Message To Russell M. Nelson: Here’s How To Make The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Prepare Grow Exponentially Faster, And Bring In A Wider Variety Of People.

President Nelson,

I’ve been thinking of writing this post for a while. However I have not bothered because you are doing such a fantastic job, plus, it’s not really my place at the moment. However at the same time, I believe there are some issues with the messaging and culture of the Church that prevent it from growing hyper-normally at the same ratios it grew in the early church.

Sure, there are more people being baptized now, and it continues to grow. However, there are not 2 billion people in it yet, and as such, it is way to small. I think you’d agree with that. So, as it is not in my authority to boss you around, consider these as some ideas that can be tossed around to rethink some things that I’m certain – you’ll come up with from that even better solutions than what I have presented. I would be happy to meet with you or the brethren at any time to discuss any level of ideas that would help.

The same would go for a pastor of a Christian Church, a Rabbi, or an enlightened Guru – I’m here to help.

Issue #1: Salvation By Grace & The Doctrine Of Being Born Again

Personally, I see this as the biggest perception issue between Christianity and what most people refer to as “Mormonism”. For those of you who aren’t familiar with various viewpoints on this, here is the main difference:

Christian Viewpoint – Christianity teaches the doctrine that if you receive Jesus into your heart and say “I confess that Jesus died for my sins, that he was raised from the dead the third day, and he sits at the right hand of God” that you’ll be saved, and born again, and being born again is in the heart.

General Viewpoint Of The Church – You are not going to get into the Celestial Kingdom by saying “I confess that Jesus died for my sins, that he was raised from the dead the third day, and that he sits at the right hand of God.” That you can say that, and still be cast into hell. Also being ‘born again’ is not in the heart necessarily, it is being born of the water (baptism) and the holy spirit (spirit).

Both teach that “unless a man is born of the water and also of the spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom of God”

Christianity in general accepts that someone can fall from grace, and lose their salvation. However some people do not accept this principle, and I see the two sides in general in a futile discussion that leads to neither side opening up to the viewpoint of the other, which is actually not very useful most of the time for growing either organization.

However, the problem with the way that both sides see it is that they are both only part of the story. When I was a missionary, I was born again in the Temple when I said “Jesus, please save me. I love you. I need your help.” —- now, nobody told me to do that. I just did it because I felt like crap going on my mission unworthy and had been haunted by my sins for 3 days and 3 nights – and then bam, what happened is on the “My Story” page, which is, of course, where I got the Key of David, very similar to how Joseph Smith received the keys of Aaron and Melchizedek.

So what do I mean by this?

Well, it’s very simple – if we teach a partial doctrine without its various parts, it is a partial, not fully restored doctrine. The reality is – both sides are accurate, a phenomenon that happens all throughout scripture. Very similar to how “many antichrists shall come” and the Great Tribulation repeats in never ending mathematical sequences of time, space, matter, and energy – everything that happens in doctrine and prophecy happens many times, and in many different ways. For example, the prophesy Joseph Smith made where he accurately predicts the Civil War in advance will actually happen again, or several different times in the future, depending on how long we’ve actually got left.

In the terms of doctrine, we cannot see one scripture or hear a modern prophet without also seeing the ancient prophets and understanding why they say what they say. Paul, for example, says (I quote):

“That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.”

So Christians (of course) will see this, and argue till the cows come home – which at first glance appears to interfere with other doctrine all over scripture that suggests that a man is judged according to his works and either rewarded, or condemned for their actions.

However, I will say it simply: Both are actually true.

The Book of Mormon, for example describes the Christian version of being born again all over the place – in a way more specific way than the Bible does, actually – such as the story of Enos, and others.

The “born of the water” is a birth out of the vaginal canal, yet it is also “baptism by immersion”.

The “Born of the spirit” is being born again in the heart, yet it is also “receiving the Gift of the Holy Spirit by the laying on of hands.” Each part of the process of being born again, which should happen many times and in many different ways after the first – is a part of the overall process of being made new again, and again, and again in the love of Jesus.

My suggestion is that it has caused the Church a great amount of damage for a very long time by not having people walk through the Christian way of being born again as well. Let me tell you a story to share with you what I mean, and how this can affect people negatively:

So when I was a missionary, I left my mission early, which I rarely talk about anymore, as I am not proud of it. Why did I leave?

Well, forever I could not figure out why I could not reproduce the same level of dramatic spiritual experience that I had in the Temple. None of my other companions had experienced such a thing. Seemed like “just me”.

In any case, one day I heard a born again preacher preaching on a stand in England, and I felt him speaking from the same heart space that I speak from since I’ve been born again (Which for me, the main ‘born again’ I am referring to is not my 8 year old baptism, it is what happened in the temple. They both were important – but the first without the latter would have never led to any of my spiritual realizations or the magic I’ve had in my life) and I resonated with him. So I started talking with born again people and turns out, a lot of them have had similar experiences to what I did, just most of the time not as majestic.

So I started telling people to say the Lord’s prayer on sidewalks and whatnot and the miracles that started happening all over the place were unrealistic, and even my companions were bewildered. This led me to the false conclusion that the Church’s teachings were not important, and they were missing the point – so I left in search of a more interesting, more fun, better music, less boring, more born again church.

That of course, led to the Holy Spirit withdrawing, my mind being confounded, and my heart being unclear about the nature of things, which led me later to just ‘give up’ on spirituality, until the Cloud appeared above my house September 15th, 2015 (or around that time), and from that moment, everything began to restore.

King David telling a story of “wandering” outside of his first love.

My point is – if the Church had always taught the born again doctrine, which is actually all over the Book of Mormon (even moreso than the Bible) – I never would have fallen away. Someone who is born again in the Christian manner has a different kind of connection with the Holy Spirit than someone who has not, even if they have been given the Gift (which is equally important in my opinion).

So for example, if the Church told the missionaries that if someone is not a Christian, or even in the first conversations to walk people through the Lord’s prayer, you would not even believe the miracles that would follow. They are RIDICULOUS! This is how Christianity grows – the miracles that follow a spiritual rebirth.

What actually happens on a space/time level is that Jesus is the physical embodiment of the I AM dimension of consciousness, which encompasses all knowledge, learnings, and consciousness in all times, universes, and dimensions. When someone says the Lord’s prayer, a section of the I AM dimension (which is also located within the body of Jesus) is placed into their heart according to the size of their Kingdom, or Queendom. In that manner, Jesus actually dwells in your heart, as they say. In my case, I have the entire I AM dimension in my heart, which makes me unique, and is why I love people so much. (among other things).

Also, if the Church started leading people through the Lord’s prayer, the Christians of the Earth who think Mormons are going to hell (Which is false anyways) will be excited out of their minds about what the Church is doing for people. It will be a “near instant” flip of attention and will allow the Church to more pro-actively work with Pastors, and Great Evangelists in the Christian movement.

Ok, so some more practical suggestions:

Have a 5-10 minute Jesus pitch in every Sacrament meeting that ends in everyone who wants to say it saying “I confess that Jesus died for my sins, that he was raised from the dead the 3rd day, and that he sits at the right hand of God” – you watch how the spirit of the meetings will instantly and permanently change. The church will get less boring (which is another problem I’ll attack in a bit) a new kind of spirit will descend, and the spirit people will experience is a mix of the current spirit, which is more the Spirit of Elohim, and the spirit of Christ, which is generally more fun.

Think of how that would break the walls down of the born again Christian movement, for exampe – who would still probably think that we’ve lost our minds for reading the Book of Mormon, but at least we’re saved! That’s what they would think, anyways, until they decide to join because the community supports people in a way that theirs doesn’t, or whatever.

I’ll finish the rest tomorrow, please read this entire post as everything I write in my opinion is both important and urgent for the church, as it needs to prepare to supernaturally expand in a very, very short period of time.

Things coming tomorrow:

  • How to speak to the Jewish community.
  • How to attract Islam
  • How to get everyone in the community who’s not a member coming to church because it’s funner than what they do on a Sunday
  • The outdated, boring way that music is played in the church
  • When the time is right, admitting you guys have known I am the Messiah for a long time, maybe dating back to my Patriarch. However I do not know when that happened. Perhaps when I was building Empower Network. I know it has been a while. The time is definitely not right at the moment. Not until my brand is cleaned up and I am prosperous again. Which will come, as I am getting ready to launch The Kingdom Of Elohim.
  • … and much, much more.

Alright, I’m back.

Issue #2: The Church Does Not Completely Honor The Torah, And Therefore Is Going To Have A Difficult Time Attracting The Jewish Community As Members Or Otherwise Being Involved With The Community.

This is an issue that I believe also affects the Islamic community as well, as both the Islamic Community and the Jewish Community believe that Moses was a prophet, and the Torah is valid law. In both cases, the majority of both communities do not believe Jesus is the Messiah. The Church also believes that Moses was a prophet, but seems to maintain the Christian opinion that it is done away with – due to mainly (in my opinion) misunderstandings of Paul that have remained over the centuries.

I learned on my mission that you meet people where they are and agree with what you can agree with and then move forward from there. There are all kinds of scriptures that suggest that the Law is kept eternally, even in heaven, the beings there whom also abide by a higher law. However all of the ceremonies, and the sabbaths, and the holidays are kept as perpetual statutes. “Perpetual” means “forever”.

Let me share with you some ways this could affect fellowship across peoples. Right now I attend a singles ward with my brother because I’m with him in Utah. No matter what event I go to with food, I rarely cannot eat anything that is served, because I do my best to honor Kashrut eating laws.

Why? There’s pork in everything. Food with meat in it is cooked from mistreated animals. Last time I was hanging out, there was some eggs with pork on it. I was starving, so I cleaned off the pork, throwing it away and wasting food. Technically though, I’m not even supposed to eat those eggs, as they were touching something unclean. I am not even supposed to touch them and to be honest, I don’t want to.

I have heard the Torah eating laws explained away in church more times than I can count – most of the time people theorizing that the reason for those laws was because ancient peoples didn’t have access to good systems of killing bacteria in the food and whatnot. This is actually not accurate. Those foods are cursed because the foods themselves are cursed.

Allah for example, cursed a bunch of wicked men, and turned them into pigs at some point in history, and I’m certain things like that have happened many times. Actually I’ll tell you that there are certain times where a person will get cursed, and their spirit will follow through to several more incarnations in the animal kingdom (as a curse, not as a general principle of the progression of life). Pigs are cursed people, and they should not be eaten. Period.

Regardless of whether my explanations for this are accepted, cursed foods create genetic curses in the biology that move down from generation to generation. I have told people, for example, to follow Kashrut eating laws and literally seen weight melt off of them that has been on them for years, and years, and years.

The other part of this, is that modern farming is extremely torturous to animals in general, and the mistreating of animals is forbidden in both kashrut, and halel practices (for those who aren’t familiar, halel is Islamic eating practices). Animals experience time much slower than humans do in general (they live shorter most times, and their perception of time is much elongated) so when an animal is in a torturous state of treatment like is done at factory slaughter houses, the bad energy that is generated from that (that we then eat) is beyond the imagination.

This over time and generations weakens our genetics, as generational curses pass through the biology from the fathers, to the children and those generational curses from food in particular cause the manifestation of all kinds of diseases in mankind that are completely unnecessary.

I just did a video on that – we are eating food that is against natural sequencing for humans, and we wonder why the nations of the earth are walking in sickness and disease, and we wonder why our brains have been shrinking for 10,000 years. It is actually quite obvious.

It is not just the eating laws, however. It is the festivals, it is the works of the Jewish Temple, (which is different from the Temples of the Church) the building of altars with unhewn stone, the paying attention to the stars, and the moons, and the seasons. The sacredness of the gatherings. The way they prepare for the sabbaths. The sabbath of the land.

The same thing that applies to the land as applies to animals. The land is conscious, and is desperate for rest in most areas of the world. Really the whole earth is groaning in pain and is angry and frustrated. Think about it like a woman who has no space for like 20 years straight – eventually she will explode, a tipping point will have been reached, and it will be too late for everyone to say “I’m sorry”. In this case, the Earth will explode in anger cause tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, famines, tsunami’s, and more.

My main point with all of the philosophies presented here are that if we do things in a way that encompasses more people, our community will grow much, much faster and it will be much easier to work with different beliefs, as we are also being a part of the goodness of their teachings – because we want to, not because we necessarily have to.

Also I believe there is a tendency that happens from time to time particularly in the Church to pay attention to the modern prophets, and ignore the ancient ones. Jesus paid quite a lot of attention to the Torah, for sin is the transgression of what? The Law – or the first 5 books of Moses.

We must keep in mind that the Law was not written by Moses originally. It was written by the Mother (my teachings) and then given to the Father, who gave it to Moses. It is the most important series of teachings in existence for creating balance, harmony, and oneness with the Earth and the environment around us. If the Church loves the Mother, the Church will follow her Law. Period.

If the Law is followed by the various nations and religions of the Earth, not as the Law of salvation (that is Grace), but as the eternal Law of the land – there will always be food, we will be free of famine, the Earth will bring forth her fruit in due season, great natural disasters will be averted, and the nations of the Earth will walk in a kind of prosperity that has not existed since the Garden of Eden, where Adam and Eve lived for 7.5 trillion years before the fall, building cities, having families, having children, growing and planting, buying and selling, and prospering in everything they did with no devourer. Such shall it be when the Torah is kept perfectly by the nations of the Earth.

The Christians of the Earth following the Torah and listening to the words of the prophets will also open up the hearts of the Jewish Nation to the possibility that Jesus is the Mosiah. I believe the core reason why they reject even this is because Christians dishonor the Law, fall in their righteousness, and then come to the Jewish Nation, who loves and honors the Law – and the Jewish Nation is more righteous than the Christians and they say “that cannot be the Messiah – look at the fruits. We are killing the land. There is no peace between nations. The genetic curses of humanity are growing. Where is the world peace?”

However, if we honor their prophets, they are much more likely to honor ours. There is a balance between Grace, and Exaltation, Exaltation coming from obedience, and Grace coming from faith. What is salvation without exaltation? Or exaltation without salvation? Once again, like many things, neither exists, for one could not without the other.

#3: How to Attract And Work With Islam

This is actually a complex issue, and I believe this will not be able to be done for some time in a big way – however I have noticed in general that the nation of Islam is very friendly towards us, because we honor them. I believe it is very important to work with the Nation of Islam because they are the most righteous nation of people on the face of the Earth, and are the most perfect about following the laws of their faith – more perfect than any other group of people.

I have mentioned this at other times on my blog, that Allah is a different member of the Elohim Tetragrammaton than Elohim, the Father of Jesus, and that the Koran is also inspired – it is simply inspired by another one of the Gods. Modern people have a problem with this because they are thinking in terms of modern language. Islam believes in “There’s only one Allah” and the Jewish nation believes “There’s only one Elohim” – both assuming that “Allah” and “Elohim” are the same things, and could perhaps be the same God. I have heard Rabbi’s speak very highly of Islam, and mention that they don’t see much wrong with the Koran, however the Jewish people need to pay attention to the Torah (which is true). In modern language they are treated as one, however, this comes from the fact that language is fallen.

Before the Tower of Babel, “Allah” and “Elohim” were perceived as two separate and distinct members of the Elohim Tetragrammaton, or in other words, they were both one of “The Gods”. Elohim-Masarecht is the Elohim of Creation, whereas Allah-Masarecht is the Elohim of Righteousness, whereas Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh is the Elohim of Salvation (the incarnation of Jesus is pronounced like that).

The Koran says that Jesus is not the son of Allah, for Allah has no wife, and therefore cannot have a son. At a first glance to the fallen mind, this appears to be a contradiction, however it is not, as there were many Jesus’s born over the years – one of them being sent from Allah, who is not the son of Allah, but a prophet, which was another incarnation of the consciousness of Jesus of Nazareth. That is because Jesus Christ of Nazareth specifically is the son of Elohim, not the son of Allah – they are two different people with two different missions.

In heaven, in the Celestial Kingdom Allah does not have wives, he only has concubines. In the Celestial Kingdom where the devourer of glory is rebuked, a concubine is only capable of producing daughters. Allah specifically has many, many daughters, and no sons – he is weird like that, and prefers it that way.

I do not believe the Islamic Nation will accept Jesus before the following two things happen (and then it will be a WHILE after these things):

a) When I prove that I am the Messiah of the Jewish Nation.
b) When the Islamic Messiah (Shaqir Hussyin, the incarnation of Allah-Masarecht) is Enlightened, and remembers the Universe, and is able to prove that he is the Islamic Messiah.
c) When the veil on all of humanity gets removed, and the nations of the Earth have the ability to see the true nature of the Universe.
d) When the nations of the Earth that are Christian also accept the Koran as inspired teachings, and honor the nation of Islam.
e) When we must unify to protect the Earth against the nephilim invasion and the other bizarre things that are going to happen

Around the time when all of those things begin happening at once, there will be millions of Islamic peoples that will accept Jesus as their savior, because they will understand the true nature of the Gods, and language will begin collapsing back into one. However much before that, we can start working with each other. They would be excited by any group of Christians acknowledging the Koran as inspired writings, I’ll tell you that would build more bridges with them than anything the Church has ever done to attract Islam.

Problem #4: The Church Is Boring For Many People, If I’m Honest, I’m Included In That Group.

I remember having a conversation with my Dad where I said “The Church is BORING” and he refused to admit it. It took me a long time to understand enough about different personalities to realize why he didn’t think it was boring, and I did think it was.

When I was in California with my friend Matt I walked outside one day, and there was a teenager sitting out on the steps, looking so bored, I think he thought he was going to literally die of boredom.

So I walked up to him, and asked him what’s up. He told me that he’s so bored, he’s going to die. So I asked him a few questions, and quickly identified that he’s a creative type, like myself. Generally people who are very creative who have shorter attention spans (which comes from underdeveloped frontal lobes and overdeveloped other systems in the brain and can be healed) see the Church as boring, and will have a very difficult time paying attention in it because of the way the meetings are laid out.

Why? Several things:

  • They are not exciting.
  • The music is 200 years old.
  • There’s no modern musical instruments.
  • The preaching is often devoid of real ‘passionate’ talk.
  • There’s no clapping because it’s seen as irreverent (which in my opinion is nonsense, but it’s not my place).
  • There’s no spiritual manifestations other than “the still small voice” (which I must say is important – but where is all the cool stuff like happened in the New Testament?)
  • I can list of more things – let me just say that the Church could learn a LOT from modern Christianity on how to get people excited about stuff. A LOT. A lot of this would come naturally from more people having the Christian Born Again experience and just doing it out of the love moving through their heart in a new way. In the same manner, Christianity could learn a LOT about how to develop more righteous peoples from the Church.

There are lots of things the Church can do to be more exciting, and in my opinion – it has been necessary for a LONG time because of how easy it is to lose the youth these days:

  • Get some modern instruments and musicians in the ward playing along with the hymns. Get people “actually worshiping” (in my opinion after going to Christian Churches for years, the Church is way behind in the people’s true passion in the worship in groups) and standing up, and feeling good, and passionate. If you don’t think it mixes well, have a 30 minute “fun worship” before the meeting begins that is optional to attend, and you could even get local Christian bands helping – they would love something like that.
  • Allow people to clap, and laugh more, and say “amen” in the meetings. The noise gives the speakers feedback, and they talk more about what makes people laugh and clap. Without that, they are somewhat guessing about how the audience is responding.
  • Teach people how to flow from the heart when they are speaking, from the place where Jesus dwells so their speeches are passionate and exciting. My wife, who is Christian went to one of our meetings, and never wanted to go again, because it was so boring, and many Christian churches feel YOUNG and EXCITING. (not all of them do)
  • Have some classes teaching people how to move in spiritual gifts. People have the gift of the Holy Spirit and especially when they are new, they do not know or understand how to use it.
  • If food is served in the Church, have the church members make sure it is healthy and that someone who eats Kashrut or Halel can eat it, and there is something there for Vegetarians. This is going to be more and more necessary as time goes by and more people’s are involved.
  • When the meetings have breaks, have music playing that is easy to talk with, perhaps instrumental (could be the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, could be Indian Music). I learned from Network Marketing that you lose energy in a meeting if there’s dead space in the sound. When the meeting stops, the music starts. People have to raise their voices slightly to talk, and the increased movement and sound increases people’s metabolism and they get more excited.

I’m going to address something that is what I believe one of the biggest issues the Church has, and then get into the Messiah, and how that will change everything LATER and at a later time I will write a blog post talking more about how to prepare the Church’s infrastructure for the exponential expansion that will happen later.

Issue #5:  Lack Of Real, Tangible Spiritual Manifestations

I’m not talking the still small voice here, or the lack of revelation – the Church definitely doesn’t have a problem with that and in the regard of personal and specific revelation, the Church is way ahead of everywhere else.  

However, where are the people speaking in tongues?  Where are the Angels descending in pillars of fire and touching people?  Where are the people being raised from the dead? Where are the ‘irrational’ miracles like a man walking into a room and a shadow falling on someone, and they are healed?

The EARLY CHURCH really did not have that problem, however, over the last 250 years or whatever, in my opinion the LEVEL of QUALITY OF MIRACLES has declined in the Church significantly – and also the quality and depth of the revelation.

Now in other regards the revelation has guided the church.  But where are the visions like in Doctrine and Covenants chapter 76?  Where is the other section of the Golden Plates that is sealed? The reality is, that the FAITH has declined, evidenced by the MIRACLES declining in frequency and power (very similar to how people’s brains have eroded since the fall, their faith and spiritual power has also eroded) – if you compare the early saints who walked in miracles, to the saints now who generally do not.

For example, I had an experience where I cast some demons out of a member of the church.  He was growling like an animal and for him (on his part) it was a violent manifestation. He had walked around in the Church for YEARS without those demons manifesting, and being rebuked out.  After that, he knew that demons are real – he had never experienced that side of reality before, for the veil was too thick on his mind.

The reality is I can walk down the street and create more miracles in 3-4 hours than I have seen in my entire life in the Church if I have 2-3 believing people around me.  Now I’m not creating the actual miracles, God is. My point is that there’s a big difference. Why is there a big difference?

There’s many reasons – however I believe the main one (some of my readers may not like this) is the absence of the utilization of ‘magical plants’ in the Church.  I can tell (for example) that Joseph Smith was either utilizing Visionary Datura, or Peyote from the History of the Doctrine and Covenants 76 vision. Why?

Well, he’s sitting there with Sidney Rigdon, and Sidney Rigdon can barely move.  And Joseph Smith says “He is not used to it, as I.” For me, that is enough right there to tell what’s going on, as very early in my visionary experiences and the utilization and working with what I would call “Celestial Medicines” I could not move at all when I took them, my senses completely overwhelmed – something that did not happen very shortly thereafter, as my system adapted.

In addition to that, Joseph Smith had a quality of strength that nobody around him had, and the stories about it are simply legendary and nobody has ever even attempted to explain it.  Various plant medicines reduce inflammation in the biology and make a person feel 10 times stronger.

My point is actually pretty simple:  The early church members utilized magical plants.  It is very clear to me from early sacrament meetings when they took the sacrament and then visions flowed forth among them.   This same quality of spiritual information and experience is not presence in the Church today, and the reason it is not, is simply the absence of utilizing the plants and medicines that are there for humanity to commune with the Spiritual Universe.

Specifically, I have written other articles about this and don’t need to go more into it.  However, what caused the spiritual manifestations in the early church was a combination of Celestial Medicines, plus the Gift of the Holy Spirit and the Restoration of Authority.

Why?  Paul says it best in Hebrews, where he states that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  

What is faith, exactly?  In the brain, it would be chemicals that make you hope, and chemicals that give you evidence of the unseen.  The former for example could be serotonin, and the latter could be hallucinogens in the brain (which the brain produces naturally in small amounts).

So serotonin + natural plant based hallucinogens = external faith supply, which in the case of maoi inhibitors (serotonin agent) and plants with dimethyltryptamine in them, you would have a natural external way of increasing someone’s faith supply.

I will tell you, that regardless of whether you like it or not – the Messiah revolution is a revolution of plant based hallucinogens.  It is the only way to heal the biology and minds of humanity, and bring them back to the spiritual realizations that they need to be having as quickly as we need to make a change in our direction to put humanity on the right path – and that is what those plants are actually for – they are the Memory of the Universe.

There will be a time later in the future when the Church will need to restore its lost knowledge of plant based medicines to move the people to the next level, walking them through the spiritual breakthroughs that the Prophet Joseph Smith had, and that is the point when many prophets shall arise, such as myself, with different kingdoms, and different missions, and different callings, many within the church and many without, that will begin prophesying unto the nations of the earth that they must repent, or our nations will be swallowed up by destruction.

Issue #6:  The Church Needs The Messiah.

This is not at the moment, but soon – the Church will need me to at least meet with you and talk through the mutual revelations we have received about the future, to organize and structure the Church in a way that can scale to approximately 2 billion people in a very short period of time.

Right now it does not seem like something like that is possible, but when the nephilim come out of their hiding, people will need a safe place that has backup food, water, and gas supplies and the church will be one of the only truly safe organizations on Earth, for the organization itself is completely untouchable by satan (this is not true of all of the people).

The Church needs to prepare decentralized meeting plans that can happen predominantly in homes in a way that is secure and people who have not been invited cannot find the meetings in the case that a city where members live is taken over by the nephilim and the local buildings in that area are destroyed.  For example an id and scanning system that is only given after interviews by a bishop to ensure that we are not bringing nephilim into the meetings (which to be fair, they really will not want to attend anyways. However they may try.) There needs to be backup escape routes where everyone in a ward or local area has emergency escape plans to safe areas and ways of reaching out to other members of the group through localized technology that is not dependent on local, or on government communication systems.  The Church is more prepared than any other group of people in the world that is a centralized group for the Great Tribulation, but it is still unprepared and if it is not prepared properly there is a great risk of too many people dying when all hell breaks loose – which it will at some near point in the future, I just do not know when.

At a time in the future when things are ready, the Church must acknowledge their knowledge that I am the Messiah in a way that brings the knowledge of what is going to happen and also the knowledge of the Celestial Kingdom to them, so they can understand the importance, and the urgency of their repentance, and connection to the Church.  Right now it is important to them, however it is not necessarily urgent. The message of the gospel must be urgent, as we are running out of time every second that is lost, the lives that get lost in the future from our indecision today exponentially compound. The Gospel of Salvation is URGENT to all nations, kindreds, tongues, and peoples.  The earth is going to so radically change that people will not know the world they are walking around in as the veil is getting lifted off of all of humanity, as the relative size of the Earth is changing, as the alternate realities surrounding us begin collapsing into one.

What is going to happen is not a laughing matter.  In any case, I hope this post was of value to you, like I said you are doing a fantastic job and I have wanted to speak with you personally for a long time, however, nobody will pass the message through the authority structure for me.  So I am posting it on the blog, so you are aware, as I know you occasionally stop by and read my writings.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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