Quick Apology & Before That, Some Background.

So I’ve removed all of my recent negative posts. Later I will re-post them after editing people’s names out and business names and whatnot, as I want people to save face and also it is good if cursings are automatic cursings that apply to all of my major enemies, as it saves time and space.

So I’ve decided to go back to my old way of if I need to attack, I do it indirectly to allow people to save face. And people can figure out who it is if they want, or they can wonder if it is someone they know (I will try and make it a bit tricky most of the time).

However, I want to be clear that if they do not repent (speaking of those whom I mentioned in the posts) those things will still happen exactly as I wrote them down, no matter how horrible they are – from their own karma, which is grievous.

The reason I’m doing this is not for them really, it is for myself, and for my followers. I did learn a lesson (hopefully I will have learned it by now) that people duplicate what I do who follow me, very specifically, they tend to do exactly what I do. I do not want to teach people to attack their brother, for it is against my way, and not in alignment with the Torah.

I need to watch myself very closely to make sure I do not start forming resentment, for my emotional energy is way more intense than anyone I know, magnified greatly by my enlightenment.

I was very hurt that weeks before my anniversary I took down all my negative content about World Ventures, messaged them with very kind audios, and they did not help me get home to be with my wife on my anniversary, which I believe they should have done if they wanted to call themselves good Christians, as I spent my entire life building that team, and I love them very much.

Also Aaron Rashkin, I do not desire to break your jaw. I do not even know if it is breakable, to be honest (you hunk you) lol. I was just pissed off and have been pissed at you for years because I felt like you stabbed me in the back. You didn’t. My fault, I apologize about that.

I don’t in particular apologize to Rob Skinner, as he in my opinion deserved the curse, and it came from a pre-existence covenant. However, I would be happy to talk to Rob about that at any time.

So, for the love of God, I apologize. And for the love of myself. I generally am a very positive person, however I have been struggling with depression for the first time in my life because of severe mistreatment by everyone I know over the last 2 years. Really, I am about an inch away from disappearing to India for a while, as they will not reject me there, and forgetting all of your names for the rest of my life.

However, it is what it is, so sorry about that.


Dave Wood
“The Prince Of Peace”

P.S. I will generally post things related to peace here on my blog from now on, as that is what I want to focus on. Creating bridges between people’s, and where appropriate, walls to segment the people in sections that make sense.

P.P.S. There is a false rumor that says that I am going to hurt my wife. It is false. I love my wife and would never do anything but love her all of my life.

P.P.P.S. Rob Skinner, you are still currently a wussy ass hole. However, I forgive you, and you can change that by doing the right thing and talking to your old friend, and stopping being a coward. This is not the Mormon way.

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