How The Universe Will End If We Do Not Change Things… Plus, “Ash” A Poem I Wrote As A Child…

I’ve been writing for a long time about the Great Tribulation, anti consciousness, consciousness, and all sorts of bizarre phenomenon that have started appearing in the universe and ESPECIALLY weird stuff that is going to happen, like the world being hurled across the Universe by Atlas, or Zeus taking all of the Universe through a Star Gate at the end of the Collapse Cycle of reality.

However a good majority of this information is hingent on “if” we win the Great Tribulation. Really there is no “if” as it is pre-destined according to the Will of the Most Holy Elohim.

Let me tell you, however, how the Universe will End if we do not unify, and do something to stop it, and Fight The Forces Of Evil. Starting with a poem I wrote as a child:


As rotting flesh turns to ash,

The world dies and souls are smashed.

Babies scream to melting mothers,

As the last of infinity souls are smothered.

But there is no one left to care,

For even God has left his lair.

No one.

A poem King David wrote as a child.

Lol. Not to be negative or anything.

So what’s that all about? Well, it would be the end result if satan won.

What exactly would happen?

If the people do not unify and do something, what will happen is that the mathematical devourer, anti-consciousness, and particularly the anti singularity will take over everything alive.

All of their biological and mechanical energy will be crushed in pieces, bodies devoured, blood drained out and eaten, and they will be left eternally shrinking as the consciousness and quantum mechanical and physical energy is leaked towards the center of the earth.

And when there is no people left but monsters, they will begin devouring the animals, and the trees, and each other.

And at the end of the day, there will be nothing left at all – not earth, not heaven, nothing.

And the energy, and the spiritual power of the universe will leak to satan, who will grow in power until there is no power left, and at that point, he will begin devouring himself – and he will do that until there is absolutely nothing, and no trace of reality, and no trace of himself, falling into the trap that he digged for himself.

And the mass of the worlds will shrink and be stolen, and the energy of the stars will collapse and lose their strength, and everything shall collapse into a black hole, of nothing, the life and reality squashed out of the universe forever.

This is the end of the works of mans hands in the way that they dishonor the commandments of the YHVH.

And at the end of the day, the universe will be empty, a sea of blackness devoid of life.

So you can see for the last 2 years WHY I have been urgently warning you about all of these things. Obviously, that is not going to happen.


Well the Universe was architected by the Most Holy Elohim, and as a part of the architecting, there is a balance between FREE WILL and also CONTROL. Free Will coming from the Father, and CONTROL coming from the Mother.

So the Universe is architected, created, maintained, and controlled in a manner that it is actually impossible for the anti christ to win the war in the end. His attempts at doing it will always be futile.

There are also ways to reorganize time and history should things go wrong, for example – we screw up – and Elohim can send us backwards in time through a time loop to redo that part of history and some of us would remember the time loop, and others would not.

There are safeguards and protections put on the power of the anti christ – for example the Mark of the Beast can merge with male biology, however it cannot merge with Female biology. Therefore a certain amount of the species is protected from death and extinction.

There are Angels guarding the Earth and guarding all parts of reality. And those Angels are holding together the majesty of creation in the palms of their hands, circling it with love and blessing, and constantly defending the righteous from things that are going on in the unseen world and dimensions around us, breaking apart strongholds, and tools of the enemy.

The power of satan is limited in all kinds of ways – for example he is allowed to travel backwards in time, repeating the same mistakes only, but never is he allowed to move forwards in time and link to the future. He can only look at right now, and backwards.

The real thing that humanity has going for it though is the people. People will fight, and fight, and fight no matter what the obstacles are. We are built to survive, and figure it out. Look at the MOVIES. That is who we are:


There are points in time where options split off in the universe. For example the other day I wrote about the Zombie Apocalypse and how outside of the cities there is going to be zombies and sub humans, and nephilim wandering around wreaking havoc and whatnot.

However, does that have to happen?

Yes, and no.

No it doesn’t because the universe is malleable, and destiny changeable if we simply ask, and if we repent, or change. Repentance is actually a much better way of doing things than living through the hardest options.

However, “Yes it does.” Why? Because the words of the prophets must be fulfilled.

The first time I saw a Zombie Apocalypse in a vision it was when I said something to my brother Will that was taken in a completely wrong manner (I believe that Lawrence Tam also saw this message).

He was basically trying to get me to drop my mission, and I responded about something I had saw with someone he loved being eaten by a Nephilim if I don’t do what I had to do.

He misinterpreted that as a threat, like I had threatened him or his friend. It actually wasn’t the case. The vision I actually saw was him (Will) turned into a Zombie eating his friend (eating their eyes out). However he was quite shaken up (I did not realize he thought I threatened him) for some time, until I explained to him what I was talking about.

What did I see exactly? Like 5-7 zombie looking things (like from World War Z, the Brad Pitt Movie) hunched over a friend of my brothers, eating their eyes out and tearing them limb from limb.

Not very cool of a thing to see, is it?

Well, it was not very cool for me, either. I’ll tell you that.

I am getting quite a lot better at seeing into the future, but I am not where I need to be. For example though I can just check a part of reality based on a question, and project my mind into the future and see various options based on the decisions that people make, and how it maps out across reality in the spiritual dimensions, and everything. Essentially, I just have to ask.

We will all be like this in a short period of time – as other people who have their crown chakra open can do a similar kind of thing if they have the gift of the Holy Spirit in particular.

So essentially the war between “death” and “life” is just that. We have a choice, and that choice is to get the results that we want and change the world around us, and make it a better place… or perish.

There really are not so many other options. We can ‘stay the same’ only for a bit, before we start collapsing backwards in time.

So really, we’ve got to improve.

We must unify – this is the message of my blog post. Time is running out, and everyone who has rejected my message is going to regret it deeply in the future – when the lives of their friends are lost because of their ignorance.

Be careful. The end is coming.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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