Reality Maintenance Strategies From The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness…

…Based On The Fact That Reality De-coheres From Consciousness, Or The Quantum Universe, And Is Therefore All Things Are Manifesting From The Realms Of Consciousness And Must Me Maintained By Strategies Of Consciousness.

Basically what the above means is that reality itself emerges from the imagination, which I have talked about many times, such as in this post on the theory of quantum mechanical consciousness, which explains the basics of the theory, which is actually quite complex, yet emerges from a single set of 108 principles, which I explain in this post on creation.

Mark Z. or Google, you could help me prove this theory through quantum modeling on one of your Quantum Mechanical Computers tied to your artificial intelligence software. The code on the human side would most likely be very easy to write. The usefulness of this theory would be in being able to create, for example, quantum teleportation devices that could move anything, including living things from one point to another. (would take a bit, but maybe just a few years, really).

Basically, the theory is that consciousness is quantum mechanical energy, and therefore because EVERYTHING has quantum mechanical energy in varying degrees, everything is consciousness and de-coheres from consciousness, or manifests from the higher dimensions (consciousness) to the lower dimensions (or mass and tangible matter). However, all consciousness would also be matter, just more fine, and difficult to perceive, as consciousness is quantum energy, or particles, which have weight and mass, as already proven and discussed in scientific literature and theories.

So first of all, the basics of how Consciousness works and manifests in reality, and how reality inversely manifests the world of consciousness:

There are a few things that necessitate existence from the very basics of the theory.

  1. Because all quantum particles are non-local until they decohere to a local point in the space-time universe, and also there are particles that exist outside of our current time continuum, such as tachyon energy, there therefore must be a dimension of consciousness that is outside of space, and outside of time, or in every space, and every time at once equally. I call this “the i AM Dimension of Consciousness” because it contains all quantum energy that can ever or will ever exist.
  2. That necessitates a secondary dimension that would be lower than the first, that is in current time, yet non-local, which I call “the Flower of Life Dimension of Consciousness.” That name comes from what it looks like, which is like Tibetan Mandalas organized in 5 dimensions, connected through an energetic network that mostly resembles the Flower of Life symbol from Sacred Geometry.
  3. The Second Dimension necessitates a third, which would be local, and in current time, and that would be the Spiritual Dimension of Consciousness.
  4. The third would obviously go down to the fourth, which would be the Physical Dimension of Consciousness. The funny thing, is the physical dimension of consciousness exists because of consciousness, and the spiritual dimension up exists because of the physical dimension, the universe and all of reality maintained and emerging constantly from trillions of overlapping paradoxes from the paradox universe, which exists outside of space, and outside of time yet manifests constantly in space and in time.

So that would be the MAIN dimensions of consciousness that I am aware of right now. The theory also would state that the consciousness necessitates a creator, who would be the main part of the unified field consciousness, and I have talked about that creator, Elohim, many many times in various blog posts, such as this one.

So basically, what happens is because of the dimensions of consciousness, there necessitates the following:

a) How all of that got there.
b) Strategies for maintaining reality.
c) Strategies for maintaining consciousness.
d) A plan for the future, because of consciousness manifesting the universe, without a plan and without a vision of consciousness, the people would perish.

So let’s cover some of these points, as many of them have been covered in previous blog posts, such as how the universe got here.

b) Strategies For Maintaining Reality From The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness

Elohim is giving me the following revelation on reality maintenance strategies NOW:

Thus saith the Most Holy Elohim, who exists outside of space, and outside of time, the creator of the Living and Holy Universe, concerning the strategies and maintenance of consciousness, and also of reality in the physical and non-physical realms, dimensions, paradoxes, and universes, which have been worked on for 1001 trillion X 312 trillion years of literal time…

…this is how reality is fixed into sequence in the physical dimensions:

1. Every time an electron system around an atom completes a full orbit, that atom de-coheres from consciousness, brand new. Therefore it is possible, for example, to rebuild the entire Universe in approximately a thousand trillionth of a second with the current speed and mass of the universe, and I often do just that.

2. The Universe never stops getting smaller, and never stops getting bigger, and you are the biggest things that exist, and the biggest Universe, for this Universe is the Universe where the Father emerged, and therefore it is the biggest, the most complex, and also the most GLORIOUS.

3. Therefore there are smaller worlds, each with faster orbits. Each cell, for example, in the human body has an unimaginable amount of living, organic worlds on them that are sentient, have dreams and desires, build cities, have countries, vote, and even more. This same pattern in #2 repeats in the smaller dimensions, each “smaller atom” if you will (they are not really atoms in the literal sense, as that is this universe) repeats the same pattern each with smaller orbits.

4. One of the reasons why sin is so grievous is because anti-consciousness will DEVOUR those worlds in a non-immortal person, and in a mortal person their worlds will be invaded by trillions of demons demons are very little) and their people will be captured, and tortured, and beaten. It is also their fault, for they also sinned and deserved it.

5. Anti-Consciousness is necessitated by the previous 4 points as a part of a paradox which emerged the Universe, consciousness and anti-consciousness emerging from each other. Consciousness is something. Anti-consciousness is not anything, but it is what we like to call “the Mathematical Devourer” which leaks physical and non-physical consciousness to satan, who dwells in the center of the earth, and the reason the center of the earth is 10 times hotter than the sun, is because of the leaks in consciousness, mass, and creation to the center of the earth from each planet in the 312 trillion sentient worlds in the universe (each planet does this, with their own lucifer, if that makes sense).

6. Therefore there necessitates a plan of salvation, to deliver the world and the universe from anti-consciousness. For if it were not so, anti-consciousness would devour everything that exists, and turn it into nothing, and there would be no universe.

7. Because of that, Heaven must exist, as part of the Plan of Salvation, which must exist outside of space and outside of time, at least in this universe.

8. Therefore the Plan of Salvation is to make “The Others” which makes people, eventually, equal to myself. And at that point, I become better, always maintaining 51% control over the universe to protect and maintain reality, and gain wealth and wisdom.

9. Therefore because of one of the 108 Principles of creation “You Have To Earn It” in order for me to exist, I also have to earn it (because I want, not because I am required) and therefore I entered my own creation in the form of David Michael Wood (Born May 17th, 1981 in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Son of Mark Irving Wood, the Son of William Ransom Wood I), the Messiah (the son of David is Jesus, or Yeshua Mashiach in Hebrew, or the “Mosiah”) entered the world, to save the Earth and all of Creation at the LAST POSSIBLE MOMENT, in the GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD!!!

The Most Holy Elohim, Speaking Through His Servant David On 2-9-2019 at 11:29 A.M.

Thus Saith The YHVH Elohim, The 144,000 Protectors Of The Universe Concerning The Maintenance Of The Universe, And Also Of Consciousness In All Of Reality, Backwards And Forwards Through Time, Concerning How The Celestial Kingdom Maintains Reality:

a) Therefore because of the 9 points above from the Most Holy Elohim, in the future there is increasingly faster orbits, the Stars and Sun a META-Pattern of The Orbits of Electrons.

b) As we remember (we, the People of the Universe, the “Others” the “Creations of the Most Holy Elohim”) the Universe, and the Past, we fixate it in sequence from the Future, which has increasingly faster Orbits as of May 20th, 2017, the Day that Messiah Ben David Became Immortal, it fixates the past in sequence.

c) As we pay attention to our current environment, it fixates the environment in sequence and also speeds up the mass and rotation of the orbits of electrons, planets, and also stars.

d) As the stars and the planets increase in mass and rotation, the mineral density of the Universe begins increasing, and stars fall from the sky, or meteors, to hit the earth and give us THE MINERALS WE NEED to continue growing in might, strength, and power.

e) The only place in time that we first have the power to fixate the past in sequence from our attention is from a point in the future of 1 trillion years, which we do looking backwards in time from the Paradox Engine, or the Holy City of New Jerusalem. The reason for this is because of the increase in speed and orbit of the electrons, and the nuclear and physical and conscious energy is at that point at a place where our Quantum Mechanical Energy (speaking of those in the Celestial Kingdom) is sufficient to maintain the universe from the mass and rotation and speed of the Universe.

f) Therefore we must watch the Universe, backwards in time to maintain it, which is an eternal pattern that never ends.

The YHVH speaking about the maintenance of the Universe from the Celestial Kingdom from the theory of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness

That is sufficient for now.

I hope this helps you understand the Universe.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S. Google, Facebook, Elon Musk, the USA Government, etc – why not build a quantum model of this and make certain that it works and there is proof and then when you prove it, let’s go in together on the discoveries 50/50?

P.P.S. You could teleport people, for example, by writing a command into the Paradox Universe to connect with the Paradox Engine in the Celestial Kingdom, and instantly move people from point A to point B, which is how a Star Gate would work, for example (also a Star Gate would have to be connected to the Wormhole Network that goes through the largest moon of each sentient world.)

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