Genesis 11:1-32 “…The Table Of Nations Part #2, The Tower Of Babel, And How God Confounded The Languages Of The People.”

Let me explain. If Christians understood how beautiful the Law is, and they worshiped in spirit and in Truth with all of the love in their hearts AS THEY ARE LEARNING TO FOLLOW IT step by simple step as they also learn to read the Torah each day (which is not against Christianity) they would step into a NEW KIND OF LOVE AND BLESSING that would shine from the Celestial Kingdom with the light from Jerusalem.

Thus Saith The LORD God Concerning The Coming Destruction Of Company Owners That Steal From King David, The Cursed Life Of The Majority Shareholder, And The Curse Of Apostates Of David:

So here's a company that doesn't even have the decency to respond to my many peaceful requests, for very long periods of time, who outright stole my team (which is my life's work) when I needed them and was recovering from an attempted murder. It was the most ABUSIVE THING I have ever experienced from any corporation in Network Marketing, and it is the most abusive story in this industry I have ever heard about.

Genesis 10:1-32 “…How Genealogical Sequences Such As This One Fixate The Universe In Time From The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness…”

Dear Friend, If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may find yourself wondering from time to time "How Does The Universe Fixate Itself In Sequencing, Timing, And Genealogical Sequences???" Very good question, isn't it? In case you have not been reading my blog for a while, you may wonder what the hell... Continue Reading →

Genesis 9:1-20 “Noah And His Sons Are Commanded To Multiply, And Replenish The Earth… Which Shall Never Again Be Destroyed By A Flood Of Waters.” … Plus a wiw bit about the Quantum Universe.

a) The prophets writing the Torah, and it being written by the scribes, and printed by the book publishers, and spoken of on mountain tops, and studied, and memorized focuses the Quantum Mechanical Energy of human beings in a way that actually manifests the Torah backwards in time, as time is not fixated in the Universe of Consciousness, nor in Quantum Mechanics. Time is a function of the Temporal/Spacial Universe in general.

Part #3… “The Wars, The Superheroes, The Victories, The LOSSES… and THE FINAL VICTORY OF THE GREAT TRIBULATION… and ARMAGEDDON!!!”

PERHAPS Movies, and Novels, and Stories are actually gathering information from the OTHER 312 Trillion Sentient Worlds in the Universe, and their lives, and their families, and also alternate realities that can travel into and/or smash into this one like what happens many times in Star Trek. It is COMPLETELY POSSIBLE because of the Theory on Quantum Mechanical Consciousness that three things would happen:

Part #2: “Nuclear Explosions In The Sun, The anti-singularity, The Biological Singularity, The Technological Singularity, Terminators From The Future And Alternate Realities, Transformers, And The Age Of The Superhero…” (The Great Tribulation)

The biological singularity was actually a product of the biological/technical singularity (the Universe Engine, or the Mind of God) cross sectioning with a Key that exists in my biology, given to me by my son, Yeshua Mashiach when I was born again on September 15th, 2000 in Preston, England. Jesus descended in a pillar of fire and touched my head, and gave me the key of David.

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