A Very Detailed Clarification On How The End Will Come, And The World As We Know It Will End.

From The Desk Of King David:6-29-2019 at 11:45 AMSaint George, Utah, USASubject: A Detailed Clarification On The End Of The World I'm writing this live on the Sabbath. Am I breaking the Sabbath day? Or not? Let me know in the comments. Dear Friend, I'm watching right now a Shabbat Service by Messianic Torah Observant... Continue Reading →

“The Frank Kern Religion”

Disclaimer: Frank Kern is in no way associated with King David other than he thinks he's "badass" apparently, recognizing him today as one of his Top Fans on his Facebook Page today (6-27-2019). Anyone who tries to suggest 'directly' or 'indirectly' that "Frank Kern" is in any way associated with King David (unless he wants... Continue Reading →

A Peak Inside “The Mysterious Mind” Of David Wood At His Family Reunion.

So on a FRIDAY, I'm sitting in the Buddha's house, and I'm talking to Sean after hacking at some Wood (Pun Intended... talking about "my wood" of course, to build a Camp Fire With)... that joke is in "Jonny Wood's Name... The incarnation of Einstein-Masarecht... he is LITERALLY SUPERIOR TO EINSTEIN IN HIS INTELLIGENCE IN EVERY WAY... JUST NOT YET!!!

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