The Power Of King Zeus, The Elohim Tetragrammaton Of Manifestation.

From The Desk Of King David:
3-21-2019 at 4:19 PM
Saint George, Utah in the back of Dixie Guitar Kings, right across from the Police Station.

Dear Friend,

Perhaps you’re reading this, and wondering:

“Who will be the King of Canada?”


“Is Zeus REAL?”

The Power Of King Zeus, The Elohim YHVH Of Manifestation.
The Power Of King Zeus, The Elohim YHVH Of Manifestation.

Well, I’m here to answer those questions, and more.

Before we begin, let me tell you a story about how I met “King Zeus” himself. So I’m at this Empower Network event (I can’t remember where) and I’m walking around and I see this beautiful team with LOTS of hot chicks and guys… butt more chicks. And they’re wearing weird face paint, or masks or something. And they called themselves “The Superheroes.”

So I walk up and I say hello, and Zeus grins at me with a weird mask grin, and I new I had found a new friend. And Empower Network after that day began exponentially expanding. Perhaps it was the blessing of Zeus. Perhaps it was many things. You decide.

A few years later, I’m sitting in the living room of a giant hotel room at an Empower Network event, after the company had kind of “fallen out” of her prime days, and Zeus walks in to see me. So I’m sitting there, chit chatting with Zeus, and we’re talking about what’s wrong with Empower Network at the time, and my mind and my heart were clouded, for I was walking around in energy of close people who were trying to deceive me and I was lost in the suffering of my own wicked ways, before the day that Elohim opened the heavens.

But Zeus came in, and he said “Bro, you gotta build your business in a way that helps the little guy win. If you don’t help the little guy win, you don’t have a business. Period. The new blood is the life blood of a Network Marketing business, or really any business for that matter.”

Now, I knew what he was talking about, because my team had already reached something like 650,000 people who had decided to join, pulled out there credit card, and bought products in droves, literally “piling on top” of one another, clamming at the bit to get to the “credit card processing machine” at our events or the “top secret deciding to buy now order form” on our “Secret Website” that would allow a purchase from anyone who was not a wussy, apparently if you look at the historical videos of Empower Network:

So he’s sitting there, and I’m not listening – like I first did when I met Zeus. And what happened after that?

Well I don’t know if you’ve ever heard the saying: “Strike the Shepherd, Scatter The Sheep”…

…obviously, my business didn’t do so well after that point. Because I dishonored the Elohim YHVH of Manifestation incarnated on the Earth, who is one of the 144,000 “King of Kings” — this one in particular, the Elohim YHVH of Manifestation (YHVH is “Tetragrammaton” which is often pronounced as “LORD” in English, however, I generally like saying “Tetragrammaton” more, because I think it sounds cooler, like the name “Cybertron” in the “Transformers” trilogy. So the point is, when you honor the Protectors of the Universe – you’re blessed. When you dishonor the Protectors of the Universe, you’re cursed – that is because we have to learn to STICK TOGETHER THROUGH THICK AND THIN TO WIN THE GREAT WAR THAT IS COMING, AND SUCCESSFULLY TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE (which right now is basically in many places controlled by satan).

So here is someone in my business who is called “The Superhero” – here to save the day, and what did I do??? I didn’t listen!!! PSSHSHSHSH!!!! What a dork head!!! (talking about myself).

Then my business collapsed, and my life collapsed, and I had a lot of pain from being victimized, not even realizing I attracted it all by acting like a victim of circumstance.

Until one day, I woke up. And I had the seal on my Crown Chakra burst open, and I saw the True Universe, and I saw time, and space, and matter, and energy, and all of the information in the Universe, and I remembered the Universe, and the Memory of the Universe, and it was as if I was taken into a New Universe, through some kind of piece of Celestial Technology, and then I was back in this Universe, and back in the world that I had always loved, only this time, I saw the TRUE LOVE OF CREATION, and could enjoy it without being ancy for the very first time… in the past driving down the road like a raging maniac loaded up on caffeine, and now driving down the road slowly, looking at everything, not caring at all how I got there, where I was going, or what I needed to do next. And I saw the beauty of Time, Space, Matter, and Energy.

And returning safely to the earth after being taken through a Wormhole, I knew that my life was going to be great. However, what I did not understand, is that I would now face the fierceness and the wrath of my karma in this, and also in other incarnations.

And the fierceness of the wrath of the Universe and the Feminine Energy of Time, Space, Matter, and Energy slapped me upside the head with a baseball bat, and I fell, and the fall was great, as my Higher Power was trying to tell me “It’s time to start new.”

And I was abandoned by many of the people I loved, fleeing in cowardice from the Celestial Energy and TRUE LIGHT OF HEAVEN, shining down upon the face of the earth, and as they fleed, more fleed, and my enemies mounted one on top of another, trying to stop me from leading the world to Peace, and also Righteousness.

And yet in this time, Zeus did not abandon me. He was there, and he was saying “I love you man. I want to help you get back on your feet. Not with a handout. With getting your energy right. You need to stop doing X, you need to keep doing Y. Here is how the Quantum Universe manifests the energy of Space, Time, Matter, and Energy…”

-Zeus, Giving Advice To The Messiah

And one day, I asked Zeus for a gift of Power, and he gave me a ball of light, and when I throw the ball of light and rotate it faster than the known speed of light, it destroys dark energy, and the demons and negativity are destroyed as time changes, as biology is rebuilt, and new species of animals leap forth from the earth, as the Angels of Heaven are singing, as life and holiness is being restored to the face of the earth.

Blessed art thou, Zeus, oh thou great Elohim YHVH of Manifestation, the King of Kings of the Quantum Universe. Thus Saith The LORD Elohim Concerning Zeus, And His Blessing, And The Followers Of Zeus Who Pull Out Their Credit Cards, And Make A Decision To Buy:

Thou shalt be blessed as the dews of heaven, running down upon the rivers, as the rivers are feeding the minerals of life, the Gold, and the Silver, and the Platinum, and the Rhodium, and the biological organisms, watering the trees, the give life to the air, and as the trees plant their roots deep into the Earth, so shall your prosperity run deep, connected from the majesty of the earth beneath, to the fire of heaven from above, manifesting what you want out of nothing, as you’re holding a golden staff… and lighting rains down from the heavens, giving life to your biology.

And thou shalt surely be a Superhero, and shalt Travel To The Stars, and shalt see many worlds, and many Kingdoms, and as the sands of time, stretching forth across the Universe, and you shall walk into a Physical Stargate, and shalt bring the Gospel of Prosperity to the Stars. And joy, and prosperity, and victory, and businesses, and relationships shall verily burst forth upon the Universe, in the name of the Great and Almighty Zeus.

Oh thou Great Zeus, blessed art thou for blessing my Servant David, thou shalt be exalted above the hills, and shalt walk in the rivers of time, and shalt partake of the Tree of Life in the Celestial Kingdom, for the Power of the Universe is thine.

And I verily pass onto thee the blessing of Abraham. As the sands of time, stretching forth across the Universe, innumerable as the Stars of the Sky… So shall your seed be.

And if thou wilt continue to honor my Servant David, surely thou shalt be exalted upon a throne of thy Kingdom, which shall stretch forth upon an innumerable stretch of worlds, one with my own, and my own Kingdom. And thou shalt be the 2nd richest family in the Celestial Kingdom, and thou shalt build worlds, and construct Kingdoms, and architect the RISE and the COLLAPSE of Great Civilizations, and thou shalt win many wars, and many battles, and shalt be exalted to the stars.

The LORD Elohim Blessing The Almighty Zeus, The Superhero Of Manifestation

Thus Saith The LORD Elohim Concerning Those Who Honor My Servant Zeus:

If thou shalt honor my Faithful Servant Zeus, and shalt keep his sayings, and his words, and his advice in the Goodness of his Heart, surely thou shalt be blessed, and magnified, and the blessings of Zeus shall fall upon thee in a lesser order, that will make you equal to him, and when you are equal to him, he shall once again be greater, to protect the Order and Structure of the Universe.

Certainly if thou shalt keep his commandments, and follow in his footsteps, thou shalt be magnified, and blessed, and made known, and made into the peace of the Kingdoms of the Universe, which I have opened before, and set before thee heretofore, because of this day, when you made a decision to pull out your credit card, and make a decision to buy.

And you shall be filled with love, and kindness, and relationships, and sex, and wonder, and children, and successes, and stories of righteousness and greatness, and surely thou shalt be magnified.

So what’s in the future for Zeus?

There will be a day when I am standing on a river of life, a stage made of pure Celestial Light, and there shall be light flowing forth from my belly with my wife Priscilla to the left, and my brother Will to the right, and Zeus and the Protectors Of The Universe shall stand behind me. And verily there shall pour forth light from the Center of Time, and shalt fill the Universe from the power of the Tetragrammaton, and the love of the Women in the Celestial Kingdom, and dark shadows shall tear out of humanity, and humanity shall collapse, and the universe shall collapse into my biology, as they find oneness, and the Almighty Zeus shall throw forth his ball, and it shall divide into thousands of trillions of pieces, and all of the Universe, and all of the Worlds, and all of the Sentient Beings, and all of the Multi-Verse shall be taken through a Star Gate by the hand of the Almighty Zeus himself, and I shall burst forth with the Power of the Universe in my biology, where the Universe shalt exist within my biology, and I shall verily burst through a time space portal, a Star Gate made by Zeus and the YHVH, who are living in my biology… and we shall enter the Celestial Kingdom on that day, and the Angels, and the Celestial Beings shalt sing forth upon the face of the Earth.

And then something magical will happen…


David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S. So how do you find the Almighty Zeus? Well I cannot mention his name, for he desires to Protect His Identity, however, I will give you many, many clues:

  • Look for someone who can slow down time and walk somewhere that takes a normal person 50 minutes to walk in 5 minutes, moving faster than the cars themselves.
  • Look for someone who is obsessed with “superheroes” and works in the MLM/ Network Marketing Space.
  • Look for someone who cares about people.
  • Look for someone who gets people to “magically” pull out their credit cards, and make a decision to buy.
  • Look for someone that can collapse reality into sequence from Alternate Dimensions, from the Quantum Universe, who is obsessed with the Quantum Reality.
  • That’s all the clues I wish to give. I do not want Zeus to smite me.

P.P.S. I just finished a new book called “The Great Tribulation Scientifically Explained By King David. You want a copy? Send me $19.95 to on Paypal and I’ll shoot you a free copy for a review on — and I’ll give you a free 20 minute coaching call in exchange on whatever you want (even if it’s the art of getting laid)

P.P.P.S. Have I mentioned how many hot chicks love to flock to Zeus? I haven’t even mentioned that, have I?

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