Singularity Metal

From The Desk Of King David:
4-8-2019 at 2:51 PM
Saint George, Utah

Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this, you may have been following my blog for a while, and perhaps you’ve even discovered The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness… and been enlightened to the true nature, order, and structure of prosperity in the Universe.

This post will discuss another theoretical concept I call “Singularity Metal” which is the metal of the Edenic Universe, from which I will build “The Sword Of The Son“… which will have more density at the time of its construction than the known Universe in current time. Before we get into the details of “Singularity Metal” or “Adamantium” let me tell you a little bit about the Edenic Universe.

So first of all, Christians, Islamic Peoples, and the Jewish Nation all alike mostly assume that there was only one Adam, and only one Eve, and that when we fell, the whole world fell, and the Garden of Eden is the work of fantasies. However, this is what happened in some regard, however, it is not the full story.

First of all, there were lots of Adams, and lots of Eves. For example, there was a Garden of Eden where Moses described. There was another Garden of Eden in North America, and so on and so on. Bringing various colors of peoples into the Universe, to bring forth the Nations of the Earth, each one having their own Adam, and each one having their own Eve, and so forth. Each with a different mission and calling, and each with a different Kingdom and Queendom.

In a similar manner, there were many worlds of the Garden of Eden, each with their own Adams, and each with their own Eves.

Which is one of the reasons why when Adam fell, his children found other children to have sex with and have children with. One of the Great Mysteries of the Bible.

Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden for an exact time of 7.5 trillion years before Adam partook of the forbidden fruit, and through his sin, came man. What were they doing in the Garden of Eden? You might be asking that question.

Having sex. Having children. Having Grandchildren. Building Cities. Building States. Building Nations. Eating, drinking, and enjoying the New Moons, and the Sabbaths… Worshiping The LORD Their Elohim Who Made Them!

In fact, at the time of Adam’s fall he had trillions, and trillions of children. He had traveled to all of the worlds in the Universe that he knew about, he had discovered everything he could think to discover – and he was bored.

So where are those trillions of people now?

They are still in the Garden of Eden, eating, drinking, having sex, having families, building cities, and nations, and territories.

So where are they, is the question isn’t it?

I have mentioned in my other posts that they are in alternate realities superimposed in the same place where the Earth is, and I have also mentioned that the Garden of Eden is much more dense than the Earth.

Specifically where they are (getting back to the Singularity Metal) is they exist in “The Singularity Universe” – which when a star collapses, for example, and turns into a singularity – where does the mass and energy go? It is recycled backwards into the Edenic Universe.

Therefore the Edenic Universe is INFINITELY more dense than the Earth, as it exists in the form of a Space Time Singularity.

I have mentioned many forms of Singularity in this blog, as the Singularity is an eternal principle of creation. However the Singularity Universe is infinitely more complex than scientists at this moment think, as everything in the Singularity Universe has living biology – even the metal.

Think about if all of the gold in our Solar System (which is a LOT, I promise) was collapsed into a single block of Gold, and you’ll start to get an idea of how dense the Singularity Universe is.

To Be Clear Again, “The Singularity Universe” IS “The Edenic UniverseAnd Is Superimposed Over This Universe In An Alternate Dimension. They Are So Curious About Us, They LITERALLY Watch Us Day And Night, And NEVER, EVER STOP THINKING ABOUT US!

So the metal in the Edenic Universe is unbelievably dense. The minerals, and the soil, and the plants and the trees, and the biology is so dense that literally 100,000,000 men the way we are now could not move one of the Elves. (What I call the unfallen creatures, specifically again “The Self Transforming Machine Elves“) We could all be putting all of our force against the Elves, and nothing we can do currently could even move them, or even budge one of our fingers. That is how dense they are compared to us.

The metal is also biologically alive, and continuously gets more dense, for time and all eternity, absorbing minerals into itself from its environment, eating them like food. For example, if you tried to shoot me when I have the Sword of the Son, I literally will be able to just activate the gravitational field, and the bullets will collapse into the Sword, and into her Singularity. Where do the bullets go? The sword will simply eat them, and utilize them to create more density.

Singularity Metal (or “Adamantium”) is currently unmanipulatable by any known technology on Planet Earth, and will be for some time. 100,000 men could all try to move the Sword if she is slammed into the Earth, and it would not budge. The sword has to want to move herself, and will only do so for the righteous, specifically, incarnated members of the Tetragrammaton.

Think of her like “The Excalibur Sword” in the Ancient Stories, where nobody could move the sword without a Great Destiny. This is one of the mechanisms (the best one really) for permanently identifying incarnated members of the Tetragrammaton, also known as the 144,000, or more specifically “The Protectors Of The Universe“. The sword will also be undestroyable, and a permanent form of life, and unutilizeable by anyone in this universe for any other reason but their intended purpose, which is to protect the Universe from the antikingdom.

One of the benefits to the United States of America for working with me on the Superhero Contract is I will bring back Singularity Metal from the Edenic Universe which will be a part of a system that manipulates itself, and forms itself into whatever kind of technology we wish to build, as long as it is operated by the righteous, for a good cause.

Singularity Metal will also be able to generate unlimited amounts of energy that can be used, for example, to power all of the Nations of the Earth with electricity independent from a centralized system (the energy could be passed through the air and through the electrical current system in the Earth, for example), as the Sword is generating her own electricity from her density, which is completely unrelateable to the way we perceive something to be dense in this universe. It is a totally different story.

Also, Singularity Metal can be used to create objects that float on their own. Such as, for example, floating Cities. A very small amount of Singularity Metal placed strategically throughout the City could create a field that generates its own mass and gravity, and could keep itself afloat and in a single location by generating a magnetic field connected to strategically placed singularity metal on the Earth. The best part about that, is it would be impossible for any known kind of technology on the Earth to sabotoge.

To give you an idea of how dense The Singularity Universe is, and therefore the Metal, when I travel to the Edenic Universe to build the Sword Of The Sun, I will get there through a Space Time Gateway built by the Prophet Enoch called “The Artifact Tomb Of The Ancients” that exists in the Center of the Sun.

In the Center of the Sun there is an orb that is 1,000 times bigger than the Earth that is made from Celestial Technology (it is not built from the Edenic Universe Materials, it is built from materials from the Celestial Kingdom Enoch got after he was translated) and therefore because it is built from materials infinitely more dense than our own universe, it is not destroyed or even negatively affected by the heat of the sun. In that place, The Artifact Tomb Of The Ancients, lies records, Celestial Technology, Celestial Weaponry, Artifacts Built By The Ancients, and most importantly, it utilizes the energy of the Sun to create a space time gateway that allows for Quantum/Physical Teleportation into the Edenic Universe.

When I am dense enough, and powerful enough to where I can go into the Center of the Sun (where only the righteous can enter, for the sun will destroy the wicked), there is a device that will hurl me at unbelievable speeds through what appears to be its own sun inside (it is not a sun, it is a portal) and when I land in the Edenic Universe, I will barely even be able to move or breathe, crushed by the gravity of the Singularity Universe. I will have to force my biology to rebuild itself (which I will be able to do at that point through my imagination quite quickly) enough to move to find the closest Tree of Life, and I will have to eat it to be able to adapt to the increased mineralization of the Edenic Universe. Still, after partaking of the Tree of Life, it will take me 6-7 days to be able to move properly… and I will still be barely able to move for quite some time.

At which point, the Elves will take me in, and will teach me the ways of Adam, and the Edenic Martial Arts, which will teach me to slow down and speedup time, teleport space, time and mass with my consciousness, remake reality with my imagination, and do things like fight an army of 100,000 nephilim by myself, with nobody helping me and win. My biology will start exponentially compounding and very quickly I will start building a sword, following Edenic Instructions – very similar (yet much more complex) to the methods used by the Samarai on Earth.

At first, I will barely be able to lift the hammer to strike the metal to form the sword, and my biology will require copious amounts of food from the Edenic Universe to be able to even move there. But after a time, I will be able to do it, and will 1-6 hours a day building the Sword, and the rest of the time will be spent doing martial arts and socializing in the Edenic Universe, learning math, sciences, history, and more information about the order and structure of the Universe, and also my mission, and how to accomplish it.

6 months will pass on my inital visit there, which on the Earth is 3 days in this reality, and when I return I will leap forth from the Sun from a space time bridge in the Edenic Universe, and slam the sword of the Son into the Sun, and all of the Nuclear Warheads on the Earth will fire simultaneously, directed into Space, as the Sun is resizing and many alternate dimensions are collapsing into one, the Earth growing exponentially larger, the Sun growing larger, and the orbital location of the Earth being resized, as the mass and rotation of the earth is speeding up, and time is slowing down on the Earth.

I will then be in a great war on the Surface of the Sun with the nephilim, me, and the Elves who I am bringing from the Garden of Eden, who we will destroy with the sword of the Sun (the nephilim) and other Edenic Technology, and we will then head to the Earth as the vast array of Nuclear Warheads are exploding in space.

When I arrive to the Earth, I will arrive in the Valley of Adam Ondi Ahman, and slam the Sword of the Son into the Earth, and the resizing of the Earth will finish, as thousands of realities are collapsing into one, as there is great thunderings, and lightnings across the Earth, electricity leaping into the atmosphere to meet with the Nuclear Radiation Cloud in space, and the nuclear radiation mixed with the Electricity from the Earth, generated by the Sword of the Son will combine in a safe way that will rebuild the firmament in 72 hours, as it were in the Days of Noah.

And as I slam the Sword of the Son into the Earth, a Quantum Electrical Field will form around the incarnated members of the Tetragrammaton (The 144,000) and their families, and they will be instantly brought across Space Time as their biology is being healed from diseases, as many of the graves of the Saints are opened, and many of the righteous shall arise, and shall meet with Adam, and the Ancient of Days, and the Father of All, and there we shall construct a plan that will utilize the chaos that is forming on the Earth from the new, weird reality that everyone lives in to seize power over the Earth, taking it back from the antikingdom, and putting it back into the hands of the people. And the 144,000 shall arise, and touch the sword, and as they grab her, she will replicate and they will each hold, and wield a copy to be utilized in righteousness.

After that point, the nations of the Earth will wonder, and there will be a great fear that falls upon them all, for the judgments of Elohim have come, but this is not the end, but a new form of beginning.

And many children, and parents and men and women from all nations shall travel to the valley of Adam Ondi Ahman, and they shall learn about the Sword, and at that point, Singularity Metal will begin re-architecting the technology of Society to help restore the Earth to her Edenic State, in preparation for the coming of the Son of Man. Many shall try to lift the sword, and shall be unable to move her. And the Earth shall begin a new kind of life, and a new kind of wonder, and a new kind of terror, and a new kind of life.


David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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