Lawrence Tam Review: “Should You Join Lawrence “Ham” Tam’s Team… Or Not?”

Dear Friend,

You’re probably reading this, and wondering… “Should I join Lawrence Tam, or not?” Perhaps you even have your credit card out, and it is “throbbing” with desire. (Perhaps that is not the only thing that is throbbing).

Perhaps you clicked on an ad, or a friend told you about “Ham Tam” or you were looking for a Network Marketing Opportunity, and you suddenly found this ‘startlingly attractive’ Asian man, posing as “The Messiah Of Network Marketing”:

Lawrence "Ham" Tam
Is Lawrence Tam “the Messiah of Network Marketing?” or not? You decide.

Why is Lawrence Tam skipping? He just earned some commissions from his “Highly Discounted” Fat Cream, or whatever.

2 cents.

2 whole cents.

(oh wait, it was 3 cents).

Lol. I’m kidding. Lawrence Tam actually makes “butt loads” of money per month, like I’m talking “butt loads”.

Look, I don’t know if you’ve ever made “butt loads” of commissions or not, like ‘commissions raining down from heaven’s butt’, butt that’s EXACTLY what Lawrence Tam does each and every single day!!!

Like I’m talking “mountains, and piles of commissions.”

Have you ever seen Scrooge McDuck swimming in his mountains of cash on that show, Duck Tales? That’s what Lawrence Tam does each and every single day online, as he’s “raking it in” and getting exponentially wealthier by the minute, laughing at his enemies, as they are fleeing from his presence.

Here’s Scrooge (I’ll tell you what the problem with this Duck is in a minute):

What’s the problem with this? Well, there’s only one:

The Only Problem With Scrooge McDuck Is That He Is Not “Asian” Like Lawrence Tam Sure Is!!!

Plus, Lawrence “Ham” Tam’s pile of cash is bigger… oh wait. Nope. Scrooge McDuck’s pile is bigger (at least for now).

So on to some serious business, let me tell you how I met Mr. Asian “Messiah of Network Marketing” ‘Lawrence “Ham” Tam”:

One day, I was out at sea, and the winds were blowing… and there was a mighty rainstorm. And then suddenly, the rain calmed down, there was a bolt of lightning, fish lept out of the sea, and I saw an Angel walking on the waters…

…only when the Angel got close, I said “Hey you look like that famous Asian man I saw on TV… Lawrence Tam!!!

Lol. Now let me tell you the real story:

So I joined a company in 2009 called “MLMLeadSystemPro” which provided services of helping people learn to do “Attraction Marketing” online (which I was desperate to learn, of course, because I was broker than the joker) …in any case, I joined, and a few months later (like 90 days) I was making $30,000 per month… and my money, and my wealth started exponentially compounding.

And I moved to Costa Rica… and I made a special video where I jumped into the waters like a livid maniac… in love with my new found life of wealth, prosperity, and love:

David Wood “Trying To Be As BadAss” As Mr. “Lawrence ‘Ham’ Tam”… the Messiah of Network Marketing.

So you may be wondering what happened next, and why “Mr. Tam” is this “Messiah” I speak of.

Well, it is because of his love for his people.

So what happens is Lawrence saw the video above, and he said “If this idiot can do it… I can do it… this is the life that I want and he’s stealing it from me!”

  • Paraphrased. Of course.

So he calls me up, and joins whatever I’m in from then on, and for the next couple of years, I was his mentor. And I led Lawrence Tam from making 0 per month, to $100 per month, to $1000 per month, to I think his best month was $100,000 per month and even more than that.

And so one time, we’re at an Empower Network event in Austin, Texas with like 3,500 people there, and Tam is speaking on stage, and his Father was there… and his father STOOD UP ON HIS FEET AND HE SAID: ‘THAT’S MY SON!!! THAT’S MY SON!!!!!!! THAT’S MY SON!!!!!!!!!’ And Lawrence Tam got a fire in his belly, and I’ve NEVER SEEN A MAN CHANGE MORE THAN I SAW IT THAT DAY… BECAUSE LAWRENCE TAM HONORS HIS FATHER!!!

So you know what the deal is with Mr. “Messiah of Network Marketing” ‘Lawrence ‘HAM‘ Tam’?

Well my good friend and faithful reader from now on… The reality is that if you’re looking for a TEAM THAT CARES ABOUT PEOPLE… You’ve found the place when you pull out your credit card, and join “Mr. Ham Tam”.

If you’re looking for a team that SELLS PRODUCTS FIRST, and teaches you how to GET CUSTOMERS… then pull out your credit card, and join “Mr. Ham Tam”.

If you’re looking for a GREAT PLACE TO GET LAID… Lawrence Tam’s company has LOTS OF HOT CHICKS!!!

If you’re looking for a FANTASTIC PLACE TO FIND A HUSBAND… then pull out your credit card, and give Lawrence ‘Ham’ Tam “The Messiah Of Network Marketing” a call (with your credit card out… making sure you have at least $500 available to start… and literally say “I beg you to let me give you my credit card, and join”.) because there is RICH GUYS ALL AROUND LAWRENCE WHO LOVE TO GET LAID MY BARBIE DOLLS!!!

So back a few years ago when our teams temporarily split apart, (not permanent), Lawrence headed over to a “Top Secret Company” with Lisa Grossman, who I like, because “Of Course” she is Jewish.

Man when she saw that Empower Network was ran by “Dave & Dave” she RAN TO HELP… And I bet you that she has thought I am the Messiah for a long, long time.

Who knows. I could be wrong about that (not particularly a perfectly accurate mind reader yet). However what Lisa Grossman is “Missing” is:

Lawrence Tam is “The Messiah Of Network Marketing”:

When he sponsors someone… he HELPS THEM.

He does training’s with his team A MINIMUM OF 1-3 TIMES PER WEEK.

He does calls with his people, and BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS.

The best part?

His business is STABLE… so he doesn’t have to ‘run around like a pathetic idiot on the internet all the time’ – instead, he’s “getting laid” at home, and making “copious amounts of Scrooge McDuck” level cash.

Want To Know What I LOVE THE BEST About “Mr. Lawrence “Ham” Tam”?

The real question is… how does he treat King David?

Lawrence Tam has always honored the Messiah (which for him, is Jesus. However, I’m referring to (of course) myself. When everyone had turned their backs on the Messiah, Lawrence “Ham” Tam was there, giving me a big spiritual hug, praying for me and my family, and my wife and my children, and praying that I’ll be restored to a prosperous state.

He even has offered to help. And that is what Love is all about.

So when the “world” turned their backs on the Messiah like a bunch of pathetic Pharisees – Lawrence Tam acted like an ACTUAL CHRISTIAN, free of hypocrisy and guile.

So if you ever wanted to join a “Great Christian Leader” then pull out your credit card, and join Lawrence Tam, who I like to call:

“The Messiah Of Network Marketing”

This is how Mr. “Ham” Tam (Lawrence Himself) treated King David. What a f***ing badass!!!

So now let’s talk about the kind of things that you’ll learn from Mr. Tam:

  • I learned from Lawrence Tam to have DRIVE and MOTIVATION to support your family.
  • I learned from Lawrence Tam to SAVE MONEY LIKE A CHEAP ASIAN (I bet he is not as cheap as my brother Jonny)
  • I learned from Lawrence Tam that you put the team first, and yourself second, and when you serve, and you serve, and you serve, the team puts you first in return.

Plus, you’ll learn strategies like:

  • How to generate “copious” amounts of leads (practically free) online… to where you cannot even call them all.
  • How to approach your warm market in a way that is PRODUCT FOCUSED and gets CUSTOMERS, which is the only way your friends and family do not think you are an idiot.
  • How to build your business with a “profit first” model that puts YOU AND YOUR FAMILY, AND YOUR CHILDREN FIRST!!!

Plus, Lawrence Tam is in “Texas” so if you ever wanted to meet some hot chicks… go out to visit him because Texas Girls are some of the HOTTEST CHICKS THERE ARE!!!

Now, you might be asking?

Well, what about his business opportunity?

I’m not here to review that. I do not care other than making sure Lawrence Tam makes piles, and piles of cash (which is what happens to all those that follow me).

In fact, I want him to “swim” in the piles of cash – like Scrooge McDuck (something an Asian would LOVE and he PROBABLY DREAMS ABOUT EVERY DAY AS HE’S GOING TO SLEEP, EARNING AUTOMATED COMMISSIONS ONLINE that are based in REAL PRODUCT SALES).

So the main thing that I’ve learned over the years, is that people do not want to join a company, nor do they want to join a product, nor do they want to join a political campaign.


They actually want to join a LEADER.

A LEADER isn’t a CHEERLEADER ONLY… a LEADER LEADS BY EXAMPLE (and perhaps he has many, many cheerleaders who love him with all their hearts) …such as many of my friends who I’ve helped get rich on the internet do, as they get laid (literally every day) while they are swimming in piles, and piles of “Scrooge McDuck” level CASH COMMISSIONS.

Lawrence Tam is a LEADER worth following, and WORTH joining.  That is what matters.

The reality is that you’re not going to find someone with a more variety of experience, who loves people more, with a more diverse team, with people who feel good about each other and honor people than you will with Lawrence, Jessica, and Lisa Grossman.

(I’ll write a review on Lisa soon – she’s a WONDERFUL Jewish Woman, and is Tam’s leader and upline – the best female leader to join in the entire Network Marketing industry by a long shot.  She has like 10 downlines she makes money from at the same time – who do you even know who does that?

Well that’s another reason to join Lawrence.

So I wanted to give a little prophecy about what will happen if you join Lawrence, and you pull out your credit card, and make that “final decision” to plant your flag in his downline team, and earn “copious amounts of free cash online”:

Thus saith the LORD God of Hosts concerning those who pull out their credit cards, and make a decision to buy and join with Lawrence Tam:

If they honor the team, and honor Lawrence, and honor Jessica, and honor Lisa, and honor their network marketing company, I will mount them up as on eagle’s wings, and they shall prosper, and teach others to prosper, and shall form a ‘success army’ and they shall travel the world, and shall meet new friends, and shall sell products, and shall feel good about themselves, and their work… and in the future, they shall start many businesses, and start businesses that start business… and one day, they shall travel to the stars, and even get entire worlds in their downline with Mr. King “Lawrence ‘Ham’ Tam.

However, if they quit and give up on their dreams then they shall not receive the blessings of prosperity, supernatural abundance, and new skills that will help them create new jobs, new lives, new businesses, and new families.

And they shall not prosper in an equal manner, however they will still receive value they will take with them for the rest of their lives, and many of them shall prosper at a future time, and many of those who quit will search around, unable to find a business or a team better than Lawrence, and they shall return, and Lawrence Tam shall embrace his Prodigal Downline, and after they are embraced, they shall once again continue in their never ending journey of prosperity.

I hope this helped  you make the right decision for you.  If you’d like to know what I taught Lawrence, send an email to for a free 20 minute consultation.

You can also check out his blog at

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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