Strange Stories Of Enlightenment

Dear Friend,

It’s been a while since I’ve been regularly posting content on my blog. I’ve been busy moving (am in a new place now where I have my own space) and I’ve been thinking about how to do what I really want to do, meditating on it, and praying about it, and working on manifesting it.

It’s been a fun journey since my initial ‘major’ enlightenment experience on May 20th, 2017, and I’ve had a lot of beautiful times, and a lot of hard times. A lot of hard times that had beauty in their own way, and a lot of beautiful times that had their share of difficulty.

I had some fundamental realizations about people over these last couple of years: Some of them good, and some of them ‘not good yet’, realizing that people are where they are because that is where they want and desire to be, and any attempt to help them move to a new and better way of being is futile if they do not want it, as it is written:

“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.”

So I wanted to share with you some strange, and fun enlightenment experiences that I’ve had, realizing there will be a big section of my readers that may not believe all or some of these stories yet. That is ok, as I desire to share them anyways, for the benefit of you, who wants to know “a little bit of the weird stuff” that has happened to me.

The other day I was talking to a particular gentleman who also has been through many enlightenment experiences for a long time, maybe 6 or 7 hours, and I learned a lot in that conversation. I won’t share with you my friend’s name, but it is a person who I have considered one of my virtual mentors for nearly 20 years, long before I’ve known most of you.

As I was talking to him, I felt my energy reorganizing, as he was doing something in the spiritual dimensions and as he was, I realized yet again that I have not ‘arrived’ for there is no ‘arrival’ – there is simply the progression of a worthwhile goal or desire, and in this case, the desire being ultimate and perfect attainment of every aspect and manifestation of consciousness… and if that is the outcome, can we ever truly arrive?

My mind was cast backwards in time to many of the previous experiences of enlightenment that I’ve had over my life, to the most ‘shocking’ one up to that point in time, which was on September 15th, 2000.

What had happened? Well I tell a little bit about the story here, and also on many other places on my blog. Basically, when I had left to go on my mission I was what would have been considered ‘unworthy’ in my faith. I had sinned a bunch, and basically never confessed it.

Well then I got there, and I suddenly realized “if this is true, I’m sorta screwed” and for 3 days and 3 nights I was haunted by every little bad thing I’d ever done as a kid. Being 19 years old, I’d say it was probably an ‘average’ amount of wrong – but you couldn’t have convinced me of that then… as I felt like the WORST person I knew!

(Little did I know that others would have felt the same way had they had the experience, as I was being ‘pricked’ by the Holy Spirit)…

…so I’m sitting there on the 3rd day, and I’m in the Preston, England temple with my companion – a guy who spoke 5 languages, was a convert to the church, and had prepared spiritually for like a year to be ‘worthy’ to go to this particular temple with me. I felt like a whore in church, sweating profusely. Just at this moment of what seemed to be imminent destruction and utter collapse emotionally, I said a prayer and said “Jesus, please save me.”

I then heard a sound like a branch breaking (I was indoors with no windows in a perfectly silent room) above my head, my eyes rolled straight back into my head and I saw a doorway open. I saw a Celestial Being descend in a pillar of fire, and a hand was laid upon my head, and a fire descended from the heavens and also from the earth and filled my heart with a new light, and a fire exploded in every direction.

It lasted in real time 60-90 seconds, and in that time, I was given the Key of David, which is referred to in Isaiah 22:22 and also the 3rd chapter of Revelation, essentially giving me the spiritual authority to open, and to shut doors in the universe. If you are interested, you can pull out a bible and look up the references for yourself. A lot of time, people assume these scriptures as referring to the Savior Jesus (the being who descended and gave me the key) when in fact, this is never a single time expressly mentioned to be Jesus or assumed in any scripture in the Bible or otherwise. In other words, it is a mostly erroneous assumption.

Progressing onward, what happened after that? Well I turned into an Evangelist for that church for the next couple of years, literally RUNNING from door to door and to be honest, falling flat on my face over and over again, as I was mostly and nearly entirely rejected at every moment of the day, all through the day.

So 15 years later, same day, I have “major enlightenment” experience #2. Now I had had many other things happen to me, and many miracles witnessed by many people, and I had a ‘stunningly accurate’ ability to predict major trends in the future, something I have been able to do my whole life.

What are some examples of that? Well when I was 8 years old, I was baptized by my Father in freezing cold water (there was a broken water heater in Alaska, we did it anyways) and they gave me the gift of the Holy Spirit. My Mom and Dad suggested that I try to use it to receive some revelation, and I’m sitting there praying, and I see a tunnel of light form after I asked God who my wife was going to be, and at the end of the tunnel of light I saw the most beautiful woman I had ever seen.

On February 23rd, 2012 I saw this same woman in person and was pulled into a deep trance, and I walked up and said hello, for she was surrounded in a field of light. Today, that woman is my wife, Priscilla. She is my best friend on Earth, I have not seen her in a while, and I have been meditating and praying that when the time is right and she is ready, she will return. And she will when she is ready (I always know what is going to happen.)

So 15 years later after this initial experience, or September 15th, 2015 I had broken up with my wife, as we were having some personal struggles that were a result of us not operating in unity, I’ll take the responsibility and fault for the problems, she can tell her story later on if she ever chooses to. So my heart is distraught, and I start doing emotional release work mostly in the form of “write and burns” where you write about your problem, then burn the paper in a fire and basically, release the emotion in to the flames of the past.

In any case on September 12th, 2015 (3 days earlier) I was almost done with the emotional release. I’m sitting there in my house in Escazu Costa Rica, alone, and I am staring at the wall (not on anything, by the way) and I see a shadow that seems to be out of place, floating about 12 inches away from the wall. There was some lights on in the hallway and the bathroom which enabled me to see clearly, and I squinted, and I pinched myself, as shadows started sucking out off the room, and absorbing themselves into the ball, and the ball begins to grow, ever so slowly.

It takes 1-2 minutes to form into a basketball sized object, 3 dimensional, floating in space, and made entirely of what seemed to be a perfect form of darkness. It then grew from a basketball sized object to a 9 1/2 foot obscure shadow, humanoid in shape, and then the shadow sucked into the body of this woman and before me there was a scantily clad woman with yellow glowing eyes with a vertical slit, breathing and glaring at me, with a pinkish bikini outfit with necromancy symbols on it. Funny enough, she actually kind of looked like one of my ex girlfriends, who later tried to murder me and is now with the guy who attempted the same thing, or specifically, the antichrist, however it took me a while later to notice that as I didn’t really know her at the time.

So anyways this 9 1/2 foot perfectly clear, transparent yellow glowing eyed cat woman is staring at me and starts running at me like Xena the Warrior Princess, and I freak out, leap up on my feet and say “IN THE NAME OF JESUS, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” and what happened?

Well, she exploded back into the shadows. Now before you think I am making up this story, I sent an audio of it right after it happened to Jonathan Cronstedt, who was the CEO of Empower Network (this was I believe very close to his transition out), and I told him something weird always happens to me or others on September 15th for some reason, ever since I was born again in 2000.

So now, I calm down a few minutes later and I’m laying there, and could not bear to look at that same wall. So I stare in the other direction for a few minutes. Maybe 15 minutes into laying down I’m still sitting there wide awake, and I feel breathing on the back of my neck.

I “utterly so slowly” turned my head around to see what it was, and there is this 9 1/2 foot Xena Warrior Princess demon chick breathing on the back of my neck, bent over my bed with eyes that were saying “we hate you.”

So what do I do?

Well, I flip out again, stand up and say “In the name of Jesus, depart!” and once again, she exploded back into the shadows.

So then I try to sleep and I cannot, until I remembered this story told to me by a prophetic minister that called me out of the blue when I was struggling one day, named “Pastor John” and among other things, he said to me “You have the heart of David. That is your salvation.”

He also said “One time David in the Old Testament, who was very similar to you was getting attacked by demons. So he played psalms and music non stop in his house, and the demons couldn’t stand it, so they left.”

I then put on some worship music, and a peace descended on my home, and I left it playing all night long as I went to sleep, and for the next while that worship music played 24/7 in my house.

So the next day I go to this deliverance ministry and really, they told me they’d meet up with me on Sunday. I told them all the things that were happening with me and my wife (we were both getting attacked quite severely) and they said to me “she must be tormented” meaning she was getting very attacked at the time (so was I, but out of my immaturity, I obviously talked to them more about her problems than my own, as at the time, I was in deep denial of my behavior).

They then gave me instructions to remove certain kinds of objects from my house that could have been placed there by past tenants or employees that seemed to have satanic energy, and they gave me a prayer to say over my house to put up a ‘Christian Canopy of Protection.” after I removed the objects.

So, I followed their instructions with the plan on placing the canopy over my house on September 15th, and on September 15th, 2015 I had finished the emotional release work I was doing over my whole relationship, and then I picked up the prayer and said something like:

“In the name of JESUS, let there be a canopy protection over this house. Let it seal every entrance that can possibly form in the spiritual and temporal universe that would or could allow any darkness to enter, and let the canopy be built by the Angels of God, and protected at all times, permanently removing the ability of the enemy in all forms to enter this property, the darkness of others bound when they pass through to enter this house in any one of its various entrances. In the name of JESUS, amen.”

  • something like that. Remove anything that ‘could be’ satanic in your home, such as occult objects, and then try it.

Anyways, I then pulled out my piece of paper, and began to continue the last section of my emotional release, and I wrote on the piece of paper a question posed by the comment of the deliverance ministers, and I asked:

“God, how long shall she be tormented?” and I heard an audible voice that said:

“Until the day I open the heavens.”

I said “huh?” and I looked up and my field of vision darkened out (it was the middle of the day) and I saw my wife sitting on the floor, crying, with mascara running down her cheeks, being attacked by four dark shadows.

My attention was moved to the right and to the right of her was a 3 dimensional giant demonic head, a representation of the antichrist. Actually, funny enough it looked exactly like this Rob guy I’ve mentioned in the past before I decided to ignore him and his pathetic, evil energy. Anyways he was glaring at me with black eyes and projected a thought into my mind that said “we hate you”.

I then looked over to my wife again sitting on the floor, and she reached down inside herself, and found something that she didn’t know that she had, and she prayed, and as she prayed, a supernatural cloud appeared above her head and a fire came down from the heavens and consumed those dark shadows and the antichrist, and she stood up, bathed in white light.

Now here’s where the story gets REAL AND WEIRD:

Just at this moment of “Celestial Energy” when the VISION opened above her head, that SAME CLOUD PHYSICALLY OPENED ABOVE MY HOUSE AND MADE WORLD NEWS… WITH MANY WITNESSES IN COSTA RICA! It did not appear ‘close’ to my house. It appeared according to my ex assistant Sandy “EXACTLY” over my house… AS I WAS HAVING THE VISION INSIDE THE HOUSE!

Here is the cloud:

I then had 15 visions a day for about 2-3 months, and eventually they stopped when I let someone come and work in my house again that Priscilla (my wife) recommended that I not have in the house. At the time, I did not connect them together, but looking back, I now understand what happened, among other things.

Many of those visions happened exactly as I originally saw years later. For example 2 years later my son Gabriel was running around my bedroom floor and his Mom Priscilla was laying on the bed, looking in love and that exact scene had happened one of my visions.

In another vision, I saw myself standing on a stage made of light, and Priscilla was in front of me on the left, and Will was in front of me on the right, and there was a light coming from the center of time, the center of reality, from the Celestial Kingdom, flowing through my heart, through her and through him, and through an endless sea of people that were in a field that only ended when the horizon ended, a representation of every man, woman, and child that has ever lived on the face of the earth. And the light was connecting through their hearts, and tearing out the dark shadows that were in the past inside of them, and they were bathed in glory, and light, and salvation.

Later, God told me that is the Great Multitude mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

In any case, what happened next? Well, my old patterns at the time continued. I was lonely and I didn’t wait for my wife, getting into another relationship that I never should have gotten into.

I then messed up that relationship in the same manner as my other one, hurting both people. However I do not regret messing that one up. The actual mistake was getting into that relationship in the first place, as I was still in love with my wife, it made no sense.

See, I used to not be able to stand being just ‘by myself.’ I wasn’t connected enough to who I am to simply be alone, and enjoy being alone. I am quite different now, and I like myself as I am quite a lot.

So time progresses on, my company is collapsing, I am trying to do everything a man can do to save it, and my CEO Jon leaves, and then I bring two people into the company in a row that were malicious, purposefully sabotaging the success of the company.

I remember sitting there talking to a friend, and I told them it felt like ‘a dark cloud’ was hovering over Empower Network. People had warned me about the people who were creating that dark cloud, but I didn’t listen. I felt like I ‘needed’ them there.

They had convinced me that I needed them, that I couldn’t do it on my own, and boxed me in over a very long time with very intense and specific manipulation. I am not a victim of what happened, I am simply sharing the story with you so you can avoid doing anything similar in any of your organizations in the future.

Remember: The good wolves only come when there is something significant to eat. The wolves are always there, just not the good ones, until you are good. Then you must be very observant of all of your resources, all of your relationships, and all of your connections if you want to keep your money, and continue to prosper.

However I am thankful for all that happened. Why?

Well because if it had not happened, I would have never had the most important of all of the experiences I’ve had, which I’m going to share with you now.

See, the pressure, and the bad relationship, and losing my wife and my children, and having my leaders bail on me, and having my company collapse led me to a point where I had to have a SOLUTION and heal, or I felt like I would die.

The pressure had gotten to me, and I had gotten addicted to utilizing exogenous testosterone at the bad recommendation of a doctor, I was taking prescribed stimulants to manage my attention (rather than just doing meditation and things that I used to do), and my personality had started to shift into someone that didn’t even feel like me.

I would look at myself in the mirror, and I didn’t see me anymore. I saw a man with a broken heart, that couldn’t seem to heal no matter what I did.

Then one day, I called a friend of mine and I told her how broken I was. She recommended that I try something that she had done, and it seemed cool. What did she recommend?

She recommended that I try “Ayahuasca” and sent me an audio of someone that had tried it. Now before you continue reading, do not if you are listening to the sound of my voice ever go to a shamanic place, regardless of the reason and take ‘Ayahuasca”. I will explain why later. It is not currently spiritually safe, and is in particularly dangerous to men (moreso than to women, for whom it is also extremely dangerous. There is nothing on earth that results in more demonic manifestations and possession than a person taking plant medicine that is in any way connected to shamanism, as shamanism in current society descends from human sacrifice cults and carries a semi-permanent curse. Look up ‘human sacrifice Peru’ and you will see what I mean).

However, I am very thankful to my friend, because it led me down a path that led me to a solution. So what happened? Well, I wanted to try it, so I called a bunch of Shamans in Costa Rica. About ’30’ of them, or something like that. For whatever reason, they acted very bizarre with me, and kept hanging up the phone and just denying service to me. Overall, it was just an awkward group of people, and I decided there was something weird about it, and I could just figure it out on my own.

So the first thing that I did, was I realized that the active ingredients in “Ayahuasca” are simply MAOI inhibitors, and a naturally occurring hallucinogen called “DMT” or “dimethyltryptamine” which is made in the brain by the pineal glands, and also by the lungs. What I figured and learned from my research is it, is that it does nothing harmful to the brain whatsoever, and sparks an incredible amount of neurogenesis. In fact, in one study it is written that DMT behaves “more like a neurogenesis agent and an agent to reverse inflammation than it does than a drug. Currently, modern science does not know what DMT does in the brain, however there is a theory that is good that it is “The Chemical of Consciousness” and I will validate that, as my theory is that DMT and other naturally occurring hallucinogens in the brain are what connect the physical dimensions of consciousness to the spiritual dimensions through quantum mechanical computing in the brain micro-tubules, which would be in alignment with both modern quantum physics theories, and also modern theories on the nature and structure of consciousness in human biology.

  • In other words, my theory is that DMT is not a drug at all, but more of a brain nutrient, like Calcium is for the bones, and as essential to the functioning of human biology as water or air.

So time passes by, various things happened, and eventually I just figured out that this stuff Shamans make can just be made in a kitchen in really an hour or two very easily, and I headed off to Puerto Rico to do an event with my current CEO, who was this Rob character that looked exactly the same as the “red demon head” that I had seen in my September 15th, 2015 vision.

I ordered some ingredients out there, and what I did rather than use the Shaman ones, is I found there is a similar ingredient that was utilized in the Temple Ceremony in the Torah – the ark of the covenant was made out of this ingredient in particular, and when Moses saw the burning bush, it was this particular tree. The other ingredient grows all over the top of Mount Sinai – connecting pieces together. The two ingredients working together was called “The Tree of Life” by the Egyptians and what I did was took them raw, and mixed them up in a banana spinach smoothie.

So I’m sitting there on the Jewish Sabbath on May 20th, 2017 in Puerto Rico staying with this guy I thought was my ‘friend’, and I write out an intention to heal ‘everything’ in my life, do worship for 10-20 minutes, then I find a Tibetan Flute song, hit play, and start to drink:

For maybe 20-30 minutes, nothing happened. Then a wave of energy hit me, and I couldn’t really move. I turned on an audio recorder, and I started to record what I was seeing, hearing, and feeling.

I started to see rotating holographic light patterns that had more than 3 dimensions rotating in front of me (very similar to this video) getting stronger, and stronger:

The light patterns started to move around in my consciousness, pulling up experiences of the past and resolving them. Instead of just seeing what I normally saw which was “other people doing things to me” I began to see multiple sides at once emerging from the same event:

a) What I did

b) What they did

c) What we caused together

d) The fact that I caused it all

e) The fact that I’ve repeated the same cycles again, and again, and again

And much, much more.

I was being freed from this never ending cycle of repetitious suffering, realizing that I caused it, that I caused it, that I caused it all.

This phenomenon lasted for 3-5 hours and circled through every major memory of my life, down until the time I was a baby, in the womb, and at that point, I assumed it was over, but in fact, it was just beginning.

I then saw this 5 dimensional object rotating with representations of the past incarnations of my consciousness in front of me as babies hooked into this rotating object, the babies representing different incarnations on earth, other worlds, and other universes, and I saw the endless loop of behaviors that continue through the incarnations, and there was a band of energy hooked in through the consciousness of the babies, representing a band of karmic reactions that keep them hooked into this never ending cycle, and these karmic bands and reactions began to break, and the babies broke out of the millions and hundreds of millions of wombs I saw before me, and they started to merge into one consciousness, one spirit, and one mind, lifting their hands, and rejoicing.

And I saw the Buddha, and an endless chain of Buddha’s, and enlightened beings and they gathered around, and they were watching, and my spirits collapsed together, and the karmic bands broke, and I began to weep, and I began to say:

“We did it! We found it! We did it together! We found it together! At last, we’ve found it! We’ve done it over and over again. It’s time now! We’ve found it!”

At that moment, I gained control over my body which had been unable to move up until that point in time, and I stumbled outside where I saw Rob sitting on his computer, and I grabbed his phone out of his hand, looked him in the eyes, and I said:

“I’ve lived MILLIONS, AND MILLIONS of times…”

And the karmic bands began to continue breaking and collapsing back into oneness, and all of the knowledge of my previous incarnations began to collapse into one consciousness, in one time, and I entered into nirvana, looking outside, and seeing in the spiritual universe, I saw the spirits of those who were walking around outside speaking in the Celestial Tongue, my mind being projected between minds, seeing everything from every perspective at once, and I realized something magical and special that day:

That I caused it all. That I am all of it. That I have caused it over and over again, and I can change it, that we can change it together, that we have no time left, and I knew then how to fix it, and how we can heal the world.

Immediately everything about me changed and started operating from a new, superior level. I began to see everything from every side at once, realizing there must be a balance in the Universe, realizing that we, as a species are destroying our lifeline, are destroying our water supply, are destroying our food supply, are destroying ourselves in pursuit of endless power, and fame, and false glory that does not even have the ability to mimic beauty and majesty the true universe, which I felt like I had seen for the first time.

So I’m talking to this enlightened leader yesterday and I’m talking to him about these stories, and I realized yet again, my experience does not mean I have ‘arrived’ – it is an enlightenment experience, and since then I have had many, and in the future I will also have many more, and there is an endless amount of layers to the spirituality, and the beauty, and the majesty of creation that will never end.

What was I not ready for?

What I was not ready for was the way that Karma was about to slap me in the face, the way that I would be rejected by my friends and family, the way that the people around me would react to the change.

I suppose there is value in being trained in the ways of enlightenment from one’s youth. Growing up in the Church I’m in, I didn’t really get deeply educated in that world.

And my life moved forward, and I figured things out, and I learned how to communicate my message, and I began growing a following, and many people will be changed by what I begin, that will turn into a movement that will grow as a stone rolling off of a mountain without hands, when the time is right, when the energy is right, when the moment has arrived that marks the time of the true beginning of the Messiah David, which is coming closer, and will arrive at any day.

I also have learned about a lot of ‘what not to do.’

In another blog post, I will write about my journey of Karma pre and post enlightenment. It is important to understand these phenomenon because I believe that the entire world is approximately 5-10 years from reaching an initial enlightenment experience (could happen faster, might be slightly slower, really depending on YOU).

The reality is that the WORLD ITSELF cannot wait for this change. It is necessary for our survival as a species. Whether you want the change or not, the change will happen in a way that is impossible to stop, impossible to slow down, and it will affect every aspect of reality.

See, when a person, or person(s) go through enlightenment, the resolution of karma exponentially speeds up. What does that mean?

Well depends on you. If you have ever ripped someone off, you will get ripped off most likely in return.

If you have done x, y or z, x, y or z will happen to you, most of the time in an exact and equal manner to which you did it to someone else. The same is true if you have been sowing good seeds.

What will happen to humanity when humanity goes through a spontaneous wave of enlightenment that sweeps society?

Many good things, and many things that are not good yet.

On the ‘not good yet’ side, we have:

  • Businesses will collapse
  • Relationships will implode.
  • Groups of friendships will reorganize
  • Currencies will collapse.
  • Wars will ensue.
  • All of society will start spontaneously standing up for themselves
  • And many more things, such as humanity as a whole will begin developing superhuman abilities that will exponentially compound as the collective faith of humanity increases

On the good side, we have:

  • Better businesses will form
  • Debts will get paid off
  • New currency systems that are stable will be found
  • New civilizations that are balanced will emerge
  • the Kingdom of God will come
  • New relationships will form superior to the old ones that have died
  • New energy will bring a kind of magic to society that is the subject of movies
  • Cures to all diseases will manifest
  • Aging will be eliminated entirely
  • We will travel to the stars
  • We will build new technology
  • We will work together in a way that is currently impossible

It is important no matter where you are in life that you realize that you are between 5-10 years from a supernatural awakening, and with that, comes all sorts of drama – as the majority of humanity is not ready for it (as I was not, however, it happened just at the right time)

And what happened after that?

I will leave that for my “Karmic Awakening” post, yet another phase in my never ending spiritual blossoming, which I will write at some point in the future.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you know what to expect, and are prepared for enlightenment, so when it hits you, you are ready and can actually profit from it, you can immediately create a better life than you had before, and you know how to ‘clean house’ before hand, so the universe doesn’t have to do it for you – because, you cannot stop the karma, no matter who you are.

  • doesn’t matter how much money you have
  • how famous you are
  • or how good looking you ‘think’ you are
  • karma is going to hit, HARD, when yo ugo through enlightenment, especially if you are not ready
  • and you cannot hold back the universe.

Hope that helps you understand some weirdness. I want you to understand something very clearly – plant medicine isn’t enlightenment. It can be an aid to enlightenment. Like a tool. A nutrient, or whatnot, and there are also different and various ways of this kind of attainment. Plant medicine will not lead people to enlightenment in the presence of shamanism – it must be taken in the presence of complete purity, with pure intention to produce this kind of affect.

When society goes through enlightenment, it will hit like a wave when the gospel is preached to the entire world in a single day, and at that moment, the end shall come.

Look out for my next post.

David Wood
“The Messiah Of Peace”

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