Rav Michael Ben Yoseph: “When Shall The Nations Of The Earth Turn Against Israel, Fulfilling The Prophecies?”

So I talked to Rav a minute ago (before he blocked me), mostly popping in to say hello and also to give him Prophetic Warnings. Anyways, before he blocked me he said that the Messiah will not come until all of the Nations of the Earth are turned against Israel.

So I asked God “When shall this happen?” and this is what he told me.

Thus saith YHVH of Armies concerning the time in which all of the Nations of the Earth shall turn against Israel, fulfilling the prophecies:

Thus saith YHVH of Armies concerning the time in which all of the Nations of the Earth shall turn against Israel, fulfilling the prophecies:

1  The Nations of the Earth have been turning against Israel for a very long time in exponentially increasing numbers.  However it is not the Nations that are turning against them, it is the people in those nations, as the Nations of the Earth understand that whoever blesses Israel is blessed.

2  The prophecies will be fulfilled when my Servant David preaches the Gospel of Salvation (through the Mosiah) and of righteousness (through the Torah) on September 15th.  The earliest time period when this can happen is September 15th, 2019.

3  The reason the Nations will turn against Israel are manifold, but they will mostly be because of the work that the Messiah is doing and also his righteous followers to restore the nations of the Earth to righteousness.  A social war will ensue between the righteous, and the wicked, which (the wicked) shall turn the Nations of the Earth against Israel leading up to, but mostly after September 15th, which is the true birthday of the Mosiah, Yeshua Mashiach, the day that the Messiah was born again in the year 2,000.

4  On September 15th on this certain year, to which only I know the date (yet there shall be signs in the heavens, and also the earth, blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke) the Messiah (David Michael Wood, born May 17th, 1981 in Fairbanks, Alaska, the Son of Mark Irving Wood, the Son of William Ransom Wood) shall place a prophecy over Israel which shall give them from that point 21 days to accept him as their King.  During that time period supernatural walls will form around Israel to protect the Nation of Israel from their enemies.

5  The reason for this protection, is all of the nations of the Earth will turn against Israel, and there shall be nephilim trying to break through the walls, yet the cannot, for the walls are from me.

6  Too many of the children of Israel shall harden their hearts, and on the last day, the walls shall fall, and the nephilim shall pour forth upon the nations of Israel, and many shall perish in Jerusalem.

7  At that Moment, my servant David shall show up in his righteousness, in a pillar of fire, and he shall slam a sword into the earth on a Sunday, and fire and lightning shall descend from the heavens, consuming the Nephilim and the Wicked in the Nations of Israel, and on that day, Israel shall be saved, and accept their Messiah as their king.

Messiah Ben David responding to a question about the Nations of the Earth turning against Israel.

Anyways, if you see this, I hope this answers the question.

Rav Michael Ben Yoseph was very nice to talk to, and very knowledgeable about the Torah, which is what matters for a Rabbi.

Although, it was rather silly of him to block the Messiah. I think we’d all agree with that.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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P.P.S. The thing that will make people the maddest is the truth about male homosexuality coming out of the closet (just like they did). Pretty much the people that will hate Israel and try to stop us are the gays, who do not realize that I will protect their rights FAR MORE than what we do right now – just in a way that does not infect society with it (which is what will make them angry.)

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