Should The FTC Shut Down Your Network Marketing Company [Click Here Now To File An FTC Complaint]:

Dear Friend,

You may have been searching for “YOUR COMPANY HERE FTC Complaints” or “YOUR COMPANY HERE Scam” or “YOUR COMPANY HERE Review” and many other variations, wondering if World Ventures is the best opportunity for you, or not.

Before we continue, here’s the link to file a complaint about YOUR COMPANY HERE on the FTC website.

Ok… those posts should give you a pretty good background, now on to finish the post.

Basically, here is how to submit an FTC complaint:

What you want to do is be very, very specific in your complaint about YOUR COMPANY HERE, and be certain to cover every detail of your complaint. The reality is with the FTC, that the more complaints there are about a scam, the more likely the scam is to get shut down (like YOUR COMPANY HERE will be sometime in the next 3-5 years or less (it could even be happening now behind the scenes).

After you complete your complaint submission, not a bad idea would be writing a blog post about your complaint, and be sure to send a copy of your complaint to Oz over at — who does daily reviews on the Network Marketing industry – some of them more positive, some less. Oz is a FANTASTIC journalist. Tell him to list your complaint with a link to your blog if you’re a righteous warrior helping shut down evil Network Marketing Companies!!! LIKE OZ SURE DOES!!!

My favorite thing about Oz’s site is he demon mouth with money in it – basically suggesting that MLM is essentially about devouring your money. – click here NOW!!!

Now to be clear, I do not hate the MLM industry, nor do I hate YOUR COMPANY, it is what it is. The reason I am doing this has been explained in my previous posts linked to earlier above. I am doing this actually to help them change, and help the industry change. Why?

Let me give you an example of the stupidity of YOUR COMPANIES promotion strategies, obviously they work, and they work well (and there’s nothing wrong with that.) However, YOUR NETWORK MARKETING business is imbalanced.

Imagine a table with 3 legs and all of the sudden, you only have two (you were sitting down, and one of the legs just disappeared before your eyes). The 3 most important legs of Network Marketing from my experience would be:

Customers – Affiliates – Promotion Strategy

So what’s the problem with this, as outlined above? Well, nobody in Network Marketing (virtually) gets any customers. In other words, the majority of MLM companies out there usually have a 5-1 ratio of “reps to customers” which is the EXACT OPPOSITE of how it should be.

So what’s the problem with this?

Because this business model, as well as all business models that are good depends on a REAL PRODUCT that gives value to customers, otherwise all you ever have is a Pyramid Scheme.

So what’s YOUR COMPANIES customer ratio? something like a third of their volume. What’s the problem with that?

It means that the majority of the product purchasing in your company is happening from internal consumption, which by definition is what makes a Pyramid Scheme.

To be clear, if you want to join a pyramid scheme, do it. Just be aware that you are joining a pyramid scheme and not a real business opportunity.

Let me make a visual description of how this way of building is, from my YEARS OF EXPERIENCE doing this both right and wrong many, many times.

1 People see a business opportunity thinking that it is a real business, based on dreams, and they get sold fluff, hype, and bullshit nearly all of the time. To be perfectly clear, I am a lover of the bullshit as we all are. However, bullshit is bullshit.

2 They then go out and get other people to buy the products only after they have already decided to join, and when those people decide to join now, what happens is they only get in other people who get in people, essentially forming a “Never Ending Chain MLM Scheme” where nobody does anything but pitch Network Marketing Business Opportunity. (MLM is not an actual business you own, it is an affiliate relationship or an independent distributor agreement, an agreement that a company owner can use to terminate them if they cross them. In other words, Network Marketing is an MLM business you could say, but it is not a real business opportunity with FTC disclosures.

3 Because MLM has not adapted to the customer angle very well (which is actually pretty easy to do by just changing the focus) they are promoting the wrong thing. Which is the “way less duplicatable way according to Ray Higdon”. Why is that?

Well, let me ask you a question:

You’ve got a travel company, and people want to travel all over the world. Everyone is interested in Travel, aren’t they?

Of course – who isn’t interested in a GREAT VACATION?

Question #2:

So why the hell are they wasting all of their time chasing down people and hunting after them trying to go after a WAY SMALLER MARKET of business opportunity? IT’S SO LAME AND INEFFECTIVE, IT IS UNREAL FOLKS!!!

Contrast them for a second. Maybe 18 million people in the USA are in Network Marketing.

How many millions of people in the USA take vacations once a year? I promise, it’s more than that.

So when I was in YOUR COMPANY before they ganged up on me like an evil bandit of thieves, I attempted to explain this to a CERTAIN COMPANY OWNER OF A TRAVEL COMPANY and some other leaders – (very peaceful I am most of the time, unless they cross me, then I will be peaceful with you, but I will not be peaceful with them – to protect you) and their response is “Well we’ve been doing this for 12 years.”

Here they are with an opportunity to really turn things around with King David and get a 5 to 1 customer ratio in like 1-2 years, and boy are they blowing it!!! And they are blowing their business up into pieces, I suppose with their own self enforced “virally sustainable” bullshit con artist stories.

So basically THESE TWO GUYS conned me. I went in with promises, with a team that was wanting to help, and I gave them a LOT OF VALUE. The best ideas they had ever heard from a rep.

And what did they do? They threw it on the floor and continued in their pyramid scheme. Rather than building an initial team of 10,000 people like what I would have done with the leaders, only 500 people from my entire downline joined. Vick Strizheus bailed. Other leaders bailed. And all of this for the fault of the MAJORITY COMPANY OWNER in particular (as he was always worried about me) and somewhat to THE MINORITY SHAREHOLDER for not taking what I am saying seriously at all (other than the fear he feels of crossing me.)

SIDE NOTE: People are supposed to fear the Messiah. Actually loving the Messiah is not required for the prophecies to be fulfilled in the proper way.

Let me give you a visual description of what they lost by dishonoring me in lost opportunity and massive negative karma:

My version = a team of 10,000 people in 3-6 months – paid, active, and on auto-ship.

Their version? 500 people. Why? Because the product market is 20 times bigger minimum than the opportunity market. Opportunity buyers are not usually even good buyers. They are buying into something for the hype and the emotion of getting rich getting people to refer people to refer people down an endless TRAVEL Scheme of “chain mail” and everyone in the whole world other than MLM people think it is retarded, and not good business practices.


Because it is not good business practices.

Ok, another live example:

Lets say you get 5 people into your scheme, who get 5 people and so on, and the opportunity costs $100 a month.

Level 1: 5 people – $500 a month in many times wasted spending on a stupid, overpriced product many times (go to if you want cheap, good products with no MLM pitch)

Level 2: 25 people = $2500 a month in spending, and consumer losses.

Level 3: 125 people – $12,500 per month in consumer losses, and so on down to the next levels.

What’s the problem with this? Well it may not be very apparent if you have not in business for a while in your own business, however let me briefly describe the actual issue for you k?

The issue is that in 3 levels with only 155 people, you have $15,500 in consumer losses, and so on it goes, exponentially compounding.

So what do you do if you have customers? Well, you first get 5 customers (before you recruit or are even allowed to, which is actually what I believe the FTC should pull off this year, as it will save the industry of Network Marketing by forcing people to change now, ahead of time), so in this case,

Level 1 – YOU ONLY + 5 customer-only reps = $500 in PRODUCT SALES PURCHASES ONLY. Let’s say they pay 50% commissions, all of the sudden you’re making $250 a month and after you pay for your $100 product you’ve got $150 in profit, which everyone would agree is a sound business model.

Level 2 – YOU ONLY + 5 customers, plus 5 people who have 5 customers = $3,000 in customer driven volume, and maybe $1000 a month in profit for you.

Level 3 – The same thing down another level. So on the next level, you realize that you’ve now got an extra $12,500 in volume following this same pattern.

How many reps are there? 36. Talk about a BIG DIFFERENCE!!!

So what’s the problem with the way YOUR COMPANY currently builds their business? It is 100% focused on a “broke business with no customer volume but reps getting reps getting reps”, meaning that they are exponentially expanding their consumer losses.

Why do I say this?

Well think about how retarded this is for a second now that you’ve read this post… that you have an army of people who are all making no money from the product talking to everyone about a business opportunity (when technically, it is not and does not carry the proper disclosures).

So what are people going to ask them? The OBVIOUS QUESTION (since they are pitching an opportunity) which is:


At which point, Network Marketing reps scramble looking for other “more serious prospects” and avoid the question with bullshit such as ‘none of your business’ – it ACTUALLY IS THEIR BUSINESS and I am suggesting that the FTC should make a new ruling requiring reps to independently disclose their earning on all of their websites.

Frank – $0 from YOUR TRAVEL SCHEME …no customers (boring) pitching his business to his friends and family, not even remembering what the product is because he is so retarded (psshshshsh!!!)


GLORIOUS Susan (more interesting since she’s a woman and 70% of this industry are as well) – $250 a month from customer volume in a better company like Amway, or that one that Zeus is in… Who do you want to join an opportunity with? I’ll take SUSAN every time!!!


Well think about this for a second – the GREAT FEAR QUESTION and how stupid it is. So what do you do when people ask you the same question and you’ve got more customers than reps? Really simple:

You say “Look I’m not going to disclose my FULL INCOME, but I will disclose my customer numbers. Before I got started recruiting, I went and got 5 customers, then 10, then 15 – well now I’m doing $1,500 in customer only volume, and making a 20% profit margin on my business from customers only, or around $300 a month. Just to be clear, these ARE NOT REPS!!! You can obviously imagine how much money we can make when we go down a few levels, helping EVERYONE GET CUSTOMERS like we did!!!

Here’s the thing: When you’re getting customers nobody cares about how much money you make. They care if the product is good and if you did a good or a bad job selling it. That’s ALL THEY CARE ABOUT.

Then when you approach your next 5 people, you might have 100% of them get in and you go to work helping each one of them get 5 customers, validating their business model in a new way.

I hope this helped you analyze YOUR NETWORK MARKETING OPPORTUNITY, which according tot he FTC is a pyramid scheme true and final. Click Here to Submit Your Complaint.

hey COMPANY OWNERS I MENTIONED, I hop you read this, and make some changes. Perhaps even giving me my position back, as I bring a lot of unique value.

Otherwise… pending FTC class action lawsuit led by King David!

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S. Think of how retarded it is to steal my money for a second, and let that soak in (YOU ARE CHRISTIAN. READ WHAT THE BIBLE SAYS ABOUT THIEVES BOSS, WHICH IS THAT YOU SHALL CREATE RESTITUTION OR YOUR WEALTH SHALL BE TAKEN FROM YOU). First of all, you did it for bullshit after you guys had been severely hurting me for a long time and I sat there like a dead animal, waiting for you guys to change. You are not retarded, I don’t think. You do not need my money and to stick to some ridiculous principle that is founded in flawed concepts. If you EVER PICKED UP THE PHONE AND CALLED ME LIKE I REQUESTED MANY TIMES IN THIS PROCESS – you would know that I am a super nice guy (if I am not being severely abused. It REALLY TAKES A LOT TO GET ME TO NOT BE NICE)

I fell in love with Network Marketing because it was a business I could give to my wife and my son, which was my vision with YOUR TRAVEL SCHEME. You, SILLY COMPANY OWNER, destroyed my dream by not honoring your ethics, and your own principles, and the reason you started the company – which is to build a real company with real products that helps people and serves them for a long time. The same goes to all my dumbass friends who cut contact with me this last year from complete bullshit, because they “pathetically handle” anything with a different believe system. If I have been more harsh with you guys it was because YOU FIRST WERE MORE HARSH WITH ME… you guys struck me first. Way more harshly than I struck at you, I might add.

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