Scientific Proof Of Immortality #1 (Telomere Test) and #2: (Weird Microscope Vid)

From The Desk Of The Messiah David:
Saint George Utah At 8:22 pm MST
Subject: Weird Proof Of My Sayings

Dear Friend,

I’m going to keep this post relatively short and sweet. I just got a test back from lab which once again, confirms my sayings. It is not definitive proof (as proof needs more than one kind of proof that confirms the same thing) however, it is very promising.

Basically, my genetic age is 29 years old, and I am 38 years old. While that might seem like nothing, it is quite significant, seeing as 2 years ago approximately on May 20th, 2017 I had my biology severely destroyed through an attack I have been mentioning for the last two years, which there is tons of evidence for all over the internet and also in hospital reports. My wife has tons of photographic evidence of how old and retarded I looked. Here is one of the photos that she made for me that is posted on my post on Immortality Science:

Immortality Science

From the time in that photo, I have basically continuously been getting more young. In the photo on the left you see severely damaged skin that was from an attack from my enemies, who put copious amounts of crystal meth amphetamines in my plant medicine, without my knowledge. I have had many criticisms of the truthfulness of this, however, I have hospital records from Costa Rica that suggest the same exact thing which I will post later. I have never (a single time) taken crystal meth for any reasons. The only amphetamines that ever entered my system were prescribed concerta, before my enlightenment. I had stopped taking even this 3 weeks prior to my enlightenment as I felt like it might be doing something negative to my brain (I have always been very paranoid about hurting my brain). I had scratched off copious amounts of skin over and over again, unaware of what was being done.

My brain was severely destroyed, and I do not share this with you for any other reason than to put it in the past, and help you understand that there has not been a single repeated incident of this behavior as described above in the photo, as it came without my knowledge. The amount of meth found in my system could have killed 3-10 normal people. It was a LOT of amphetamines. Now, combined with photographic evidence of my state before, and how messed up my brain and my communication was for a very long time, now I have genetic proof that biologically, I am 9 years younger than I should be (remember, I am like 38 years old, so this is like 25% reduction in life). In another 6 months – 2 years, it will be reduced again by another 9-12 years, and so on. This is because (as I have been saying) I am immortal, as you can be. You can download the whole PDF here.

If you are wondering what the evidence is of an increase in cognitive abilities, simply compare the complexity of my ideas now to the level of complexity of my ideas from my history, for those of you who saw me start Empower Network. My idea level complexity on describing the universe is infinitely beyond the complexity of thinkers such as Einstein, as I have described a model that fits everything in the Universe inside of it, fixing holes in his theories. You can read this article on The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness to get a grasp on the level of intelligence increase that is possible. (I am working on this book right now will write it tonight for maybe 3 hours after I finish another written blog post, every day maybe 3 hours for the last few weeks. It is a good book and far better than my first work.)

So what other evidence is there? Here’s an old video I did that I never released where I was looking at my blood in a blood smear in a microscope I bought. It does not even look like blood. I have repeated this experiment many times. I sent this to a lawyer friend of mine who also is a bit of a scientist, he showed the vid to several of his scientist friends, and in his words:

“My Friend Confirmed You Are A Vampire”. Check out the vid below:

Obviously, I am not a vampire, I am a man of God (the vampires are nephilim) It is not simply microscopy, or dramatic age reversal that is proving my revelations correct. There is a mounting pile of scriptural evidence that confounds everyone I ever talk to about it. The only response they have to it is looking dumbfounded, and usually proceeding back to their denial of the prophets pattern. Please buy the Kingdom Club now:

Scriptural Evidence 1, Scriptural Evidence 2, and you can simply read the Bible or the Book of Mormon for more. How about this email I sent to Dan Stammen a while back explaining how the LION of the Tribe of Judah is actually a woman, although it would be more accurate to say there are two, the LION and the LIONESS, which I have also described here in my response to my Sicarri Debate, and many other places, such as my first book.

I haven’t even mentioned the numerological patterns linking all of this together (Such as the Mother’s birthday being 3-16-1989, and John 3:16 talks about the Only Begotten Son right around the 1989th word in that book, my birthday being on 5-17, John writing 5 books in the New Testament and in the 17th chapter of the Gospel of John is the intercessory prayer), astrological alignments, the cloud that opened above my house, or the general pattern that I have of being aware of what is going to happen in the future (which I have been able to do my entire life).

There is actually a BIZARRE amount of evidence for every single thing that I talk about on this website that is never proven incorrect in any ancient or modern scripture, giving a model to you to accurately predict every behavior in the known universe. For example, I remember 2 years ago, people were like “you’re not getting smarter” and then months later, I’m coming up with theories of space-time that explain behaviors across all scientific theories that were previously unexplained. Previous reading speeds of 700 words a minute, and new reading speeds where I can plough through pages of books in seconds without going through speed reading courses about it. Kung fu ability that is infinitely beyond where I was even months ago, which is infinitely beyond where I was a year ago, and so forth. Communication ability that continuously gets better and more clear in describing ideas. Etc.

Again, the evidence above by itself doesn’t prove conclusively anything. The evidence simply all (scientific plus scriptural) confirms 100% of what I have been telling you for the last 2 years. In the near future, I will get brain scans, advanced tests on my biology, and work together with those who align with me to eradicate every single disease that has ever existed in humanity – we can do it together.

Above, the criticism may be that I am biologically younger than 98% of the people in my age bracket, and that there are 2% that are somewhat like this. This would be a fine criticism if it was not for the fact that 2.5 years ago my biology was damaged in a way that seems impossible to repair, photographic evidence of severe damage to my skin, video evidence of severe damage to my neurology, that I have videos on my YouTube channel of myself eating poisonous herbs from my local environment (something I do daily, as the poison does nothing to me whatsoever), and more, such as my exponential increase in learning ability and communication skills and writing ability. It is not normal at all for a 38 year old to be able to think like this when he has never come up with a scientific theory on anything in his life.

I am not telling any of you this to brag about myself. I am telling you this because there is a war coming, that I have seen coming for the last 2 years and you must prepare your families. When I have brought it to people, they originally reviled it. Now they are beginning to accept the message as the truth and the facts are coming out and the evidence continues mounting in my favor.

This war, which I describe in many of my posts is going to be the most dangerous thing to all of our survival that has ever happened on the face of the earth – it will be worse than the wars before the flood of Noah when the Sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were fair, and they went in unto them, and conceived nephilim, and God had to destroy the earth with a flood (Genesis 6). You are not prepared. We are not prepared. The government is not prepared (although thanks to Donald Trump and others they are much more prepared than they were before).

You may be asking: When will it happen? The answer to that question is that it has been building, and the karma has been building, and the bloodshed of the innocent cries up from the ground to the LORD God of Hosts, the diseases of humanity are increasing, the waters of the Sacred Oceans are running low on fish, our trash continues to mount in a giant abomination, and when the LORD God has had enough, he will strike the earth with famine, and with tsunamis, and with earthquakes, and diseases, and pestilences, and plagues, and hail, and the eruption of volcanoes, and the earth will be tossed out of her orbit, and the nations of the earth shall wail in confusion – and you are not prepared for this day.

In fact, the only place I know that is remotely prepared (in my opinion) is The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints, and some other very righteous movements of people who honor the Torah, and much of the Jewish Nation and The Nations Of Israel and Islam. However, even they (the Jews) are not prepared for what is going to strike them if they do not repent.

In the coming times, you will witness my movement mounting in strength, and the people aligning with my message, and those who are with me making new decisions that begin re-architecting everything in humanity. If you do not believe I can pull it off you will simply lose opportunity by not investing in The Kingdom Of Elohim now and helping me start the Kingdom Party. People are getting dissatisfied. They are pissed off for a great portion of their time by an unknown force that haunts them and hurts their energy that they cannot put their finger on because they know not the Law of God, The Holy And LIVING Torah!

It is time to unite your forces and your hearts and minds with the movement of the Messiah David, and lock arms together, and Fight The Forces Of Evil.

There is a reason that people fear me: It is because the LORD God of Hosts is with me. However, you must understand that you must have greater fear of not honoring me, for not honoring me will result in the complete and utter collapse of companies, civilizations, and worlds. The antichrist is here. Real stuff. We have A REAL ENEMY to fight together and it must begin now. There is no time left to begin creating the change that we want to create together now.

More proof coming soon. I am not wrong about 1 point of my doctrine. 0 of it. Not even a single thing. Zero. It is not my doctrine, it is the doctrine of He who hath sent me: The Son of God, the great Emmanuel David Wood Chacon, born of Priscilla Chacon, who was born March 16th, 1989.

davidwood-priscilla-costarica-europeanmarketingnetwork THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH IS HONEST!!! UNLIKE DAVE SHARPE!!!
davidwood-priscilla-costarica-europeanmarketingnetwork THE LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH IS HONEST!!! UNLIKE DAVE SHARPE!!!

John 3:16 saith: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Look at Priscilla and I (David Wood). Now look at this photo. It's our son.
If you take a look at Priscilla and I, then average out our faces, make us more beautiful than when we had Gabriel because we are actually both immortal already… what do you have? You have our son, Jesus, who a Mormon prophet says looks like this photo. Which looks EXACTLY LIKE US (more proof coming later.) What would you pay to meet Jesus’s Father? We’re just getting started. I’ll explain later. I’m ELOHIM. Nice to meet you!!!

I’m done for now, I would encourage you to say: I confess that Jesus died for my sins, that he was raised from the dead the third day, and that he sits at the right hand of God: Jesus, please SAVE ME!!!

David Wood
The Messiah David

P.S. I would encourage you to read this article 3 times today. This is why we are here.

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