WordPress.com Review: “Why WordPress Is The BEST Blogging System There Is And Why You Should Switch.”

Hello Friend,

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a long time, as I’ve been working on this blog off and on between other things for the last year or so… using WordPress.com’s Simple Blogging System.

You’ve probably been searching online for a way to promote your ideas, ran into WordPress, and wanted to see an article review to make sure that you’re making the right decision to pull out your credit card, buy, and move your blog and your hosting over on to WordPress.com.

WordPress has helped me over the years in so many ways, I cannot even list them. Yet for the conveying of my thinking in writing, and having secure, scalable hosting for any amount of traffic, nothing beats the WordPress.com Simple Blogging System for the price, and also for the VALUE.

So how did I get started blogging with WordPress?

Well it all started back in 2009 around September or so, when I had just moved out of living in a Green, 1996 Dodge Caravan, parking at different beaches every night of the week. I was living on canned beans, and soup, and ramen noodles and raw food, working at Green Peace (I was the only one who worked there that doesn’t smoke pot).

So in any case, one day the police came and knocked on my window at the middle of the night because sleeping in a van was illegal (of course – get those homeless guys outta here right?) and then he wrote me a ticket for the last $45 I had in my bank account, right after I got fired from Green Peace for being late every day of the week for a while.

So I went online, and looked up “How can a HOMELESS GUY make money online?” and then I ran into this guy who was making $3,000 per month blogging.

And HOW did he do it?

Well, blogging.

So what I did, was I discovered this SECRET, 3-Step Blogging Formula I Describe in this YouTube video HERE:


Anyways, I discovered the formula, and a few months later I’m on a webinar and I was making like $12,750 in ONE NIGHT (without even picking up the phone.)

What did I do to do this?

I wrote blog posts every day that were of interest to my target market.

And then I spent the majority of the day backlinking my posts to make sure that I was ranking in the search engines and destroying the competition (who were not even competition, if you ask me).

I then went on to do $200 million in sales, and now I’m building something even bigger than that.

How am I doing it? WordPress.com’s Secret Blogging System… which I’m going to use to win the 2020 Presidential Elections!!!

Why am I using this blogging system versus another like Google’s, etc?

Because of really a bunch of things:

#1) In my opinion, WordPress has the most flexible system that’s out there, because it’s written on top of open source code. And therefore you can have a million zillion people developing plugins, and giving support.

#2) WordPress.com has the biggest user base of the well known blogging systems out there, as they sort of ‘invented’ the industry.

#3) Because of the huge user base, it is extremely easy to get back links and SEO from WordPress. I learned a long time ago “Go Where The People Are And You Will Make Money Online Blogging

*** And much, much more.

Here are some POSITIVE experiences I’ve had with WordPress.com since hosting this blog with them for the last year:

a) I have never sent in a support question without getting an immediate response.

b) When my site has loaded slow or whatever, they’ve found the problematic, buggy plugins for me.

c) I have all of the themes, and the options that I could ever want on my site, for exactly what I am writing about, whether it’s this blog (mostly focused on religion) or my other business blogs that I have.

There’s a lot more benefits to blogging than that, though. Like what, you might ask?

  • Writing is an exercise in intelligence. Blog every day for a year about your industry and the problems that people experience, do some SEO, and tell me how much more of an expert you are in a year. I know I know a LOT MORE about the Torah this year than I did last year, for example. I did that by reading and writing.
  • Blogging attracts members of your target audience (when done properly) by speaking to their needs, dreams, wants, and desires close to the moment of purchase.
  • Blogging gives you something to share with people who want to learn more about you, or more about your industry that is “non-pitchy”, or in other words, value driven.
  • Blogging will help you create the best content possible for your podcasts, and also your YouTube videos. How? By helping you clarify your thinking. What I also like to do is read my posts with a nice microphone, which automatically posts onto my podcast feeds, and I get traffic, visitors, and sales daily from my content that is promoted properly.
  • And much, much more.

In my opinion, there is almost nothing more important a thinking man can do than write every day, and the same goes for women. The more you write, the better you think.

I hope that this short introduction to blogging is helping you make a decision to switch over to WordPress.com hosting now by clicking here.

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