WHY The Democrats, The Republicans, The Righteous, And The Wicked Alike (Zombies, Nephilim, Aliens, And The Central Bankers) Will Want King David As President Of The USA In 2020.

Look, if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering “Why would anyone want to vote for you?” or maybe you’re wondering “Ok, so I got the vision. What’s the plan?”

I will do my best to answer those questionz in this blog post, as they are VERY GOOD QUESTIONZ!!! (QUESTIONZ are questions asked by Zombies, of course, as Zombies ask very good questions, don’t they?).

Now you may be wondering ESPECIALLY why “The Central Bankers” would want what I want, as it seems at first glance to the unintelligent that I desire to dismantle their power. I do not. I simply desire to dismantle their evil power, and that’s it, and turn it into righteous power that is decentrally balanced (we will have both a central banking system, and a decentralized banking system, and the Central Bankers will have a hand in both if I have anything to do with it, as they are very good at honoring contracts and whatnot, and they have a LOT OF WISDOM with creating Banking Systems that get the results that they want. We’ll get into how they will get what they want (their evil desires) while giving us what we want later on.

The base message of my Presidential Campaign is decentralization, balanced by centralization utilized sparingly, checked, and in wisdom.

For example, I will not personally use a lot of Executive Orders while I am President, even though they are an EFFECTIVE TOOL at times. I will actually probably sign one Executive Order preventing the President from utilizing Executive Orders outside of War and issues that disrupt Social Peace (such as Civil War). Then I will never sign one again.

WHY? It is against my principle of decentralization. If the people do not want a law, they simply will not pass it as my entire Campaign Focus will be in unifying and empowering the PEOPLE to create the changes that they want. I do not need to force people to do what I want as my tools of social pressure and pitting people against each other will work just fine to get what needs to happen done, which is what we all want and we agree in writing together on.

We will need a lot of Executive Orders in war while I am President, as the War of the Nephilim will begin during or after my reign as President of the United States. (a Civil War + International World War involving every country on Earth that is not a member of Zion…) Sorry folks it’s coming from Karma and at this point it cannot be stopped – perhaps if we get 90% of the world praying every day Elohim can hold it back, but the prophecies must be fulfilled.)

You may be asking: “So why in the hell would the Nephilim want you as President King David? I mean, I got the righteous. But the homosexual community? The Nephilim? Come on dude NO WAY!!! Explain it to me King David, as I’m going into a deep voting positively for you trance now:”

Well, I will give the Nephilim what they want, which is their own territories that they purchase, that have their own laws that they govern themselves, by segregating them out of the general population, so they can build Nephilim Cities outside of the borders of our cities.

Look – the anti christ will gain way more power doing it my way than his because he does not understand that the entire population is not going to respond to force. Some of them will. Most will rebel against it no matter how powerful he is. It is a much better solution to give us what we want (which is safety and peace away from the Nephilim) and give them what they want (which is to have their own little world that they take over and have their own laws, with men who get the mark of the beast).

The reality is, we are not going to be able to stop the anti christ from doing what he wants to do. It is much better if we work with him in a way that keeps the cities safe. Doing it my way, the anti christ will actually keep the cities safe, because murderers and whatnot will be taken outside of the gates of the city, and the nephilim will exact the exact punishment that the murderer exacted on his victims in the exact way that it was exacted – things that the nephilim love to do.

So what would you, the citizens of the United States rather have out of the following two options?

a) The anti christ takes over everything and everyone is subject to his laws.


b) We make a peace offering and utilize him to balance our own laws, as murders and torture and all sorts of weird and wicked things are going to get very out of control as society starts evolving, and must be punished in an exacting way to stop it, such as the Torah recommends (otherwise it will simply run rampant as people will not fear the penalty inflicted upon them by our current laws – it will not hurt them at all they will be fine). This option brings peace rather than war.

So first of all, let me talk about the VALUE OF SEGREGATION used wisely, and then let’s talk about the way we will organize the cities to allow the nephilim and also us to get what we want.

Most people when they think of segregation they look backwards in time to only the dark parts of it early in the days of the United States of America – making black people sit in different places than white people, and so on and so forth, which is ‘ridiculous’ but also is a hilarious demonstration of the stupidity of humanity.

I mean, let’s face it – if the black people got to sit in the front or got the best seats, would they have ever complained? (perhaps what we should do for a while to set things straight in America with the blacks, who are currently very angry for lack of justice) No, they would not have complained, the white people would have complained.

The reality is if you read teachings from Ludwig Von Mises for example and other economists that understand WE THE PEOPLE, they always say “Let People Do What They Want And Make The Best Decisions For Them” – the reality is THAT THE PEOPLE always will enact laws that they want, that protect themselves in the best way for them, which is none of the Federal Governments business as laws should be passed at a local city and community level, especially in cases that involve the wise use of segregation, such as my nephilim protection laws, which will protect both us and them.

  • Side note: If we do not pass laws that protect them and us, we are not being good Christians. We just don’t want them to do it in a way that messes with our society – let them mess with their own.

So what would we do at that point? We would build walls around the cities across America, and inside of the gates of the cities would be off limits for the Nephilim – however outside of the gates in their own territories they could do what they want to do there, in the way they want to do it, and it is none of our business except that their laws must be published and enforced, and must protect the same things that the United States Constitution protects, which is life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Inside the cities we would build, and create more nature, and filter the air, and filter the water, and create underground backup trade routs, and Celestial Technology that allows you to move from point A to point B instantaneously, allowing us to have faster trade within the cities than we ever had in the past from our current, or existing systems.

We would then help Americans make the best decision for them – which is righteousness, to the best of our ability without interfering with FREEDOM OF CHOICE and FREEDOM OF DECISION.

If someone wanted the mark of the beast, they would have to wait a minimum of 2 years and go through interviews with psychologists that are both for and against the decision, and then be taken to the outside gates of the city where the ceremony would be performed by the local nephilim. We are not going to stop the nephilim from propagating, as the nephilim are going to be THE BIGGEST ISSUE OF THE 2020 PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS. If we do not work with them (they are Americans) we will lose the war of the nephilim. If we protect them and keep them outside of the gates of the cities, where they belong – they will be happy and we will be even happier than that.

They would then live in the cities of the nephilim. It is my opinion that we should not even let them into the cities of America or other countries that are members of Zion – however those laws will be up to the local communities and many of them shall learn their lesson in THE HARDEST WAY POSSIBLE, as they are getting hacked into pieces by the nephilim they were so vicious in supporting, as the nephilim are laughing at them. The nephilim invading the cities will be the biggest issue of the 2024 Presidential Elections, led by Krishna, or Aki Wood. (on the Good side, obviously. Aki will be the next President of the United States with the message “Make America Cool Again” which we WILL NEED BADLY after I am done. Lol.)

LOOK, I mean SOMEBODY has got to create a Nephilim city and call it “Gotham City” and also “Sin City” – I mean… they HAVE TO, Don’t They?

The Evolution of Batman’s Gotham City (YouTube)

Here’s the BEAUTIFUL PHOTO of “Bat Girl” one of the HUMAN SUPER HEROES who defends HUMANS in Gotham City:


So WHY are we going to need to build cities and walls around the cities we have? Well, 3 answers:

#1) nephilim.

#2) The anti christ.

#3) Zombies.

That is reason enough. I just sent a message to the President of the United States about how the coming Zombie Apocalypse is going to happen at a World Ventures event south of the border somewhere, and he’s on it. However, we cannot stop it from happening, as the words of the prophets must be fulfilled.

(Sorry World Ventures… I tried to WARN YOU!!!)

So we keep the inside of the gates of the city off limits from the Nephilim, and build HUGE CITIES as they will be EVERYWHERE outside of the City Walls. Literally the most dangerous thing a city in America can do is not build walls around their territory. They will learn the hard way, and adapt. You’ve seen the movies, haven’t you? The movies about the Zombie Apocalypse?

It’s coming, folks.

So in any case – if you are a nephilim, please stop fighting me at this point if you want to have laws passed that protect your rights as sub-humans. (nephilim are really no longer human beings, they are ‘sub humans‘ if that makes sense, they are a biological/technological anti singularity. The Sub Humans have very different nutritional requirements, such as drinking copious amounts of human blood and whatnot – hence vampires, and also Vampire Slayers which shall emerge – however, we will not slay them if they are following the laws of the land and their own land.)

Also to the anti christ: – you are going to get WAY MORE POWERFUL if you stop sabotaging me, as whoever blesses me is blessed. Look, I know you want to take over hell and whatnot and be the new satan – if you hate satan (or love him or whatever) then the enemy of my enemy is my friend, according to the Art of War!!! I will give you people to sabotage that is a far better use of your time as the anti christ. Anyways, you’re choice. I’ll win anyways so it’s either:

Option a) “I win” without you.


Option b) “I win even bigger” by helping you get what you want away from the insides of the cities – you will have your own cities, which will NEVER HAPPEN if you fight me, as I will simply destroy them, and you know it!!!

For example: Right now you’ll get a lot more ‘destructive value‘ by sabotaging World Ventures than you will by sabotaging me. There are lots of people there, they do lots of sales, etc. It is a FANTASTIC PLACE to focus the evil power of the anti christ, Rob!

  • By the Key of David, I release the anti christ to organize a siege on World Ventures that cannot be blocked or stopped, except by the repentance of Wayne Nugent for stealing from the Messiah (repentance includes rectification) – therefore World Ventures in in the hands of the anti christ until the time is passed and what he will do, he will do.

I promise if we get him working for the USA to break apart our enemies… America will simply never get into a war again as our enemies will be terrified of the nephilim armies. (which we hope we never have to send, but we probably will at some point)

This philosophy will keep America safe from the Nephilim, and also the Kingdoms of the Earth that are a part of Zion, as they will have something productive to do that is actually keeping America safe and peaceful, which the anti christ will want to do to continue buying and selling and gaining power.

  • We will not allow the anti christ to gain too much power. He will gain the amount of power that he wants, segmented to his own people, in his own anti kingdom. Which is funny enough, actually all he wants.

So in any case, you can see the value of my psychology in protecting Americans. Rather than fighting our enemy, we work with them and keep them close, but far away enough to where they cannot sabotage US and what WE ARE DOING.

It’s not just the “Segregation Plan” that is going to attract all of the parties. It is my general philosophy on FREEDOM and EMPOWERING THE CITIZEN to make the changes that they want, and if they do not like the changes their local area makes, they can simply move to a new area that does not make those changes, or where they make BETTER CHANGES.

The fact is it is CHANGE THAT WE WANT TO CREATE. We can create that change by starting the process of cleaning the evil out of society, and allowing it to reign in its own place, in its own power – but not where are children are at, if that makes sense.

There is A LOT OF PEOPLE who do not think the things I think are issues are actually issues. I PROMISE, THEY ARE. Many people just cannot see the issues yet, as the devil likes hiding in the back and the anti christ is planning on laying a siege upon an unprepared, wicked world – which will give him too much power. We the PEOPLE must balance him out.

The mark of the beast is coming I believe in 2020, but I do not know the dates. The release will be at a World Ventures event, somewhere south of the USA/Mexico border – except Wayne Nugent repents!!! Until then (As a side note) World Ventures may do fine, or they may not.

After that point, there will be:

  • Alien invasions (like the movies)
  • Monsters
  • Nephilim
  • Zombies
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Superman
  • Superwoman
  • Batman
  • The X-Men
  • Etc

The subhumans, the mutants, and the super heroes are going to be a major issue of the 2024 Presidential Elections, not as much in 2020 as people will generally be excited about them.

There are many other important issues that will be addressed and PERMANENTLY RESOLVED during my 2020 Presidential Campaign such as:

  • True Equal Rights for all men and women
  • More Protection For Women And Children Than There Is For Men
  • The Establishment of the Law of Consecration through Zion, which will resolve the issues presented by the lack of socialism – only because it is FREE CHOICE, people will want it and the creation of Zion will keep Socialism and Communism at bay PERMANENTLY (they will be pointless)
  • Re-establishing and re-building the technology systems for the United States of America from the GROUND UP in a way that reduces the expenditures of the Federal Government down to a 10% excise tax ONLY.
  • Making every part of the USA government on a Federal Government Level AND HOPEFULLY WITH THE STATES (it is up to THEM) PROFITABLE!!!
  • Getting rid of abortion inside the gates of the city permanently.
  • The COMPLETE ERADICATION of disease in Human Biology
  • And much, much more.







David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”



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