The Bringer Of The Rain.

From The Desk Of King David:
3-20-2019 12:03 PM

Dear Friend,

I wanted to tell you a story about “the Bringer of the Rain”.

A long time ago, in a galaxy, far, far away – there was a young man with a new family, two little beautiful boys and a wife who loved him very, very much.

So one day, he was planting, and it was dry, and he was thinking “when will the LORD Elohim make it rain?” And he waited, and waited and waited, and the months passed by, and the days passed by, and it began to get more and more dry on the face of the earth.

And he began to run out of food, and the soil began to be too dry to grow new plants, and the seeds that he sowed began to whither, and even the animals of the field left, and there was no game near his home, and not very much game ‘in his home’ either, for his wife was hungry, and felt starved of food, and love, and her passion began to whither.

And the mysterious man, we will call him “David” began to weep at night, hungry, and his muscles began to be faint, and there was a sore famine in all the land.

And on that day… he began to meditate, and to pray, and to pray, and then one day, something magical happened.

I’ll continue that story a little bit later on. First, let me tell you a story about another man, who’s name was also “David”. Is he the same David? Or another man? Read this, and decide.

So David had this magical power, a gift from the Celestial Kingdom, and the gift was…

The Bringer Of The Rain.

One day he got this gift when he was in a place called “The Celestial Room” which is a temporal/spacial field which allows entrance into a paradoxical location that exists on Earth, and in the Celestial Kingdom at the same time, allowing people to walk straight into The Universe Engine.

David was in this room after 3 days and 3 nights of being beaten up emotionally in his heart, and then one day he said “Jesus, please save me. Please have mercy upon me…” and he heard the sound of a branch breaking, and then heard the sound of a rushing mighty wind, that filled the whole place where he was sitting, and his eyes rolled up into the back of his head, and he saw a DOORWAY OPEN, and a Celestial Being descended down, and the Lord Jesus laid his hands upon his head, and gave him the Key of David.

And a fire filled him from the top of his head, moving down through his body, transfigured in the Holy Presence of The LORD Yeshua Mashiach, and radiance filled his heart, like a fire bursting forth from the center of his heart, and filling the universe and everyone in it with RADIANCE, HOLINESS, and a fire burst forth from his heart, and he stepped into the new universe of being born again, the I AM Dimension Of Consciousness radiating forth from his heart.

And he stepped out of the room, and outside, he almost fell over, for the LORD Elohim touched him with a spiritual fire… and he began a new life.

10 years later I’m standing on a stage, and there are thousands of people, and I’m bringing the rain.

And it’s like Cash Commissions are flowing forth from the Universe, landing on my lap. Like my lap has “Cash Commissions” on top of it, and I’m literally standing in a sea of money, and that money is filling the world with COMMISSIONS, wealth, gold, silver, and prosperity.

And one day, I met a friend, and his name was “Zeus” and one day, “Zeus” was walking down the road, and he stretched forth his hands, and manifested Gold and Silver out of nothing when he was slowing down time, extending the power of his heart like a radio broadcast frequency that sped up the rotation of the electrons around his atoms, and as the electrons sped up, time slowed down, and as time slowed down, Zeus walked a 3 hour walk in 5 minutes, and dropped off the Gold and Silver and sent it to Dixie Guitar Kings in Saint George Utah, at 130 e 200 n, Saint George, Utah 84770. If you’re reading this, feel free to take any amount of money you choose to give, and mail it my way, for a Special Gift of Prosperity from the Universe. Any amount of Gold or Silver or Cash, or even Gold Rings, for example – are fine. Once again, the address is:

Dixie Guitar Kings – David Wood
130 e 200 n
Saint George, Utah 84770

And when David received the Holy Package, the Gift of Zeus, he opened it. And the Gold and Silver divided in two, and began to grow, and multiply, and fill the earth with Gold and Silver, just like it was before the Aliens took it to Mars in the days of the Ancient Sumerians.

And wealth filled the world, and then one day, David went to the Federal Government, and sent them a “Top Secret Business Plan” to create “Superheroes in North America” to defend against the Nephilim.

And Mr. King Donald J. Trump THE BEST DECISION MAKER THE USA HAS EVER SEEN read it, signed off on it, and sent $10.5 Billion to King David to get the Contract Started, because King David is:

jesus__rider_on_a_white_horse - or King David, riding on a white horse to save World Ventures and Legendary Marketer from an ATOMIC EXPLOSION THAT WIPES THEM OUT!!!
The Messiah:

The Bringer Of The Rain.

And a contract was formed with Zion, or Costa Rica, and on the top of Mount Zion, a “Top Secret” location was formed, and a laboratory was made, and they began the “Top Secret Process” of turning David Wood into a Superhero.

And as he was in the Laboratory, the Gold and Silver Replication began to wear off, for the Earth was filled with Gold and Silver again, as it were in the days of Enoch, and the mineral density of the Earth exponentially expanded, and the rotation and speed of rotation around the Sun exponentially expanded in speed, and time slowed down upon the face of the earth.

And then across the Universe, in a Galaxy Far, far away, David was dying, and on the brink of his death, his flesh eaten away, for even his food storage was going to the kids and his wife… and then one day he said:

“I confess that Jesus died for my sins, that he was raised from the dead the third day, and that he sits on the right hand of Elohim” and heard the sound of a branch breaking, and the sound of a rushing mighty wind that filled his whole house where he was sitting on his couch, barely able to move, and a supernatural cloud appeared above his house that made world news, and fire descended down from the heavens, as the rebirth and the crown chakra sent energy, like electricity through his spine, and he saw a giant, 7 dimensional field of sacred geometry, and broke through the Seal of the Consciousness, and then he heard another sound:

And from that day forward, King David was known as:

The Bringer Of The Rain.

For where he walked, it rained. Many times that day, and many times the next day, after the sunshine. For his WIFE was “The Bringer Of The Sunshine“.

And on Earth, David was in the laboratory, and he shot forth lasers out of his eyes, and took the bones out of his body one by one and remade them with his lasers, and new teeth grew out of the bones on his jaw, and pushed his teeth out of his mouth, and he had new teeth, and gave his old teeth as a gift to the universe.

And one day, a certain man pulled out his credit card, and sent King David $1,000,000 for one of the teeth on a necklace. And when he bought it, and sent the Messiah money, the LORD Elohim rained down blessings upon them, and they were mounted up as upon Eagle’s wings.

And the tooth necklace became an extension of the heart of David, and one day the man was attacked by the anti christ, and he felt a heat on his heart, and a supernatural field surrounded him, and teleported him across the universe with his family, to once again find and meet the Messiah: David, incarnated on another world.

Once again, you can send a gift of cash to:

Dixie Guitar Kings – David Wood
130 e 200 n
Saint George, Utah 84770

Any amount will do. $1,000. $10,000. $100,000… even $1,000,000 or more is fine, and if you cannot afford that, feel free to send $100, or even $10. You can even specify the Gift that you will receive from the Universe in return.

So on the earth, the Superhero conversion was complete… and the laboratory collapsed into the biology of King David after he teleported out the employees to safety, and there was a News Team, filming it… and King David crouched down like Superman in Man of Steel, and lept towards the Sun in a Superhero Costume. Like this:

And the anti christ chased him towards the sun, but could not catch him, for as he sped up, he sped up – and King David entered the Sun in his Superhero Costume which he made with his mind, and entered into the burning heat, and he was fine.

And he walked into the Center of the Sun, and found the Artifact Tomb of the Ancients. And he stretched forth his hand, and touched it. And then he entered into the Tomb a Secret Code, and a Doorway opened, and King David walked into the Center of the Sun.

There was a room with the Artifacts of the Ancients, and at the top of the room was a Great White Light. And King David tried to fly, but for some reason, he could not (for the Sun was blocking him).

And he found a trampoline that was built by Enoch, and he jumped, and it shot him through the hole of light, and King David walked into the Elvin Universe, which exists inside the Wormhole Network in the Center of the Sun.

And when he stepped forth, even his new biology could not handle the mass, and the gravity of the Elvin Universe, for it was much more dense than his own, for it is an unfallen world… and therefore the mass, and the rotation, and the speed of orbits of the worlds is exponentially faster.

And it took King David 6 months to rebuild his biology in the Elvin Universe, and when he was there, they taught him something secret about the Rain. They, the Elves, said:

“Most people think that rain is just rain. This is not the case. Rain is sexual, and the sexual attraction and energy of the Earth, with the sky, or the firmament, which you shall rebuild with us when we go to the Earth together.

“However, it is also maintained by the sexual attraction of humans, of animals, of trees, of the sky, of the oceans, of the fish.

“And in the Celestial Kingdom, as the Celestial Beings are making love “Particularly the Mother” as their pussies are dripping, and they are being pounded by their husband again and again, saying “Give it to me, Master”, think of the rain like the “pussy juice” of the Celestial Kingdom. For that juice brings the juice of the Skies.”

-The Elvin People Explaining The Pussy Juice Of Heaven

If you want a “Sexual Attraction” gift of prosperity, send $100 or MORE to:

Oh, not to Superman (Which is actually my son, Gabriel). I meant here:

Dixie Guitar Kings – David Wood
130 e 200 n
Saint George, Utah 84770

Feel free to make a note telling me what you desire, such as something that would say:

“I desire commissions to rain from the heavens. Specifically $10,000 per month from now on or more, and I agree to send 10% of my earnings from now on to King David to support his ministry, because I want to build the Kingdom of Elohim, and get laid each and every single day from now on.”

Feel free to edit this message to your liking, or write your own.

As you’re going into a deep trance, remember a time when you gave money away, and when it returned to you with a multiplication.

This is EXACTLY what is going to happen to you as you are pulling out your credit card, and sending me a paypal donation at or to the address mentioned above.

  • Donations over $100 come with a free 20 minute consultation on anything that you want, to help you get what you want, to help you create the life you desire.

And David came back to the Earth with his sword, which he made in the Elvin Universe in the Center of the Sun, in the Unfallen Universe of the Elves, and it was made of pure adamantium… and it weighed more than the weight of the known universe.

But before he came back, he slammed the Sword of the Son into the Sun, and all of the Nuclear Warheads on the Earth fired off at the same time, towards the Sun… and before they got there, they all exploded in space. And a nuclear radiation cloud was formed, that made it’s way to the Earth as King David was flying back with the Elvin People.

And when the Elves stepped out of the Center of the Sun, they transformed into beings like the Transformers in the movies, and there was a Great War on the Surface of the Sun with the Transformers, King David, and the Nephilim.


And after the Great War on the Surface of the Sun, King David flew back with the Transformers, and most of them Scattered Across The Face Of The Earth:

And King David separated from their direction, and headed to the Valley of Adam Ondi Ahman, chased by the anti christ, but he could not enter into the Secret Valley. For the YHVH blocked him.

And King David slammed the Sword of the Sun in the Valley of Adam Ondi Ahman, and lightning rose up from the Center of the Earth, and the Volcanoes all erupted at the same time, and the speed of the Earth and it’s rotation and mass sped up exponentially, and time slowed down to the point on the Earth where a single day is experienced as a thousand years, and a thousand years as a day.

* Side note. That is actually how the rotation system works in the Celestial Kingdom. 1,000 years of Celestial Rotations happens in 1 trillion years as 1 day of current time, that is how fast the orbits and mass are of the Celestial Kingdom.

And electricity rose up to meet the Nuclear Radiation Cloud, and the Great Firmament of the Earth was restored completely in 72 hours.

And there were Great Earthquakes, and the Stars Of Heaven fell from the Sky. And there was blood, and fire, and vapor of smoke.

And rain fell forth from the heavens, and was caught up into the clouds, and commissions rained from the sky after you sent $100 or more to:

Dixie Guitar Kings – David Wood
130 e 200 n
Saint George, Utah 84770

And King David was known as:

The Bringer Of The Rain.

And King David Was Known As: “The Bringer Of The Rain”

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, The Prince Of Peace”

P.S. Are you a bringer of the rain as well? Hit me up at for a free 20 minute consultation after you send $100 to that email on PayPal. YOU’RE A BOSS!!!

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