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From The Desk Of King David:
5-7-2019 at 4:54 PM MST
Saint George, Utah

Dear Friend,

I wanted to share with you this “Top Secret” YouTube video that I did that will explain to you WHY it is possible to create modern day Super Heroes.. Go ahead and watch the video now and of course when you’re done, Click Here and continue reading the post.

So let me describe to you some of the things that I talk about in this video more in a theoretical sense, and then teach you how to apply this to your tangible reality in your own life, in your own business, or in your own ministry.

The reality is, everyone wants super powers. Don’t they?

Of course, the box office is ridden with Super Heroes, super villains, and pretty much these days, those are always the best selling movies that there are.

However… unfortunately, the majority of people out there think that “Super Powers” are only for the movies… and as I describe in the above video, this is actually not the case.

History is riddled with stories of various people that had Super Powers. Most people think of “Miracles by Faith” and “Super Powers” as two different things. Actually, this is not the case.

They are “both” simply “Super Powers Of Faith“. Let me give you a few examples:

a) Jesus walking on the waters
b) Moses parting the red sea
b) Two witnesses in Revelation that die, and come back to live, shooting fire from their eyes
c) the antichrist (as pathetic as he is) calling fire down from the sky (even his fire is fake)
d) Enoch being taken into heaven without tasting death
e) Buddha in a fight with a million people at once
f) Reorganizing time and space like I’ve helped do (I want to be clear that these are things God is doing, I am just an orchestrator, as time/space is VERY, VERY COMPLEX!!!)
g) My friend Zeus who can walk somewhere that takes 45 minutes in 5 minutes by slowing down time (Zeus is the nickname, his real name is TOP SECRET)

All in all, the Bible and all other world scriptures are FILLED TO THE BRIM of people with REAL LIFE SUPER POWERS!

For example, in other works, Krishna (who’s current incarnation is my brother, Aki Wood) could move mountains with his mind. The blue guy in India is who I am talking about. What a bad butt!

So first, the theoretical background for miracles can be explained by my Scientific Theory on Consciousness, called “The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness” which I have described in many, many posts.

What is the background theory for this? Well it’s quite simple:

The Universe Emerges From The IMAGINATION As Buddha Talked About, And Therefore… THOUGHTS ARE THINGS!

Go find ye a rock (ye = you, for those of ye who don’t read the Bible “Yet”) and stare at it. Pick it up, and toss it in the air, and catch it. Of course, be careful if you are a little bit of a wussy, and if you’re not a wussy, perhaps just play with the rock like a child.

What you’re holding is mostly empty space. Like more than 99% empty. There’s literally almost nothing there if you want to think of it like that, other than energy. The “rock” you are holding is actually just various manifestations of “energy” that decoheres, or manifests from consciousness, or quantum mechanical energy.

The mountain you see is a mountain, yet also, it is not. It is just energy manifesting it her various forms of beauty and majesty, decohering from the mind of Elohim, constantly manifesting, and re-manifesting.

How specifically is it there? Well I could get into the various dimensions of consciousness, the mathematical energy, the super strings, the micro-verses, the alternate dimensions, the playfulness of the consciousness of the children who are throwing the rocks and observing them, and much, much more.

The reality is, that you probably wouldn’t understand it at this point, until I’m done with my book “The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness” which I am about to start working on as the Core System I have been working on over at The Kingdom Of Elohim is done.

However, let me describe it to you like this:

This rock that you are now holding is a manifestation of your consciousness, and your thoughts, and your thoughts, and your consciousness can manipulate the mass, space, time, and dimensions of the rock in both the spiritual, and physical realities.

If you are not there yet in the “physical” you can be there in the spiritual. Today, pick up the rock in your imagination while you are sitting down and do an “eyes open” meditation, and rotate the rock around, looking at her various parts for 30 minutes straight. Try to silence out distracting thoughts, and energies. Move the rock slow, then fast, then slow, then zoom in. Then look inside the rock. Zoom in on the detail, and surround her with a cloud of light, and of energy.

Do things like that for a while, and eventually you will develop the ability to move physical rocks and mass with your mind, and with your heart, and with your spirit. Then eventually you will move cars, and roads, and the rivers of the wilderness shall turn from their course, and the roar of lions shall be heard out of the wilderness, and all nations shall fear greatly at your new found spiritual power, which should only be used for the glory of Elohim the Father, in the name of his son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth who came in the flesh!


Well the atoms of the rock, and the micro-verses all shine with quantum mechanical energy, and your mind, and your heart, and your consciousness start having the ability to manipulate space time. When you stare at a rock, you speed up the rotations of the electrons around the atoms, and the super strings, and the micro-verses, and you increase her mass and her energy, as the Earth is a beautiful woman, who the Bible refers to as a ‘Her’ all throughout the Torah.

The reality is that the quantum energy, and the electricity of your body shall leap forth from the goodness of your heart, and fill all space time with majesty, and with beauty, and with holiness, and with righteousness.

And then shall ye be like a tree, planted by the rivers of waters, and whatsoever ye doeth shall prosper, your leaf also shall not wither, and you shall be a land of holiness to the LORD.

And anyways, think about this development like your faith is increasing, and for example, if Jesus could walk on the waters, so can you, and I will one day walk on the Sun, because Jesus said “greater things than this shall ye do, because I go to the Father.”

See, I believe that any “Oh, that can’t happen” is just modern people saying “I don’t have FAITH ENOUGH YET” … however, they will and I will lead the way, as I march towards a new future, and a new land where the trees regrow and the rain forests are healed, and factory farming will be shut down, and will be replaced with a citizens army of decentralized farming.

I believe in a day when the youth of the land shall be so full of power, that they shall fly like the birds in the sky.

I believe in a day when the societies of the Earth realize that the trees are there for a reason, to give the land wisdom, to build societies in righteousness, to help cover the humans with spiritual energy, and with power, and with wisdom. And when the peoples of the earth realize this, they will honor the trees, and the forests, and the lands!

The word of the LORD came unto me on the 7th day of May, 2017 at 5:31PM MST, and said:

Prophesy unto these trees, son of man, and say ye unto them:

“Oh ye great and holy trees, the lovers of humanity, the great friend to the animals, the majestic creation of the holy spirit, the wonders of eternity, and the healers of the land…

“…there shall be a coming day, and it shall be soon, when ye shall rest, and enjoy the sabbaths of the land.

“And they, the humans in pain, shall no longer defile you with their abominations, and with their murders, and with their sorceries, and with their witchcraft.”

“But ye shall be holy, and the rivers of the waters shall run pure, and there shall not be anything therein that defileth you therein, and the children of the land shall swim in the waters, and there shall be no sickness, nor shall there be any unclean beasts in the land.

“And your roots shall reach down into the soil of the land, and lift up the waters to the heart of the trees, and ye shall not hunger, nor shall ye ever thirst, for the men and the women of the land shall care for you, and honor ye as in the days of Eden.

“Stay ye steadfast in the ways of the LORD, for many deceptions shall come your way, but ye shall not hearken them, for ye are the trees, the wisest creation of Elohim the Father.


The word of the LORD came unto King David on the 7th day of May, 2017 at 5:31PM MST, and said:

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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