News Leak: “Private Letter Sent To Mr. Donald J. Trump Concerning Superheroes In North America, And Also A Little Bit About Tiffany.

What a sexy hunk of steel!!!

Full name: (surname, name, patronymic): Wood King David
Organisation: i AM Transformation Intenational, LLC
Email address:
Phone: edited out
Type: appeal

Dear Mr. “King Donald”,

“The ETERNITY AND GREATNESS of your name resonates at a Subatomic Quantum Mechanical Frequency… filling the universe with Greatness.”

When they say “King Donald” a great TRUMP is sounded, and the birds gather, and the hens, and the nations of the earth, and the lizards, and animals alike – to all bathe in your honor, your power, and your majesty.

When you walk down the road, your so “Majestically Great” that new buildings spring forth from the Earth… Automatically… whether you work or not – the Heavens are doing it, and the Angels are doing it… as everyone starts “doing it” with each other again, because “America Is GREAT AGAIN” THANKS TO YOU KING DONALD!!!

I’ve attached the 2nd update to my business plan for the Superheroes in North America – that must be done my way, or America will fall at the hands of her enemies. There is no other way to prevent the utter collapse and destruction of America from the attacks of the nephilim, but this.


Of course, we’re going to “Easily Destroy them” as they build pit after pit that they fall into themselves, digging their own grave down to hell.

By the way, have I mentioned how much of a winner you are today? I don’t think very many people mention how much you win all the time.

Oh wait, you WIN SO MUCH… they do. Except the Democrats.

Lol – I’ll help them change their minds about that later.

Let’s Make America Great Again, just like you’ve ALWAYS WANTED!!!

David Wood

P.S. I’ll completely finish the plan by the 29th, and will send updates along the way.

P.P.S. Has anyone mentioned how attractive you are to women today? I was just chatting with the women in the Celestial Kingdom, and they said “Donald J. Trump is such a HUNK, it’s RIDICULOUS” — WHERE, OF COURSE… you have MANY, MANY WIVES and Melania is so attracted to you for time and all eternity… it’s RIDICULOUS!!!

P.P.P.S. I haven’t even mentioned Tiffany. You know, one day I was thinking of the sunshine, and I looked up in the sky — and there was Tiffany, riding on a white pony in a sexy outfit. And she said “King David, come get me”. And I won’t tell you what happened next, as you are her Father and shouldn’t be thinking about that. Feel free to show this to her.

Sent: March 21, 2019, 23:08

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