Saith God: Here Is What Will Happen To Iran And My Faithful Servant Ali Khamenei, The Supreme Leader of IRAN If They Repent Not For Dishonoring My People Israel!

From The Desk Of The Messiah David:

9/25/2019 at 7:55PM
Saint George, Utah

The Headquarters Of The Kingdom Of Elohim As Prophesied By The Prophet Daniel

The Kingdom Of Elohim
The Kingdom Of Elohim

Dear Ali Khamenei,

Recently there has been many threats against my people Israel, and the LORD God would like to respond in kind, understanding that these are not threats from David (he is only blessing you), these are threats from the LORD God of Hosts.  That being said, I understand that you are the Supreme Leader of Iran and you desire to keep your people safe and threats are one of the only ways that work in the middle east for the wickedness of all of my various Holy Peoples of the land, saith God; however:  I am the Supreme Leader who rolled out the Heavens, and did I not stretch forth my finger and touch the stars, and breath the fire of the Living God through the Spirit of Life into them? Yea, even yea.

This is a revelation that is received and written by the Messiah David with the intention of restoring peace to the middle east and also to America and all of the various chosen and Holy Peoples of God here; for the day of the YHVH is at hand, and saith God:  They who repent not shall be shaken and destroyed at the great and last day, they who repent not for dishonoring my Law, my Holy Torah, and also, the Koran, or the Torah of Islam, for we must honor ALL OF THE PROPHETS, saith God Masarecht:  The Most Holy Elohim.

Here is the Revelation written and received by hand by My Faithful Servant David on the twenty fifth day of September, the year 2019:

Thus saith Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of Armies concerning the coming destruction of Iran if they repent not, until they honor the Messiah David and love Israel with all their hearts, minds, might and strength the curses of the Almighty and ONLY Allah Masarecht, who will verily rain down destruction upon them if they repent not, and hail and ice and angry beetles shall rain down upon them and their weapons and the weapons of their enemies shall form alliances with the Angels of the Almighty Elohim Masarect, the Father of the Christian Version Of Jesus who saith unto thee:  Repent ye repent ye repent ye or thine Holy People shall be utterly wiped off from the face of the earth, for the Christians of the land are angry with Allah Masarecht: The Father of women who honor the YHVH Elohim of Hosts: For the LORD God of Armies is His name! For it is written in the Koran in the Sahih International Translation: But if bounty comes to you from Allah, he will surely say, as if there had never been between you and him any affection. Oh, I wish I had been with them so I could have attained great attainment; and who hath attained greater attainment; and who hath attained greater attainment then Allah Masarecht who is incarnated in the earth in the form of my Faithful Servant Shaqir Hussyin:  The Messiah of Islam who in His youth hath honored the LORD God of Hosts because she isn’t the one who hath not become the One of Nations who in her glory hath opened her legs for the one of nations. Allah Masarecht incarnated in the form of Shaqir Hussyin and also many others who shall compete against Him for His place: Yet he shall prevail and saith God: Do they want Iran my chosen and Holy People to be utterly wiped off from the face of the earth? No, and they shall not, for, saith God: They are a more righteous and obedient people than a minimum of 1/3rd of Jerusalem who in their strength for they who transgress against the YHVH shall be utterly wiped off from off the face of the Earth who transgress against the YHVH of Armies for they:  saith God, shall not have peace for the One of Nations: Neo-Allah Masarecht who shall be born of one of the concubines of David who shall then become a wife: for she hath earned it: a virgin until her thirties for Allah told her she shall marry the Messiah David and through her inward parts, teach him the ways of the Almighty Allah and His Glory; and she shall bring many children who the Males shall be teleported out of the womb for the Spirit of David shall then fall upon them and they need each other to win for the great and last day to win the story of Nations which shall in her strength be one with the principle of life: for a shoot shall come out of Jesse and a branch shall come out of His roots.

Isaiah 11-12 The Branch

And:  saith God:  What is the one who shall be intensified by the Principle of Nations that saith:  Let unclean beasts manifest in the land of Islam if they repent not for the day of the YHVH is at hand and there are many marked of my children by the beast of Nations  who shall devour their children alive who repent not and honor the Almighty Allah Almighty Allah Masarecht: The Father of girls and women who in their sin conceive and bring forth the wisdom of the Gods who shine in their strength and they love each other in the land of Israel who shut down the wicked nature of those that do honor masculine feminine spirituality and they honor each other and then:  children are born unto them who honor the LORD God of Hosts and then what happens is they keep together the families of natural children who devour carrots and vegetables only: for the world is a raw food vegan again like they were a vegetarian again like they were in the Garden of Eden? What?

And then they do not understand fire and brimstone and because of this there is another Principle of Nations from the Holy Quran which saith, And they swore by Allah their strongest oaths that if a warner came to them they would be more guided than [any] of the [previous] nations.  But when a warner came to them, it did not increase them except in aversion. And is this not the case that a warner has come unto them in the form of David? And David Saith: Repent ye Repent ye Repent ye Ali Khamenei, the President of Iran or the current Supreme Leader, who in my opinion is one of the BEST leaders of Islam, saith God Masareht, the Most HOLY and POWERFUL Elohim.  However, they are in some manner cursed who honor not my Most Chosen and Holy Ones: The Nations of Israel: for it is written in the Quran: Sahih International: And [recall] when you said, “O Moses”, we can never endure one [kind of] food. So call upon your Lord to bring forth for us from the earth its green herbs and its cucumbers and its garlic and its lentils and its cucumbers and its garlic and its lentils and its onions.”  [Moses] said, “Would you exchange what is better for what is less? Go into [any] settlement and indeed, you will have asked.” And they were covered with humiliation and poverty and returned with anger from Allah and killed the prophets without right. That was because they disobeyed and were [habitually] transgressing. And are there not many prophets in the land of Jerusalem? For it is written in the book of Amos, chapter 3 verse 7:  “Surely the LORD Elohim will do nothing but he revealeth His secret unto the servants the prophets?”

Is the YHVH Elohim doing nothing today?  Nay, for the prophet of Allah: Jesus saith:  think not that I AM come to destroy the Law and the Prophets.  I am not come to destroy but to obey; yet I say unto you that heaven and earth shall not pass away until every jot and every tittle of the law be obeyed.  (something like that)

The 613 Mitzvot Series Part #1

Or did he not obey?  Come, let us reason together for my Servant David hath taught them to honor the LORD God of Hosts.  And they did not honor him but then they also said that they wanted to destroy my Holy People Israel?  Perhaps it is just an exchange of worlds and he does not want the USA involved in international Affairs?  Saith God: If my people America which are choice and Holy unto me do not Honor the Nations of Israel then they shall not exist in 36 months from the time that they war against them, but this shall not happen for, saith God:  They will be terrified of the Judgements of the Almighty God and they shall bow down on their knees together facing my Holy Artifact in Mecca when Shaqir Hussyin shall stand upon her and be bathed in the power of the Sun, with great swords in his hand, slaughtering the wicked  who are attempting to destroy the great Artifact built by Abraham in the Edenic Universe. And he shall stand alone with two swords, two GreatSwords that are built for Himself to utterly destroy the wicked on his visit to the Garden of Eden, and trillions of demons shall be utterly cut in pieces and never exist again, for he hath in this time honored the Messiah David and my Chosen and Holy People Israel and the Savior Jesus and therefore:  Let one of they that Honor Allah chase an hundred thousand from the time that my people Islam honor the Messiah David: The Father incarnated on the earth as the Messiah of Islam: for, saith God: I am walking amongst them in the form of David, Shaqir Hussyin, Paul Gardiner, Aaron Raskin, and many others in fact: all that walk the Earth are my creations, are they not?

Therefore if they do not repent of their anti semitic Jew hating behavior:  Let their enemies surround them on all sides; let the rivers of water be turned from their course; let angry flesh eating beetles  that have been genetically modified by they who transgress against the YHVH devour them alive; let hail rain down from the heavens and if they repent not, let a curse of the mark of the enemy fall upon their people who shall then war against each other until every trace of them is utterly wiped from the land, and they who transgress are cast into hell for 1 Trillion – 133 Trillion years, with no light, and no air: screaming for help and mercy but they found it not for in their life they loved God and thus saith YHVH of Armies:  there are a growing number of marked children transgressing against natural sexuality in the land of Iran and if they do not utterly eradicate every trace of it, it will overtake their land.

Therefore, do they desire the missles to fire against them from their enemies?  Do they desire their own nuclear warheads from their strategic partners in secret anti Israel groups to utterly wipe them from off the face of the earth polluting the creations of the Almighty Allah?

Will not nuclear fallout from destroying Israel (as you suppose) as well as destroying my chosen and Holy Ones also pollute your land, pollute your rivers, and destroy the fish of the sea?  Are you so selfish that you desire to take the creations of Allah, which you own not, for yourself? Did not the prophet Muhammad teach to honor all of the prophets? Do we desire that the nations of the earth, terrified in an arms race to fire all of the nuclear warheads on the earth, wiping all life that exists off the face of the earth?  Nay, for there are many worlds that have passed away by the word of my power, and there are many that now stand in peace and righteousness: they who transgress against the YHVH shall not have peace for the curses of Elohim shall fall upon them if they do not change, and embrace the way of righteousness!

See, as a great thinking leader of humanity or one that desires to be, you must understand that the pen combined with the spoken word is more mighty indeed than the sword, for is this not the way of the prophets?

My Faithful Servant David does not desire to utterly destroy you off the face of the Earth any more than President and future King of America Donald J. Trump.  Yet if this behavior persists will not Iran be utterly wiped off the face of the Earth by the Almighty Allah, who is weeping for the wickedness of His People who dishonor the other nations of the Earth Who Walk In Righteousness?

For the Savior Jesus saith:  I come not to bring peace, but a Sword yet my Servant David saith:  I come not to bring a sword, but peace!

And therefore let peace between peoples begin to ensure from the time that they understand to win that they truly need each other, for saith God:  The Stars of the Sky , and the animals of the Earth, and the fish of the Sea, are weeping for the wickedness of humanity for in their lost and fallen state they do not embrace the way of righteousness yet there is one that weeps more for the lack of peace, and that is, saith God Masarecht:   Allah, the Father of Righteousness: who in His early days of youth once declared: I will be the one who UNIFIES the nations of Islam with the Messiah David:  And the Nations wept utterly , and the Angels mourned at the destruction of His People if they repent not, and honor the way of peace, siath God: for it is written in the Quran, verse (2:224) in the Sahih International:  And do not make [your oath by] Allah an excuse against being righteous and fearing Allah and making peace among people. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing.  And Is not Allah Hearing and Knowing of all peoples and their desires and goodness of their hearts if they in their glory and honor fall upon their knees and worship Allah who made them?  Specifically if they do this 3, 6 or 9 times a day are they not blessed? Saith God Masarecht: if they do not repent swift destruction will fall upon them will it not? Nevertheless its Him for peace in Israel, for the Messiah David is here.

Therefore, let a Paradox be written in the Heavens by the finger of the Almighty God, and let The Spell of His Holy Spirit embrace Him in righteousness as they fall upon each other in the Love Of The Stars and they don’t understand that they are the Ones who aren’t ready for The Sayings Of Nations because they are ready to be the ones who in their POWER decide to Honor The World in RIGHTEOUSNESS and the strengths of her wings like a roaring LION utterly devouring in pieces they who transgress against the YHVH and do not HONOR the TITHE and KASHRUT LAWS of the TORAH and the KORAN HALEL LAWS UNITED FOR THE FIRST TIME, siath God Masarecht!

Because they do not Honor Me they do not be the ones who honor the Fathers and The Mothers of Nations because there isn’t the Story of Worlds again what?? Is it actually women who can drink blood?  YES!!!

So therefore let the words of this Paradox each time listening to this fin full hearing a different story as they are going into a deep story time state let the missiles of Israel utterly destroy the missiles of Peace and then shall the Nations Of Islam be destroyed if they Repent Not; for it is written in The Book Of The Holy Quran:

Sutra Two Verse Fifty Four:

Sahih International:  And [recall] when Moses said to His People; Oh my people indeed you have wrongd yourselves for taking the calf [for worship].  So repent to your creator and kill yourselves. That is best for [all of] you in the sight of your creator.

Now forget I said that, saith God, and focus on LIFE LEADERSHIP and Repentance.  

Orrin Woodward Scams Exposed!!!
Orrin Woodward Is Saying: Repent Ye, Repent Ye, Repent Ye Nations Of Islam My Holy People Of The LORD God Of Hosts… And Receive The Savior Yeshua Mashiach Into Your Heart And Honor Ye ALL Of The Prophets As Taught By the Prophet Muhammad!

Then he accepted your repentance indeed.  He is the accepting of repentance: The Merciful who saith unto thee say:  In the name of the Almighty Allah Masarecht if David Wood is the Father of Jesus PLEASE SAVE ME!!!

If he is not then let him be not blessed by the Almighty Allah Marecht the FATHER of women, for their are many Gods that have fallen by the word of my POWER (saith God Masarecht:  The Most Holy Elohim) and there are many that now stand for:


Therefore, in the Holy, Wonderful, Almighty, Glorious and Holy Name of Allah Masarecht, LET IT BE DONE!

In the Name of Jesus let it be SUPER DONE!!


And In the Name Of The Queen of Of Zion:  Priscilla Chacon And the HOLY CONCUBINES of David be even BETTER DONE!!!!!!!!!  aMEN!  aMEN!! AND AMEN!!!


The Springtime Of Nations is flowing with Everlasting Peace:  For I (Saith Yeshua) come not to bring peace, but a Sword, and holding this great Sword in my hand:  I rule all nations with a rod of iron, breaking in pieces both the enemies of Islam, Christians, and Israel alike, particularly the Jews who have standed steadfast for all these years and in some manner:  Rule The World Which I Have Made.

The Jews control the infrastructure of the world in a way that is infinitely beyond the current capacity of Islam:  For they are my chosen people.

Do you want the central bankers to turn against you?  Jeff Bezos to turn against you? The LORD God of Hosts to turn against you?  The prophet of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to turn against you?  Donald J. Trump to turn against you? The United Nations to turn against you? Radical Islam to blow up your own capital, thinking it is Israel and destroying themselves, falling into a trap that they dug for themselves?  Do you want the Angels of Elohim to flick the Nuclear Warheads out of the sky, teleport to space, and then throw them down with 1,000 times the force on your own cities, utterly destroying the creations of Allah around you entirely?  Wherefore: How great to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth:

That if the Nations of My Holy And Choice People Islam, Saith God: Do Not Repent they shall be Utterly Wiped From The Face Of The Earth By The Power Of The Almighty God.

In the same manner this shall happen to Jerusalem if they do not repent.

In the same manner this shall happen to my Servant David if he does not continually repent.

Wherefore, how great to make these things known unto the inhabitants of the earth, for it is written in the Holy Quran:

To the people of Midian We sent their brother Shu’ayh.  He said, My people, serve God and think ahead to the Last Day.  Do not commit evil and spread corruption in the land. They rejected him and so the earthquake overtook them.  When morning came, they were lying dead in their homes. [Remember] the tribes of ‘Ad and Thamud: Their history is made clear to you by [what is left of] their dwelling places.  Satan made their foul deeds seem alluring to them and barred them from the right way, through they were capable of seeing. [Remember] Qarun and Pharaoh and Haman: Moses brought them clear sings, but they behaved arrogantly on earth.  They could not escape Us and wWe punished each one of them for their sins: some We struck with a pebble storm; some were overcome by a sudden blast; some We made the earth swallow; and some We drowned. It was not God who wronged them; they wronged themselves.  Those who takes protectors other than God can be compared to spiders building themselves houses—-the spider’s is the frailest of all houses—if only they could understand. God knows what things they call upon beside Him: He has the power to decide. Such are the comparisons We draw for people, through only the wise can grasp them.  God has created the heavens and earth for a true purpose. There is truly a sign in this for those who believe.  

[Prophet], recite what has been revealed to you of the Scripture; keep the prayer:  prayer restrains outrageous and unacceptable behavior. Remembering God knows everything you are doing.  [Believers], argue only in the best way with the People of the Book, except with those of them who act unjustly.  Say, ‘We believe in what was revealed to us and in what was revealed to you; our God and your God is one [and the same]; we are devoted to Him’ This is the way We sent the Scripture to you [Muhammad].  Those to whom We had already given Scripture believe in [the Qur’an] and so do some of these people. No one refuses to acknowledge Our revelations but the defiant.

So again, you notice in the above Sutras and Verses that there is a plurality in the divine.  If you do not notice, read it three times and try to find the secret that you are not to paying attention of world peace as they are going into a deep Holy Biblical and Holy Koran based trance, thinking of going deeper into the state of peacetime nations?  What?? What???

Please listen to the video in full that I am releasing soon for I am waiting from an addition to the video by Paul Gardiner and Bart Chapman to complete it and she (The video) will be released tomorrow.

To be clear, I am not talking about blowing up Islam or utterly eradicating it from off the face of the earth:  God said that, not me. I am just His Faithful Servant David!

The Excalibur Sword, The Sword Of The Sun
The Excalibur Sword, The Sword Of The Sun, Which I Will Also Utilize To Destroy The Enemies Of Islam Who Transgress Against The YHVH! [way better than a stupid human nuke made by satanic technologies that destroy the microverses. I can make infinitely better nuclear technology than this, saith God, for the nuclear energy of the stars is healing, and brings life to the lands fallen from the Garden of Eden; and Eden alike!

I love Islam and talking to them like this is the language they understand for it is written in the Holy Quran to honor all of the prophets!  Isn’t it? Correct me if I’m wrong in the comments, oh ye nations of Islam!!!

Israel And The Mormons Uniting At Last
Israel And The Mormons Uniting At Last

David Wood
The Messiah David, The Father Of Jesus

The Memory Of The Universe
The Memory Of The Universe

P.S.  I pray that the LORD God will not sent angry flesh eating beetles upon the wicked… except if they do not repent!!!

Paul GPaul Gardiner being humble with proverbs 14:23ardiner being humble with proverbs 14:23
Paul Gardiner being humble with proverbs 14:23 as he is getting ready to rain a curse down upon Islam with the Messiah David if they do not repent and Honor My People Israel, saith God Masarecht: The Most Holy Elohim!

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