The RADIANCE Of Vision

Hey there my friends, I wanted to share with you a story about vision, and speaking life into people. Watch this quick hour long video:

The Radiance Of Vision YouTube

The reality is that in your life, there is nothing outside of vision. When you look around you, and they look around them, they are all simply seeing their own vision, combined with the vision of the creator.

One time there was a girl with a broken rib, and freshly broken, unable barely to breathe, I instructed her in the way of quantum physical change, and when I instructed her in this way, she suddenly realized that her own vision caused her own destruction, and then she healed in 3 weeks completely, and the majority of healing was done in 5 days.

This is the story of my friend Scarlet, who can share her own story of healing. Have you seen the movie the Matrix?

There’s this scene, where there is a young buddhist monk and he is holding a spoon and it starts to bend and he says the truth, which is that in fact there is no spoon and you simply realize that you are only bending yourself.

And then Neo gets in and buys into the vision of safety and peace from his own heart.

What are your thoughts? Leave them for me in the comments. I apologize to you for not writing each and every single day to you. I got discouraged but no longer will I allow myself to wallow in the mire, for the mire is for the pigs.


The Prince Of Prosperity

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