We Must Create Superheroes.

URGENT Message From The Desk Of King David:
4-2-2019 at 11:13 AM
Saint George, Utah.

Dear Friend And Patriot,

I wanted to take a quick minute to describe to you EXACTLY WHY…

Creating Superheroes Is An URGENT Matter Of National Security.

Before you die laughing – I am TOTALLY SERIOUS.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I’ve been warning for some time about the nephilim, and have even met real nephilim (I have encountered several of them, actually). If you are one of my new readers, you may have read my last post where I describe some of the dangers we will encounter in the near future about the nephilim, and things they will be able to do. Why am I bringing them up?

Well let me tell you a quick story, something that happened last night. My brother Jonny and I were arguing about something I was doing that is a habit of mine I have that increases the mineral density of my biology, and I said to him (in defense of what I am working on):

“If The People Of God Have Less Super Powers Than The nephilim, We Are Screwed. And That Is EXACTLY What Is Going On Right Now.”

In my last post, I described how the nephilim will be able to do things like slow down time (they already can) and do things like flick a bullet out of the air, making our guns, and methods of defense completely useless. They will look “pathetic” to them.

That is because the nephilim are getting super powers from stealing the life from others – doing things like, for example, drinking copious amounts of human blood, eating raw, living flesh, and things of the sort. Mark my words:

The nephilim are a FORCE to be reckoned with. And humanity must have “More Super Powers” than they do, or humanity is screwed entirely and will be wiped out of existence.

They will steal the life force from everything around them, literally just by walking on the grass, the grass will perish, and trees will wither, and the minerals of the soil will be absorbed into their biology, and plants will not be able to grow in their place, as the nephilim are stealing life from others to sustain themselves, their own life destroyed by the anti-singularity that is eternally collapsing their biology, walking with an un-beating, dead heart. The LITERAL walking dead.

Because we will not be wiped out of existence, as the words of the prophets must be fulfilled, there leaves us (humanity) one true option to prepare for the coming war adequately:

We Must Create Superheroes, And Be More POWERFUL Than The nephilim, So They Respect Us And Leave Us Alone!

Think about it like this:

Have you ever seen a bully get his ass whipped on the street and get put in his place? The bully is walking around, kicking people who did nothing to him, punching the weak and the innocent in the face, and otherwise acting quite a lot like a nephilim from satan.

And then one day, he grabs a little kid, but little does he know that this particular kid has studied martial arts his whole life, after being bullied as a smaller child, and literally walks around in the forest punching trees to condition his knuckles.

A few seconds later, the bully has a broken nose, and then for the next year he decides its better to not pick on the weak and the innocent. He has LEARNED HIS LESSON, so he “especially” leaves that kid alone!

Or, have you ever seen that superhero fight between superman and the ‘antichrist’ from his world, Zod?

Part #1: Superman Vs. Zod.

After this second part, Zod ain’t going to destroy the Earth no more:

Look, if you want the Earth to be UTTERLY WIPED OUT like it was in the days of Noah, then don’t become a superhero. It’s as simple as that.

There is a difficult road ahead my friends, where society will be adapting to the propagation of the sephiroth, and new powers, and new abilities, and new visions, and newness of life will form – and the righteous will divide against the wicked, and there will be a segregation of peoples to protect the people inside of the Kingdom cities, from the nephilim who will be outside.

Many men will fall – beware. The men of the earth will be reduced by the nephilim (men who join them, and also those who are murdered) until the ratio of men to women is 1 in 7. Many women will be left husbandless, and many children will be left fatherless – if society as a whole does not repent, which they will not in time.

The karma for the wickedness of humanity is building, and the punishments are exponentially compounding – for the mother is ANGRY with humanity for not listening to the words of the prophets that Elohim hath sent.

The superheroes we create will be able to:

  • Teleport
  • Shoot lasers from their eyes
  • Walk on the surface of the sun
  • Leap over tall buildings in a single jump
  • Be impenetrable to any form of modern weaponry
  • And much, much more.

We Must Create Superheroes.

It is urgent, and the clock is ticking – the antichrist is gathering his armies in secret, preparing for a “mass slaughter” which I have talked about in previous posts.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S. I am about getting ready to gather my own army of the righteous, in a manner in which you will make so much money (tax free) it will be RIDICULOUS!

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