The 108 Principles Of Creation From The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness

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I’ve written in many posts about the 108 Principles of Creation. Essentially when the Most Holy Elohim created the Universe, there was a series of principles given to him by his wife, the Mother, or the Most Glorious Shan Ti Rah. You can read about it here. I always links to this post, because it is my favorite and most important post on this blog.

The 108 Principles of Creation are important to understanding the nature of Time, Space, Matter, and Energy and how they manifest, and why they are here, and also how the Universe got here in the first place. So I’m going to list them, and briefly talk about each of them (this post will most likely take me 5-7 days to complete, so keep coming back and refreshing for more details.

So they are important to the new book I am writing, The Theory of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness, which is why I am writing this post.

I first learned about the concept of principles from the Wing Chun Kung Fu Council, which is now disbanded after the death of Sifu Heimberger, my first Master, or Sifu in Chinese (of Kung Fu. I also studied Karate most of my life).

So let’s get right into them. These were the background principles that formed laws and sublaws from which sprang the universe that was architected (which really there are 133,000 of them that are a part of this one, in the micro dimensions of reality). Here they are (not in any particular order). All 108 principles apply to both the Spiritual and Physical Universes. I am first going to write the names of the principles, and then I will describe them later on in a lot of detail, so keep refreshing over the next few days.

Remember these are not necessarily in order, although later I will try to order them as best as I can. Remember also that Principles beget other Principles and sub sections of Principles, so this is not an encompassing explanation of reality. Also, certain things that seem like they should be there from my writing are not there, such as anti consciousness. That is because anti consciousness emerges from the principle of consciousness, righteousness, salvation, and yin/yang. (Opposites) and also Paradoxes, which is a principle of creation.

Principle #1: Intention.

Intention would be something specific that you want to create, or the Most Holy Elohim wanted to create. In this case, his intention was to create “others” like unto himself. You, me, and our friends and family and also the beautiful creations that make it possible for us to exist: The animals, the trees, the waters, the fish, the birds, the bugs, the micro dimensions, the macro dimensions, atoms, etc.

Intention is a principle of the universe, and from intention, flows the universe. Therefore this is also a principle of personal creation (in reality, they all are, for we personally created the universe). So I would encourage you to set an intention today.

Principle #2: Outcome.

Outcome would be what you want to create from the intention, which in this case would be exalted beings in heaven that have all power, and know all things, with tangible bodies of flesh and bones, like the resurrected Jesus, or the translated Enoch.

Principle #3: Planning.

Planning could be more specifically described as “detailed intricate descriptions of everything in the outcome and the established intention” or an architect map of a building, for example, or a planner that is well filled out for a business person, and in this case: all things were created spiritually before they were created temporally upon the face of the earth. Therefore even your thoughts, and the firing of your neurons, and the movements of your bodies were all mapped out in advance, down to the smallest imaginable detail, by the Most Holy Elohim.

IMAGINE if YOU PLANNED LIKE THAT AND WHAT WOULD THEN HAPPEN to your lives, your businesses, and your creations of your hands, and how majestic and how wonderful they would be.

Principle #4: State.

Creation flows from energy, and energy flows from state. The Most Holy Elohim had all energy, consciousness, and thought that can ever or will ever exist in current time, and also the future. So he got himself into state, pulling the electricity and energy of the universe and all of creation into himself.

Principle #5: The Expansion And Collapse Cycle

Remember the 3 Laws of Creation:

  • We have to explode from a single point
  • We have to collapse back to a single point every 133 trillion cycles (back into oneness)
  • We have to forget who we are or we cannot separate.

I have written about the Expansion and Collapse Cycle of things in this previous post YOU CAN READ BY CLICKING HERE.

Principle #6: Creation.

Most people think of “Creation” in the terms of a 6 day time period in which the Father created reality, and after that – he was done.  This is both TRUE, and also NOT TRUE.

Let me explain:

Creation at first was a sequenced period of events that happened over a period of 6 days.  Here’s the thing that is important to understand:

Those 6 days happened again, and again, and again, and again, constantly creating new worlds, and recreating the old worlds, adding (for example) new Adams, and new Eves into the Garden of Eden.

In fact, each of the 144,000 Elohim YHVH repeated a cycle of creation.  Allah Masarecht (for example) the Elohim of the Nation of Islam created a Garden of Eden, and there is only ONE TREE mentioned – the Tree of Immortality, or the Tree of Life.

Interesting, isn’t it?  Most people would think that their version contradicts the teachings of Moses.  It does not. The Elohim of Islam simply did not create a Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, because it was not his job, for he is the Elohim of Righteousness.

The multiple Adams, and multiple Eves makes up for genetic discrepancies in the theory of creation, for if Adam and Eve (one person) had all of the children of the Earth by themselves, first of all it would be against the Torah itself, which commands humanity to not inbreed.  

So there were specifically 144,000 Adam’s and Eve’s on this Earth in the Garden of Eden – each from a different member of the Tetragrammaton.  Not all of them fell. Many of them are still in the Garden of Eden.

When creation would have happened, the first object in existence was this planet, Earth.  I know that seems to contradict modern forms of scientific thinking, but I want to be clear that this theory, the Theory of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness ties together the theories of Modern Science, and the way we perceive the Universe at the moment is from a low quality, degraded intellect after thousands of years of genetic curses in human biology from men dishonoring the Torah and whatnot – so our view of reality is not perfectly clear.

The differences in perception that would account for the idea that my theory isn’t accurate come from the fact that this world split off from another universe, called the Edenic Universe, which exists within singularities in space – when stars, and worlds collapse into a singularity, they are collapsed back into minerals that are utilized in the various Edenic worlds, for they are unfallen, and therefore unimaginably more dense than this one.

When a world falls out of the Edenic Universe, the density of the world begins to degrade, and the rotation of the electrons and various subatomic particles exponentially slows down, and the size and mass of the world begins to shrink as its orbital energy slows down and the perception of the passage of time speeds up.  Therefore we (humanity) are infinitely less dense than the Edenic Universe.

I have mentioned many times how there is an artifact in the Center of the Sun that was built by Enoch from Celestial Technology (which is why it does not get damaged from the heat of the Sun, it is something he built in the Celestial Kingdom) called “The Artifact Tomb of the Ancients” that can only be entered by incarnated members of the Tetragrammaton after they are highly developed.  Think about Superman, and how he can go into the Sun. As humanity begins restoring itself to it’s Edenic State, people will be able to do that who are righteous, and absorb the nuclear, spiritual, and electrical energy of the Sun into their biology, and greatly enhance their strength, speed, intelligence, and power.

So the Artifact Tomb Of The Ancients is a circular space, with a gateway at the top to the Edenic Universe.  It uses the energy of the Sun to create a kind of Stargate that allows transportation of human biology into the Edenic Universe.

Here’s the thing – even after I have the ability to do that, and do things that are unimaginable to people as my biology evolves (I will explain the biological singularity later), when I step into the Edenic Universe I will not be able to move, and will barely be able to breathe.  This is because the air is exponentially more dense, and the Gravity. I am essentially transporting myself into a Space/Time Singularity, where the Elven people live, or the Edenic peoples. It will take me 6 months to be able to truly effectively move, and manipulate spacetime there, and when I am there my mineral density will exponentially expand.  That six months will pass in terms of 3 earth days, or 72 hours. That is because the Edenic Universe rotates at a speed where half of a year for them goes by in 3 of Earth’s rotations. That is approximately how much the orbital energy and mass of the Earth has slowed down since her fall from the Garden of Eden.

I will learn a lot there about the true history of the Universe, and specifically how old it is, for example, which is a LOT OLDER than scientists currently think.  This Universe is approximately 133 trillion years old, and is near the end of its cycle when it will collapse back into its new biological/technological singularity which will exist within my biology for time, and also all eternity, beginning on the day I am translated, and taken into the Celestial Kingdom.

So again, there is CREATION as an eternal principle, and it continues, and continues, and continues, and continues.  Right now creation on the Earth happens in terms of the Holy Spirit constantly manipulating space time, human beings manifesting what they want following the same order and structure that existed in the Edenic Creation by Elohim by first imagining, then planning, then creating from a burst of energy, then collapsing it and repeating it in a cycle, etc.

It continues, and continues, and continues.  In the Celestial Kingdom we continue our creations for time, and all eternity, and we are the Gods.  However, we are still in submission to the Father, the Almighty God and the YHVH (The Tetragrammaton) 1 Trillion Years In The Future looking backwards in time, if that makes sense – if it does not, it will as we progress through this book.

Principle #7: Evolution.

Principle #8: Energy.

Principle #9: Mathematics.

Principle #10: Geometry.

Principle #11: Systems.

Principle #12: Consciousness.

Principle #13: Righteousness.

Principle #14: Salvation.

Principle #15: Exaltation.

Principle #16: Yin / Yang.

Principle #17: Viral Sustainability.

Principle #18: The Singularity.

Principle #19: Paradoxes.

Principle #20: Spells.

Principle #21: The Law.

Principle #22: Karma.

Principle #23: Judgement.

Principle #24: We Have To Earn It.

Principle #25: Grace.

Principle #26: Connection.

Principle #27: Replication.

Principle #28: Free Will.

Principle #29: Control.

Principle #30: Us Versus Them.

Principle #31: The Messiah.

Principle #32: Justice.

Principle #33: Family.

Principle #34: Separation.

Principle #35: Balance.

Principle #36: The Elect.

Principle #37: The Great Multitude.

Principle #38: The Elohim.

Principle #39: The Shan-Ti-Rah

Principle #40: Reward.

Principle #41: Universal Laws. (Or “Physics” Specifically)

Principle #42: Biology.

Principle #43: Structures.

Principle #44: Music. (Or “Vibration“)

Principle #45: Creativity.

Principle #46: Order.

Principle #47: Punishment.

Principle #48: Mercy.

Principle #49: Ask, And Ye Shall Receive.

Principle #50: The Queen Of Zion.

Principle #51: Masculine/Feminine.

Principle #52: The Law Of Attraction.

Principle #53: Time.

Principle #54: Reproduction.

Principle #55: The Spirit.

Principle #56: Seek, And Ye Shall Find.

Principle #57: Nature.

Principle #57: Civilizations.

Principle #58: Species.

Principle #59: The Father.

Principle #58: The Mother.

Principle #59: Children.

Principle #60: Genealogy.

Principle #61: The Story.

Principle #62: The Prophet.

Principle #63: The Prophetess.

Principle #64: Light.

Principle #65: Prosperity.

Principle #66: Love.

Principle #67: The Anointing.

Principle #68: The Calling.

Principle #69: The Promise.

Principle #70: Forgiveness.

Principle #71: Change.

Principle #72: The Space/Time Continuum.

Principle #73: The Multiverse.

Principle #74: The Promised Land.

Principle #75: The Hero.

Principle #76: The Struggle.

Principle #77: The Victory.

Principle #78: Relaxation.

Principle #79: Rest & Rejuvenation.

Principle #80: The Waters.

Principle #81: Kingdoms.

Principle #82: Nations.

Principle #83: Territories.

Principle #82: Cities.

Principle #83: Learning.

Principle #84: Teaching.

Principle #85: The Micro-verse.

Principle #86: The Senses.

Principle #87: The Mission.

Principle #88: Repetition.

Principle #89: Mass.

Principle #90: Gravity.

Principle #91: Rotation.

Principle #92: Dimensions.

Principle #93: Universes.

Principle #94: Realities.

Principle #95: Emotion.

Principle #96: Strength.

Principle #97: Sexual Energy.

Principle #98: Lines.

Principle #99: The Son.

Principle #100: Minerals.

Principle #101: The Sanctity Of Life.

Principle #102: The Chakra System.

Principle #103: Energy Management Systems.

Principle #104: Everything Is Changeable.

Principle #105: Unity.

Principle #106: Submission.

Principle #107: The Spoken Word.

Principle #108: Enlightenment.

I will come back and work on this post tomorrow, then for the next 5 days until it is 100% done.

David Wood
“The Prince Of Peace”

P.S. “I AM Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel.”

P.P.S. I may reorganize these, rename them, or collapse several principles together as I think through them. This will take a while. I am not done. Revelation is a process of study, thinking, and information coming through the spiritual dimensions that has to be checked and balanced.

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