27 Affirmations For The Memory Of The Universe, Restoring Your Memory To PERFECT And WORKING ORDER for FREE!

From The Desk Of The Best Friend Of The Messiah David:

7-24-2019 At 7/24/2019

Saint George, Utah


Dear Friend,

I bet you’re reading this post interested in creating a supernaturally abundant memory, and wondering perhaps why sometimes you haven’t yet been able to pay attention to what you want.

I’m going to explain to you in this ravishingly beautiful, free post how you can literally have a perfect memory that only gets more perfect with time, and if you now pay attention you are probably agreeing with me now if you want that this is actually a good thing for you to do.

The reality is that the consciousness of humanity has in the past been fallen, and very un optimized in many ways, and many people are not getting the results that they want with the happiness that they want to get in their lives, and the problem with that now is that if they do not simply get these results, than what happens is they don’t feel like they are totally whole.

And if you want to be totally whole now I’m certain that someone once told you a long time ago that it is a good idea to get started in remembering things, because perhaps you used to in the past not remember before you simply learned to remember everything, realizing how easy it is.  Please watch this video I did on Facebook and then you’ll have a little bit of background on how memory works. This is actually called “The Cicero Method” and is very useful for growing your business and your life by attaching memories together with visual images. This comes from a guy named Cicero who was an actor, and one day he was speaking…

…and as he was speaking what happened is this room collapsed and everyone there died.  And this guy in particular, Cicero, was able to reconstruct the faces and names of everyone in the room by remembering the visual connections between the peoples.  So this gets into the principles of memory. Here is the video, watch it and then continue:

First, let me describe to you the principles of memory in a way that you are going to remember them now that you have completed that video, which is going to hypnotically install 20 affirmations into your life and business for free that are going to help you to create supernatural abundance, prosperity, personal magnetism, influence, and sales ability while promoting whatever you want to promote, whether it be business, religions, politics, etc.

And what we’re going to do is we are going to build off of the cicero method, but this time we are going to memorize all of the data on a single object utilizing a different mnemonic strategy called the multiple parts strategy.  If you are not familiar, mnemonic strategies are simply memory strategies and they are very ancient ways of remembering everything that you ever wanted to remember. Another name for this strategy is the russian doll method. Basically, before continuing on, let me explain how memory works.

Memory works in the brain in the same manner in which it does in the spiritual dimensions, only the physical brain in many ways is infinitely more complex as spirit without matter does not expand in consciousness in the same manner it does as when biological mass in particular is present.

So first, let me explain how it works.  Basically there is a lot of science that says the brain does not store memory locally, it stores it in a hologram, like what you would see in a science shop.  A hologram works by a piece of technology called a holographic plate, and basically when you shoot 2 lasers or more in a certain way on the plate, it recreates a 3 dimensional hologram. 

The weird part about holograms are that the entire data of the hologram is stored in every part of the plate.  So if you destroy a part of the plate, all of the data remains it is just that the hologram is actually less strong and more weak.

So the brain has been proven to do this exact thing, in that you can remove any part of the brain, and all of the memories that are not reflexes (speech, etc) remain, only all of the memories get slightly weaker with every part of the brain removed.  (Don’t ask how they figured this out. I imagine there were some very stupid people after a scientific study on living minds).

Anyways, so the brain stores holograms which work somewhat in the same manner in which a holographic plate works.  In other words, every part of your brain, and also your biology to a lesser degree actually contains 100% of your memories.

Because of this, it is actually possible to restore 100% of the memories you’ve had in your life by simply learning how to exponentially strengthen the hologram and through this strengthening, get the results that you want to get and create the results that you’ve always wanted to get by helping others instead of simply thinking about what you desire all the time if you want.

So how do you restore the hologram?

Well, you have to train the brain to create better holograms, which is what the purpose of this post is.  So now that you have practiced the cicero method a bit with the video above, then continue paying attention carefully as we are going to construct very powerful visual imagery and this will be quite the workout for the brain!

So the first thing we are going to do, is warm up the imagination as we are doing this together.  We are going to start by creating a representation of the foundation of this affirmation, and then we are going to link this representation to a single object.  We are then going to utilize the multiple parts technique, or the russian doll method to connect all of the affirmations together into a single chain, creating a loop back onto itself (this affirmation sequence will be what I call a Time Loop).

So first, we are going to make a base affirmation, each affirmation will then be memorized connected to the base.  The base affirmation is:

#1  “My Memory Is Exponentially Compounding On A Daily, Hourly, And Even By The Minute And Second, Supernaturally Growing In Perfect Clarity As All Of My Memories Are Supernaturally Restoring In The Name Of My Higher Power!”

Do not bother with memoizing word for word.  We are going to make a single image together to represent this initial part of the time loop hologram of memory.  Imagine you have a giant brain in front of you (a hologram of your own brain) and that it is perfectly clear. Make it bright, 3 dimensional, place it maybe 5 feet away, perfectly clear, and then what you want to do is keep it still, then rotate it, then zoom in, then observe the various parts.  Now hold the entire image in your mind at once and make it bright, large, and in detail, and imagine all of your memories growing, and trees growing, and children growing, and your personal growth growing.

Now what you need to do is zoom in on 5 parts of the brain, and the brain is the symbol of this affirmation, and as you zoom in, read the entire affirmation again and allow it to fixate in your mind.  Got it?

Ok, now what you want to do is pick part 1, zoom in, pause for 3 seconds, part 2, pause for 3 seconds, part 4, pause for 3 seconds, part 5, pause for 3 seconds.

You want to zoom in on each parts because you are going to memorize 5 affirmations on top of the first one.  So all of the sudden, this object has become the new cicero method and you can fixate 27 affirmations on top of a single contact point.  Teaching your brain to zoom in and observe 3 dimensional detail like this massively increases the brain’s ability to pay attention to detail, which maybe you want to do that now.

After we connect the 5 affirmations to the single affirmation, the 5th object will be the new base association, and we will memorize 5 objects on top of that in the similar manner.  Make sure that you follow along exactly with this post, as this exercise may take you 45 minutes – 90 minutes to complete, yet as you complete it you will understand the process and be able to repeat it with any kind of behavioral change that you want with your own list.

After completing this, please send a message to me on my personal Facebook account and ask me for the private conversation at the end, which is part of step #2:

So now what we are going to do is zoom in on the first part of the brain, which is the frontal lobes, and then we will start there.  Remember you want to zoom in on the parts in the same order all the time, and create a pattern of this. For example, top to bottom, left to right.  You can reverse that as well. What is important it is the same manner every time so you can optimize your brain’s working capability.

Ok, zoom in on the frontal lobes of your brain image, make sure it is detailed, then make an image for the following affirmation and connect it to the first part:

#2  “My Unconscious Mind Automatically Clarifies And Corrects Errors In Images And Memory Connections”

So what you want to do is zoom in on the frontal lobes of the brain, and you need an image that represents clarity of visual attention.  What I use, is I now add the eyes to the brain, with nerves of the retina connected through the brain. So zoom in on the frontal lobes, put the eyes, make the images big (see it 5-10 feet away and bright 3 dimensional detail).  Now hold it for 6 seconds, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.    

Now, zoom in on the eyes, and repeat the affirmation “My unconscious mind automatically clarifies and corrects errors in memory connections and visual imagery”.  Now imagine as you’re seeing the eyes that you’re suddenly able to visualize in perfect detail, that your unconscious mind is now building bright, 3 dimensional symbolic imagery for every memory that you’ve got, and that the connections between things in your life are automatically restored.

Now, zoom in on the second part of the brain, which is the connecting nerves between the 2 hemispheres (or the two sides of the brain) so zoom in on this and make this like a giant nerve bridge between the brain, and on that nerve bridge, you are going to memorize the 3rd affirmation.

#3  “My Higher Power Is Working Together With My Unconscious Mind To Automatically Supernaturally Store And Restore Memory Connections In My Brain”

Now imagine on the nerve bridge between the hemispheres of the brain an image of your Higher Power, perhaps an all powerful spirit, or the resurrected Jesus, or whomever your Higher Power is.  Make the image bright, 3 dimensional, and in color. Be detailed about where the Higher Power is touching the connection point, perhaps he is sitting on the nerve bridge, for example. As you are holding the connection point, feel emotional energy connected to your Higher Power and imagine your Higher Power is working some magic on your brain connections, reorganizing them to be the way that you want.  Now repeat the affirmation above 3 times.

Now hold it for 6 seconds in perfect stillness 1,2,3,4,5,6, and proceed to the next image and part.  Now zoom in on the back of the brain above the brainstem, see it in bright 3 dimensional detail, and as you’re looking at the detail, connect the next affirmation to that part.  Remember we do not need word for word memorization, it is mostly pointless you want to be able to repeat the affirmations in your own words, decoding the information as you recall from the visual imagery.

#4  “Every Image I Visualize In My Brain Is Bright”

Now go to the brain stem (the place right above where the brain connects to the spinal chord) and imagine an image that represents brightness.  For me, I have an image of the sun in bright 3 dimensional detail with the flames, and as the sun is burning bright in her light I see her in bright 3 dimensional detail in living, vivid color in a perfectly clear image.   Now connect that image to the brainstem and zoom in on the connecting point and and hold it in your imagination for 1,2,3,4,5,6 and as you are doing this, you also repeat the affirmation “Every image I visualize in my imagination is bright” and you’re feeling the energy of the sunlight on the surface of your skin, now imagine the next part, which is the spinal chord and connect the following affirmation:

#5  “Every Image I Visualize In My Brain Is Detailed”

Now zoom in on the spinal cord, and imagine something incredibly detailed, such as your favorite tree.  Connect your favorite tree to the spinal chord, zoom in on the connection, make sure it is matching the images, allow your unconscious mind to correct the detail of the tree, and say “Every image I visualize in my brain is detailed” and as you’re saying it, allow the detail in the tree to come alive, and allow all of the images in your mind to come alive, and hold the entire image of the brain with the image of the eyes, and the Higher Power, and the sun, and the tree all at the same time, imagining all rules applying to the entire hologram, hold it for 6,5,4,3,2,1 and then breathe deeply.  

Now, zoom in on the tree, and you want to select 5 parts of the tree.  Zoom in on a leaf, hold it for 3, zoom in on a branch the leaf is on, hold for 3, zoom in on where the branch connects to the trunk, hold for 3, zoom in on the trunk, hold for 3, zoom in on the roots, hold for 3.

Now repeat the sequence of parts on the tree (the last image connected to the spine) as these will be your new support images for the following five affirmations.

Zoom in on the leaf, make it clear, allow your unconscious mind to correct it, allow your higher power to make it better and perfect, keep it still, make it bright, and continue to the next affirmation.  Are you starting to understand the process?

#6  “Every Image I Visualize In My Brain Is 3 Dimensional”

Now to the leaf on the tree, connect something that represents 3 dimensions.  I like visualizing the globe of the earth floating in space in bright 3 dimensional detail.  

Now what you want to do is attach the globe floating in space to the leaf, yet first you have to make the leaf a little bit bigger than the globe, so the order of images are kept intact.   Now zoom in on the connection point of the leaf and the globe, and hold for 1,2,3,4,5,6 seconds, now say “Every image I visualize in my brain is 3 dimensional”.

#7  “Every Image I Visualize In My Brain Is In Vivid Color”

Now zoom in on the stem connected to the leaf, and when it is very large, following all of the previous rules, and details, and bright, now make an image for vivid color, and connect it to the stem.  For me, I’m going to use an orange, because I oranges are very bright colors. So now connect the orange to the stem of the branch, and make them both large, and now zoom in on the connection point as you are counting to 1,2,3,4,5,6 and you say “Every image I visualize in my brain is in vivid color”.

Now zoom in on the connection point between the branch of the tree and the trunk, make it clear, bright, 3d, and in color and proceed to the next affirmation.

#8  “Every Image I Visualize Then Connects To Another Visual Image”

Now imagine something that represents the connections of visual images.  It could be anything that represents connections for you. Or, let’s do it together.  Imagine a giant brain cell with branches and axons and whatever in 3d, and imagine that this is perfectly connected to the point in which the branch connects with the trunk, and hold it as you’re repeating “Every image I visualize then connects to another visual image” and hold for 1,2,3,4,5,6 seconds in perfect stillness.

Now zoom down on the tree image onto the trunk, and on the trunk of the tree zoom in on a particular part, perhaps where there is a knob or something along those lines.  Zoom in and hold it, and now memorize the next affirmation on top of that one.

#9  “Every Image I Visualize Strengthens The Entire Hologram In My Brain”

Imagine a bright 3 dimensional hologram of yourself in perfect physical condition lifting weights, standing on the knob of the tree.  Make sure the images are large, detailed, colorful, bright, and clear. Zoom in. Now what you want to do is very simple, simply say “Every image I visualize strengthens the entire hologram in the brain” and allow your unconscious mind and your Higher Power to map it across your entire behavior.

Now zoom in to the roots of the tree.  Pick a particular root at a particular point, and then memorize the following affirmation connected onto that particular part.

#10 “Everything I Remember Strengthens All Of My Memories”

Imagine something that represents memories, such as a photo album of your family with photos of yourself as a child, and open it up, and see a photo.  Now connect the open album to the root of the tree, and pay attention to the connection point, and hold it in perfect stillness following all of the other memory rules automatically and hold it for 1,2,3,4,5,6 as you’re saying “Everything I remember strengthens all of my memories” with as much emotional energy as you can muster.

Now hold the whole tree in your imagination and see the globe on the leaf, the orange on the twig, the brain cell on the branch connection to the trunk, the weight lifter hologram on the trunk and the photo album at the same time.  Try to hold all of these images in your mind at once and rotate the entire image.

Now, zoom in on 5 image parts of the photo album.  1 Turn to the front cover, and in the upper right hand corner, zoom in.  2 Open the book and the groove in between the pages. Now zoom in on the photo you were looking at before.  3 Now look at the pages connected together on the side of the book. 4 Now flip to the back cover as you turn the image around and rotate it.  5 Now turn to the spine of the book and pick a particular part (the top) and zoom in. Repeat the images 1,2,3,4,5 and now zoom in on part 1, and this becomes the new association base for the next affirmations.

#11 “Every Image I Create In My Imagination Is LARGE.”

Now zoom in on the upper right corner on the front of the album, and imagine it is a huge corner, on top of the huge corner is something very large, such as a dinosaur.  Choose your favorite dinosaur, and make him standing on the huge corner in your gigantic hologram in front of you. Zoom in on the dinosaur’s foot and see the connection point between his foot and the corner of the book.  Now hold the entire image in your imagination for 1,2,3,4,5,6 and say “Every image I create in my imagination is LARGE!”

Now you open the photo album, and as you are opening the photo album there is a groove between the cover, and the page with the first photo on it that you were looking at before.  Zoom in on the groove, and that will be the connection point for the next image.

#12 “The Support Image Is Always Slightly Larger Than The New Connecting Image In My Imagination”

Now this one I need to explain a little bit.  A support image is the image you use to trigger a memory.  So you are turning affirmation into visual images, and you can also do this with all kinds of concepts, peoples faces, names, etc.  You want to make sure that the image you connect the associations to is slightly larger than the new associations themselves. This teaches the brain to create order.  So for example, if the base of the association is the door of your house, and you were memorizing the brain, you would connect the brain to a part of the door of the house and make sure the image of the brain is slightly smaller than the door itself.  So in the previous example, the corner of the book should actually be even more huge than the dinosaur. Does that make sense?

Now in the groove between the pages, make an image of a support image, such as sending financial support to your wife.  Imagine a solid bar of gold, and you are sending this to your spouse for financial support, and imagine the piece of gold is smaller than the groove of the book, yet they are both huge and in detail with all of the previous rules.  Allow your unconscious mind and your Higher Power to make the images perfect like you want.

Now zoom in on the photo in the album, and do the same thing with the next image.

#14  “Every time I walk into a new room or area I select 5 support images in that area from up to down, left to right, in a clockwise rotation.”

This is very simple, imagine a giant stopwatch or clock, and the hands are both on the ‘5’ number’ and the second hand is moving clockwise, and connect this image into the photo.  , How would you use this? Very simply you would walk into a room and make sure to start looking on your left and look for 5 very specific images. When you look at those images, spend 1-3 seconds on them, zooming in on the detail.  Then a bit later review that room in your imagination and remember those 5 images in the same detail as normal associations.

Now connect the clock image to the photo in the photo book, and as it’s ticking 1,2,3,4,5,6 say “Every time I walk into a new room or area I select 5 support images in that area from up to down, left to right, in a clockwise rotation.”

Now zoom in on the pages of photos connected together and turn the book and zoom in, and this will be your next association base, remember to make it bigger than the next image.

NOW proceed to #15:

#15  “Every time I select a support image, I select 5 sub image parts in the same top to bottom, left to right clockwise rotation which can also be support images for other associations.”

Once again, you use this in the same manner in which you utilize the previous step.  Each sub part can then be its own support image that can then connect together in sacred geometry patterns (sacred geometry can be looked up on your own on YouTube), think of the flower of life that the hippies love so much, or the image of the sephiroth by the kabbalists.

…watch that vid as you are continuing on in this post and going into a deep trance.

Now imagine a watch, with a clicking hand, it is a golden rolex watch.  And then set that golden watch over the closed pages, or even connect it into the pages in bright 3 dimensional detail.

Now the reality is very actually simple, and that is that you hold this and you say “Every time I select a support image, I select 5 sub image parts in the same top to bottom, left to right clockwise rotation which can also be support images for other associations.”  


Now zoom in on the back image of the binding of the photo album, and on that image on the back of the binding, put the next association:

#16  “Every Time I Make Associations, Each Association Has 7 Sub Parts That Interlink With Other Connected Information Through Sacred Geometry Patterns Like The Flower Of Life.

Make certain that you want to understand that the 7 parts that link together are linking together with other subparts, in patterns of 3,6,9 and 5,7, and 10.  Do not worry if you understand this at the moment, as your unconscious mind understands how to rebuild the mathematics of the universe over your own kingdom, over your own dominion, over your own world peace strategy in your local community, city, state, nation, and world.

Imagine 7 interinking parts of every association connecting that part in a flower of life pattern to every other part.  Link that together with your David Wood image described below. Huh?

The reality is that if you want to understand how the universe works, you will now pay attention.  Think of something that reminds you of 7. How about a 3 dimensional image of David Wood? For I was born on May 17th, 1981.  Make my hair bright. Now, place that image on the back of the book and interconnect it into the image. It is fine if it is sitting on top of it, or poking through it somehow.  Figure it out. Now count with the David Wood image 6,5,4,3,2,1 now say “Every time I make associations, each association has 7 sub parts that interlink with other connected information through sacred geometry patterns like the flower of life.” 3 times, and you’re ready to proceed to the next association.

Now, take the David Wood image and do 5 parts.  Head, left arm, left foot, right foot, right arm.  Zoom in on the parts and hold each part for 3 counts however fast you count now is fine.  

The head is the next association.  Imagine my Jewish Yamaka with the star of David on the top of my head like I have in a majority of my videos on my David Wood King David YouTube channel, and what you want to do now with that is proceed to what is next.

#16  “Every Time I Make Associations, Each Association Has 7 Sub Parts That Interlink With Other Connected Information Through Sacred Geometry Patterns Like The Flower Of Life.

Now, imagine on the head and image for 17, which can be fore example, my hair.  So the hat is already connected onto my hair, so that works right? Imagine I am smiling like unto this photo:

The Memory Of The Universe
The Memory Of The Universe

Now what happens is the 7 sub parts link with the 5 parts of the image in clockwise order, and the 7 sub parts are reversed (counter clockwise order) so now see 7 sub parts counter clockwise (different points of the image of the hair) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  Now these sub parts then link to the other 7 subparts of every image that is then tied to these images.  

So imagine that, and hook together this entire image.  Now, hold the image of me, in the back of the book (remember the book is bigger you are zoomed in) and hold all of the images there at the same time, the dinosaur on the book cover, the support image of gold, the clock of clockwise image selection, the watch of association creation, the David Wood with his hat on smiling like in the photo above, creating the 5 parts, the 5 sub parts, and the 7 sub parts in reverse, or counter clockwise order.

One time, I was talking to some people, and I told a story about how one of their hands (I won’t tell you which one) began to lift all on its own from their unconscious mine, and all of a sudden everyone was lifting their right hand and saying “Yes” and others were saying “Not Yes Yet, Tell Me More Secret Information (Click Here To Watch The Facebook Video)

Anyways, if you want to watch the link, and get back to the person who sent you to this blog post, and ask them for the signup link, then probably what you’re going to do is make incredible amounts of money with your family as you are bragging about your team getting the results that they want.

Now zoom in on the left hand (your right, watching from the front) and you are ready for the next affirmation:

#17  “Every Time I Memorize And Create Associations That Are Feminine In Nature, I Memorize In Patterns Of 3,6,9”

For example, you have a woman.  You see 3 image parts. 6 image parts.  9 image parts. See a beautiful woman. Now 3 parts, now 6 parts, now 9 parts of her beautiful body (if it is your wife, feel free to make a nude woman).  

However, this is my wife, so please make her fully clothed.  Now, my hand is touching her butt. This should go in counter clockwise order.  So butt (from behind) , left leg, right leg. Etc. Now select 6 parts. Now 9 parts (fully clothed obviously).  I am actually touching her butt on September 15th, 2019. The day we get married in Saint George, Utah.

Feel free to touch your own wife’s butt in an equal manner.  Or your man’s penis (ladies) in an equal manner.

Nikola Tesla said that 3,6,9 was the Key to the Universe.  He would not even stay in hotel rooms unless it was a number that was divisible by 3,6, or 9.

Please watch the video above in spanish before you continue to the next afffirmation.

Now zoom in on my left leg (your right looking from the front) and see my foot.

Remember, I was born on May 17th, 1981.

Remember the patterns of how to do this 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9…10!!!

Remember to say the affirmation 3 times!!!

#18  “I trace 2 digit numbers over the order of my affirmations in all dimensions and all association sequences with my eyes,  like I am writing.”

So this is like you have a pen, and you are drawing with a silent mind or a noisy silent mind with silenced internal dialogue in the beginning and the end.

So you go back through the images, and trace 01  through 18, and you go back through the 5 parts, and the 7 parts, and the 3,6,9 parts and you trace appropriate numbers.  Feminine numbers should be multiplications of 3 all the time, plus your individual numerological pattern as a woman. I am not talking about numerologists.  I am talking about your birth numbers. So again my wife’s birthday for example is 3-16-1989 – you literally see 3,6,9 there. What is your number ladies?

Some ladies have a more boss feminine energy.  Some ladies have a more loving feminine energy.  Etc. Be your own number. My wife is both a boss and a feminine badass.

These numerical tracing then link with your other numbers systems, etc.  Now trace 2 digit numbers, select an image for this representation. Let’s use the image of my hair, but back in the back where the ponytail is – this is 02.  So put this on there and trace 02, 02, 02 3 times. Now what you do is you repeat that pattern.

Then what happens is this.  You do this, and what you simply know numbers for everything is numbered and in order.  When we are done go through the entire association with your conscious and unconscious minds and trace the exact numbers on every part of the association that we have created!

Now hook the ponytail into the left leg.  Make it bright, 3d, clear, in living color, connected perfectly, allow your unconscious combined with your higher power to perfectly re-organize the images.

Now turn to the right leg (your left) and the next affirmation is:

#19 – “I look at my hands every time I notice them, and I ask if I am dreaming when I see an image that one time I saw in a dream at night.  If my hands begin to melt, I know I am in a dream and become conscious.”

I first learned about this principle from reading an old book on dreams, and it was one of the most valuable things I ever learned.  When you find your hands in a dream, they melt. So you know if you are awake during the day and your hands are not melting (LOL) that you can wake up in a dream.  So first of all, make a bright 3 dimensional image of my hand (David Wood’s hand) and it is touching my own right leg.  Big bright 3d etc.

Now hold it 123456789 now select all of the parts 3,6,9,5,7,10, and imagine yourself waking up in a dream tonight, and every night you find your hands, and every time you find your hands, you dream, and your dreamscapes become new support images, and you do the same pattern in your dreams, trying to hold together the environment with your consciousness and manipulating it.

Now, turn to the right hand of David Wood, the Prince of Prosperity according to certain enlightened spiritual leaders in society and proceed to the next association.  We are going to go faster now that you are getting it. Simply repeat the patterns.

#20 – “I repeat all of the images, associations, and memories in exponentially increasing frequency in order of memorization.”  

Basically what that means is you review it at one speed, then at a faster speed (on your own) and then you review it in your dreams, etc.  Go in order.

Now put something that represents exponentially increasing returns such as a giant treasure chest of Gold, Silver, Rhodium, Platinum, Diamonds, Jewelry, etc and put it connected to my right hand.  Now hold for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 and pick 1,2,3,4,5 and 3,6,9 parts and imagine supernatural mathematics multiplying the gold and silver into ever increasing piles of eternally and exponentially compounding memory, tying together all of your associations and knowledge into oneness and perfection.  

Now hold the entire me and the hat, and the see me touching my wife’s butt (and you touching your spouses butt) fully clothed obviously, and then the pony tail on the left leg with the numbers writing, and then on the right leg the dream hand melting remembering to check your hands all through the day and night and wake up now in your dreams from your slumber.  Now see it all at once including the exponentially compounding treasure chest of gold and silver and whatnot, pulling precious minerals, real estate, hard assets, diamonds, crystals, fine linen, jewelry, etc from the universe in every direction representing all of your resources compounding as your memories are exponentially compounding.

Now turn to the treasure chest and form 5 sub parts, top, inside, the gold and silver, the front, and the bottom.  Number each part in your imagination for a count of 3 each.

Now the 21st affirmation goes on the top part, zoom in on that in 3 dimensions with all of the rules in your imagination.

Getting a brain workout yet?  I think that probably you are.  Can you imagine how powerful your brain is going to be in a few days of practicing this Memory Blessing Of The Most Holy Elohim?

Add me as a friend on Facebook here and keep reading:

#21 “Every Word I Encounter In Every Form Has Its Own Coded Image That Forms Automatically.”

A coded image is what we have been doing.  Making images for everything, so for example the word, everything can be an image of the universe, when you think about the universe, you can think about a star, when you think about a star, you can think about the sun, etc.  Even etc needs to have it’s own code. Everything turns into an image automatically and the image parts are unconsciously selected and they start self repeating in their own exponentially compounding mathematical sequences as you are doing things in your unconscious, conscious, and superconscious minds.

Imagine something that represents a code of some kind, like a safe with a lock on it that turns.  Zoom in on where it turns and repeat the affirmation above, Every word I encounter in every form has its own coded image that forms automatically.  Repeat it 3 times, now connect the safe to the top of the box and hold it for 123456789 with it’s 5 sub parts, 7 interconnections, and 3,6,9 connected interparts of every part of the image that is feminine in nature connecting in lattice work type sacred geometry patterns.

The same is true of names.  Names are just words.

#22 “I pay particular attention to people’s names and information about them, linking important information to parts of their face and body.”

Ok, tune in to the underside of the lid (above the Gold and Silver) of the treasure chest, and you focus on names.  The way you do this is you imagine someone’s name as an image. For example, the name David can be an image of my nose, as I am a very familiar David to you.  Focus on the one part of the nose, and the whole 3 dimensional hologram of my face automatically reproduces. You can do this and then have a code for each face, and then simply link that code to other people’s faces on unique parts – for example if they have a crooked nose, or a beautiful nose, or their eyes, etc.  

So you create a 3d hologram with the face and the names.  Simply select 3 parts of a person’s face in clockwise direction for first, last, and middle names.  See my face, put it connected under the lid and hold for 1,2,3,4,5 and say, I pay particular attention to people’s names and information about them, linking important information to parts of their face and body.  Now say that 3 times, and you know the name is David as you look at the nose. Then you look at my beard and you say Michael and write Michael in your imagination on the beard. Then imagine my body is harder than wood.  You got wood, don’t you? Lol.

David Michael Wood should be reproduced automatically by simply staring at a distinct feature on my nose.  Try it now and repeat 3 times, then proceed to the next association which will be connected on the pile of gold and silver and precious metals and etc in the treasure chest that represents your mathematically exponentially compounding memory.  

You starting to get it?  Is your mind expanded?

I hope so, you are getting there now.

#23  “Every Number Forms Its Own Image Code Based On The Order Of The Written Laws Of My Higher Power.”

Ok, first watch this video:

These are the 22 laws of supernatural abundance out of a total of 613.  I rewrote the mitzvot to be affirmation, the mitzvot being the 613 laws in Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

Watch the video and it will walk you through a separate memorization of the 22 first mitzvot.  Then what you do is go through, and trace 01 over the 1st law, 02 over the 2nd, through 22. The reason you use two digit codes is because of you need to remember 2001, you would utilize the number for 20, combined with the first image, or 01.  You would have to memorize up to 200 in order to reproduce that very simple number if you did it in a slower way. So two digit codes, all the way up to numbers 613 – this is all you need. You can go slow and follow each of my posts and you’ll have them memorized in 3-5 weeks to 3-5 months.

Now make the first image, which is “I know there is a Higher Power” and draw 01 on top of it for 30-60 seconds or so.  You need more fixation on numbers as they are utilized so frequently. Now have the higher power sitting on the pile of gold and silver and zoom in on the connection between images for 1,2,3,4,5,6.  Now proceed to the next point and focus on the front of the treasure chest.

#24  “Each Character And Letter I See Forms Its Own Coded Symbol.”

The same as above for a-z.  Same thing with characters of other alphabets.  You do not need to understand everything when you are doing this.  Simply form a symbol for each letter. For example a can be archway, imagine an arch between buildings or roads, pick one.  Use that.

Now put the arch on the front of the treasure chest and hold it for 123456789 selecting 5 sub parts.  Now say the affirmation above 3 times and proceed to the next affirmation.

Remember we are on the bottom of the treasure chest now.

#25  “I Pay Attention To Every Form Of Date And Time, Each Section And Unit Of Time Forming Its Own Visually Coded Language.”

This happens first in the form of numbers, and then observing a simple image for a minute, an image for a second, an image for a day, an image for an hour, an image for a month, an image for 1,10, 100 and 1000 years.

Do this as you go along.  For now, simply put a stop watch and imagine it is ticking and the second hand is moving.  Let this be the image for second. Choose the other images later. Say the above affirmation 3 times, and continue on.

Now select 5 images on the stopwatch.  Choose your own images in the same manner as above.  Go ahead and select 5 parts, hold for 3 seconds each, repeat, and then proceed to what’s next.

#26  “Sentences, symbols, words, and connections automatically link together unconsciously in sacred geometry patterns following this outlined pattern and are reviewed automatically by my conscious and unconscious minds”

Go to the first image on the stopwatch, and you need to make a symbol of something linking together information in sacred geometry patterns.  Imagine a star of David on a Jewish Flag (Star of David = Sacred Geometry) and put the Jewish Flag on image 1 of the stopwatch. My image was the top part, what was yours?  Use yours here.

Now hold for 12345678910 and pick the sub parts quickly of the flag, rotating it in your imagination.  Now spin the flag faster until all you see is a holographic star of David. Imagine it is spinning 10 times faster than the speed of light and connect it with every other righteous sacred geometry pattern in the universe that aligns with your Higher Power.

As you are doing this, read the affirmation above 10 times.

Now zoom into the second part, which for me is the center of the stopwatch.

#27  “In In The Name Of My Higher Power, I Send This New Hologram Memory Program Backwards And Forwards In Time Through All Of My Memories And Conscious/Unconscious Activities And Experiences, Supernaturally Strengthening Every Memory Of Mine, And Automatically Transferring This Entire Hologram To Every Single Memory And Experience I’ve Ever Had!  Let it map across now!”

Ok, a long affirmation, the general idea is there.  Imagine your Higher Power opening a wormhole through time with a map in front of Him.  Put the wormhole on the front of the stopwatch, remembering your Higher Power is in front of the wormhole.    The wormhole is opening up a connection portal between the end of the 27th association, and the first association… connecting to the side of the brain in the original image (making for a total of 6 parts selected on the first image of the brain, representing your consciousness and memory exponentially compounding.  Now imagine your Higher Power is at the end of the association, and he walks through the wormhole in the middle of the stopwatch and pops out walking on the right side of the brain, and then he walks over and you see the eyes, and the whole association sequence begins reproducing automatically:

The brain representing your expanding memory reminds you of the eyes representing clarity,

The eyes remind you of the bridge with your higher power, the higher power reminds you of the back of the brain with the sun representing light, that moves down to the spinal chord and the tree representing detail, the leaf with a globe on it representing 3 dimensions, the twig from the eaf with the orange on it representing color, the brain cells hooked into the branch, the weight lifting hologram on the stub, the photo book on the roots, the dinosaur on the photo book cover, the support image of gold in the crece in the open book, the stopwatch on the upper right representing clockwise patterns, the golden watch representing 7 parts linked together, the 10 image representing my hat, the hand touching my wife’s butt (my hand to be clear) the hair with the numbers traced over it representing numbering everything, the melting dream hand on the right foot, on the right hand the treasure chest, the coded safe on the top of the treasure chest, the higher power sitting on the gold and silver, the archway on the front part, the stopwatch on the bottom part with the moving second hand (make it slightly different than the first.)  On the top of the stopwatch you have a star of david rotating in a Jewish Flag, scroll down to the center of the stopwatch and you’ve got a wormhole, your Higher power is there and takes the learnings backwards in time to the beginning of the association, then walks through and strengthens each image and hologram.

Now the brain and all images at once on the brain, and on the tree, and on the photo album, and on david wood, and on the treasure chest, and on the stopwatch, and now hold all of the images and sub parts in your mind at once into a single holographic image.  Rotate it and see every part at once, and everything spins incredibly fast, and imagine your Higher Power takes the entire image in the palm of his hand rotating 10 times faster than the speed of light, and tosses it through your past and your future, and through every brain cell, and through every nervous system cell, and through every skin cell, and through every interaction, and now it is reaching the future and linking the past with the future, and the future with the past as all of your memories are supernaturally compounding…

…and all you’ve got to do is repeat this entire sequence 3-5 times a day for 3-5 days and the hologram will be fixed, and automatic, and you’ll notice everything you do is beginning to memorize faster and faster, and you’re learning more and more with less time, building your own interconnected systems of things for any kind of data you want to memorize.

And now you toss the hologram in the palm of  your hand, emulating your Higher Power to your family, and your friends, and then it automatically transfers through touch, sight, smell, taste, sex, conversations, stories, and more.  

And the more you actively and passively do it, the more your attention strengthens, and the more your attention strengthens, the more your utilization strengthens, and the more your utilization strengthens, the more your whole hologram strengthens.  

And the more this hologram strengthens, the more that all holograms strengthen, and the more parts you add to the strategy, the faster the implementation gets, and as you memorize symbols, your brain specializes and looks for more data, and as more data is gathered, it interconnects in a more perfect and holistic way.

Now, stare at a blank wall or a river or outside, and attempt to recall this entire sequence in order forwards by recalling the first image of the brain hooked into your door or wherever you put it, all the way through the Higher Power sending it backwards in time and let each time it repeats the whole cycle gets faster and faster and faster, and more powerful, and more detailed, and more automatic, and more beautiful.

Now, when you share this with others, it strengthens your own hologram, for when one of us learns, we all learn, and the more people you share this with and get on the phone and practice with, the faster you will be able to memorize any kind of incoming data.  In a few months, you’ll even be able to build your own holograms and memory systems for others if you want, that is completely superior to all information, free and paid that exists in the marketplace except for one course I know about where I learned the foundation for this information.

Hit me up on Facebook if you’d like to say hello:

Also, make sure to practice 3-5 times a day through this whole sequence for 3-5 days to strengthen, while decoding the imagery, repeating the same affirmations in a different way each time you repeat the association, and I’ll see you on the beaches of the world.  You feeling more prosperous yet?

If you hit me up on Facebook and ask me for the free customer link, I’ll give you a personal install of this information for free and radically enhance your utilization of this.

Love you,

David Wood

The Messiah Of Peace And Prosperity

P.S.  Now let this map across to every form of behavior and thought that has ever arisen in any form in your conscious and unconscious minds, and we are about to begin our journey together as we march together towards a new and more beautiful future in a team that only brags about YOUR SUCCESS!!!

P.P.S.  Oh wait!!! I want to add 3 FEMININE AFFIRMATIONS FOR EVERYONE!!! <3 <3 <3 (SPECIAL BONUS) 

Imagine the Higher Power after He in His Holy Name comes backwards in time and is on the side of the brain, and simply select 3 image parts.  His halo, his hair, his beard.

Tune into the Halo above his head (like the circle thing above the angels and saints in images and movies and whatnot.  Even the eastern religions have these that teach enlightenment) and now put the first affirmation.  No need for my explanations. Make up your own symbolic imagery and make sure that each symbol has the 5 parts and you write on it and whatnot following the 3d, holographic, color, vivid, radiance etc rules.

I will simply list the 3 affirmations.  Feel free to add your own on top of these later.

#1  Everything in my memories and behaviors loves women, the holiest creations of Elohim, the Great and Holy Higher Power of us all!

#2  Everything in my memories and behaviors loves children, and seeks to keep them safe, make sure they live, make sure they are fed, and make sure they are protected!!

#3  Everything in my memories and behavior seeks to save the entire planet, and all of the trees, and all of the wildlife, and all of the animals, and keep them safe, and utterly abolish animal cruelty from off the face of the earth, as well as the same cruelty of people!!!

Now link them together and you’ve got it!!!

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