology expansion and optimization plans outlined during the times of steps 1-9
  11. Begin my Presidential Campaign with a TON of WINNING going on in my businesses.

Basically, this is all building for the future in a way that everyone wins together, for the victory of the people – which is the ENTIRE PURPOSE of Empower Network.

That’s it for now, let me know if you have questions.

Oh, one more thing:

You Are Obviously Asking “What’s In It For Me?” at this point in the conversation…

Many things.

  1. You will feel very good about helping a friend out.
  2. You will be able to recoup your investment with a flat increase of 35%, for a total recoupment of payment of $135,000 regardless of whether it’s paid off in 12 months, or 5 years.
  3. You’ll obviously be invited to participate in new projects of mine in Empower Network, i AM Transformation International, S.L.R. and others.
  4. I’ll give you free coaching in your business once per week for a year (think of it like I’m paying to coach YOU) and I did $200 million in sales online already with my various teams, companies, and connections.
  5. You’ll get to be part of masterminding how the company is re-launched properly, and obviously be in a position to take advantage of other investment offers.

Let me know boss. You can send an email to dmw [at] for details, negotiation on terms, etc. I have several options right now, so there is really only space for one key contact who I can help in 2019 to have the BEST YEAR EVER.

David Wood
“The Best Sales Guy In The Whole World!!!”

P.S.  Let me know if you think that this is a good deal, or not, and why by sending me an email to dmw [at], and also give me your initial thoughts on a strategy we can use to work this out. Obviously I have a lot of contacts and I have to pre-screen them carefully, so we’re going to make sure that this is a fit between us, in a way that helps you win, and achieve your dreams, goals, needs, wants and desires.

P.P.S. I will not talk about my King David Stuff on Empower Network. Separate blogs. I hope that resolves your concerns.

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