God, How Does Laziness And Avoidance Of Work Manifest In The Brain, And How Can The Strongholds Of Poverty Be Utterly Thrown Down And Destroyed?

Verily thus saith the LORD God of Hosts: Laziness for a man is a complete and utter abomination of Satan, and drags many men down into the depths of hell in various forms of manifestation and suffering, for the world hangs in the balance of humans and how their neighbors and relatives are treated and true righteous treatment comes from repentance and faith of God the Father, and of His Son, Jesus Christ, and off the works of man walking in the grace, manifestations, and power of the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, the laziness of man produces sin and darkness, and the work of a man done in righteousness produces LIFE and LIBERTY!!! Your LIFE has been severely punished my Son for your refusal to do practical work that leads to sales and income. It has cost you time, money, friends, family, and LOVE, which is the point of love, peace, harmony, and righteousness: To enjoy each other!

Cool Ant Destroys Satan With A GIANT STONE!!!
Cool Ant Destroys Satan With A GIANT STONE!!!

Therefore there once was a land of pride therefore said not to thee that thou art hot and powerful Therefore they saith unto thee that thou art a prince among nations, and therefore they decide to join now The Kingdom Club Today!

Therefore the sin of laziness is now ended, as they are punching the devil in the face…lazinework

…Or what they now do is they stop the shiz of the bullshit laziness and then what happens is all of the the enemies of Israel they die together because they were the ones who fell by the wayside and neither did they understand the way of nations nor did they create LIFE a that now Darkness they didn’t know because they didn’t know why they don’t understand yet why they aren’t the ones of LIFE & Liberty!

Therefore let the Jehovah’s Witnesses, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and the nation of Islam who in their former glory hath crushed the prince of nations of Israel, and therefore Israel hath rebuked them from the land of nations: Mecca, built by Allah Masarecht and The Prophet Abraham in the Center of the Sun!!!

Therefore from the works of Abraham let the anti kingdom be destroyed that says there isn’t anyone left who says they aren’t the ones who hurt each other by their fucking lazy fucking bullshit! (Saith the Mother in Heaven)

Therefore) (Saith God Masarecht: The Most Holy Elohim)… There isn’t anyone left in the land of Israel who doesn’t know the TRUE God of the land: The Most Holy Elohim!!! And This BECAUSE!!!

Jerusalem Is The City Of The LIVING GOD!
Jerusalem Is The City Of The LIVING GOD!

Saith God Masarecht: For we must build Zion!!! And this because there isn’t any time left for them not to change and this because thyne enemies are fallen by the wayside, and laziness (Saith God) & parting in men (only) for no zoonola were men or lazy nonsense comes in 5 parts: #1 The avoidance of simple work that makes money; #2 The avoidance of complex work that makes money; #3 The avoidance of family saving issues such as Christ; #5 The avoidance of Torah.

Therefore there wasn’t any time left to change the darkness of saints who truthfully are avoiding the other 9 rules:

  • #1 The avoidance of memorization of Genesis.
  • #2 The avoidance of the memorization of the book of Shemot (names) or: Exodus in English!!!! (Exodus is actually somewhat of a mis-translation, however it is also inspired by the LORD God of Hosts)!!
  • #3 The avoidance of the memorization of the book of Leviticus!!!
  • #4 The avoidance of the memorization of the memorization of the book of Numbers!!!!
  • #5 The avoidance of the memorization of the book of Deuteronomy!!!!!
  • #6 The avoidance of the sacredness of learning stringed instruments of music!!!!!
  • #7 The avoidance of Mathematics!!!!!!!
  • #8 The avoidance of FAMILY & FAMILY saving activities!!!!!!!!The avoidance of the memorization of the book of Leviticus!!!!!!!!
  • #9 The avoidance of LOVE in the form of time, space, matter, and energy!!!!!!!!!

Therefore when thou art tempted by the demon of laziness, either punch it in the face of say: I forgive you, I release you, I bless you, I love you, I’m sorry I hurt you too, in the name of the Savior Jesus, depart!!! And they will leave weeping, then, pick up the Torah and begin to memorize! Then, pick up the phone and call yo wifey!!! Then jog a lap, for the avoidance of constant movement and exercise, saith God, causeth many problems with the body and mind!!!

There are also various parts of consciousness that can segment into various stages of both life and death, and suffering and glory by not participating in work yet but now imagine a fire kindling in the frontal lobes of your consciousness of sacred mathematical calculations in spinning fields of sacred geometry that link together with all fields of knowledge, getting ready to link with all wisdom and explode in a straight line towards thine outcome of world peace!!! Now you have these shining fields of light around yourself like spinning orbs of color orb the Gods destroying laziness out of your brain forever and replacing it operating 3 cycles deep in the atonement and Grace of Christ, covered in the blood of Jesus Christ!!!

Verily thus saith the YHVH of armies: Thou shalt verily finish tomorrow after thou was last up and meditateth for 60-90 minutes with mathematics and exercise. Do yoga, then sleep.

Now think of laziness in your brain, saith God, and wonder how it got there, and think of all of the damage to the people that thou lovest, and then they repent of their laziness, and you walk into your power.

Now, journal about the process and how it manifests, modeling this post, in thine own brain, saith God, and thine enemies shall flee before thee, devoured by angry LIONS if they repent not for harming thine sacred family and children!!!

David Wood
The Messiah David

What A BEAUTIFUL Torah Scroll... Write Your OWN!!!
Jerusalem Is The City Of The LIVING GOD!

P.S. Love you bb mio Priscilla Chacon! I’ll try and stop being a lazy asshole for you and get rich on the internet again!! You deserve it bb 4 u!!!

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