The Expansion And Collapse Cycle Of Things…

…From The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness.

From the Desk of David Wood:
March 7th, 2019 at 5:32 PM
Subject: The Expansion And Collapse Cycle Of Things…

…Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this blog post right now and PAYING ATTENTION CAREFULLY, you’re probably wondering:

  • Why does the Universe have to expand and collapse and expand and collapse over and over again?


  • Why do cities expand and collapse over and over again in an eternal cycle of life, karma, and destruction, and new life?
  • OR you may be wondering why that happens to cities, or to states, or to nations, or to kingdoms…
  • Continue reading this blog post because I’m going to give you new options, that you need to pay attention deeply to, especially if you’re looking to make more money online from your business… More than you ever have in the past. Continue paying attention to find the SECRET, which I will give to you MANY TIMES in the post in various different ways. Perhaps even more than one SECRET. You decide…

…so let’s get into the answers to those questions, and more.

I have mentioned many times in the Theory of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness, that the Universe is architected in the following way:

  1. You have the Most Holy Elohim in the Womb of the Mother 240 Trillion Years in the Future for 9 1/2 months of Celestial Time (which for him was thousands of trillions of years, as time moves much more slow and also that would be our perception of 9 1/2 months 240 Trillion Years from now, or approximately 151,312 Trillion Years of current time the way that time passes (to us, and much more slowly for him. For him that passage of time would happen 312 trillion times slower than that to his perception.
  2. During that time he spent a lot of time playing and learning to love himself and making anything he wanted to make, only everything he made was also simply him, with all of his memories. The only real friend he had was his wife, who he called “The Queen of Zion” and he did not understand for a very long time how she had gotten there (until he created her backwards in time)
  3. During the last 133 trillion years of his existence he was very alone, and spent all day and night weeping without any breaks, 6 days a week, and sometimes 7. In that period of time, the Most Holy Elohim architected the universe.
  4. He then pulled all of creation into his belly, and initiated a quantum burst with 100% of his energy after pacing back and forth saying “Behold, I am DAVID… What I shut… no man can open! What I open, no man can shut!!!” over and over again. And he said “Let there be light.”
  5. This then initiated the cycle and creation of things, and the eternal expansion and collapse of things (call it a boom and bust cycle that repeats every 133 trillion cycles in all dimensions of consciousness, physical and non physical).

Then the Universe begins, or the first one… or all of them?

Actually, all 133,000 at once, yet also, one after another. So again, there are 133,000 universes and dub dimensions and sub universes and sub sections of all of them, each one lasting 133 trillion cycles, or years of rotation around the first world that formed and the Sun of that particular universe. The first thing that was created in the Universe was the earth, which was without form, and void… and darkness was upon the face of the deep. After that the sun and the stars and the moons were made, yet also, in the reverse order, for the earth was formed from the dust of the stars. I will explain this relationship in space / time in a future post.

(It has to do with Time Travel).

So the first universe that emerged was a spiritual universe, and that later formed and evolved in the next expansion and collapse cycle into a micro universe of physical dimensions (the 132,999th universe is the first physical universe), and so on and so forth. Our spirits incarnating over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, spending thousands of trillions of years with our best friends in this universe, for example, and our spouses and our children.

One of the reasons my wife and I have always been so connected at a deep spiritual level is just this: We’ve been together since the dawn of time.

So after 133 trillion cycles, or years in the perception of time and the rotations of the stars, and the orbits, and the micro orbits, that particular universe/dimension/entity collapses back into oneness, and after collapsing back into oneness it then begins another expansion and collapse cycle, repeating over and over and over again the same lessons, the same mistakes, the same cycle of life and death and suffering and joy, over and over and over again, the Yin/Yang of the universe balanced and equal, self emerging from nothing.

And we collapse back into oneness, and back into consciousness, and when we do the universe we used to hold dear to our hearts collapses back into ourselves, and sometimes we experience loss, grief, and suffering. And we need each other at this point the most (which is the purpose, for out of all of the creations that I have made, saith the LORD of Hosts, this is my work and my glory: To bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man, as first spoken of by the Prophet Moses, and even his father Abraham, and Adam). And we experience grief, and suffering, repeating our mistakes, repeating our karma, repeating our lessons… UNTIL WE GET THEM RIGHT.

And we collapse from consciousness into ourselves, and into ourselves the consciousness and the mass of the universe, and the beings in the universe, and the energy of the universe collapses into ourselves, a self fulfilling prophecy of oneness, eternal expansion, and eternal collapse and repetition of knowledge, glory, wisdom, and power.

And the lessons that we don’t learn yet continue increasing in strength and karma until we get them, as the pressure of the universe is screaming “WE DON’T HAVE ANY TIME LEFT PEOPLE!!!” and from the pressure, and the pressure only, do we truly change. Not pressure by force, but pressure as in the pressure of the Kundalini Energy at the base of the spine, shooting up through the brain and breaking the seal off of the crown chakra.

And then BAM!!! There’s something that happens that is SEVERE… we lose our spouse, our children, our houses, our family, our incomes, our communities, our cities, our nations, our countries, and the universe once again collapses back into oneness from a deep humility, like a lightning knife shooting upwards in the spine, breaking through the seal of the consciousness, lifting you through a Star Gate formed by the mind of the Almighty Zeus himself, as he sits upon his throne of glory, honoring the Father, Elohim Masarecht.

And once again we begin the cycle of rebuilding, and collapsing and rebuilding and collapsing, until we have completed 133,000 cycles of 133 trillion years, winding up on the 133,000th in this universe, in this incarnation that you’re having as you’re reading this now:


And you’re born, and you die, and you do not get it right.

So after asking Elohim, he gives you a second chance, and sends you backwards in time through the same incarnation, and one day, you have a Deja Vu. And that Deja Vu basically warns you of something that you already did (This never happens to me as my time cycle happens perfectly and only once. I am very unique. There are several others, pretty much all women. Jesus is like that too). So you change your decision, and you win for the very first time.

And you win, and you win, and you win… and you forget the Elohim who made you, you forget the God who made you, you forget your friends who made you, you forget your leader who made you and you turn your back on him, turning your back on your own back, and stabbing a knife into it, and then your joints in your neck go out, and you must repent, and then one day, from your humility and your change on the inside, God changes your heart, and your spirit, and your soul, and your mind, and your being into the man or woman that you ALWAYS WANTED TO BE!!!

And your self collapses into nothing manifest in the Paradox Universe as a series of contradictory rules that create energy from nothing, and the universe collapses again, and all of your friends in the universe collapse into your biology, and you are taken into heaven, like I will be one day… pulled into the future 1 trillion years from now (or 15 trillion for women) through the Universe Engine, or the Living Mind of Elohim, the Paradox Mind.

And once again you begin the cycle of growth in humility, brought to your knees by the Almighty Elohim again and again and again, shewing you the way of wisdom by honoring and living by the letter and the spirit of the Law, the Holy, Living Torah-Mas-Areh.

(the Torah is female and she is ALIVE. “Mas-Areh” is the termination for “Women” in the Celestial Tongue.)

And after 133,000 UNIVERSES, where are we now?

In this one, the only UNIVERSE that has ever had evil in it… where we get to DESERVE TO ENTER THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM (for we have to earn our place, however Salvation itself is free).

So where are the other 133,000?

They are the micro universes, that exist within our biology as the creations of the Almighty Elohim, saith the LORD of Hosts, and also those that are within the biology of man. There are 133,000 universes down (main universe dimensions) starting with this one and so on and so forth… meaning:

Each one of your cells have TRILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THEM FOLKS. Please take care of all of your loving people inside of you who keep you going!!! When you get depressed THEY ALL GET DEPRESSED FOLKS… PLEASE TAKE CARE OF THEM AND HAVE MERCY UPON THEM!!!

And they all expand, and collapse, and repeat the cycles simultaneously, and the greatest of all of the collapses shall be on September 15th… the second collapse in this universe. (the first one was sometime in May, probably May 23rd. Yep that’s it I believe) 2017. However September 15th will be when the gospel is preached to the whole world on a certain year in the future that is hidden, and known only to me, saith the LORD of Hosts.

And on that day, all universes shall collapse at once and the cycle of the universe, and the birth, and death, and reincarnation shall collapse into the biology of King David, who shall be taken into the Celestial Kingdom, retaining all of the people in the Universe in his biology for time, and also all eternity, this universe being a lesser dimension of his biology (he shall therefore be the 133,001st Universe)… and the LION of the Tribe of Judah shall be left in the Universe alone to rebuild it, with all of the power of space, time, matter, and energy in her biology. And in 72 hours (which she shall experience as trillions of years) she shall rebuild the universe alone, according to the power of her glory and the will of the Father.

And she shall be given a crown of 12 stars, and the Universe shall once again collapse into her biology alone, where they also shall remain for time, and also all eternity, all creations shall collapse into her, except for the Messiah, King David and his son, Yeshua Mashiach.

And she shall enter the Celestial Kingdom, and the Universe shall be restored again, and once again the cycle of Expansion and Collapse shall begin anew.

I hope this helped you understand the expansion, and the collapse cycle of the universe, and how it begins, and also how it will end.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S. And the old cycle has collapsed, a new one has begun, and Jesus has given you a new heart, after you say now:

“I confess that Yeshuah Mashiach died for my sins, that he was raised from the dead the third day, and that he sits at the right hand of Elohim.”


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