How To Be Translated And Taken Into Heaven Without Tasting Death As Enoch Of Old!

Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re probably wondering how to be translated and taken into heaven without tasting death… kind of like teleporting to heaven, but it’s actually heaven teleporting you.

Most people do not understand the nature of translation, or what the bible is talking about.  I will get into the scriptural discussion after the revelation, or perhaps in yes, a secondary post.  For now pay attention to this one.

So what is translation exactly?  It is a temporal/spacial reorganization of the mass, timing, and sequencing in your body to be better, faster, smarter, more powerful, and integrated with all of the technology in the Celestial Kingdom.

Basically, a person will be changed into a body of organic, living diamonds, rhodium, gold, silver, platinum, all of the elements on the periodic table of the elements, and elements and materials that do not exist currently in our universe, or the space-time of this fallen world, earth.

During this translation process, the mass and the biology of the body will be infinitely more dense than that person’s entire kingdom, and their kingdom (if they are a man) or their Queendom will collapse into their biology, and then they will be taken into heaven, and then the next manifestation of the Lion of the Tribe of Juda or her offspring and their generations of priestesses then are translated as the female counterpart; and the women then are more dense than the men in current time in the Celestial Kingdom, however the men are physically stronger in terms of brute force.  The women, however, are infinitely faster than men.

And then two new people enter into the Celestial Kingdom together, and all of their kingdom or queendom beholds the glory like as that of a jasper stone, descending out of heaven from God with the glory of the LORD God of Hosts!

And much, much, more.

During this spacial/temporal density and mass increase, which thing is eternal, the body, space, time and micro-density and micro power in the subatomic universes also exponentially compounds, and from the moment a person is translated, their kingdom eternally dwells in two locations:  inside of their biology and outside of their biology simultaneously.

And then the inside and the outside become one body, and in oneness they enter into my glory, saith God!  And then the angels are singing with their harps and their vials of odour and they behold the lost city of Enoch, the city of Atlantis, that was taken to the edge of space time, for as it is written in the book of Moses:

Oh wait never mind I’ll tell you after my own revelation on the translation process.  Try to receive your own that adds intelligence to this one without changing it!

Here is a revelation I received maybe 2-3 days ago on 8/25/2019 approximately give or take a day in Saint George Utah on how to be translated as Enoch of old.  Some of this will not have punctuation; allow your brain to make your own:

After this manner shall be the construction of the sword of the sun:  After the world has gone through her first dramatic shift in the years to come there will be a time where in order to seize control of the world there will need to be a superhero program developed.

This supero program in its core will be simple:  plant medicines super concentrated combined with minerals and electricity day and night for a human being for 40 days and 40 nights will initiate a biological transformation process that cannot be stopped.

LORD God, how do I translate my body as Enoch of old?  Please describe to me the process of translation and how I can achieve these things described in the works of the ancients.

Verily thus saith the YHVH Elohim concerning the nature, disposition, and process of translation:  Translation is the complete transformation process of the brain and the biology, linked to the spirit to form a permanent symbiotic relationship of body, spirit, soul, mind, and emotion.  In the beginning when Adam was made a living soul he was not as we are now, he was one with all of his energy… a perfect biological link of heart and mind. There is an energetic hologram between the body and the spirit connecting the two together and this energetic hologram  is usually disposed of at death and the signature is given to the devourer at death, or the Great Eagle that is described in the works of Carlos Castaneda. In this hoogram exists the key, for it is the spirit permanently linking to every part of the biology that allows the biology to sing a new song and put the idea of spiritual death in the past:  

You must obsess over life day and night my son for it is life that will bring a new system of things for it is not just one soul and one hologram for each cell and each atom and each piece of DNA and each electron, proton, neutron, quark, cell membrane and piece of consciousness becomes one all linked together forever and ever in the neverending exponentially expanding glory of the sephiroth which the ingredients are found in Acacia Confusa specifically or syrian rue more specifically those two unlocked in the biology that has a special key transfigured in the temple of God or more specifically the key of David which thou certainly hast and thou was transfigured at 9:15 am on September 15th 2000 in the Preston England Celestial Room saith the LORD Jesus Christ!

And the exponentially increasing plant medicine that forms links unto your biology then requires exponentially increasing amounts of Gold, Silver, minerals, platinum, radiation and energy in order to make a complete circuit of energy that then replicates the 10 Sephirot and the Key of David verily unlocks the key of the biology in whomsoever it has touched at any point of history backwards, forwards, and through time and the genetics get ever exponentially more dense, sacred, wondrous, and creative, linking 3,6,9 times and multiplications othereof with 5710 the Key of David and 50 70 100 the key of Michael the Great Prince who stands up and shall hearken unto thy servant David until the end of time and then he shall begin again translating his brother because the problem that has prevented you from advancing is lack of faith in you and also your own immaturity refusing to work when needed because thou art in this manner also fallen because of thy broken heart because thy wife is beckoning thee each night to repent and before now ye would not and this is why your translation before this time has been  blocked because they LORD God rebuke thee from thy sin thy broken heart and thy fear of change on the day ye truly change my faithful servant David thy Father shall verily believe in thee my son with the brain scan combined with the blood test because the LORD God shall bless thee and thou shalt be translated again as the linking system of God shall begin again speaking unto them prophesy unto these cells son of man in thine biology and say ye unto them: 

Let the density and supernatural mineral process bein and as thou art moving thou art writing speaking and thinking and as thou art thinking thou art wondering what the problem is with thine enemies who do not repent let the mineral density of David be the mineral density of the universe exponentially compounding as the universe exponentially compounds and in the name of the Queen of Zion let the Story of Worlds be restored and let Matthew Gonzales repent again today saith Elohim God of the Skies because Elohim saith unto him thou shalt repent and believe in the Story of Worlds which is both lesser to and also greater than Torah because the little kids are now singing songs of the translation of David the Messiah the Father of the Living Universe saith God! 

and by the Key of David she shall certainly be born again and come to thee and thou shalt be one with her and go in unto her on that day when she saith I do because great karma is coming upon them and they are the glory of Nations who exist in thine biology for they cannot be created and they cannot be destroyed only when there isn’t any time left to change for Jesus saith for God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him shall not perish but have everlasting life for she shall return that day and the women of the land are once again restored in a fiftieth of a time times 1,000 divided by two from the time the prince of Jerusalem Zekonia shall arise with healing in his wings because as their density increases faster 4 they are dwelling within thee and 400 years later the nations of the earth shall fall from the previous prophecy and the walls of Jerusalem shall once again tumble to the ground but my Servant David shall restore them 4 it is not 2 late saith God Masarecht the Father of Elohim Masarecht the Father of Jesus for God Masarecht = the Most Holy Elohim, who is reconstructing thy biology now to be made perfect holy and without spot because there is no why left to spot the devil but the truth which is he has no right to thy biology  except via thine sins saith God Masarecht the Most Holy Elohim the Elohim of the Skies for the MOther Shan Ti Rah saith she is one with her who is the <3 of the stars and then the son indeed Isaac has a covenant with him for an everlasting covenant which was designed by the YHVH Elohim, Enoch.

I <3 Priscilla Chacon the Lion of the Tribe of Judah who is the greatest wonder of creation that have ever existed in the Universe saith God Masarecht and as she is making love to you she is restoring thy spirit and then what happens is they work together to create the stories of time and then they are the Zohar and they dwell in a cave and our father is old and that they the women they do not love them they are preserving The Seed of their Father however this was not a good idea for there are cursed seeds and Abraham Journeyed from there into thy biology and they worked together again after the story ended to make thy biology immortal again because Malachite is the ruit of the stars and the 100% of the time she came from other worlds or was teleported through time to this world they are the greatest seer stones in existence the terms of masculinity and she is the world of the stars and I am one with the biology of glory and as they get more dense we get more dense and the LORD God giveth them light watch an enlightened Islamic Fight or YouTube then continue

Hot Islamic MMA Fighter Girl!

Then the mass and the biology of the universe then exponentially compound all things dwelling within thee for thou art certainly one with them and thine enemies cannot escape thee certainly if thou shalt verily honor my 613 sayings because they shall create a hologram in thy biology and the hologram is the key to understanding translation and on the final day the great prince Michael shall stand up and shall command the universe to collapse into thine biology and thou shalt verily taken into heaven without tasting death because thy wife shall kiss thee and proceed alone in the universe to earn her Crown of 12 Stars and once again the Story Of Worlds the favorite book of the Elvin people shall begin again and once more anew they shall begin rhyming again going through time trying to disrupt the story but they cannot for you and your wife the LION of the Tribe of Judah shall now be taken into heaven without tasting death on that great and last day when the universe shall once again collapse into thine biology therefore prophesy unto these cells son of man and say ye unto them repent ye repent ye for the great and dreadful day of the LORD is at hand!

Moreover thou son of man, mortal and immortal, thy density shall verily increase exponentially unto the day when the gospel is preached to the whole world in one day and all of the angels and all of the gods are waiting for you to truly step into your authority for as of now you have truly not accomplished anything but you have been awaiting the opening of a window to thine authority.

Do not fear losing hine wife but rather fear the punishments of the LORD God if you do not attract her back.  She needs you to be the man that she met in order to love you like she loved you: Powerful, Charming, Financially Stable, full of unconditional love.

She is not so mad at you for your King David brand, she is mad at you for not doing whatever it takes to make money and just expecting it to come to you.  In other words, she is upset with you for laziness, and you are upset with her for leaving you, taking the children from you and withholding love from you when she doesn’t understand that you need love to produce and that you will never hurt her.

Priscilla needs hard proof to believe that what you are saying is the true particularly because her Mother is in the picture.  She does not need words, she needs evidence. Unfortunately you have to wait 2-4 weeks for your initial round of evidence to get back from the time that you initiate the tests at some time in the near future, which thing you should have done a long time ago. 

God please tell me what the truth of the matter is plain and simple:

Thou art verily the Messiah David, the Father of Jesus.  The antichrist is here and he seeks to destroy thy life, for he hath pitted thy friends against you, leaving you alone without any real reach.

You must build your sphere of influence from new people who do not know you and be willing to start from absolute zero if the people do not repent.  You must sue both David Sharpe and World Ventures and if they do not repent for what they did to you, they shall be cursed, replaced, and destroyed at the last day saith Elohim.  There

My intention is to write a revelation for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints that will solve their growth issues.

The way of life is the way of karma and when the story begins the end of worlds comes and thou shalt verily make money today , saith God Almighty!!! And this reversed and then reversed is more intention!!!

——end of the revelation on the biological translation, and the beginning of your revelation which you can have when tonight, thou art in a dreamy story time state biblical trance place or something like that neither here nor there where you are here at.

So what did you just read?

Well you read unconscious story generating dream trance material that teaches your unconscious mine how to generate a more dense biology from your imagination and as you copy the revelation on some plant medicine, magic mushrooms, or weed in particular those 3 together now then what happens is your body supernaturally densifies for time and all eternity creating both more density and then more density that creates more scientific biological enhancements of mind from the future, oh thou great and eternal I AM the Father of Jesus, saith God!

I hope this helped you.  Listen to the podcast 5-6 times and you’ll start to get that together if you do it before you go to bed!


David Wood

The Great Alchemist Of The Mind And Body!

P.S.  I’m beginning to develop a tithing program!  Stay tuned my brothers and sisters! I hope you are all liking my enlightened  and powerful revelatory writing I’m getting better am I not or am I now? And younger, right??  Right???

P.P.S  Read this blog daily and please leave a comment from now on whenever you read a post and tell me your thoughts!

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