What I Like The Best About President Donald J. Trump:

Donald J. Trump is the Greatest President Ever!

From The Desk Of King David:
5-8-2019 at 5:57 PM
Saint George, Utah

Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this now, you’re probably also thinking about what you like about Donald J. Trump the most. Or perhaps you’re saying “I do not like him the most”. Whatever it is that you’re thinking at the moment is fine with me, and is a part of the beautiful future that we are creating together, in unity – like I talk about in the above video…

…the REALITY IS …that we are now marching together unified, creating a new movement of righteousness, prosperity, and a new kind of ‘Citizens Power’. So let’s talk about what that has to do with Donald J. Trump.

I have seen a lot of various peoples both celebrating the great Donald, and I have seen others fighting him, others bickering at him, and others rallying people against him, while yet another fight for him – leaving the nation essentially the most divided that it’s been in my lifetime, which funny enough, is actually quite useful for all of us if we think about it in the right way.

Many people I’ve seen watching the division that has been forming, and have been worried about it, or have been thinking about the coming Civil War that many people’s have predicted would occur, or they are just praying for something different, something unique, and something that can help them get the results that they want.

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However, I want you to fear not. The reality is that division is only there to create more unity. If you think about what you do not like, and what you do like, the two are usually opposites, and opposites are almost always a manifestation of different parts of the same thing.

For example, Donald Trump would want more of a free society, devoid of regulations that are not absolutely necessary. That is a model that is proven to promote successful businesses, homes, and prosperity in the ways of financial growth, and abundance.

However, that side is often missing when left unchecked with appropriate checks and balances, the one side checking on the other, and vice versa, in order to create (for example) a balance between prosperity and the harmonious unity of society and the surrounding environment.

On the latter, society as a whole has done poorly in most areas (in my opinion) evidenced by the growing environmental problems no matter what law, or ‘not law’ anyone attempts to pass. Certain areas of the world remain more balanced than others, however ‘as a whole’ we essentially have a giant growing pile of pavement – something generally incompatible with life until it erodes. Think of it like a sandwich that doesn’t digest.

At one point or another, the Earth will ‘fart’ and we’ll have all sorts of chaos presented from our unchecked problems. Such things are what the Democrats are more worried about.

So on the one hand, you have the Democrats versus the Republicans, and on the other, the Republicans versus the Democrats. And the elites and the news channels laugh at us hysterically as they push a big green button and the TV turns on for all of us, and they program us on one side, or the other as we run around like sheep to the slaughter.

So why do I like Donald J. Trump? Because he doesn’t represent the Elite. He came in there like a superhero from another universe, a single visionary, devoid of all the help of the people that have propped up society with their evil plans, and just started crushing apart obstacles to freedom and prosperity.

Along the way, he has done many great things. Among those things there are many things that we may agree, or disagree with – and both options are fine. However, my suggestion for you is to take an approach where we simply agree to do things in a new way, and celebrate both directions at once. This is the way of the enlightened warrior.

Rather than division, we create oneness that creates separation and balance and freedom on the one hand, and appropriate control systems and checks and balances that actually work on the other.

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We could not even imagine doing this if Donald J. Trump was not leading the way, creating an environment where every man is against his brother. Remember it is Jesus that came to create not peace, but a sword, and to set every man against his brother.

Many people do not understand all of the meanings of this scripture, and neither do I, however, I suggest to you that the VARIANCE that society has against each other is actually yet again another manifestation of GREATNESS, as Donald J. Trump has so envisioned and desired.

What do I mean by this?

  • People are standing up for themselves.
  • People are speaking out with issues they disagree with for the first time in a really powerful way in a while.
  • People are gaining clarity on the issues, and learning how to see through the pile of ‘bullhonkey’ along the way from various forms of ‘Fake Media’ which is really, all media, since ALL MEDIA is essentially one sided in the direction of the founder of that media channel or their various special interest groups. The only ‘true media’ I’m aware of is the internet, as you can look up whatever you want.
  • Both sides are warring against each other in various ways
  • Terrorists are blowing things up (not a good thing but a manifestation of people waking up to what they want)
  • The debt of the economy is ‘Supernaturally Inflating’ as the value of the dollar goes down
  • People are getting sick and tired of being sick and tired, and looking for new ways of doing things
  • And much, much more.

My point is, that all of these things are manifestations of a visionary who is not afraid to create change, and that is Donald J. Trump and other visionaries who are warring on the different sides, or working to create World Peace like I am at The Kingdom Of Elohim.

So there are MANY GREAT, AND WONDERFUL THINGS TO SAY ABOUT KING DONALD. However, the greatest of them all is that Donald J. Trump is a righteous man! What do I mean?

  • He loves his family
  • His children are well raised, well groomed, dress well, think well, and pay attention to all manner of details, trained to maintain the wealth of the Trump Empire
  • He loves his nation with all of his heart
  • He is not afraid to pray, even in the presence of naysayers
  • He is relentless in the pursuit of his mission and his vision
  • And much, much more.

My suggestion for all of you is VERY SIMPLE:

We’re going about the war all wrong. See I learned a long time ago from the greatest Amway leader I ever met IN PERSON, Brad Duncan, that “It’s MORE POWERFUL TO BE UNIFIED THAN IT IS TO BE RIGHT!”

Let’s say you STRONGLY DISAGREE with King Donald and something he’s doing. Why not say “Hey, let me help you Make America Great Again in just 4 years rather than 8… how can we speed this up for you?”.

Then, you get what you want, and he gets what he wants – a GREATER NATION, much faster, with a new President (King David) at the end.

Or how about we came to King Donald in all his glory, majesty, and power, and said:

“Hey, if we WANT AMERICA TO BE GREAT AGAIN… we gotta keep families together boss. Draw a line that it stops now, and people that came here before if they have children get easier, faster citizenship if they help make america money, and help Make America Great Again.”

Or how about if we saw how he wants to build the wall, and rather than fighting it (the wall will be necessary in the Great Tribulation from the enemy that is coming) we just say:

“Hey King Donald, we want to build the GREATEST WALL EVER, that builds BRIDGES BETWEEN PEOPLES, and the way we’re going to do that is let’s get all these people from Tibet working together with us to make sure that we don’t hurt any of the wildlife, and then put sexy badbutt hotels along the way, at access points to Mexico, then let’s build SUCCESSFUL CITIES both in the USA, and in Mexico, and put hard working Americans to work… CITIES THAT BY THEIR NATURE ARE BALANCED AND HARMONIOUS WITH NATURE!!! And if Mexicans make america money, and Make America Great Again In Just 4 Years Rather Than 8, Then we give them faster citizenship and easier immigration for those who follow the laws! Plus, King David can be President at the end and kick satan’s butt out of humanity and Make America “EVEN GREATER” than what you could do without him!”

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My point is, we’re ALL GOING TO GET FARTHER AHEAD by PROMOTING KING DONALD, than we are by trying to fight him in doing what he believes is good for America.

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Now that doesn’t mean we don’t stand up for issues like the Muslim travel thing which I mention in the video above in “a very sexy way”. What it means instead is that we do it in a new way, with new rules, with new unity, and we do it in a way that MAKES AMERICA GREAT AGAIN… like saying:

“Hey King Donald… WHO’S GREATER THAN THE ISLAMIC NATION???” Good question, isn’t it?

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David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

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