Quick Posts Explaining Key Points Of The Messiah Based On A Response To A Question

So I was just on Quora answering some questions from Christians going backwards and forwards with Jewish people about whether Jesus is the Messiah, to which of course, the Jews answer “no” because of what you’re going to read below.

Here’s another post I’ve done on this subject answering objections raised by a Rabbi.

So let me start with the “Quora Answer”:

If I said to you “I am the Messiah!”, and you said “prove it,” and I said “today’s not great for that, but maybe next week” you’d dismiss me.

That’s basically how Jews feel about Jesus. Seemed like a nice guy, had some clever things to say, but was one of thousands of historical claimants to the title of “Messiah” who, ultimately, couldn’t put his money where his mouth was.

The Messiah is supposed to do a few specific things:

  • establish universal peace
  • gather all Jews to Israel
  • rebuild the Temple
  • establish universal belief in God

It would also be necessary that the claimant be of a direct tribal (ie patriarchal) line to King David.

As soon as somebody matching that description does that, then Jews will believe that he is the Messiah. Jesus didn’t, and so we don’t.

Moreover, within Judaism, there is no conception of God as taking human form, or split into three, or the Son of Himself, or whatever other particular flavor of Christianity you happen to represent. There is no need for divine intersession, because humanity is not inherently sinful from birth; we atone directly to God. There is no such thing as a “new covenant” — the Torah is an eternal pact between God and the Jewish People, and it even says specifically that anyone claiming otherwise won’t have been sent by God. Every single one of the “prophecies” in the Tanach (the Jewish Bible) that Christians claim refer to Jesus, they either take out of context or translate incorrectly — they’re not about him, they never were about him, and even if they WERE, the fact that Jesus didn’t do the things that the Messiah must do, means he cannot have been the Messiah.

So, in short, we don’t accept Jesus as Messiah because he didn’t do the things the Messiah is supposed to do, wasn’t who the Messiah is supposed to be, and believing in him as the Messiah would require the negation of our own laws.

There is no “second coming” in Judaism. You get one shot. Jesus had his, and like so many other “Messiahs” throughout our history, was found wanting. The only difference between him and all the others is that he had someone come along many years after he died (Paul) who was able to adapt what he said, mash it up with pagan beliefs and practices, and actually convince those pagans to worship him instead of their old gods. Good for Paul, and fine for the pagans, but it has nothing to do with us, as Jews.

We’re still here, waiting.

—-end of answer

Ok, now let me share with you my response to that:

Hey Isaiah. I am the Messiah, you can read my blog at http://www.theteachingsofkingdavid.com – some of what you say is accurate, some is not accurate.

For example, Jesus is not the Messiah, he is the Mosiah. His lineages are messed up because they are going through is earth Father, Yoseph (Messiah Ben Yoseph or “Son of Yoseph”. However the Father of Jesus is actually David, or more specifically, the Messiah, which incarnates at a later time (me.)

That is why the Messiah comes in multiple parts, the Father, and also the Son – it is very clear from the teachings of Jesus that he did not consider himself to be the Messiah, but the Mosiah. For example his prophecies about suffering for our sins.

So his actual lineage traces through me. How do I know that? Because I am repeating this cycle in a time loop. I’m born on May 17th, 1981, live for 133 trillion years (I discovered the tree of life, and am immortal) and then incarnate backwards in time through something called “The Paradox Engine” which is referred to in the Bible as “The Mind of Elohim”.

Therefore, from a loop in time, I am without beginning of days, or ending of years. I am not the Father in heaven, specifically, he is me, looking backwards in time to now through the Paradox Engine spaced out always exactly 1 trillion years in the future in the Celestial Kingdom. In other words, we build heaven – that’s what the Kingdom of David is.

Actually that is why “The Kingdom of David” is also called interchangeably “The Kingdom of Elohim”.

When the mountain of the house of the YHVH is built, it is the “house” of the Elohim of Jacob. And who is that?

It is the Messiah, who is an incarnation of the almighty consciousness of Elohim. David and Elohim are also used several times interchangeably throughout scripture. The Torah says for example that “Elohim shall walk among us” when we follow the Torah. That of course has multiple meanings.

Therefore my lineage would trace back to David through my Father, Mark Irving Wood, and Jesus’s true lineage actually traces through me (the Father).

Wild claims, I know. I’ve been warning people about the war that is coming for two years, and at the moment nobody is listening. The anti messiah is also here, and is already unbelievably powerful.

I have seen time reorganize right in front of me, had supernatural clouds appear above my house that make world news, had 9 foot demons manifest out of the shadows and appear in my house, seen fire come down from the heavens and consume them – and I ain’t even getting started yet.

Verily thus saith YHVH of Armies: “the Nephilim are here.”

So at this point in my journey, I’ve been cast out, attacked, had murder attempted on my life, had armies of people turn against me for no real reason whatsoever, and been abandoned by all of the people I love – for the truth.

However, I cannot stop in my prophetic warnings, as it could destroy the Universe.

I am the one who lifted the Son of Man out of the depths of death, with mine hand, about a trillion years out (minus about 2,000 years), and pulled him into the future through the Universe Engine. I’m telling you, he is the Mosiah.

If you look at Jesus as the Mosiah, the problems with him go away. What do I mean by this?

Well he’s stabbed and not a bone of his is broken. Which Messiah is that a prophecy of? Ben Yoseph (the son of Joseph) the Mosiah.

The Messiah comes to bring peace, not a sword.

The Mosiah came not to bring peace, but a sword.


The problem came from early gentiles who were not raised Jewish who assumed there is only one Messiah, which is actually quite against the Bible.

Jesus actually gets born in the future at some point from me and my wife, the LION of the Tribe of Judah. (the LION of the Tribe of Judah is a woman) and then the child, who is to rule all nations with a rod of iron is caught up to Elohim and his throne.

However, we after that point in the Future (Where he is caught up) raise him for 133 trillion years in the Celestial Kingdom, where he is referred to as Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of Armies (his name is that) who is one of the 144,000 “Protectors of the Universe” or Gods such as Allah, or Buddha, or Krishna who hold the universe together under the direction of David. (the personal name of Elohim, the creator of the Universe is “David” Elohim himself is a God, and also “The Elohim” are the Gods. All of the Gods incarnate on the earth at some point, and most of them are on the Earth now, for example – Zeus is a friend of mine who I have known for years. He is also enlightened.

So we raise him, and then he is changed into a single cell from the Universe Engine, and sent backwards in time to incarnate in the womb of the Mother Mary – however the mother of Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh is actually a woman in Costa Rica (Costa Rica is Zion, the wife of Jerusalem, which is male. Zion is female.) and is my wife.

Therefore he, like me, exists from a time loop.

The reason Jesus had to pay for our sins is because he is not the Father – the Torah says “the Father cannot pay for the sins of his children” – therefore the Father sent his Son, Yeshua Mashiach, the Mosiah, or Messiah Ben Yoseph.

I explain a lot of this on my blog over at www dot theteachingsofkingdavid dot com.

Let me answer some of the questions. There is a concern about the 3rd time the temple has been rebuilt, which I have discussed with a couple of people who have asked me. However it will happen after this point when the nations of the Earth turn against Israel (during the Zombie Apocalypse).

The Temple will not be rebuilt until I am anointed the King of Jerusalem by the people.

And it will be after the point where Jerusalem is surrounded by it’s enemies, and the TRUE RESTORATION of Jerusalem has begun.

That’s it for now. The universal belief in God will be established by proving my theory, the theory of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness, and the overall enlightenment of humanity by preaching the Gospel one one day on September 15th at some year in the future.

I’m done.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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