Why I’ve Been A Little Quiet.

From The Desk Of King David:
4-1-2019 At 2:37 PM
Saint George, Utah

Dear Friend,

Perhaps you’ve been wondering why I’ve been a little quiet on my blog as of late. Well I’ll answer that for you in this post, as well as discuss some other quick housekeeping business.

As you know from my previous blog posts, I’ve been working on getting a book published. Well, what I decided to do was actually spend some time building a marketing system for that book that is a “complete system” like what I used to build, and play with it a little bit outside of this space I’m in.

I’m still in the process of doing that, however I will try to keep up my habit of writing at least one post a day from now on, as I think that it is an important part of my brand.

One of the other reasons I vanished for a little bit, was from feeling discouraged. For two years, I have been warning people about things that are coming that quite frankly, humanity is still as completely unprepared for as they were two years ago, with their progress bar hanging out on “zero” this entire time. In other words, in the last 24 months (or so, as really I have been blogging for about a year – however I was warning people behind the scenes, sending emails to Donald J. Trump on occasion and other things this whole time) – and what have people done?

They have done nothing useful to defend their nations, their kindreds, their families, and their children. In the meantime, the armies of the nephilim continue to mount behind the scenes, growing in secret while the United States of America and the other nations of the earth have been doing things that may somewhat help (such as building the US/mexico border) – however, in reality the devil is going to come like a thief in the night, and slam humanity in a way that if it were not for the Almighty God protecting us – we would never, ever recover from.

I am not in the business of warning a bunch of people who are going to do absolutely nothing, and change absolutely nothing about their lives as the result of the most important information anyone has ever heard about in their lives. That will not stop me, however – as I will never give up, and I will never stop fighting, and I will never stop declaring the truth.

I now know how the prophets of old must have felt (such as Noah) when they were warning people about coming apocalypses, and in the case of Noah, years of warning (God knows how many years, most likely 40-100 or more) produced the nations of the earth laughing at him, and when the flood came, they were all pounced into the sands of the earth, and there remains nothing of their cities to this day, and nothing of their countries but ruin, and nothing but their businesses but desolation. Such it will be with humanity, if they do not repent, and prepare. The clock is ticking, the rain forests are being destroyed, the land is going in the direction of a barren wasteland, unable to bear fruit, the oil of the earth is running dry, and the earth moans in anger for lack of care, and lack of rest.

My warning the leaders of the earth has resulted in them laughing, and scorning, and making fun of me behind my back, and stealing my incomes, and attacking my credibility.

They will not be laughing when a nephilim is in their house, eating their children, their wives, and their husbands in front of them, devouring them alive for sustenance – if they do not get the mark of the beast, fulfilling the words of the prophets.

They will pickup their guns, and shoot them – and the nephilim will slow down time as they are laughing at them, and flick the bullet towards their lovers, and they shall perish by their own useless guns, not realizing their defenses, and their weapons, and their thinking is weak and useless – and they that live by the sword shall perish by the sword.

And at this moment shall they fall upon their knees, and call upon the name of the LORD, as they are being devoured alive, in front of their children.

And the one thing they certainly shall not be doing then is laughing – for it is not a laughing matter.

At the same time, those that honor me shall be lifted up as upon eagles wings, and shalt prosper, and shalt be the fathers, and the mothers of many nations, and kingdoms, and peoples… and they shall travel to the stars, and shalt fill the universe with righteousness, and shalt build cities, and shalt build territories and states, and nations, and kingdoms in mine honor, and my glory, and also my mighty power.

And their children shall survive, thrive, and prosper – and their families, and their wives, and their children, and their cities, and their territories, and their nations, and their kingdoms shall prosper, and be filled with wonder, and with awe, and with pleasure, and with mightiness, and with prosperity, and with blessing, and with great wisdom, humility, and wonder!

So in any case, I decided to do something about it, and build a new following, with new peoples, with new families, with new messaging, and I’m working on just that – it is taking all of my time, so until it is done, I do not have time to blog, and I’m not going to spoil the name of it, as it is very important – the most important thing that I have ever worked on. And God told me:

“Until it is DONE… Nothing else matters. Not even your blog.”

So, I’m off working on what I’m working on – my “Top Secret Project” that will fill the Earth with the Knowledge of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea…

…and as of right now, I’m about 60% done. So it may be a few days, or a week before I post again. Keep checking back on my blog and reading my own posts, k?

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S. You’re also going to be able to make a LOT of money from my teachings. I’ll leave it at that, and leave the rest up to mystery. However it would be a GOOD IDEA TO PAY ATTENTION TO EVERYTHING I WRITE FROM NOW ON, AS YOU DON’T WANT TO LOSE OUT WHEN I MAKE THE PRE-RELEASE.

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