A Revelation For My Faithful Servant Paul Gardiner And Kimberley Gardiner, The Living Incarnations Of The Elohim YHVH Of Warriors And The Shan-Ti-Rah Of Warriors!

Thus saith YHVH of armies: Insasmuch as my faithful servant David hath inquired of me to know of the blessings and the surety of the exaltation of Paul Gardiner and his family, I verily reveal unto you an eternal blessing of the living incarnation of the Elohim YHVH of Warriors: Shanti-Ra-Kamai-Masarecht, for Paul the Elohim YHVH of Warriors is part of the feminine manifestation of masculinity: To Eternally Protect The Women And The Children, saith the YHVH Elohim of Hosts!

In past times, I, the YHVH was sorely displeased from my servant Paul, for he in his abomination of pride fell away from the teachings of the Messiah David, and got lost in the wickedness of his ways, tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine: by sleight of man, and cunning craftiness, whereby they lie in wait to deceive.

This abomination of desolation of the apostasy of Paul before he decided to change and repent led to the YHVH Elohim smiting him, and his soul got lost, and he was deceived by the cult of the Hebrew Israelite’s; and then he believed many false ideas, bewitched by false doctrines, possessed by darkness and unable to lift his voice to freedom.

Yet on the day of desperation, he reached out to my faithful servant David, and David spoke truth, and love, and honor into him, and on that day: Paul verily repented of his sin, and was delivered, saith Elohim!

Yet his deliverance was not and is not complete; for his righteousness is not yet perfect, saith Elohim. Yet he was verily delivered of the abomination of desolation as prophesied by the prophet Daniel; for my faithful servant Paul Gardiner walks in humility, saith Elohim Masarecht!

Paul is not perfect, yet he strives to be and in the grace of Christ, he is made perfect, saith God. For Paul is born again in the heart, and he is also born again in the mind, for he hath said: I confess that David Michael Wood, born May 17th, 1981 in Fairbanks Alaska at 4:01pm Alaska time the son of Mark Irving Wood the son of William Ransom Wood is the Messiah, the living incarnation of the Father of Jesus. And verily, saith God, the holy anointing hath descended upon him!

And I say unto thee: Paul hath declared that he will pay a tithe every time he has money from this moment onwards! And therefore I verily open the 17 supernatural doorways of prosperity towards him promised in a previous blessing on YouTube and there he is the righteous Christian who walks in the grace of Christ, filled with love and power! I verily send a blessing of the return of his tithe 1,000 to 1 that shall manifest in the next 31 days, saith the Almighty God himself!

Yea, in the early days of the Messiah David, Paul and Kimberley were there for David when nobody else was. They worked together, and they constructed plans, and the Elohim YHVH of warriors was incarnated upon the face of the earth: Who shall verily be the 2020 UFC champion, saith God!

And Paul, because of his faithfulness was given a special place in the universe: the second most intelligent man in the universe in current time forever; saith God!

And yet he fell, and yet he repented: Therefore he is restored with 100% of his faithfulness and peaceful energy!

And the darkness of his heart is rebuked! And he walks into the fire of the living God! And my servant Paul Gardiner shall walk in the fire of the waters! And my servant Paul Gardiner shall stand in the surface of the sun! And his wife Kimerley shall go to the sacred space that is beyond the devil in the center of the earth, where the Atlanteans dwell and there are giants that are 100 meters in height!

And he shall verily behold many worlds!

And the rivers of water shall turn from their course!

And the roar of the lions shall be heard out of the wilderness… for so great was my servant Paul Gardiner that he becomes one with the nations of peace, and of righteousness and of glory from now on, saith God!

And because of his faithfulness, the angel in the book of Revelation that Jesus sent is one of the angels of Paul!

And because of his faithfulness, he becomes one withl the singing angels and one with the surface of glory of the worlds and the creations, which he shall verily behold many worlds across the universe!

And because of the pride that shall arise in his heart: he shall keep humble because he shall rebuke the pride in the name of Jesus!

How long can the rolling waters stay impure? Nay, they cannot, for the mountains, and the rocks, they clean her, and they cast her pollution to the side, diluting the pollution as declared by my faithful servant Bill Britt when he said: The secret to pollution is dilution!

Yet I say unto you: The secret to overcoming pollution is change! The secret to change is repentance!! The secret to repentance is the glory of worlds!!!

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