The Son Becomes The FATHER, and the FATHER Becomes the Son!

Dear Friend,

I wanted to interrupt my normal pattern to bring you this special message:

“What Is The SON Without The FATHER, Or The FATHER Without The Son?”

One day a son was walking in a park, hand in hand with his Daddy, and he grabbed his Daddy’s hand, looked up at him in the eyes, and said:

“Daddy, I Love You, One Day I Want To Be Just Like YOU!”

The Father looked back at his son, and he said: “You can even be BETTER THAN THAT! You’ll do FAR GREATER THINGS THAN I’VE DONE!!!”

And then 30 years later, the son is on the stages of the world, helping people prosper, and helping them succeed, and he sees a Mother holding her child, hand in hand with her husband, embracing each other, and as they kiss, he remembered that day, when his FATHER said he could become greater.

One day Jesus was talking to one of his disciples, who were wondering at his miracles, and he looked him right in the eye, and said:

“Greater Things Than THIS Shall Ye Do, Because I Go To The Father.”

And when he went to the Father, what happened? The Father committed all things into his hands. And the Son became the Father, and the Father became the Son, as his only begotten stepped into his field of glory, majesty, and power, and what happened then:

“The Son Became The Father, And The Father Became The Son.”

For are we not all children of the son when he comes into our hearts, and in our minds, are we not the children of Elohim?

One day, a child grows to a ripening age, and he has his own son, and he brings him to his Father, the child’s grandfather, who looks the child in the eye and says:

“You Have The Best Father Ever, You’re Like An Angel From Heaven…”

And the son grows old, and his mother passes away, and his heart is sad, and his Dad is older, and can barely walk, and his son is walking him along the road, holding him around his waist as he struggles to take his steps in his new walker, and at that moment, the Father becomes the Son, and the Son becomes the Father.

And then one day, his Son exalted above the hills, and in the Heavens, the Father looks down, and says “I’m going to come down, and heal the world.”

And on that day, the Messiah was born.

Click Here Now, For The Kingdom Of Elohim Has Come.

David Wood
“Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel…”

P.S. Love you so much it’s ridiculous!!!

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