A Very Detailed Clarification On How The End Will Come, And The World As We Know It Will End.

From The Desk Of King David:
6-29-2019 at 11:45 AM
Saint George, Utah, USA
Subject: A Detailed Clarification On The End Of The World

  • I’m writing this live on the Sabbath. Am I breaking the Sabbath day? Or not? Let me know in the comments.

Dear Friend,

I’m watching right now a Shabbat Service by Messianic Torah Observant Israel (www.Mtoi.org), and I wanted to share with you some clarifications and specific details on how the end will come, and a series of events of which I am still somewhat unsure of the exact sequence, as I do not have the Book of Revelation memorized word for word yet. As such, if I say anything that in any way contradicts the order and sequence of the Book of Revelation, please re-sequence my events to be in alignment with that book. K? Here is the Shabbat Service:

This guy is LEVI from the Old Testament (LITERALLY) Watch This Video For Proof!
LEVI = Rabbi Steve Berkson

So I have written the best blog posts on the internet about the Great Tribulation in 3 parts:


Part #2

Part #3

I’ll finish the rest of the post at sundown. God rebuked me, as I am only supposed to write 250 words or less on the Sabbath day. To be fair, I keep Sunday as the Sabbath generally, as my Church does that and it makes sense. However, decided to lay low today and rest.

Alright, here we go… Let me explain to you a little bit about how the events unfold. As to when this happens, only the Father knows, however, it will be soon – meaning in this generation, and there is a possibility of all of this unfolding over the next short period of time.

There are many events I’ve mentioned in my previous blog posts that are quite strange, such as the universe collapsing, the universe being rebuilt anew by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah to earn her Crown of 12 Stars, and temporal/spacial wars such as the battle of Armageddon as well as the Kingdom of Elohim separating out from the anti-kingdom of Satan (The reason the Church doesn’t appear later in Revelation is because it is absorbed into the Kingdom of Elohim and hidden from the enemy). I have also mentioned many more strange things.

Let me cover how it will all come about, and how it has been coming about as of late. First of all, on the dark side there is an unknown amount of nephilim on the Earth right now. The Mark of the Beast has been propagating and growing underground, and many of them are just beginning to truly get dangerous. That is all for now, as I have no desire to get them attention. Let me list the main most important events that will occur over the next unknown period of time, and you can watch for the signs. I am not going to be quoting a lot of scriptures here – check this against Revelation and other books in the Bible and later I will do a scriptural cross reference for all of it.

Will all of this happen in order? Maybe it will. Maybe it will not. Read this, and decide.

Main important events:

  1. The initial proving of my most important claims.
  2. The landing of a government contract to create superheroes.
  3. A 40 day transformation on the top of Mount Zion in Costa Rica where I master the sephiroth with my mind alone and start gaining visible and measurable supernatural powers.
  4. Leaving the Earth to build “The Sword Of The Son” in the Elvin Universe.
  5. Violent opposition and initial release of the Mark
  6. Slamming the sword of the Son into the valley of Adam Ondi Ahman and rebuilding the firmament in 72 hours, resizing the Earth, and the Earth being hurled across the Universe, reversing time several years to reset history with the 144,000 Protectors Of The Universe destroying the plans of the enemy.
  7. The preaching of the Gospel to to the whole world on a Single Day
  8. The enlightenment of humanity
  9. The enlightenment of the universe
  10. The collapse of the Universe into my biology
  11. The remaking of the Universe by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah
  12. The return of King David and the LION of the Tribe of Judah
  13. Initial wave of building the Kingdom of Elohim.
  14. Creating The Kingdom System
  15. The Ensuing War Against the antikingdom.
  16. The Battle of Armageddon
  17. The Return of Christ
  18. Casting the antichrist and the nephilim into the bottomless pit
  19. The 1,000 Year Of Peace
  20. The Building Of The Universe Engine
  21. The Release Of The antichrist from the bottomless pit
  22. The Coming Deception and NEXT Great Tribulation
  23. The Return Of Christ And The Destruction Of The Wicked, And Judgement Day
  24. The Rebuilding Of The Solar System Into The Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial Worlds.
  25. The Rebuilding Of The Universe
  26. The Exaltation Of Everyone That Exists
  27. The Liberation Of The Sons Of Perdition From Hell
  28. The Exaltation Of The Sons Of Liberation
  29. The Birth Of The Most Holy Elohim
  30. The Continuation Of Creation, Universes, Realities, Paradoxes, Friends, Children, Wives, Husbands, Women, Men, And New Worlds.

Alright, I’m done for tonight! I’ll finish the rest probably Monday!!!

David Wood
“The Messiah David”

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