Why AND How Cancer Is One Of The Simplest And Easiest Diseases To Heal Completely And Utterly.

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I hope this post is finding you and your loved ones well.  Today was a fun day, as I learned a lot (as always) enjoying the Christian Sabbath (many Christians rest on Sunday) and of course, therefore:  I went to church.

I was sitting in front of a gentleman who had the side of his face covered with bandages, and he looked like he had been punched in the face.  Being an older gentlemen, and me being a Kung Fu teacher I asked him what happened. He said that it wasn’t a punch in the face, that he was struggling with cancer.  I asked him then if he would like to know how to heal cancer, and he said “I’m ok.” However, when I told him it was simply some plant ingredients and some ideas, he seemed to be more open to it.  Obviously, I was in church, so I didn’t give him really the post powerful ingredients, which is herbological medicine. Instead (being therefore greatly limited as I promised my bishop to not bring my weird stuff into the ward.  He didn’t ask, I simply told him that is the way I would do it.) I simply gave him some simple instructions, which I explain somewhat in this video that I did today, which I would encourage you to pay attention to now:

In that video, I explain quite a lot about how to heal cancer from the brain and the biology, which is actually very simple to do both completely and utterly, simply, and effectively without expensive drugs, invasive surgeries, or complex modern medicine nonsense.  Now to be fair, I am not knocking all modern medicine. I think that the world hangs in a very intricate balance and there is a place and a time for everything. However, when it comes to actually healing a person, modern medicine is generally not good at holistic healing unless that is what a doctor specializes in.  They are very good at naming diseases. They are very good at creating all manner of ways to remove that disease, like cutting it out of the flesh, and whatnot. However, they are not very good at describing the exact cause of anything, as they are relying on science, and not on science balanced with the spirit of prophecy.

When I was a child, I read all kinds of books on enlightenment and spiritual healing, and was aware at a very young age that there are people who can actually see into the biology of others.  For example, my friend Kelly Louden up in Fairbanks, Alaska can see into people’s bodies and see their diseases. He has actually been able to do it somewhat his entire life, and could even do things like shoot lasers out of his eyes that would eradicate problems in people’s shoulders and whatnot.  To be fair, at the time I could not see the lasers. However, they would get results – call them a placebo or whatever. I learned at a very young age from my parents, also experience and martial arts that problems begin first in the spirit and then they manifest down into reality after that at some point.

So if a problem is going to start in the spirit, what is the best way to avoid it from happening in the first place?  The easiest way to avoid it from happening in the first place is to simply heal the spirit, and then before the problem begins, the problem is actually solved and therefore the disease never manifests.  There are many parts of keeping problems from invading into your biology from your spirit and consciousness, and the biggest parts of them come from whether a person follows or not follows yet Torah; specifically Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  If a person does not honor those laws, negative karma is then created which manifests downward from the spiritual dimensions (particularly if they know about this, but even if they do not know, it still happens as Torah is natural law) into the physical.  These physical manifestations can result in all kinds of things, and will often result in disease, poverty, death, and the utter and complete collapse and entire extinction of a very “seemingly successful” society such as the Greek and Roman empires.

The problem with modern people, is that many of them think that they are victims for everything.  When was the last time you saw a video that talked about cancer victims? Shockingly and unfortunately, that is the way people who have cancer are often described, when the reality is that people are not truly victims of anything in their lives.  There is real karma creating problems nearly 100% of the time with very few exceptions (for example where a righteous person is simply getting attacked by an angry mob such as the Prophet Joseph Smith, etc). Therefore, there are basically no victims of cancer in the spiritual universe.  In the physical you could say that children would be more of victims as it is in general the sins of the Fathers passing down to their biology. But if there was not a reason for this to be happening, it actually would not be happening. God is trying to tell us something, and that thing he is trying to tell us is to change, and to embrace the words of the prophets and step into a new kind of peaceful and blissful society.

So what causes the disease?  Is it anger? Is it lack of forgiveness?  Is it simply dishonoring Torah? Or is anger, and lack of forgiveness and not honoring Kashrut eating laws causing a good majority of it?

The answer would be all of the above; however, holding onto anger is against Torah, as is lack of forgiveness, as is the severe mistreatment of animals for any reason, as is whatever the specific problem is that caused the diseases in everyone you know.  Torah promises us that if we honor the Law, God removes all curses which include sickness and even death. I am not going to be in the business of quoting scriptures so much in this post, as this is designed to be a very simple explanation of genetic diseases and how to cure them from the biology and the brain.

This is not a new problem, and people have always needed healings from diseases.  The ancients thought about diseases much different than modern medicine, and modern people.  They also utilized these principles; however, they were secondary principles to be utilized in times of emergencies only.  They healed themselves completely and utterly by simply creating internal change, that led to behavioral change, that led to the body eradicating the disease on its own.

An example of this is the way people treat their skin.  When a person has a zit, what they generally do is they pop it.  Then because they popped it, they get a scar. Then because they get a scar, they feel bad about themselves, not even knowing that if they had simply waited 3-5 days, their skin in most cases would simply remove the zit on its own, without any need for damaging the skin at all.  The skin can do the healing.

Cancer is the same.  The body has ancient, 7,000+ year old systems for entirely eradicating problems like this from the body and the mind.  Because people do not honor their bodies and minds and simply give them what they need, what happens is that they have to do constant zit popping in the form of surgeries and other invasive and mostly unnecessary procedures to fix something that the body could have naturally fixed on its own.

Let me give you an example.  Last year, I severely damaged my shoulder in a way that a normal person would require a $30,000 – $40,000 surgery to fix from not being careful with my body when doing Kung Fu and warming up in the proper way.  Rather than going to a doctor and just getting the surgery and having an invasive surgery, I simply began decompressing my shoulder and over about 3-4 months it completely healed on its own and now it is somewhat better than it was before in many ways.  Now I know not to move like that, and to treat my body with more respect, and that my body can essentially heal itself from anything. 

This is the key to understanding all of this anyways:  The body can simply eliminate whatever disease it wants at any time.  If it is not doing that, there is a reason that it is not doing that yet.  This reason could be something very simple such as your body may be mad at you for not doing something, or perhaps for doing something too much of something else.  For example, eating diseased foods such as swine makes your body infuriated at you. Just because you cannot see damage being done by something very simple such as this doesn’t mean the damage isn’t happening.  The same goes for all kinds of things, such as not respecting your needs for rest, relaxation, enjoyment, balance, etc. 

Think of sin as dishonoring the laws and instructions of higher power on your spirit and helping you understand through correct behavior (change, or repentance and righteousness) how to realign your spirit, stay humble, and get yourself back on track to be who you want to be and go where you want to go.

The reason why cancer is so easy to cure, is because the only solutions that really work well and keep the entire organism healthy were not invented by man.  They are ancient, 7,000+ year old solutions that go back into the creation story of our genetic biology and structure of the very nature of our cells, our body, our minds, and our spirits alike.

Understanding that this is the reason why disease happens and it is the only reason why it happens is that your body is being misaligned with natural law, the way to rectify all disease is therefore to simply realign yourself with natural law and therefore the problem either never emerges or if it has already emerged in the past now that you have changed it immediately begins to dissolve.

There are better solutions to everything.  For example: Why does someone on chemotherapy (Which is extremely invasive) often heal of genetic disease?  It is very simply put, that the chemotherapy destroys various parts of their body, and inclusive in that is the destruction of tumorous cells.  Eventually, the body sees what is going on and creates a response that then eradicates the cancer and all of it is rebuked from the biology and the brain.

There are actually more easy ways of evoking this response, such as hypnosis.  I know hypnotherapists that have utilized nothing but hypnosis to deliver hundreds of people from cancer and one of them, my brother William Wood up at Northern Utah Hypnosis knows people that have liberated thousands.  Hypnosis can create this same response that chemotherapy creates and therefore the chemotherapy is generally entirely unnecessary as the mind and the body are doing the healing anyways.

Modern medicine does not understand in general the root causes of diseases unless they are specialized medicine people such as Rabbi Gabriel Cousens over at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona who does holistic healing for people who seek his services.  Rabbi Gabriel pays attention to the entire body and mind, and is also an enlightened spiritual mentor of mine. I remember reading his books on diseases when I was maybe 21-23 years old, and even read some of his studies in my youth, and he had done more advanced work in my opinion on liberating people from cancer than anything I have read from modern research into the subject.  

The reason for this is because Rabbi Gabriel actually understands why the disease forms in the first place, and how to heal it because his crown chakra is open.  The disease is simply a beautiful manifestation of the rebuke of karma in a person to get them to make the changes that they need to make to snap into alignment and once again restore themselves to perfect balance and working order.  Remember that your choices and the karma for the choices that you make always reflect in your health, in your relationships, in your success, and in your every area of your life. Good karma brings good results. Bad karma the reverse.  Therefore disease is always a manifestation of bad karma in some manner – if nothing else the severe mistreatment of animals and the constant hacking away and disrupting of our natural environment without paying attention to the restorative needs of the land to rest every 7 years, every 7 days, etc.  We run to and fro with all of our modern knowledge, but wisdom is not increasing. People are getting more lost with more information about how to do anything but follow the LORD God of Hosts.

Remember that in the New Testament, the Savior Jesus just cast demons out of people, and their diseases healed.  He also taught that if he did that and a person did not change their behavior, the demons would come back 7 times as strong.  Therefore deliverance of disease is very dangerous. If I wanted to, I could get God to deliver 1/3rd of the people in America of cancer, for example.  It is very easy as I have enough faith, and God has enough power. I most likely wouldn’t need to warm up to do it too much or anything. However, this would most likely result in the deaths of all of those people a short time later as they do not even know how to change their behavior to continue to walk in their liberation, and therefore the demonic energy within them keeping their cells bound in these patterns would simply return with vengeance and begin wreaking havoc in their bodies and minds.  I do not like interfering with karma that is there for a reason unless a person is ready to change.  

This is the problem with society in general.  They do not understand why anything is happening around them, and therefore, they are always victims.  The reality is that nothing could be farther from the truth. That people who walk in truth experience truth in their biology and their brain and people who do not experience darkness in their biology and their brain.  So step #1 is for a person to sincerely seek to know what sin is causing the manifestation of the disease or problem and ask God sincerely with a pure heart, having faith in Christ to bring this to their spiritual awareness.  Then when that is dealt with, the entire problem can begin dissolving.

Anyways, I’m getting tired.  I explain why cancer is very easy to cure in the video below, and I would encourage you to watch it and to take notes.  It is no different really than any other disease or ailment that manifests in the lives of humans. It is there for the same reasons.  It is there to teach us the same lesson. It is there not because we are listening. It is there because we are not and therefore when we list, the diseases will be eradicated out of existence entirely and automatically, practically instantly.  Feel free to contact me for a free no risk consultation at https://www.facebook.com/themessiahdavid – I do not promise or guarantee the curing of any disease, even though I have a ministry and therefore have a technical right to say what I want in most areas of the world.  However, I can give you a process that should eradicate any problem that you have ever had in your body and your mind.

That’s it for now.  I would encourage you to watch the following video all the way through:

David Wood
The Messiah David

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