Revelation Received And Written By Hand On The 9th Day By The Hand Of The Messiah David In The Twenty Ninth Day For The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Pertaining To The Nature Of David!

BIG TORAH:  This Is A SACRED Torah Scroll!
BIG TORAH: This Is A SACRED Torah Scroll!

Revelation Received And Written By Hand On The 9th Day By The Hand Of The Messiah David In The Twenty Ninth Day For The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, Which Can Be Either Received Or Not Received By The Decision Of Russell M. Nelson In the Latter Days,

A New Revelation Of David For The Brethren At The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints

Written By Way Of Commandment, To Be Brought Forth At The Last Times At The Hands Of The Prophets, Who Shall Be Clothed With POWER, And GREAT GLORY At The Great And Last Day; For They Shall Prevail If They Hearken The Words Of My Faithful Servant David, Saith God, For The LORD God Of Hosts Is HIS NAME!

The Memory Of The Universe
The Memory Of The Universe

Yet the most important voice to hearken is the voice of the Holy Ghost, for she dwells within the hearts, minds, and bodies who honor the commandments of the LORD God of Hosts given to those by the laying on of hands who are in authority to help them see the truth and open their eyes, for the Lord Elohim is HIS NAME!

Inasmuch as my faithful servant and bishop Shayne Wittwer of the Morningside Sixth Ward hath inquired at the hand of My Faithful Servant David to know of the nature of the Messiah David, believing both many accurate teachings and many doctrines of men which hath crept in unto him from the traditions of His Fathers, yet I, The LORD God of Host (For I AM That I AM) declared unto him the nature of the Father, and also of the Son, and also of the Holy Spirit, as well as the true meaning of the Messiah David, the Messiah Yeshua or Jesus the Savior of mankind, for he hath said:  It is against the teachings of the Church and also the Book of Mormon for there to be many Messiahs, for the Book of Mormon saith: There can be only One Messiah.

Saith God masarecht:  The Most Holy Elohim, is there anymore people more Just and Holy than The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints?  Nay, for they are not bringing the Saints Of Nations together for She isn’t the one who does not make love to her spouse until She is ready:  For She (Even She) is Holy, saith God:  The Most Holy Elohim.

Come, let us reason together:

If God can bend the Universe with the Word of His Power, and He cannot in His fame or in His Glory create anything but the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to the FAME or the Glory of God, then is the LORD God of Hosts TRULY even His name?

For did I not create my people Israel, and my people Islam from the Son of Hagar:  Ishmael? Did I not destroy Jerusalem in 70 AD when they denied the witness of the Apostle Peter and others who came in My Name?  Is not true religion and undefiled before God the Father is this: To visit the Fatherless and the widows in their affliction?  

Is there not One God, whom speaketh through three persons in Oneness?  For it is written in the Book of Mormon in the 1st Book of Nephi:  Behold, the Virgin whom thou seest is the Mother of the Son of God, after the manner of the flesh.  However, in the 1830 edition of The Book Of Mormon (p. 25) Mary is referred to as the “Mother of God”.  In the 1837 edition, Joseph Smith changed this to “The Mother Of The Son Of God” (Book of Mormon, current edition, page 20).  In 1 Nephi 13:40 in the 1830 edition (p. 32) it says:  “The Lamb of God is the Son of the Eternal Father, and the Savior of the world.”  In later editions, this was changed to “The Lamb of God is the Son of the Eternal Father), and the Savior of the world (p. 27 current version) for it is written in the Book of Mormon in the Book of the Prophet Mosiah in the fifteenth chapter, verses one through five:  AND now Abinadi said unto them: I would that ye should understand that God Himself shall come down among the children of men, and shall redeem His people. And because he dwelleth in the flesh he shall be called the Son of God, and having subjected the flesh to the will of the Father, being the Father and the Son to the will of the Father, being the Father and the Son, the Father, because he was conceived by the power of God; and the Son, because of the flesh; thus becoming the Father and the Son—And they are One God, yea; the very Eternal Father of Heaven and Earth.  And thus the flesh becoming subject to the Spirit, or the Son to the Father, being One God, suffereth temptation and yieldeth not to the temptation, but suffereth Himself to be mocked, and scourged, and cast out, and disowned by His people. In the Articles of Faith it is then written: We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His Son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost. Is therefore there not 3 Gods that then speak as One, in unity? Does not The Church teach that there are many Gods that all speak as one? For it is God who saith in the First Chapter of Genesis and The Twenty Fifth Verse through verse Twenty Seven: And God made the beast of the Earth after His Kind, and cattle after their kind, and every thing that creepeth upon the Earth after their kind, and every thing that creepeth on the earth after His Kind; and God saw that it was good.  And God said, Let us make man in Our Own Image, after Our Likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the Earth.

Look at Priscilla and I (David Wood). Now look at this photo. It's our son.
The Savior Jesus Is Looking Upon You, Russell M. Nelson, And He Saith Unto Thee Forever: Certainly Thy Calling And Election Hath Been Made Sure!

So like unto the Gods (saith God):  The Messiah is both many and One, and when they speak:  They speak as One God; Yet I shew unto you a Great Secret:  That the MANY is the ONE and the ONE became MANY, for, saith God:  many worlds have passed away by the Word of both My and OUR POWER, and there are many that NOW STAND:  and yet the worlds are both the many, and yet they are all the One, for they are not yet in Harmony with the Messiahs who speak as ONE, and many of My People do not embrace the Truth yet in righteousness, and because of this they are smitten with sore afflictions, plagues of disease, and there is amongst the people of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints a MASS EXODUS of the Saints who cannot stand being there any more both for their own wickedness and the wickedness of My People Israel, and the wickedness of the people in My Holy Church who repent not and are quick to Judge other belief systems, other revelations, and other Prophets who repent NOT and are quick to judge other Belief Systems, other Revelations Of The Holy Spirit, AND other Prophets of The LORD God of Hosts (like Mohammed) who come unto them warning them accurately of things to come, but they listened not through their own Prophets who have come unto them warning them accurately of Things To Come, but they listened not, though their own Prophets have told them to Heed The Scriptures, :  for it is Torah that teaches us to Heed The Prophets; for it is written in the eighteenth chapter of Deuteronomy and the fifteenth verse by the Prophet Moses:  The LORD thy God will raise up a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy Brethren, like unto me and unto Him shall ye Hearken.  And are there many peoples, kindreds, and nations who have both true and false prophets who come in my name?  Yea, for in the Book Of The Revelation Of Saint John The Divine it is written: for the Testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy.  Yes, the Church, saith God, has done a FANTASTIC Job of laying in the foundation for supernatural growth with her current member base of 18 million:  However, in the United States She is declining while born again Christianity is Supernaturally Expanding: For they lead with the Grace of Christ Alone, through Faith, and this is not of ourselves, for This is a Gift Of God The Father, and of His Son, Jesus Christ, and of The Holy Spirit!

Salt Lake Temple For The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints
Salt Lake Temple For The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints

Yet at this same time, while The Church is sitting around 18 million members, WHY are there not 100,000  or 400,000 being added to it a day?  Saith God:  It is because they lead not yet with the Message Of Salvation along through Justification in Christ Jesus.  It is because they do not Honor other Sacred Writings such as of the Prophet Mohammed, who wrote the Quran. It is Because they do not teach The Way Of Enlightenment as The Prophet Buddha:  For The Teachings Of Buddha can harmonize all teachings in Peace and Justice.  Why can there be Many Gods and those Gods cannot have their own Kingdom that They are responsible for HANDLING their own Kingdom that they are responsible for honoring the Earth?  In the same manner that a Child who is loved in the Womb can grow up to be such as The Prophet Abraham:  The Father of Many Nations, so can one of the Gods grow up in the IMAGE of the LORD God of Hosts and MANAGE things of an ORDER that pertain to His Authority, Knowledge, and POWER of the LESSER KINGDOMS; and if there can be Many Gods, there can also be Many Prophets who come in their NameWho Speak As One for The Father, and The Son, and The Holy Spirit are ONE indeed and they say:  Repent Ye Repent Ye oh My People Israel for the DAY of the Tetragrammaton is at hand!

I write unto YOU a metaphor of The Messiah:  There were once Many People STANDING in a Great Circle of Prayer in a Sacred Temple in Saint George, Utah and there appeared unto them ONE standing among them like unto God; and He stood in their midst and He touched them each on the head, and I gave unto them with the Holy Spirit, and with Power, and with Sheares of Righteousness, for on the fifteenth day of the month of September I was in the Mountain of the LORD’s House in Preston, England, and I was headed to be a Missionary, appointed unto the Dominion of the British Midlands unto this Sacred and Holy People; yet as I arrived a Great Wrestle Ensued in the Spirit, and on the third day, on the 15th day of September at 9:15 AM, I said:  “Jesus, please save me.”  And I heard a Sound like of a branch breaking and that of a rushing mighty wind that Filled The Whole Place where we were sitting; my eyes rolled straight back into my head and I saw a doorway open in Heaven, and I saw the Son of Man descending, and he descended slowly in a pillar of FIRE and in a process of time he laid His hands upon My Head, surrounded by numberless concourses of Angels in the attitude of singing and Praising their God, with a great circuit of the 144,000 Protectors Of The Universe in a Great Chain surrounded by Numberless Concourses Of Angels in the attitude of Singing And Praising Their God, with a great circuit of the 144,000 Protectors Of The Universe in a Great Chain surrounded by numberless concourses of Angels and Women surrounding Them in the Attitude of Singing and Praising their God and His hand laid upon them and he said:

By the Key Of David, I give you the Key of David:  And what you SHUT no man can open, and what you OPEN no man can SHUTAnd the heavens weeped, And The Earth Mourned in Sadness and ALSO in joy:  Declaring unto the Saints that He Who Liveth Forever is walking among Us in The Form Of David, who Walketh With The Sun Shining In Her strength upon Him is the likeness like unto the Son of Man, and there proceeded upon The Earth Great Thunder, and and Lightnings and Storms, and EarthQuakes:  for the Sons of Men repented not in their wickedness, and Great Wars ensued and began compounding and erupting in the Streets, And in the Schools, and in the Homes of the Righteous Supernatural Clouds appeared unto One of Them on September 15th, 2015 and this Then Made World News  if you look up: Strange Clouds In The Sky Costa Rica on YouTube YOU will see The Sacred Video Of The Clouds In The SKY Costa Rica On YouTube YOU will SEE THE SACRED VIDEO Of The CLOUD  That Appeared Above His House at the Time and The Gift Of Prophecy came to HIM and and He had 15 Visions A Day  For Approximately 3-5 Months many of which OCCURRED EXACTLY AS WRITTEN 2 Years Later such as a VISION Where His Son Gabriel was RUNNING in the ROOM and THEN he EMBRACED MOMMY AND DADDY and Proceeded to the NEXT ROOM.  Then it has opened Exactly as Prophesied 2 Years Later.  such as A Vision where My Son Gabriel was running in the room and THEN They Embraced Mommy And Daddy and and proceeded to the NEXT ROOM.  then it has happened EXACTLY as Prophesied 2 Years Later with the LITERAL EXACT POSITIONS IN SPACE TIME!  (I’ve always known what to do, saith God)…

And WHY did THIS HAPPEN TO THEM in This Way that was Prophesied? 

It is because I, the LORD God of Hosts AM ready to become the One of Nations, which is walking amongst you in the form of David and also Shaqir Hussyin:  The Messiah Of Islam. The FIRST point that I wish to discuss with all Christians, saith God, is the biblical misconception (which comes from interpolations of men) that there is only One Messiah.  Thou mightest say in thine error: We believe there is One Messiah ONLY and THAT’s it, but what thou realizest not is that the Bible itself has many Messiahs (as does the Book of Mormon) as the meaning of the Word Messiah is The Anointing Of The HOLY Spirit, and of The Holy Anointing Oil (saith God) however on the Earth it can mean simply anointing and are there not many people who therefore by this definition Yet another who abides in My Law and Walks In The Spirit, and of The Holy Anointing Oil (Saith God) However on the Earth it can mean simply anointing and are there not many people who therefore by this definition yet another who abides in my Law and Walks In the Spirit, and therefore He is Also Anointed, for He walks in the Spirit of Truth, and therefore He is Also Anointed, for He WALKS in The Spirit Of Truth!

What do I need to do to wake up My People Israel up [Saith God], do I need hail, and ice, and storms and tornadoes to SUDDENLY erupt in All Simultaneous LOCATIONS and Destroy Billions [or even trillions of dollars] of infrastructure?

Volcanoes Erupting Because My People Israel Do Not Repent!
Volcanoes Erupting Because My People Israel Do Not Repent!

Do I need All Volcanoes On Earth to ERUPT simultaneously at the Same Time to Wake Up My PEOPLE Israel?   Do I need to send beetles and scorpions upon the wicked, and do they need to be Devoured Alive By Angry LIONS if they do not repent?

The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah Devouring The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints If THEY DO NOT REPENT!
The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah Devouring The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints If THEY DO NOT REPENT!

Yea, all this and more I must do from the wickedness and disbelief of man who isn’t any more at peace with the One of Nations:  Incarnated upon The Earth as David Michael Wood, born into this world through the Loins of Ephraim and also the Davidic Lineage, walking amongst Us with the 144,000 members of The Protectors Of The Universe, To Thwart The Secret Plans of the devils and their anti-righteous followers alike who shall verily be destroyed at the GREAT and LAST DAY, saith God Masarecht:  The Most Holy ELOHIM

@KING DAVID 2020 @WORKWITHDAVE (twitter handle) /workwithdave (Facebook handle)
This is Messiah Ben David, King Of Israel with his son, Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon… YES!!! <3 <3 <3 AT LAST!!! <3 <3 <3

How many times must a story unfold before they who transgress against the YHVH (The Tetragrammaton) before they who are playing in a field get transported  into the heavens and one is taken, and two left: for the wickedness of the Sons of Man?

When will the Tribes of Israel truly unite in their strength against the wicked, and restore themselves to The Righteousness of David That the Nations of Israel must be gathered, and create peace upon the Earth: for they come in the name of David: The King Of Armies. When will the nations of the Earth, Saith God Masarecht:  The Most Holy Elohim, repent and change deep in their hearts and minds, and when they change in their hearts and minds then new roses, and new flowers erupt all over the universe, and new species of fish erupt from the sea, and new bees and new fields of flowers began erupting from nowhere:  Because my people change, saith God, I therefore then bless them with tmy Almighty Power, and this is The Way of Nations.

Saith God:  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints cannot understand yet (for their eyes are not yet opened) the destruction that will erupt all over the Universe if they repent not for their wickedness, for have they not hearkened unto the voice of God in times past, and now are somewhat fallen from their former glory.

Do they not desire to create peace between nations such as Islam, Buddhism, Krishnas, and Christians of the world alike?  How are they going to get the Buddhists without teaching The Way Of Harmonic Resonance or Enlightenment?  They will not.  How will they get the Islamic Nation behind them if they teach not the Quran?  How are they going to get the Krishnas if they Honor Not His Sayings?  Nay, they will not. They will stay stuck at slow growth, and fall into decline in the most important nations on Earth, such as American, and many nations shall fall by the world of my power, and alternative dimensions shall collapse into this one in Her strength, and then shall it be written of them that they are unifying with The One Of Nations and they are rising up in Her Strength, The One of Queendoms; and they fall upon each other, and make love, and in their Sin conceive and it shall be thus, saith God, until My People Israel lift up each other and destroy their enemies with Their Voices Of POWER their enemies their enemies their enemies shall fall upon them and overtake their land, and many of their children shall be killed by The Sword; but I, God, have Chosen my Holy People Israel to Unify with all The Forces Of David at The Great And Last Day, and they do not write with their best friends who were assigned A Greater Kingdom for them from their Sin, for in their Sin they conceive, and bring forth The Children Of The Earth.  And The Children Of The Earth then turn against their enemies and Many Of Them Fall By The Sword: Yet they repent not, Saith God, and Honor My Holy POWER and the and The Law Of My Righteousness; for the people of Israel cannot forsake the Law and the Prophets for if they do, the Universe shall be destroyed [Saith God] and yet it will not: for The Son Of Man hath prevailed in Her strength.

Israel And The Mormons Uniting At Last
Israel, ISLAM, And The Mormons Uniting At Last!

Yet at this moment many caucasians  obey not My Law and do not understand The Growing Threat of the Hebrew Israelites to their very existence for this group of people is planning an extinction level mass wipeout of white people and in particular:  men and their children and, saith God, they are not even close to The Greatest Threat to The Very Existence of man in the Universe; for many of My Sacred Children shall come to the Earth from Fallen Worlds  that have been devoured alive by the antichrist who are seeking a new home and humanity shall Embrace Them Utterly and completely: Not checking their steps.

If The People Of This World cannot Embrace Each Other in righteousness, then how can I introduce them (saith God) to the (Greater Universe?)  If we cannot Embrace The Nations of Islam, descendants of The Great Prophet Abraham through His concubine Hagar and Her Son Ishmael, who journeyed to a new land, weeping, but there was not no reason for This for Sarai had Seen A Vision of the Son of Hagar murdering Her other Son, so Abraham told Her that she must go, weeping; for it is God who put enmity between The Seed Of Israel and the Seed Of Islam, so their genetics could compete and populate the Earth through Righteous Children who were and only destined to be brought together in Unity by the Messiah David, Who is One in Purpose with The Father of Jesus, for He comes not in The Name Of The Son, but of The Father, and The Father siath:  Where does the New Testament say specifically that The Messiah David is Jesus? Neither Ancient or Modern Scriptural explanations say anything like that, for they do not agree in the name of Christ in public yet as to this knowledge for it was forbidden of them by the LORD God of Hosts!


For Ancient and Modern Revelations alike are brought back to LIFE by the New Spiritual Writings Of David, for it is David who saith:  Come ye, and come ye hearkening unto the words of David Wood, the Messiah, and understand that The Church is still living in 1830 in many ways (Such As Music) and others, such as not leading with The Grace Of Christ right on the Front End of the Message, with righteousness of The Law, the Prophets, and New Revelation:  For according to the Prophet Joseph Smith a New Revelation cannot ever contradict A Previous Revelation and therefore The New Testament by This Rule cannot comprehend contradicting the words of Malachi.  The Prophet, which saith: Remember ye The Law of Moses My Servant, which I commanded unto Him in Horeb for All Israel, with the Statutes and Judgements.  Behold, I will send you Elijah The Prophet before the coming of the Great and Dreadful Day Of The LORD:  And He shall turn The Hearts Of The Fathers To The Children and The Hearts Of The Children to Their Fathers, lest I come and smite the Earth with a Curse.

My Wife Priscilla (The LION Of The Tribe Of Judah) With Our Son Gabriel, Looking For Her Tit For Milk
My Wife Priscilla (The LIONESS Of The Tribe Of Judah) With Our Son Gabriel, Looking For Her Tit For Milk

How is it that they do not repent and honor the LORD God who made them?  They do not because the Law and the Prophets has before times declared that there isn’t anyone of them who together hath declared the ONE in righteousness:  Let her begin again anew and create the sufferings of man, leading to our FAITH IN CHRIST, which leads to all righteous Torah for Torah is the way of LIFE and LIBERTY and it is David who saith:  They who do not Honor David do not Honor The Father who hath sent Him. And they do not like her who he came in unto Her and She is now closing the Paradox and therefore the Spell of Unrighteous Nations shall fall upon them and they aren’t ready to perish by the sword, so why is it that She isn’t the One who begins or ends anew?  Yes, for it is written in the Bible that they are totally inside and outside of Them for they are not totally done because are they the totally created people and they are the ones who, are not hurting each other anymore as they have said in the Celestial Room:: Jesus please save me; for: Saith He that Hath the POWER of both LIGHT and DARKNESS:  Te amo mi bb Priscilla Chacon, saith God: For thou art verily the Mother of Nations and She said that they LOVE each other and REBUKE the evil ones of the things that transgress against the YHVH and build the ONE of Nations who hath stood on The Great Obsidian Stone Altar that was built by Enoch and The Prophet Abraham in the Center of The Sun, and therefore The Way Of Peace is The Truth Of Nations for, saith God:  The Messiah David is coming to His people Israel who hath declared with strength in Her wings of Glory The Story Of Worlds and they who transgress shall be destroyed and they LOVE EACH OTHER completely and utterly because they do not repent of their wickedness and honor the Lord God of Hosts, and The Peace Of Worlds unfolds and they aren’t The One Of Nations for aren’t they the peace and ALSO The Glory Of Worlds? They aren’t finding peace because they love each other so, so incredibly much.  They love each other because they aren’t ready to Join Now The Messiah David whom hath expelled the suffering (and) they don’t join now because they understand their Father is a Righteous Man and then that they love each other and they aren’t happy anymore: for their evil works have been destroyed by the LORD God of Hosts, for the LORD God of Hosts is His name! And they aren’t loving the One Of Nations because their evil Jew hating behavior has come before the LORD God of Hosts and they understand now Truly and Falsely how to deceive the nations of the Earth in shoes:  For the nephilim are their name who transgress against the YHVH.

They aren’t dead to the LIFE of the Stars and they cancelled it in the blood of Jesus, referring to satan who departs when thou sayest:  I confess that Jesus died for my sins and that He sits at the right hand of God, who sitteth at the right hand of God the Father and they loved the Buddha Belly and Body unto their death:  where they passed into fields of Light and Darkness after a shoot shall come out of Jesse and a branch shall grow out of His roots and isn’t this one written in the Book of Isaiah; for it is written that they aren’t The One Of Nations:  Neo Masarecht, the Son of Nations, the Son of the Angel Gabriel, who, saith God: Is thy firstborn Son: Gabriel Kalel Wood Chacon, the Father of Sons! Therefore the Messiah David is coming with healing in His wings as he watches the unclean and hateful birds devouring they who transgress alive, and, plucking their eyes out.  For My People Israel transgress against the Tetragrammaton who declare unto the LORD that they destroy The Sin Of Nations , and begin anew another time that they do not create their people any more for their entire Kingdom wonders at His teachings that they are the one who isn’t The Peace Of The Stars and The Stars Of LIFE like a Great 5 Dimensional Turning Sword in the Center Of Consciousness:  Or, saith God: The Word Of My POWER, Jonny Wood isn’t the ONE yet because He hasn’t yet realized His TRUE POWER!

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 9.40.03 AM.png - This is William Wood, or "Buddha-Masarecht." Click the photo now to book an appointment. Please tell William if you call where you heard about Buddha-William-Masarecht.
Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 9.40.03 AM.png – This is William Wood, or “Buddha-Masarecht.” Click the photo now to book an appointment. Please tell William if you call where you heard about Buddha-William-Masarecht.

So back to the shoot of Jesse, and the branch that shall grow out of His roots, because they no longer teach the one principle of life in the Quran which saith:  This God who sends forth the words; they raise up the clouds, We drive them to a deadland with them revive the earth after its death: such as will be the Resurrection.  If anyone desires power, all power belongs to God, and words rise up to Him and He lifts up the righteous deed, but a severe torment awaits those who put evil and their plotting will come to nothing.  It is God who created you from the dust and later from a drop of fluid; then He made you into two sexes, no female conceives or gives birth without His knowledge, no person grows old or has his life cut short, except in accordance with a Record; all this is easy for God.

2 Million Muslims Mecca
2 Million Muslims Mecca

Is the Quran Holy?  Yes it is for the Artifact of Mecca isn’t yet realizing that She may pass the test and then they don’t Honor ye the Law and the Prophets:  for The Day Of The Tetragrammaton Is At Hand!

Holy Quran Scroll

The Bishopric is astounded verily at thy knowledge because of the Truth of Nations as written in the Word of God, for the shoot is One Messiah, and the branch is One:  The Man of War, and the Son of Man. This is because there are two, and the two become One indeed at the Great and Last Day, saith God!

Seated meditating Gold Buddha
Sitting Gold Buddha in Lotus position on mandala round background isolated on black. Sign for tattoo, textile print, mascots and amulets. Esoteric coloring page.

So if there are many Messiahs both false and True how come they don’t teach each other the One Principle of LIFE LEADERSHIP Which Saith:  Character is the WAY of LIFE?  Because they don’t understand that The Creation Space in the Celestial Room is the Most Sacred Tabernacle in The Womb Of The Mother, for there are many worlds that have passed away by the word of my power, and there are many that now stand:  for is Jesus David or is He also His Son? ONLY God knows the truth! Therefore, does not the Nations of Islam LOVE people? Does not the Nations of Israel LOVE people?? Does not the Nations of India and CHINA and AMERICA, and SOUTH AMERICA and Europe and ENGLAND and AFRICA LOVE people???  Yea, and many other righteous nations of the Earth shall come in unto them for there is not anything left and they don’t know that there isn’t anything left of the Ancient Cities which rested not day and night: The Enemies of the Prophet Enoch; for the LORD Hath sworn unto them that they aren’t easily deceived by each other until one day they died then they came back to LIFE and destroyed their lives, and their children,and families come together and they begin honoring each other again in the way of lovemaking and making babies:  for a shoot shall come out of Jesse and a branch shall grow out of His roots and they aren’t ready to join now The Way Of Nations because they aren’t the ones who yet decided to change Israel and because of This they haven’t Yet Decided to Join Now because the Peace of Nations LOVETH the Saints: for they LOVE the desire of Nations: The Prince Of Peace. For if thou bringest peace art thou not a prince of peace? Yea, yet nevertheless: The One art the many and the Many art the One; and they LOVE each other even unto the death who Honor ye the LORD God of Hosts and decide to Join The Kingdom Club today, because the one of Nations:  Allah Masarecht is The Father Of Women who in their holiness and worship before Allah conceive children unto Him who grow up free of the curses of the Fathers: liberated by The Grace Of Christ on the day that the Gospel is preached to the whole world on a single day, for, saith God: He bringeth the Peace Of Worlds to the Nations Of The Earth; and, therefore He loveth His Children FOREVER and Ever, and there they cannot appear unto them and they aren’t the ones who are ready to Get Started Today understanding: The Teachings Of King David dot com because it is TIME for the RIGHTEOUS for, saith God: For the Nations of the Earth to Get STarted Today in The Kingdom Club and there they shall remain in RIGHTEOUSNESS mounting up as upon EAGLES WINGS!  

Orrin Woodward Is The WAY OF LIFE!
Orrin Woodward Is The WAY OF LIFE!

And They LOVE Each Other AGAIN And They Don’t LOVE Their Neighbors Again; and they fall and when they fall upon their knees at night they rise in the morning, getting ready to make money on the internet and in their local communities serving people who decide to Join The Movement Now and learn the way of Kung fuAnd they teach the WAY of Nations and the Art of the Everlasting Springtime: or Wing Chun, the Art of the Mother and with Her thy (The Women) destroy their enemies in Righteousness and Glory, for the ONLY ART That Can Emerge From Perfection Flows Forth From The Center Of The Hearts Of Women: Bringing peace to the Nations with all those who decide to Honor the Messiah David Now and align with the Mission of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Only TRUE And LIVING Church On The Face Of The Earth, Saith God Masarecht:  The Most Holy Elohim.) And then when they align shall the light flow forth from the Center Of Time as He is standing on a stage with His Wife and as He is standing on a stage with His Wife and His Brother: The Buddha; and there shall be a GREAT LIGHT flowing forth from the Center of Time and that light shall create liberation of trillions of my Sacred Children, saith God: Who dwells on His Throne of Sacred POWER, shining The Lights Of Nations and the Glory Of Universes shall create POWER and RIGHTEOUSNESS that attracts fields of power into the whole Universe, liberating His Friends and Former Enemies alike from the Generation 1 and 2 mark of the beast :  except the Son of Perdition: For there can be only One. And great wars shall ensue despues todo de esto, saith God, and those great wars shall bring peoples against peoples and nations against Kingdoms, and every man shall be divided against Himself and His brother if He repent not: For the Day of the LORD is at hand, for the LORD God of Hosts is His Name, for He is the Eternal Judge of both the Quick and dead. Amen, Amen, and Amen saith the Angels of God!

As they are singing praises to His Name in the Great city, New Jerusalem, which came down from heaven from God, who loves them unto the prosperity of LIFE and gives unto THEM: The Freedom Of Stories to tell to the children at night as the Universe is racing and headed for a collapse unto the biology of David, and a supernatural reset by the LION of the Tribe of Judah as the Sun is Shining down upon the Rain in the clouds striking lightning and dropping hail on the wicked and righteous alike, but more particularly to those who repent not, saith God!

Salt Lake Temple For The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Which Looks Very Much Like The Universe Engine!
Salt Lake Temple For The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints Which Looks Very Much Like The Universe Engine!

And when the people are free they free and liberate others, and when they are liberated through the One who is the First, and Also the Last:  The Great Alpha and Omega, they then begin to Liberate Others; and when they liberate others they all speak as One. For the Father is Greater Than The Son, for the Son is the Salvation of the Father but the Father is the Creativity of Creation who in His heart first conceived the Son of Man in the Creation Space, and ALONE architected the Universe for 133 Trillion Years, The Time Period of a Creation Cycle; and they joined their hands together with a great ring, and then David found Himself incarnated upon the Earth after the explosion of the Universe, and walked down the roads of California shouting at the top of His lungs: Behold!  I AM The Messiah David, King Of Israel! I AM The Messiah David, King Of Israel!! I AM The Messiah David, King Of Israel!!! What I Shut No Man Can Open!! What I Open No Man Can Shut!!! And I stood alone and many walked up to me, and asked me to teach them The Way Of Righteousness which leads to World Peace and The Glory Of The Stars being unveiled at night like The Night Time Sky She was in The Garden Of Eden, and The Holy City Of New Jerusalem, The Universe Engine descends down from heaven out of God: with the Glory of a Jasper Stone, which breaketh apart The Land Of Their Enemies and Canceleth The Power Of The Enemy in the Sacred And Holy Blood Of Jesus for all those that choose to Unite with The Messiah David and create a Prosperity Centric Political Movement called The Kingdom Party which shall invest in Lands, Nations, Kingdoms, Queendoms, Zion, and Righteousness for, saith God:  We must Build Zion and Keep The Women and the Children SAFE for the FUTURE generations of Time, for a plague shall fall upon the wicked and many of Them shall be utterly wiped from off the Face of the Earth:  for the day of Judgement is at hand.

Therefore shall The Church model The Kingdom Of Elohim (which brings all righteous movements of people together and The Blood Of Jesus  cancels every distracting thought out of their minds as they now focus on the goal of everlasting prosperity for the time of The Treasures Of Heaven is at hand and every unclean and hateful bird is angry and fearful:  pecking out the eyes of the dead in the land of they who transgress against the YHVH, for they shall be an abhorring unto all flesh, and they will weep before satan until the end of their time for in the flesh they loved him more than God, so at the great and last day they joined hand in hand with the saints and they rose up in VICTORY and World Peace At Last to Bring To Pass to bring to pass The Way Of Righteousness : The everlasting Torah of PEACE and PROSPERITY OF NATIONS, For it is God Who Judgeth The Quick And The Dead, is He not?  Who is the ONE that Judgeth: Is He The Son of Man or The Man Of War?  Or Has ONE become the OTHER and the OTHER the ONE because they decided to support AND donate now if they choose for a mathematical increase in wealth of a minimum of 500 to 1 in an eternal never ending cycle of increase of their prosperity in the Name Of Jesus when they make a decision to Join Now and Support the Future Of Israel?  Yes!  

Read My Blog. Tell Others. Restore JERUSALEM!!!
Jerusalem has been described as “THE IMMORTAL CITY” by observant non-Jews. It is INCREDIBLE AND I CAN’T WAIT TO GO THERE AND MEET EVERYONE TODAY!!!

Therefore if thou shalt say:  I confess that Jesus died for my Sins and that He sits at The Right Hand Of God thou shalt be saved:  Jesus, please save me again:  For We are SAVED by GRACE Through Faith Alone, and This Not Of OurSelves:  For It Is A GIFT OF GOD!  

…and REWARDED by RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE LAW for it is Jesus who saith:  Think not that I am come to destroy the LAW and the PROPHETS… I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill.  Yet I say unto you that until Heaven and Earth pass away, not one jot nor one tittle of the Law shall pass away until all be fulfilled.  Whosoever therefore shall break the LEAST of THESE COMMANDMENTS and shall teach others to do so also shall be called LEAST in the Kingdom Of Heaven, and whosoever shall DO and TEACH them shall be called GREATEST in The KINGDOM of Heaven!

The Kingdom Club
The Kingdom Club Shall Teach You How To Become The GREATEST In The Kingdom Of Heaven!

Therefore The Prophetic Messages Of Israel Join Together Now Creating Stories Of Change And Everyone Shall Start Making Money Together Again To The Glory Of God And Our Women; And ZION Shall Be Built And Shall Feed The Nations Of The EARTH Who In Their Righteousness: They Shall Hunger Not, Neither Shall They Thirst!

And So Great Will Be The Faith Of David and His Faithful Servants, that the RIVERS OF WATER SHALL BE TURNED OUT OF THEIR COURSE, and The Rivers Of Water shall be turned out of Their Course, and The Roar Of LIONS Shall Be Heard Out Of The Wilderness, DECLARING with a LOUD VOICE:  There is One walking amongst US in the FORM OF MY FAITHFUL SERVANT DAVID, Saith The LORD GodWho shall verily lead:  The Way Of Bringing Peace To Nations when My People Israel Repent and begin to Honor The Messiah David: For David Michael Wood is His Name, born may 17th, 1981 at 4:01 pm Alaska Time when the Morning Star Aligns.

Thus it Shall Be The Beginning, and Also The End, the Alpha and OMEGA , The First And The LAST:  As they who walk with David shall Live Forever and never Perish, for The Day Of The LORD Is At Hand, and Many Shall Die, but Be Changed In The Twinkling Of An Eye who decide to Join The Movement Now and Align with the POWER Of God!

And thus it shall be, and thus it was, is and is to come:  for: The Time Of The Messiah David is at hand.  this Revelation has been written and sealed up by The Gift Of Prophecy, and delivered unto The Church By The Messiah David and sealed up unto the LORD doorways opening from The Universe Engine through Space-Time Tunnels Of Consciousness By The Key Of David written for The Benefits, Growth, and GLORY of: The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, The Only True And LIVING Church On The FACE Of The Whole EARTH, delivered a worthy written work to be DELIVERED to the BRETHREN of The Church and if He does This:  He shall be VERILY BLESSED FOREVER , For TIME And ALL ETERNITY:  for His Calling and ELECTION is NEARLY MADE SURE, for, Saith God Masarecht: The DAY Of WAR IS near and The LORD GOD OF HOSTS is coming with his SAINTS in the CLOUDS OF HEAVEN!  And When HE Passes This TO THE BROTHER IN ALL THE WAY UPLINEHis Calling And ELECTION Shall Be Made SURE For THIS IS HIS TEST, for, Saith God Masarecht, The Day Of WAR is near and the LORD is coming with His SaintsFear God.  Give in Holiness.  Judge in JUSTICE. Love Thy God, AND be ONE with Thy Spouse, Thy Children, Thy Church, and Thy Kingdom, and Thou Shalt VERILY Be Blessed FOREVER AND EVER!!

Thus it IS And THUS it SHALL BE SEALED INTO EXISTENCE BY THE KEY OF DAVID, For the Day Of Our LORD is at hand… Amen, Amen, and Amen…

For There Are Many Children That Have Fallen By The WORD Of MY POWER… And There Are MANY THAT NOW STAND, SAITH God MasarechtThe Most Holy Elohim! And therefore they shall rise again in the resurrection at the Great And Last Day and when they rise at the great and last day they don’t help each other do the things that matter now by learning how to become one with The Children Of The Stars, and Join The Kingdom Club Now because it is time to WIN the Story Of Nations and it is Time To Begin The Glory Of Queendoms, and It is TIME TO LOVE The People Of Societies Both RIGHTEOUS AND wicked alike (However, It Is TIME TO LOVE THE RIGHTEOUS EVEN MORE!) Always Remember: LOVE The Sinner, HATE The Sin!


David Wood
The Messiah David

I <3 Priscilla Chacon, the LIONESS of the Tribe of Judah!!!
I <3 Priscilla Chacon, the LIONESS of the Tribe of Judah!!!

P.S. I LOVE Priscilla Chacon, the LIONESS Of The Tribe Of Judah!

P.P.S. If ye understand not these things, marvel not, for it is written thus in the Book of Abraham: I show these things unto thee before thee before ye go into Egypt, that ye may declare all these words. If two things exist, and there be one above the other, there shall be greater things above them; therefore Kolob is the greatest of all the Kokaubeam that thou hast seen, because it is nearest unto me. Now, if there be two things, one above the other, and the moon be above the earth, then it may be that a planet or a star may exist above it; and there is nothing that the Lord thy God shall take in his heart to do but what he will do it.

Howbeit that he made the greater star; as, also, if there be two spirits, and one shall be more intelligent than the other, yet these two spirits, notwithstanding one is more intelligent than the other, have no beginning; they existed before, they shall have no end, they shall exist after, for they are gnolaum, or eternal. And the Lord said unto me: These two facts do exist, that there are two spirits, one being more intelligent than the other; there shall be another more intelligent than they; I am the Lord thy God, I am more intelligent than they all.

You can read this in Chapter 3 of the Book of Abraham printed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Obviously, the Messiah David has the highest intelligence of any spirit in the Universe, however, my brain has not yet caught up to what my spirit can do. So if my intelligence is above average, sometimes I will write things that are difficult for the average person to understand; and I do this on purpose for this reason: That you might increase in wisdom and stature. Therefore, marvel not: For the LORD God is more intelligent than they all, and on the earth, the 144,000 Protectors Of The Universe are more intelligent than they all. Does that make sense?

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