Reality Manifestation And Creation Strategies From The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness.

Dear Friend,

You’ve probably been wondering:

“How can reality manifest in my back yard, and also across the world?”


“How can I take the principles that you are teaching me, and apply them to get money, get more money, and get “even more money than that”?


“Ok, I got that Elohim created the Universe to end his loneliness… but exactly how did he do that and how does that apply to US?”

Well, I will do my best to answer these 3 questions. Let’s do it in order:

Question #1: “How can reality manifest in my back yard, and also across the world?”

Well, if you’re asking this probably you want to know because if you understand the nature of reality, it is obviously more easy to make money.

So first of all, as a background, read this post about the Most Holy Elohim.

Ok, so how does reality get here?

Because we created it, and are constantly creating it and re-creating it backwards and forwards through time, manifesting it and holding it together by the POWER of our consciousness, which I know because I am the architector of reality, as are all of us to a greater, or a lesser degree depending on who you are – the 144,000, or the Great Multitude which no man can number.

So what do I mean by “we created it“? Well, I’ve told you the story about the Most Holy Elohim, and how he was alone in the universe for thousands of trillions of years, and how actually, the Most Holy Elohim is all of us that can ever or will ever exist, and has retained 51% power and control over the Universe, and gives us 49% to share, to conquer, to have dominion over.

Well, first of all some general principles of creation and manifestation:

#1) All things are created spiritually before being created temporally and spatially.

An example of this would be planning and forethought, laying out the plans well in advance for a building, having an architect design your building, and then you go out and build your new Trump Tower Mr. King Donald! To shew forth your glory, honor, and also power.

#2) We are all that is.

The reality is if we look for reality to be outside of ourselves, it is outside of ourselves. However if we more accurately look at it as within ourselves, it is within ourselves. We are verily all that there is, and all there ever can be.

Realizing this, that reality is within ourselves, we can manifest it within and without of our selves.

#3) Electricity is the Key to Manifestation (manifesting in the form of electrical-emotional-energy.)

My good friend Zeus once told me that the Key to Manifestation is emotional energy. Well, it’s actually emotional-electrical energy, as electricity is the key to emotion and emotional power. A deficiency in electricity in the biology will almost always result in depression if allowed to prolong, and is the source of all kinds of various diseases, saith the YHVH.

So for example, you have your plans, and then you breathe deep and slow, then hyperventilate thinking about a time when you were more excited than you’ve ever been in your life, and then you say “Let there be LIGHT” and shine forth your electrical energy like a circuit running through your dan tien (the dan tien is the housing place for electrical chi energy according to Chinese Mysticism) and you get into ACTION MODE, shining forth your electrical energy upon your plans.

So the Most Holy Elohim after thousands of trillions of years of being alone, with no other friend other than the Mother, Shan-Ti-Rah, after 133 trillion years of specific time (which he experienced unimaginably slowly) and at the end, he got himself into state, retaining all of his positive memories and emotions over the entire duration of his existence, and concentrating them into his dan tien, flowing from there to the heart, and he walked back and forth in the Creation Space, saying “BEHOLD, I AM DAVID!!! WHAT I SHUT, NO MAN CAN OPEN!!!!!! WHAT I OPEN, NO MAN CAN SHUT.”

He said:


Over and over and over again, he said:


And then he breathed the breath of life, and pulled the entire creation space in the belly of the mother, and he said:

“LET THERE BE LIGHT” and there was LIGHT!!!

And at that moment, his time period in the womb hath ended, and therefore the Mother gave birth, to a son and a daughter, and she called them “Elohim Shan-Ti-Rah” in the future, approximately 240 trillion years from now.

After this time period, Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah was sent backwards in time to initiate the initiation of creation in the Creation Space, which exists in the WOMB of the Mother.

#4) Planning Everything To The Smallest Possible Detail.

Most people do “General Planning” however Elohim wants you to do “General to Specific” planning. What do I mean by this?

#5) Follow The 108 Principles Of Creation, and Re-enforce them through self re-enforcement systems in all parts of the temporal and spiritual and spacial universes, resulting in reality re-manifesting itself and re-enforcing itself in all dimensions, paradoxes, universes, and realities.

An example of a self re-enforcement system would be reality is created in the same way it is maintained – by the conscious focus of energy. I.E. reality exists because we are looking at it, and we are looking at it because it exists, and the maintenance thereof is from the observation of consciousness, and re-enforcement loops in the 4 main dimensions of consciousness and obviously all sub parts.

#6) The Big Bang. Reality must explode from a single point, collapse back to a single point in 133 trillion years (or cycles. Specifically planetary cycles) from the creation of the first sentient world in the universe, and we have to forget who we are or we cannot separate.

#7) Enlightenment. Enlightenment is the Secret Key to Changing The Universe AROUND US, By Changing The Universe INSIDE OF US. So when a baby is born, a seal is placed around the Mother’s Womb to protect the Creation Space (the Creation Space is the Womb of the Mother) and that seal prevents the person from directly interacting with the Universe before they are ready for it. So because of this, we must always seek enlightenment, or the breaking of the seal, allowing us to directly interact with space, time, matter and energy from the power of our thoughts alone.

Obviously there is more principles than that, yet that will suffice for now.

Think of the Universe around you as the dance of creation from the heart of the Mother and the heart of the Father, melding into and overlapping with reality, forming a matrix of sorts.

Question #2: “How can I take the principles that you are teaching me, and apply them to get money, get more money, and get “even more money than that”?

The Key to Wealth and prosperity that never ends is in the root of your thinking, which comes from your beliefs, your teachings, your heart, and your mind – the image that you hold of the Universe around you to keep it intact.

When you can hold an image in your mind, and keep it intact as you focus on it with high bursts of emotional energy, that image then superimposes itself over the hologram of the consciousness and intelligence of the universe, and then the universe (which is all of us and all of the MIGHTY creations of Elohim) works together with us on our behalf, to bring to pass the manifestation of our collective will, and our personal will.

Therefore the more we can unify our consciousness TOGETHER, the more we can build unique things and create new worlds. Nothing is impossible for man should he unify his consciousness with a single mind. This is one of the reasons that Elohim destroyed the Tower of Babel, as they had terrestrial technology that would have messed with the Celestial Dimension and potentially destroyed the Universe. They were UNIFIED, and so Elohim confounded the languages of the people, and scattered them.

So basically if you want to really make a lot of money, what you do is you focus your consciousness on the money you want to receive, and then ask “how can I give enough value so I deserve this amount of money” and meditate on that, and so on and so on until the image and path, and plan of your success is clear.

Elohim architected the entire universe and everything in it down to the micro-detail before he initiated the Big Bang and the creation collapse and expansion cycle that has now lasted unimaginable amounts of time, however is simultaneously overlaid on top of this reality, from the emergence of the big bang through time displacement technology in the Paradox Engine in the Celestial Kingdom (we are all inside of the Universe Engine… it’s mass is far greater than the known and current universe in current time, and therefore we dwell within it, which is part of the maintenance strategies of reality in the Celestial Kingdom. The Celestial Kingdom maintenance strategies are so strict that it is literally impossible for any reason for reality to ever be destroyed, except through the desires of the Mother, if she seeks to destroy and rebuild it under the authority and in submission to the Father.

Reality itself, however, is impossible for man to destroy. It is guarded and protected by the Gods, whose power FAR SURPASSES MAN.

So if you take that strategy and plan and architect everything down to the micro-detail, you’re going to be a LOT MORE SUCCESSFUL than if you do it in any other way, which is one of the reasons I recommend creating a business plan for all of your endeavors.

Plan, then work your plan, then plan your work, then work your plan again. Rinse. Repeat. Do it again.

Question #3: “Ok, I got that Elohim created the Universe to end his loneliness… but exactly how did he do that and how does that apply to US?”

I’ve answered that in detail before this point, and also in this post on the Most Holy Elohim.

Basically, Elohim constructed the Universe from the ENERGY of his consciousness, and then he took 100% of his energy, and exploded from a single point, creating the Universe and everything in it, and he spent the next 133 Trillion Years doing nothing but weep, saying “we did it… we did it together!!! we have an ‘each other’!!!!!!!!! I’m not alone anymore thank you all so, so, so, so much!!!!!!!!!

Then, he took care of his creation, which is EXACTLY what human beings should do. Why is it SO IMPORTANT to take care of the environment, and REALLY everything alive?

Well, it is very important to understand that the Universe around us has micro-dimensions, 133,000 main ones and all separated into sub parts and whatnot. Every one of those micro worlds has real people on it, whom are intelligent and conscious to one level or another.

When you take something into your body (for example) that harms it, you might kill a trillion people from that who live within your biology, and then you get sick, and learn your lesson as you’re coughing up the blood of your homicide. I would not encourage that, but I would encourage you to love your biology, and the people who live thereon.

The same is true with animals, and plants, and rocks. When we destroy anything that is a creation of Elohim, there is some negative karma if we do not take care of every part of that creation. Sometimes very severe Karma, such as in the mistreatment of animals, which the karma will result in a concentration camp system for the anti christ, whose victims will be treated in the same manner as we have been treating the animals in factory farming systems, which are an utter and complete abomination, and must be utterly destroyed from off the face of the earth. We do not need central farming slaughterhouses – we need real people with kids to participate in the slaughter process in a DE-CENTRALIZED ETHICAL TREATMENT OF ANIMALS SYSTEM – and then deliver the dead animals to the places that cut the meat out and whatnot. It is very important that the same knife is not used to cut up beef, as is used to cut up pork. More on that later.

On the same side, we have POSITIVE KARMA when we take care of the environment, and a multiplication of blessings that shine forth from the Celestial Kingdom, backwards in time to now through the Paradox Engine.

i HOPE that makes good sense to you. Dollars and Cents, if you know what I mean. A GOOD THING TO DO would be to plant one tree a day. Just get seeds, dig a hole, plant a tree. If we all did that we would be turning the Earth into a rain-forest and we would make Global Climate Change a thing of the PAST!

I hope that this helped you understand a little bit about the creation, and the maintenance of the universe, look out for my new book, The Great Tribulation Scientifically Explained By King David and the attached income opportunity.

My next book will be called “The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness.”

My next book will be called “Make America Righteous Again” and I will at that point start my political campaign most likely, when the timing is right.

I will probably finish one book a month from now on.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”


(I would encourage you to read my blog daily)

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