The Daily Karma: “A Story Of The Karma Of A Certain Adulteress…”

Dear Friend,

I wanted to tell you a story about a certain adulteress. Maybe she lived a long time ago, and maybe she lives now… today. MAYBE it is even someone that you know very closely, and intimately.

There once was a certain woman, who was a very important woman – more important than most, and more beautiful than most.

This woman, radiant, and full of love on one side — also had a side that was filled with darkness, and that darkness was formed when she was a child, looking up at her mother, being beaten relentlessly for no reason – constantly living in fear… constantly living in internal, eternal torment.

Her mother used to tell her one thing, and she would do it, and she would beat her, and then she would do the opposite of what her mother wanted, and her mother would beat her – never was she good enough. Never was she loved. Never did her parents simply say “I love you so, so much just the way you are.”

The child grew older, and as she grew, she realized the power that she had from her beauty, and she gained much power, and wisdom. However, the dark side of her, which is her inner child, unable to grow, unable to expand in wisdom… kept her locked in the past, and kept her locked in her darkness.

She got older, and she worked, and she danced for a living – utilizing her beauty to support her child, whom his Father had abandoned, the woman being all alone.

And her personality segmented, and she formed “two minds” and then even more. And in all of that, she felt like a victim.

And why did she feel like that? She felt like a victim because when she was a child, she was a victim of her mother, and her mother was a victim of her mother, in a cycle that seemed to stretch on to eternity, the abuse passing through the lines of the families from demonic infiltration, and witchcraft in their family lines.

One thing I realized a long time ago is that when witchcraft is in a family, it always results in very intense demonic possession in one or more of the children, and nearly almost always results in severe psychological or physical abuse (The abuse is coming from the demonic energy).

When someone is abused, what do they do? They find a new victim to abuse, in a never ending cycle of karma, until one day, they break free.

Or… the Karma continues:

Which is always the choice they have. Only they do not believe they have a choice, because they are stuck in their own cycle of life, death, suffering, rebirth, and the eternal continuation, replication, lessons, and exaltation of the consciousness.

So this particular woman one day meets a man who loved her with all of his heart. A man who believed all of her victim stories. A man who cradled her in his arms, and took her to the beaches of the world – who explored new worlds with her, and one day, they had a son together in passionate love after the man rescued her from her life of suffering, saving her life in many, many ways.

The man and the woman, the husband and wife grew together, until one day, the honeymoon phase wore off of the relationship, and the demons from the past in both of them activated, one being a hero, the other being a victim – and suddenly, the hero was painted as a victimizer from stories the woman had made up in her head about him. Stories that were simply stories of the demons that had been beaten into her as a child, and nothing more.

She exploded on him, calling him names. Threatening his life many times. Telling him that she wanted to cut his balls off, and even one day, pulling a giant knife on him, growling like an animal, unable to control herself. Something she had seen her Mother do, which her Mother had done before that (the Mother of the Mother, or the Grandmother).

He, in fear, ran like hell after talking to psychologists, and his friends, and the people who he had that care about him, and he was destroyed inside, and his heart was broken, cut off from his children who he loved with all of his heart, might, mind, and soul — for she had cut off access to the kids with him.

And his personality, from the abuse, began to segment – and he formed two lives. One life in the public which was filled with honor, and victories, and wealth, and success stories. And another life, inside, from a segmented personality, that formed addictions to women, unable to control them, unable to cancel the curse.

And the man found a new woman – a woman whom he formed a relationship with in a broken heart, on a rebound. A woman with a cursed lineage, who had been tormented by demonic energy her whole life (she used to see snakes everywhere she went)… but she seemed like such a good, perfect, holy woman on the surface.

Then one day, the woman returned home – begging the man to return to her. And he was tormented, and in fear, and had two women, from his two personalities, from his destroyed heart, from his broken spirit, from his crushed emotions that could not tell if his wife desired to be with him, or desired to kill him.

And one day, he made the wrong decision, and he chose the wrong woman – a woman filled with demonic energy from her youth. However, in the end, both women were destroyed, and he was destroyed, and the new woman turned on him, plotting to steal everything he had ever earned in his life (he was with her and another woman at once) and kill him.

And the man kept getting destroyed, his enemies coming after him, stealing his businesses, his friends leaving him, unable to see his own karma, now in victim syndrome, trapped in a cycle of suffering, in a cycle of life and death.

And one day, the man made a discovery in the brink of death, and that discovery saved his life, healed his brain, and healed his heart. And one day, after his enlightenment, he was in the woods meditating, and he asked God who he was going to be with, and he saw a vision of the first woman, and he said:

“I get to be with the woman I truly love”

And he contacted her, and went home, and she once again took him in, and loved him and loved him and loved him. And both of their hearts began to heal.

However, she continued to fight his new found spirituality, and his new found way of being, and did not understand that it was not going to go away, for he was in a cycle of repetition of karma, and suffering, and lives, and deaths, and had been liberated, for time and all eternity and she was still trapped in the cycle of victimization she learned from her mother from her youth.

In other words: He had been liberated, and she had not.

So she pressured him, and pressured him, and pressured him, unable to accept him how he was, for her mother could never accept her how she is… and one day – they did something together they should not have done and on that day, the demons returned into their relationship, this time in the man who had been freed.

And stuff was thrown around the house with no hands touching it, and dark shadows manifested, and dark energy manifested – and she got to see what she before had done to him, only she did not realize that, but the karma was from the almighty Elohim, controlled by the Mother in Heaven, unable to be cancelled, unable to be broken until the time had passed.

Until one day, she picked up his computer and smashed it on the ground in a rage with black eyes, possessed, and destroying the computer screen – her husbands only way of making money. And even then, he did not harm her, he got on his knees and said “what have you done?” and she, with black, possessed eyes said “Get out or I’ll call the police!!!”

And then, several days later, there was a manifestation of demons that threatened her, in a similar manner to which she had threatened him again and again and again, and her heart was destroyed, and she left him in a similar manner to how he left her when his heart was destroyed by her.

And the woman found a man, in her victim stories, unable to see the cause of her suffering, and the man desired to end her life, for she could only get into relationships with men who are cursed, for she was dishonoring her husband, very similar to the man, who dishonored his wife, and could only get into relationships with woman who descend from cursed lineages, until the time had passed.

And that relationship ended, and she went to another. Plotting revenge secretly to her husband, destroying him in every way that she can, humiliating him, telling false stories about him that she made up from her own childhood abuse, taking out on him all the anger in her heart, while he was healing his heart, and waiting for her – this time, the tables being turned, the man experiencing what he did to the woman by leaving her, and not trusting her, and now the woman doing what the man did to her.

And the new relationship that formed with a man with a cursed lineage polluted the energy of the house, and her heart hardened, and after being warned by a prophet of their dark future by a prophet, they headed there way of destruction, plotting a secret marriage (with a married woman) for revenge, with an adulterer, with a relationship formed on a rebound and in pain, and why did this happen?

Because the man had asked his new woman to marry him, and she had said yes, when he was in pain, and destroyed. So the karma flipped upon the man, as it also has flipped upon the woman, each side experiencing the pain of the other’s destruction, to learn, to be liberated, to cancel the power of the enemy.

And what happened to the man? After that point, when he was with his false woman, who desired to end his life, possessed by demons, his life was destroyed, and torn to pieces by the enemy – from his own karma, from his own cycle of life, death, and suffering.

And one day the woman (who is very prophetic) had a dream about the future, and in her dream, she got married to the cursed man, who is filled with demonic energy. And at her wedding, there were nephilim in attendance, who followed her to her honeymoon where she was with her children, and her new, fake husband. And the nephilim devoured her children in pieces in front of her, eating them toe by toe, and then, they devoured her husband, and then, they devoured her, tearing her flesh off of her body with their teeth. And from that point, her country was lost in the war of the nephilim, and all of the children and the women, and the men in the country perished, and the earth was lost, and life was crushed out of existence, and this woman was eternally known as “The destroyer of worlds.”

And an Angel appeared to her, and he said:

“In the name of Jesus, let the curse of the adulterer activate upon your household, and upon your city, and upon your territory, and upon your nation, except ye repent”

And she awoke from her horrible prophetic dream, and she took her new ring, and threw it in the trash, and cut off contact with her new, fake boyfriend, and kicked him out of the house.

And the man was lost, and destroyed, and in his wickedness attempted to take his own life, and found that he could not, and did not understand, and then, with a destroyed brain, and biology, one day he came to the Messiah, and he said:

“Please, Heal Me”

And the curse was lifted, and he mounted up as upon eagles wings, and he found a new wife, and a new family, and was one day anointed as a King.

And from that moment on, she wandered, sleeping with man after man after man, unable to be loyal, unable to feel safe, destroying each new man in the same manner as the last, running from her own self, until the day when she was sitting down, and she was being attacked by four dark shadows, and there was a floating and 3 dimensional head of the anti christ watching, with black eyes, and she was weeping, and suddenly she said:

“I caused this MYSELF”

And a supernatural cloud appeared above her head, and a pillar of fire came down from the heavens, and consumed the four dark shadows, and she arose, clothed in white light, and she called her husband on that day, and she said:

“I’m so, so sorry. Please come back to me. Please give me another chance. I love you so, so much. I’m so, so sorry for hurting you. I did not know I did this to you. I did not understand. I have now changed… please, give me another chance like I gave you another chance.”

And on that day, her husband, being unashamed of his wife, repentant and healed from his darkness, returned to his wife, and they embraced, and they kissed, and they made love, and bore a child, and called his name “Immanuel”, which being interpreted, is “Elohim with us”. And the child was caught up to Elohim, and to his throne.

And peace issued forth from Zion, and the Mountain of the LORD’s house was established. And the woman, in her new humility, submission, and power, was permanently healed of the past… as she was no longer causing the destruction that she was causing in the past, and neither was her husband.

And they embraced, and their love was restored, and they became a new nation of love, of honor, and of power… knowing that the Angels were watching the whole time, preventing the destruction of the prophetic dream, so she, the woman, could fill the universe with her glory.

David Wood
“The Prince Of Peace”

P.S. I hope this metaphor, which may be a true story has helped you understand the darkness of adultery.

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