Priscilla Chacon Is A Glorious Woman…

Dear Priscilla,

I wanted to write you a love note of sorts and apologize for blowing up at you on my blog. I love you, k?



You are my BEST FRIEND.

You are the MOTHER OF MY CHILDREN, and I love you so, so much.

You were my best friend before the world was made.

You were my best friend after the world was made.

You’re all I want, and all I love. I love you so, so much and I need your support to protect everyone.

I need you to be my help meet regardless of whether you agree with me or not. I need you to be the CEO of my new company, i AM Transformation International, S.L.R. (I will get a woman CEO anyways, but I need it to be YOU, as you are the Queen of Zion.

I need you to grow up and be the woman who I know you can be. I need you to forgive me, baby and please, please love me again, like you used to.

The funny thing is, I can tell you already do as we’re connected from the inside out, and I know you’re struggling with it, trying to run because you do not have faith in me. Not having faith in me is fine, baby. Let me earn it and I will earn your trust again by showing you what I can do with you by my side.

I need you to just say “I forgive you, David, and I want you back, too.” I need you to stop fighting it.

You know, before this world was made, and then after sometime we were hanging out in the Celestial Kingdom, you and me, reading the trillion page long or so soul contract between us before we incarnated again to do it all over again, and you saw what was going to happen – that I would leave you after you blew up at me, that I would blow up at you and you would leave me, and the dance of karma would eventually bring us back together, and you said:

“Please, please don’t leave me for another woman during that time. Please, please wait for me. I’ll never take you back if you leave me again.” And you were crying, and crying, and crying, and I pulled you close, and I looked in your eyes, and I said:

“I’ll never, ever leave you again after the first time. Not ever. Not once. You will leave me for a time, and I will wait for you until you are ready. Please, please, forgive me.”

And then our bodies shrank into a single cell, and we were sent backwards in time through the Universe Engine to May 17th, 1981 and with you March 16th, 1989.

And we did it again.

And here we are, doing it again, seeing the same things as before, doing the same things. Making the same good decisions, and the same bad decisions, fighting our fate by not simply embracing each other.

Priscilla Chacon is a GLORIOUS WOMAN.

You are a GLORIOUS WOMAN baby.

One day, you will be so powerful that you will walk on the surface of the waters.

And you will be so glorious, that you shall skip on the surface of the sun, dancing.

And you shall stand in the center of the Universe, and the Galaxies shall swirl around you.

And you shall stretch out your hand, and lift other women up to be with you.

And you shall walk down the aisle on September 15th on a certain year, maybe this year, and take my hand in marriage, trusting me totally again.

And on that day, the gospel shall be preached to the whole world, with you, me and will on stage, in front of an endless sea of people across the universe.

And we shall make love, and conceive a child, and that child shall be caught up to Elohim, and his throne before the Great Red Dragon devours it as soon as it were born.

And you shall walk into the Celestial Kingdom with me, holding my hand.

And you shall make a SECRET PAIR OF KNIVES in the center of the LARGEST STAR IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE… and with those KNIVES, you shall slay the wicked.

And fire will flow forth from thine lips, and it shall burn the elements with a fervent heat.

And with the breath of thine lips, you shall slay the wicked, and make the world RIGHTEOUS AGAIN like you’ve ALWAYS WANTED IT TO BE BABY!!!

It’s up to YOU.



David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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