Happy Birthday, My Sweet Love Priscilla Chacon.


I wanted to write a blog post just for you, to tell you “Happy Birthday” and tell you all of the things I love about you, and why I love you so, so much.

Once upon a time, I was out at night, and I was feeling a bit down, and I was looking around, and I saw this girl… and her hair shone light the light of the son.

I looked in her eyes, and my heart jumped, because I had seen her before. I couldn’t quite remember where, and then I remembered a time when I was younger.

I was in my room in Fairbanks, Alaska after I gotten baptized as a little 8 year old kid by my Dad, and I was thinking about something that my Mom said. She told me:

“You’ve got the Gift of the Holy Spirit now. You should try to use it and ask God about something and see what he tells you David.”

So I sat down on my chair, and I asked God “Who will my wife be?” and then I sat there for like 30 minutes, meditating.

After 30 minutes, I saw this cloud of light, and I saw this face of an adult woman, and she smiled. And I almost fell out of my chair!!!

So who was this woman I saw? It was a girl that hadn’t even been born yet, that lived across the world, that was in her mother’s womb in Costa Rica, a country I had never even heard about, and that night, I saw that woman when I was out, and I saw the same field of light around her, and her smile shone like the radiance of the sun.

So when I met her, it didn’t take me very long to fall in love. I asked her out, and we went out a few times, and maybe the 3rd time I was with her, I fell in love with her.

Every moment since I first loved Priscilla Chacon, I’ve been in love with her and never wanted anything more than to just hold her, and be with her, and take walks with her, and go out with her to the movies, and be with the kids with her, and give her a good life.

Then one day when we were in Cancun, Mexico, I married this woman of my dreams. I remember the music was playing, and we walked down the aisle, which was really a sidewalk running along the hotel, and out to the beach in the sunshine, the radiant sun warm on the surface of our skin, the ocean waves rolling in, dressed in white, filled with love, looking into each other’s eyes. And we both said “si, quiero” and went home that night man, and wife.

My wifey Priscilla and I before we got married February 23rd, 2013
I love you so much baby…being with you has been the best gift a man could ever have!!!!

And we kissed, and embraced, and it was like the light that shone around her enraptured me, and filled me with her glory, and with a peace, and with her love, and I knew I had found the one that I have always been looking for… my best friend, Priscilla Chacon.

Baby happy birthday. I wanted to tell you some things that I love about you, and some reasons why I still want to be with you after all of this time, and why you are the best woman I’ve ever known.

First of all, I just love YOU, and the way you are as a person.

You are such a beautiful, kind, charming, wonderful, perfect woman.

When I talk to you, I feel lost in another world, and when I’m listening to you, my heart is pounding, and excited.

When I hold your hand it is like I am touching the hand of a goddess, and it is like electricity leaps off of the palms of your hands and into mine, and I feel like I am new again… just by touching you.

When I look into your eyes it is like I am looking into the oceans, or a river of life, and it is like I am walking in heavenly energy and radiance, and beauty.

When you smile at me, it is like all the birds in the world are singing at the same time, in an orchestra of majestic music from the heavenly realms.

I love shopping with you, or just going to the mall to hang out.

There’s nothing I like better than spending alone time with you, and just hearing your voice, and what you’re concerned about.

Everything about you is perfect, and I wouldn’t change a thing. I love you just how you are. You are my best friend. You are my partner for life if you want to be. If you don’t want to be, that’s fine. It’s your choice to be with me, or not.

However, No Matter What, I Will Never Abandon You…

…if the world collapses, and falls into war, and our enemies are surrounding us on any side, I will fear not, and defend you.

…if everyone on the earth told me that I shouldn’t love you anymore, and they tortured me alive, and cast me into the pit, and beat me with rods, and baseball bats to get me to deny my love for you, I would not.

…if a bullet was flying your way, I would leap in front of it and save you and the children, if it was the last thing that I ever did.

…if anyone ever hurt you… it would be the last thing THEY ever did.

I love you so, so much.

You are my best friend, forever and ever and ever and ever and I miss you so, so, so badly.

Every day, I spend sometimes hours praying for you, thinking of you, wondering how you are doing, wondering how the kids are doing.

All I want this year, is to give you a real wedding, and to give you the Dave Wood back that you know and love.

Te amo con todo a mi corazon.

For your birthday, I will not allow a day to go by where I do not make money for you and the kids this year.

For your birthday, I am going to build the biggest following in 2019-2020 that I’ve ever had, so you respect me again and love me again, because you’ll have the man you fell in love with again, and better.

For your birthday, I am going to gather armies, and nations, and peoples, and businesses, and ideas, and we will win the war that is coming.

For your birthday, let the Angels shower you with glory, honor, praise, and wonder from the heavenly realms, shining down upon the best Christian woman there is in the Universe: Priscilla Chacon, the LION of the Tribe of Judah, and my best friend in the whole wide world.

No matter what, I am by your side.

No matter what, I will defend you.

No matter what, I will lift you up.

David Wood
“Your Best Friend For The Rest Of Your Life No Matter What”

P.S. Baby you’re so beautiful, that your radiance is the meaning of love.

Baby you’re so wonderful, that even the heavens shake at the power of your glory.

Baby you’re so majestic, that you’re going to be filled with love, and blessing, and honor, and power – forever and ever and ever bb. Te amo.

I love you so, so so much. All I want to do in 2019 is give you the real wedding you deserve, with the man you deserve. I want you to be HAPPY BABY. Te amo. I’m so sorry for hurting you this last year. It’s all my fault baby mio te amo.

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