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Dear Friend,

My intention is to get rich on the internet quickly & surely by remembering each and every single book that I now memorize specifically and only about the way of life and peace and thankfulness and this is the way that the karma of the earth shall stand to rest, because the fish of the sea are making love and then they conceive in their holiness the story of worlds and you now eat what you want and it does nothing negative to you for the LORD hath blessed it!


This is a revelation received by hand concerning prosperity and the event in Las Vegas while having fun with each other writing this with my right hand, then with my left.

The Memory Of The Universe
The Memory Of The Universe

Then shall the people gather round about them and they shall sing songs of both eternal and everlasting prosperity for the day and the hour has come that will eventually result in the resurrection of the dead and the marketers who tell stories in patterns of 3,6,8,5,7,10 shall be blessed more than those who do not , saith the LORD God of Hosts!  And the new paraph begins as the end of the old story ends beginning a fresh chapter with your wife Priscilla Chacon who is who was and who is to come the LION of the Tribe of Judah who isn’t the one who will come yet until she is ready to together with you to restore the nations of Israel and destroy thine enemies with the peace of nations like a LION growling and deciding to rend in pieces a nephilim who was in the past attempting to destroy the Messiah David and the righteousness of nations before they now went into a trance and joined today.The perfect sales letter is a rolling formula of wonder and creating peace and glory because the systems of change are the creations of the almighty God and the creations of the LORD God of Hosts because the destruction of Jerusalem is imminent if my choice and holy people do not repent, saith the LORD God of Hosts!

Because they do not understand my name, nor do they understand my power, nor can they athom my creations, my paradoxes, and the spell of the Mother who in her charming sociopathic power she dances with songs of LOVE and HOLINESS in the Celestial Kingdom because she is the one who because of her Glory she shall walk upon all of the suns in the universe and she shall love thy neighbors as thy self and she shall be born again in the mind and the Messiah David shall once again eternally incarnate on May 17th, 1981 in Fairbanks, Alaska at 4:01 pm Alaska time, the time the morning star aligns!

And the people shall gather around them and they shall sing songs of everlasting joy, peace, salvation, righteousness, and eternities?

Nay, they shall not TRULY sing until the day that I shall arrive in the heavens for for the day of wrath is at hand because she is the one who shall walk through time and He is the one who shall walk through space and together they shall again be friends with the nations of Israel whom shall come together with them at the great and last day of the LORD for the day of the YHVH is at hand!

And WHY shall my people repent on the great and last day?

Yea, because until that day their hearts were hardened and they disbelieved it not until that day did they my holy people repent!

For the Story Of Worlds is The Glory Of Nations  and The Glory Of Queendoms is the favorite book of the LION of the Tribe of Judah for she likes it even better than the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and the Pearl of Great Price combined with the book sealed with 7 seals, divided by 4, the number of Angel, or 11 the number of Gabriel, 2465710 divided by 1 = the number of the Gods!

And when the people are gathered together singing their songs of everlasting joy then what happens is there isn’t any more time to change 4 the Hour of the LORD is at hand, saith God!

Now the people come together again after resting from each other for a long time and ending up in the end of the previous story in the beginning or a new story when they bring the glory of worlds again yet even the glory of worlds cannot be fathomed in comparison to the Glory of Queendoms because at the end of the last story people come together again and like the little children:  win together playing for the very first time for there is no place in the universe nor in their places of rest for their evil has been utterly torn in pieces by LIONS who turn them on their heads: rending them in pieces with none to deliver them. Oh LORD God, have mercy upon thy servant David for he is the end, and also the beginnings of worlds. Selah.

Intention for today is to Glorify the holy name of the Mother and help God quicken the dead and bring them back into the land of the living, being the first that should rise in translation in the modern world.

Plan today is to do martial arts each day on the hour for 5 minutes, sing, dance, math, tell stories, build systems… specifically my blog system must be finished today!

——— end of revelatory writing

So if you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering something like:  What did I just read? Well, you just read a blog that teaches you how to do revelatory writing.

So this in particular was written by hand, left and right hands rotating in patterns like the wax on wax off system in The Karate Kid by obi wan kenobi or whatever that guys name was in the story:  Basically meaning that you interpret the revelation by your own gift of the Holy Spirit as she applies to herself!

So basically what this means is you write your own inspired writings, and you get better at channeling the Holy Spirit, the 7 Spirits of God, and her various manifestations!

The 7 spirits being:  Prophecy, Enchantment, Love, Charity, Giving, Receiving, Authority (or something like that)

So listen in to the podcast and be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel, add me on Facebook, Like Our Kingdom Of Elohim page, and make money at home with your spouse by modeling King David!

The Kingdom Of Elohim
The Kingdom Of Elohim


David Wood

The Prince Of Peace

I <3 Priscilla Chacon, the LION of the Tribe of Judah!!!

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