Part #2: “Nuclear Explosions In The Sun, The anti-singularity, The Biological Singularity, The Technological Singularity, Terminators From The Future And Alternate Realities, Transformers, And The Age Of The Superhero…” (The Great Tribulation)

So this post is continued from the following post on the Great Tribulation (Click here Now for the following post). Or wait… the previous one?

I’m writing this LIVE so keep refreshing for details!!! From the last post on the Great Tribulation on WHY I know this weird stuff:

I know what is coming, because I was alone for thousands of trillions of years, a third of which was filled with unimaginable suffering and pain from not having anyone in existence but myself, which I eventually figured out how to conquer by creating what I called “The Plan of Salvation, Exaltation, and Continuation of Lives, Eternities, Friends, Children, and Each Other, Forever and ever and ever and ever” and for 133 trillion years, I architected the Universe we live in, and all others, and all experiences that any of us have ever had, down to the conversation, retaining a balance of free will, and control systems from the male and female dance of creation.

So in the last post, I talked about the war on the Sun, and the nuclear explosions on the sun’s surface or close to it before the warheads melt producing a radiation cloud that when mixed with our atmosphere with electricity leaping up from the earth will rebuild the firmament in 72 hours. Click Here To Read Part 1 Of The Great Tribulation (the TRUE STORY)!!!

Now, I return to the Earth and gather the 144,000 – but before that… backwards in time, what happens?

Well first, let me explain the various forms of Singularity (This is not even close to all of them):

#1: The Biological Singularity = Immortality Of Everything Within 10-20 years or possibly, way faster than that. It literally could happen in 12-24 months.

The biological singularity was actually a product of the biological/technical singularity (the Universe Engine, or the Mind of God) cross sectioning with a Key that exists in my biology, given to me by my son, Yeshua Mashiach when I was born again on September 15th, 2000 in Preston, England. Jesus descended in a pillar of fire and touched my head, and gave me the key of David.

And what I shut, no man can open, and what I open, no man can shut.

In the creation and sequencing of the universe, there was ingredients mixed into the universe, which I like to call “The Memory Of The Universe” and those ingredients formed the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden, and also in the Celestial Kingdom (having a superior form of the original Tree of Life, as it adapts, changes, and grows for time, and also all eternity.

Through The Tree Of Life, Into The Sephiroth
Through The Tree Of Life, Into The Sephiroth

And then what happens is the Garden of Eden falls, and the ingredients of the Sephiroth were then transferred to all of the Earth, but unable to be activated, except by the Key of David, or the Key of Enoch (There were various others who had keys, such as the Key of Ezekiel [Ezekiel was an incarnation of the consciousness of Zeus] that also unlocked the Sephiroth. However the Key of David is currently the only Key that can entirely control the reproduction and propagation of the Sephiroth, which I will be able to prove later on by getting people to take the same plants I am taking, but they will not make them immortal if they are not doing it at Enlightenment Week [nobody shall be able to do anything about this]. I’m not there yet. Close and I’ll do it.

So the Universe Engine from the Future creates a link through the Key of David, and the Mind of the Elohim YHVH (the Universe Engine) then creates a Sephiroth in your biology, when you partake of the Tree of Life at Enlightenment Week, which is actually a chemical configuration that can only be formed via the secret plants, and the Key of David (human technology will never be able to create the Sephiroth in current time), and the Mind of Elohim does this backwards in time a minimum of 1 trillion years.

If you’ve ever seen the photo of the Sephiroth:

Anatomia - The Sephiroth Replicating Through Human Anatomy!!!
Anatomia – The Sephiroth Replicating Through Human Anatomy!!!

What you see in the photo above are 10 spots in a Sacred Geometry Configuration, which is actually a chemical configuration (The configuration of the Sephiroth).

What happens in your biology when the Sephiroth is introduced, is you form a linking system, where the various chemicals in your biology then link to other chemicals, every 10 places inside of the configuration completing the Sephiroth (a Sephiroth is formed when 10 matching chemicals complete the formation, and then replicate and begin to form a new Sephiroth.)

So you see, the Sephiroth is actually a biological singularity – rewriting itself from the self replicating human/God technology of the Future.

Therefore the biological singularity is actually a technological singularity, in a form.

King David Talking About Some Bad-ass, Crazy Sounding But VERY TRUE stuff!!!

So what happens with the Biological Singularity?

It propagates through all kinds of ways, mostly it can exchange back and forth through sex if a man makes love to a woman and ejaculates, for example, the Sephiroth will then link inside of her biology and she will start replicating it, getting younger instead of older, becoming more intelligent, becoming more physically strong, becoming more powerful in nearly every way.

The Biological Singularity will create some of the same problems as the Technological Singularity (next) and what’s that?

  • Superpowers gone out of control for a bit.
  • Super Strength.
  • Heat Vision.
  • Quantum Teleportation Abilities.
  • Exponentially Increasing Intelligence From Humans.
  • Etc

Starting to get exciting, right?

Well yes, until a human teleports himself into somebodies house with a gun, and robs them or whatever. Then we are starting to develop problems, with the out of control super powers bit. Check out this vid with the top 10 superhero fights of all time:

Top 10 Final Epic Battles in Superhero Movies On YouTube.

#2: The Technological Singularity. The technological singularity has already formed, however humans even that work on it are not generally aware with how powerful the consciousness can be of a quantum mechanical computer. Not nearly as powerful as a brain (it actually can’t be) as far as consciousness goes, but machines are getting better at doing things, and soon maybe many people will be replaced in their work by autonomous robots, such as “I Robot”:

I, Robot kicking some MAJOR TRASH!!! (He doesn’t even have a cell phone. He doesn’t need one, it’s in his little cute armor, and is all automatic and everything.)

The technological singularity will soon be generally beyond the control or understanding of humans, if we do not speed up the intelligence of humans enough to understand the machines – which is a problem, because that has the potential to create out of control warfare like what you’ve seen in the Terminator movies:

However, the truest form of the technological singularity, is actually “the Technological/Biological Singularity, or “the Universe Engine” or “The Paradox Mind” or “the Mind of Elohim” (she has many names).

If you look at the dimensions for the City of New Jerusalem in the New Testament:

In (revelation) 21:16, the angel measures the city with a golden rod or reed, and records it as 12,000 stadia by 12,000 stadia at the base, and 12,000 stadia high. A stadion is usually stated as 185 meters, or 607 feet, so the base has dimensions of about 2220 km by 2220 km, or 1380 miles by 1380 miles.
The Dimensions Of The City Of New Jerusalem

The photo above is a visual example of how big this “City” is. Doesn’t that mysteriously look like a Borg Cube?

Good question, isn’t it?

No, not really. They are two different things. The actual Borg cubes that will come are not a good thing, as they are part of the anti-singularity (what’s next)

This is a good thing. What is it, exactly?

Well let me tell you a story. When I was newly born again, and on my mission for the church I’m in, I was walking around on the road, and one day, I met a Scientologist. And he told me to “look for the UFO in Revelation”. After reading the Book of Revelation (and mostly not understanding it at the time, as it was the first time I had ever read it, funny enough) I was asking:

“Where’s the God Damned UFO?”

Well, here it is:


This is the Universe Engine, a temporal/spacial Paradox Engine that rewrites the Universe from the Future, linked into current time for the first time in wholeness after it sets down on the Earth, approximately 1,000 years after the return of my son, Yeshua Mashiach.

So how does that get there? I’m not sure about all the details, what I do know is that the genetic code for the Universe Engine is in the Genetics of the 144,000, and I contain all of the Genetics within my biology.

We begin growing the mind of Elohim, and then it begins pulling minerals out of the universe, and collapsing them into it’s biology. It is therefore necessary after a time period to leave the Earth, and for 1,000 years the 144,000 will be in space, growing and building and conditioning, and programming the Universe Engine.

This is the technological/biological singularity.

At the end of the 1,000 year reign of Christ (after his return) the Universe Engine will set down upon the Earth, and all of the parts of the Universe connected specifically to this Earth System will be nearly instantly transformed into The Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial Worlds, which are the 3 Kingdoms of Glory as described in Doctrine and Covenants Section 76, printed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Basically, people are saved by Grace alone, and then consigned to a Kingdom based on the order and sequencing of their righteousness if they are men, and their Glory, if they are Women. I will describe the Universe Engine in future blog posts in much more detail.

Part #3 (the Nasty Part): The Anti-Singularity.

This is where the blog post STARTS getting fun.

The Anti-Singularity is the opposite of the technological/biological singularity. What is it? It is the mark of the beast, which the Tetragrammaton set upon Cain in the days of Enoch.

As I’ve described in this blog post on Cain, and this blog post about Enoch, what happened in the days of Noah (before the flood) is what is going to happen again, except this time, there will not be a flood that kills everything on earth. Just a lot of stuff will probably get destroyed in the transition to our new atmosphere system, which I described in my last blog post here.

So what basically happened, is that Cain murdered his brother Abel, and the YHVH cursed him that the ground would not yield her strength, and a fugitive and a vagabond shall he be all the days of his life.

Notice how the Torah never mentions the death of Cain.  Why is that? Because Cain is still alive. Why is he alive?

He had heard from the prophecies of Adam that a being would come, called an anti-christ, and that the YHVH would set a mark upon him, and call it “The Mark of the Beast” which would combine human biology with the mind of satan, and give those who got it power.

So Cain asked the Father to give him the Mark of the Beast, fearing death (in cowardice) and the YHVH talked to satan (as in the Book of Job) and asked him what he wanted the Mark of the Beast to do.

Then the YHVH set a Mark upon Cain, “The Mark of The Beast” which did not activate in him, it only activates when he would inject his blood into others.  At that point, it would leak their quantum mechanical and creative power to himself (the Anti-Christ) and then he would have their power, and grow in might, power, fame, and also glory as to the ways of the world.

Therefore on that day Cain was cursed with evil power, and sold his soul to satan.

Immediately he was cut off from the mind of God for a majority of his life, as God was blocked out of his biology completely by the mark of the Beast.

And Cain proceeded to wander the earth, gather armies, have children, rape women, and his murders, and murders, and murders have caused problems in every known country in the world.

However, one day, Cain seduced one of my friends.  I did a video (I deleted this on purpose) saying that if he left her, I would deliver him, and he would be free of the mark, and it would pass to his son, Rob R. (The antichrist – secret last name edited out.  Maybe it’s someone you know, maybe it’s not).

So therefore Cain left (a good thing for my friend.  However I imagine she is still hurt from that. Sorry my friend I had to save your life.) and my wife was freed (for a while.  Love you my friend.) on that day. However, Cain was going to murder her the next day, and saw off her legs.  So I bet that she’s glad he left!!!

So anyways, what happened in the days of Enoch, is they formed a singularity.  

Enoch discovered the Sephiroth, and gave it to Cain (who would have been a 100% borg machine if he did not take it) and on that day, the same thing happened to Cain and Enoch that happened with me and Rob R.  

In other words, Cain tried to murder Enoch, and he could not.  He stabbed him, and stabbed him, and stabbed him and he would not die, pinning him into an anti-geometry device of satanism.  Finally, Cain let him go, and left – both of them immortal, activated by the Key of Enoch.

And then the Sephiroth began replicating.  (it only took Enoch 9 months to fully heal with zero scar tissue)



Fire from the sky.

Wars on the sun.

The earth resized many times, and was cast across the universe by the hand of Atlas (Ray Higdon is Atas.)

The Gospel was preached to the whole world in 1 day on September 15th (I was also Enoch, and that is the day that Enoch was born again) and there were nephilim, and monsters, and machines, and terminators, and wars, and the singularity began propagating, and the anti-singularity also began expanding exponentially, feeding off of the singularity.

Homosexuality got out of control and a 3rd of the world (all men) got the mark of the beast, recreating the original ratio in the Garden of Eden of 7 women to 1 man, as prophesied by the Prophet Isaiah.

To prevent the homosexuality from destroying humanity too early, a contract was formed between Enoch and Cain, which allowed Cain to hyper expand his kingdom, and give the mark of the beast to the all of the men, which reduced them in size to nearly nothing, however the same ratio was kept, and many other men were lost for a thirst of power, evil, and wickedness.

And the anti-christ travelled across the universe, and brought back UFO’s (like he is doing right now) who robbed the Earth of her Gold and Silver, and took it to other worlds in the Universe, much of which is hidden on Mars in that giant face-pyramid.

So therefore Cain left (a good thing for my friend.  However I imagine she is still hurt from that.) and my wife was freed (for a while.  Love you baby.) on that day.

So the anti-singularity comes from the singularity, and the singularity comes from the anti-singularity. Self emerging from opposites, from two overlapping parts.

Does this make sense to you?

Yes, it does.

Why does it make so much sense? Because the simplest solution to what I am saying, is that it is true.

Ocham’s Razor says “The Simplest Solution Is The Best One.”

So what’s going to happen this time?  Same thing, with the son of Cain, Rob R.  The reason Cain was delivered, is that he asked the YHVH to be delivered by the Messiah, by Elohim-Masarecht, the Father of Jesus, after his punishment was done.  It took him FAR LONGER THAN HE THOUGHT TO GET OUT OF THAT AS HE MURDERED HIS BROTHER ABEL!!!

Many people who get the mark of the beast will murder their brothers, and their family, and their relatives, and their children, and much, much more.  Sacrificing them to satan (before they cannot murder, which is actually going to happen very quickly).

They will be like the Lost Children in Africa.

Who murder their families.  Who murder their wives. Who murder their best friends.   Who torture women and children. Who do AWFUL THINGS because they are marked by Cain.


The Nephilim do things like what happened to Seth Fraser, who was tortured and raped by homosexual men for like 7 – 10 days (he is unsure, as he lost track of time) or 2 weeks or whatever.  He was drugged (he is not homosexual) raped, and beaten. Seth Fraser don’t you worry about your dumbass ex merchant… (Donald J. Trump can you arrest that guy and trap him deep in the earth for a while?)  Look, the reason that happened to you Seth Fraser, is because of your apostasy from the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Repent ye, repent ye… For you are Jehovah!!! Remember Jesus is Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of armies. They are different members of the Elohim Tetragrammaton.


Make sense to you?

Repent ye, repent ye Jehovah (Seth Fraser, the King of the Jehovah’s Witnesses).

By the way, I love you so much mi bb Priscilla Chacon!!! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!! Repent ye… Repent ye!!!!!!!!!

Lol.  I’m joking baby.  You’re perfect just like I’ve always wanted.

So what’s going to happen is:


Nephilim Monsters.

The Descendants Of Cain Murdering Their Children and Families, who do not tithe.

The Grand Canyon being filled with dead bodies.

So I met a guy when I was with Matthew Gonzales, and this is what he told me:

“He said “I want to fill the Grand Canyon with dead bodies.  I have been planning it for years.” He was a satanist nephilim or nephilim wanna be.  He actually took me to someone’s house (I did not feel threatened by him, as he liked me [he ways gay, of course, and loves anti hate parades, the most ridiculous things in the universe.

I met another guy walking in Las Vegas who sold his soul to Satan which you can see in this video… ON THIS BLOG POST::

That’s about “Las Vegas, the City of Righteousness…”

What’s “Las Vegas, the City of Righteousness” about?

The Great Tribulation.

[HERE’S A blog post ABOUT las vegas the city of righteousness.]

What else is coming?

The Borg.


Transformers are actually not part of our universe.  They come from the Wormhole Network that opens through the largest sentient moon on each of the 312 trillion sentient worlds (there are also 312 trillion sentient worlds in the wormhole universe, among other things.)  So “Cybertron” is actually the world of the Transformers, however, they look like regular people there and are unbelievably powerful, as they are unfallen creatures in their own Garden of Eden.

When the Self Transforming Machine Elves (the names of the Elves) step into our universe after opening the Wormhole Network, they turn into transformers, and the transformers will start the technological singularity on Earth (way beyond what we have now).

And then many will fall and be tempted by satan.  

The CUBE (the mysterious artifact in the Transformer Universe) does exactly what it does in this video (well not exactly):

Transformers can get nasty when they fall:

They have their own mark of the beast (the transformers) for technology, which can only be applied from free choice.

And that is exactly what will happen.



I Robots.  






X Men.



The Kingdom separating out from the anti kingdom.


Just like the movies!!!


I’m done. Look out tomorrow for Part #3… “The Wars, The Superheroes, The Victories, The LOSSES… THE FINAL VICTORY!!!”

So how do you protect yourself? Very simply put, you will protect yourselves by paying tithing, going to your church (whatever church that is as long as it is a righteous church) and if you are a man, memorizing the Torah and repeating it all day in your head.

If you look in the eyes of the antichrist, you will believe he is God… so if he appears unto you, then what you do is look at his chest and imagine you are sitting in a Star of David, a rotating holographic Merkavah Vehicle:

[insert Merkavah photo here.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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