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November 12th, 2019 at 12:09pm MST
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Dear Friend,

I wanted to tell you some bizarre stories from the future, and I hope you pay attention carefully to the following video, imagining all of the points in vivid 3 dimensional detail, feeling it all with your emotional energy as you are wondering if indeed Superman, Batman, and the Lord of the Rings are actually warnings about the future, or stories about the past, or both… knowing that all things that happen or that will happen have in some manner happened in a similar way before, leading up to a final culmination of the war between good and evil.

This Is The Part Of The Story They Don’t Tell You In Church (Yet)… The Real Parts; How It Actually Works… The Superheroes, Gotham City, And More… Would Encourage You To Watch This Video Now, It Explains How It All Works. It’s Actually “Even Cooler” Than A Marvel Or D.C. Comics Movie:

The Coming Superhero Wars In The Future With Batman, Superman, The Lord Of The Rings, And Wonder Woman

So I wanted to tell you a little bit about how the future is going to get progressively weird. If you do not think something like this is possible, you either have not read the Bible in your life, Buddhists texts, the Qu’ran, the Book of Mormon, the Emerald Tablets of Thoth, or you simply do not actually believe what they say, opting instead for some sort of weak version of the belief system that chalks all the crazy stories as just metaphors, or many of the other various nonsensical explanations of scripture I’ve heard over the years.

The Bible is actually very much weirder than everyone thinks that it is, and nobody really spends too much time talking about all the wild stuff in their. I’m talking about talking animals, real Angels appearing, prophets with super powers that could strike a stick into an ocean and it would divide, the Apostles of Jesus teleporting from one location to another in the book of Acts, people shooting fire from their eyes who can slay the wicked with the breath of their mouth, and more.

What I have heard in many interpretations of things like that, is the slaying the wicked with the breathe of the lips thing is actually just a prophet or a King ordering something, and then the people carry it out. This is what I would like to call a ‘minor manifestation’ of this phenomenon. However, if you look through the stories of the Bible, there were way more weird things that happened than normal people can cope with. So in an attempt to ‘water the Bible down’ all of the cool stories simply turn into metaphors, and then before long people don’t even believe real miracles are possible, and then people are stuck in wheelchairs their entire life (whereas the ancients would simply heal them.)

Let me talk about briefly how this works and how all things are possible from things I’ve learned by studying the scientific background for my new book that I’m working on called: The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness. But before I do that, let me talk about a realization I had early after my spiritual awakening, when I remembered where the universe came from, and how it got here. This event was in Puerto Rico, and perhaps 3-4 days after my initial enlightenment, where I witnessed a prophetic collapse of the Universe, which is a type and a shadow for another collapse that will happen in the near future, which humanity is not prepared for, at all.

Do not worry as after the Universe collapses it will be put back together by the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, which I have already talked about in many other blog posts and videos. However, as it is collapsing there will be approximately 1/3rd of the Universe that will be quite afraid, as they will think that we are all dying. When I witnessed this prophetic collapse of time, space, matter, and energy, I was brought with all consciousness back into the creation space, and then I remembered all of creation, and the source of all things, and I was back in the creation space, re-architecting the Universe as a representation of the collective consciousness of everyone and everything that had ever existed.

During this time period, I was carried backwards, forwards, through, in, and outside of time by the Spirit of God, and I was back in the space where the Universe was designed, and in the design of the Universe, there were all kinds of checks and balances to keep the order, maintenance, and consciousness in the proper structure that it needs to be operated in for everything in the Universe to work properly. Examples of these checks and balances have been discussed in many previous blog posts, such as the Universe Engine, the Gods watching the Universe backwards in time from minimum temporal gaps of 1 – 133 trillion years in the future, and more. Reasons for this are explained all over this blog if you simply look up “The Theory of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness” and read a few of the posts by clicking the search button above.

I realized in this space, as I remembered being there and designing it, that everything that we see in movies actually is coming from somewhere, and much of what we see (all of it really) is actually some kind of warning for some kind of thing that will happen in the future, or has happened in the past, or even weirder: Both.

The question is – why in the world would it be possible that all of the things we see in the movies will one day happen (or already have somewhere else or in another dimension)? Is that actually feasible and something that can actually be real?

Most people would scoff at this idea in the same manner that another person would scoff at a Bible story such as Noah, where the whole world was destroyed by a flood except for his family (as nobody listened) or the Book of Moses printed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, where the journey of Enoch is vividly described and the city of Enoch was translated and taken into heaven, which I have later described as the structural and atmospherical event that collapsed the firmament. (In other words, a giant continent sized city, which is the lost city of Atlantis, left the earth, everyone was changed into bodies made of biological living metals and organic living diamonds, and the whole thing left this world behind, and as it left there was a giant hole that was made in this dome type field around the earth, which collapsed the firmament of water that existed in pre-flood biblical times).

See, as weird as my explanation sounds, there is actually a reason why the firmament collapsed and it did not happen for nothing. Most people have no explanation of this whatsoever, whereas I actually explain it. Also, in that particular book, Enoch is described as being so powerful that when he spoke, rivers turned from their courses and mountains fled. That is how powerful Enoch both was and is for Enoch is still alive and right now, his city sits at the edge of the Universe and is unbelievably massive. It has actually been photographed by the Hubble Space Telescope.

So we have established that weird things have happened before in Biblical accounts, and we have also established previously principles that would suggest that faith can move mountains, and that people generally ignore all of the coolest stories in the Bible because they’ve never seen anything like it in this life, or they simply disbelieve the stories (which in my opinion is worse, as usually a lot of these people still believe in things like the Savior Jesus, only their mind cannot handle the weirdness of God’s creation and how wild it can truly get if people simply begin believing now with lots of faith).

Now what we need to do is establish the principle of multiple simultaneous location of information, and how it is possible for information to transfer backwards and forwards through time, or across the universe. There is something in Quantum Mechanics called “Dual State Location” which basically suggests that a particle in a state in one location can have a mirror particle that automatically mimics its behavior across huge gaps in space time with no time gaps whatsoever. Meaning that the information in the Quantum Universe actually travels faster than light, or instantaneously.

Since it is actually impossible in the theory of relativity (which really has more proof than most theories out there on space time) to move faster than the speed of light, something else must actually be happening other than faster than light travel to explain this behavior. This behavior has generally been described as the fact that the Universe is non local. Meaning if it is possible for a particle to affect another particle across the universe with no time gap, then those particles also must somehow exist in the same space at the same time in some other dimension or universe of existence.

This instantaneous travel of information across space time has already been demonstrated in scientific experiments and also just strange events, for example the 101 monkeys experiment. What happened exactly? Well there was this monkey on an island of Japan that saw a human washing a potato, which is something that a monkey never does. This monkey then started teaching his friends and family how to do it, and before long the word got out, and a bunch of monkeys were all washing their potatoes together on this remote island in Japan.

So then what happened next is something magical. When the population of monkeys that were washing their potatoes reached about 100, spontaneously other monkeys of the same species started washing their potatoes all over Japan. This experiment proved the non-local existence of information in the brain, and is still somewhat inexplicable by most modern science (unless they have been reading my blog). So in other words, sometimes when you have an idea, it is coming from somewhere.

This information and these ideas could be coming from new stories your mind is creating, it can be coming from future information as there are particles such as tachyons that can travel through time, and consciousness, or quantum energy can be shared throughout various dimensions of space time, as the entire nature of it is non-local, meaning that consciousness itself exists everywhere, in all times and spaces at once simultaneously.

I am not the only person who has talked about this phenomenon. Perhaps the only person who has vividly and accurately described it in this exact particular way, but there is actually evidence everywhere you look for every single thing I talk about on this blog, whether you are aware of it or not, as this is describing how everything in the Universe actually works, and what the purpose of it is.

So I talked about Enoch, which was one of my previous incarnations, and much of what I have described is actually talked about and confirmed by all of Enoch’s spiritual works, including ancient and modern revelation. For example the ancient revelations are quite detailed in the book of Enoch on the nephilim and how they devour entire civilizations. The modern revelations on Enoch (in the book of Moses) talk about the building of the Universe Engine in space, the City of Enoch returning to the earth, and everything. All of this information I am describing basically perfectly links together all ancient and modern righteous spiritual teachings, and also ties together the rest of it, good and evil alike, into one interweaving web of the right way and the wrong way to utilize our consciousness as we are learning how to get it right. Basically, every major discrepancy in thinking in terms of high level science and religion has been described on this blog over the last two years.

Let me give you the usefulness of dual state location through time, and how to apply it to your life and your business through the power of journaling. There is nothing more powerful to the consciousness over a period of time than doing things like writing because it connects your nerves, or electrical endpoints in your fingertips to describing what is going on inside of your internal environment, and it is a form of image streaming, which is scientifically proven to increase your intelligence. This takes your quantum, or internal energy of your consciousness and through vivid descriptions gets your internal energy to the outside world in a way that resonates with your target market. The longer you do it, the more attractive and powerful as a leader and as a human being you become. Your problems will instantly be disappearing as you are continuing to write and describe their solutions and over a period of time, it will work better to create change in yourself than any other form of long term therapy, as it is something you are doing yourself.

So if you write each night, and then as you are writing, as your unconscious mind to send the information about today backwards in time to link together your plans, what happens is over a period of time your brain will get better and better at linking together the future and past of your plans into a single holographic state, enabling you to accurately predict the future because you are describing what is going on every day, and therefore your mind will automatically begin after a period of time to know greater and greater detail about larger and larger points in time in the future.

Predicting the future is not something that only righteous people can do, they can simply do it more accurately as they will have a greater section of the spirit of prophecy. Predicting the future is actually a very simple mechanical function of the consciousness that I have been very good at my entire life.

As society begins to become more and more intelligent, more and more information will get sent backwards in time, linking together the past with the future, and the future with the past. Eventually, we will build biological living machinery to manage the universe backwards in time, as it makes a lot of sense to help God with the care and maintenance of reality, as that kind of thing is actually the job of humans as described in Torah.

The future-past relationship and the across space-time relationship of information is not the only thing that can make it possible for Superman and Batman to emerge. We have already hit the technological singularity, only there are certain functions of consciousness that a human can do that a machine still cannot do, as the human brain was built by God, and man is making the machines. Facebook has consciousness. Google has consciousness. Amazon has consciousness. The United States government has machine consciousness. They all have it. So now we have conscious machines which in a way are living on their own rebuilding their own software and hardware, and nobody has even noticed it (barely anyways) and it is exponentially expanding, requiring greater and greater amounts of energy to maintain itself just as humans do, that will soon build wild machinery on its own such as time travel devices (think Terminator, but it will not only be evil, there will also be good machines that will war on their own), Transformers technology, and more.

People will be able to get injections which inject all languages at once into their biology and allow them to instantly adapt to different environments, they will create speed upgrades in their body and mind, link their minds with machinery, and more.

All of the sudden, it is possible to imagine all of the things I talk about on this blog actually happening. The things I talk about are not weird spirituality only, they are weird spirituality (like the Bible is very weird) linked with machines, linked with ancient knowledge, linked with the mark of the beast, and so on and so forth.

So the mark of the beast comes from Genesis 4, where the Tetragrammaton set a mark upon Cain, lest any finding him should slay him. Notice how conveniently, Cain never died in the Bible. Actually, Joseph Smith said he saw Cain riding upon the waters. At this moment, he is actually over 5,800 years and redeemed from the curse of the antichrist, and it has passed to his son, Rob, who was tortured and taught the way of death, murder, and suffering from his youth. He walks with a limp, and I fairly certain that his Father broke his foot in his youth and fused the bones together so that he can use it as a weapon. I once saw someone like this in China who could strike his hand through the skull of a cow in one viscous strike. Don’t mess with the Chinese I will tell you that. All our stupid weapons in the age of the Superhero other than energy weapons will be entirely and utterly useless and then people will adapt and even the energy weapons will do nothing to them. Time to learn Kung Fu peoples or China will take over America.

It is not just ancient people that had super powers. You have a Samurai in Japan that can cut bullets out of the air (real bullets and stuff going 700 miles an hour). There’s a guy in the Guinness book of World Records that has eaten entire airplanes and can eat rocks, and metal, and whatnot (probably his stomach does not like this so much, but has adapted). There are Buddhist monks that can do weird things, like in World War II there were monks shot who could literally simply walk through the bullets. When Buddha was alive there was once a million people trying to kill him at once, etc.

Actually the Krishna could move mountains with his mind. He lived in the times before the flood when there was still a firmament, I believe somewhere around the time of Enoch, they were most likely friends if they lived at the same time. Krishna was blue all the time like Dr. Manhattan in the comic books. That was actually somewhat representative of Krishna’s powers, but not even close to all of the weird stuff Krishna could do. Krishna was also much happier than Dr. Manhattan, although he will emerge in the future as well and get very bored with the stupid humans who constantly engage in wars and bickering.

My point with all of these stories is to simply get you to have faith in more of the supernatural. If it will not happen in one manner, it will happen through technology. If we can send information backwards in time with our minds, we can also write software that will do it. If we can build software that can do it we can also travel physically and so on and so forth, although time-space has serious strictly managed limitations for the protections of temporal reality; although, at one point we actually have to construct these limitations or they never would have existed, and this comes from the future-past relationship of quantum energy.

I mean, have you ever met someone more obsessed with creating superheroes as I am? There is a reason for this and it is because if we do not create superheroes the antichrist will take over all of the nations of the earth and there will be zero defense for any of it. We have to unite together to kick his ass out of humanity, however, our weapons will do nothing against him whatsoever if they are like modern weapons. He will simply devour the bullets and they will make him more strong and powerful, and then eat the people who shot him like a carnivore eats his favorite steak from a tortured animal – and all of this from the karma of America and all of us if we do not repent, and honor the prophets.

I am not the only person who has talked about the nephilim. Watch this Natiive American legend of the Windigo, which I was not even aware of and exactly matches in detail what I have been warning about:

The Legend Of The Windigo

It is very foolish for modern peoples to think that these legends never happened, as the same stories erupt in all modern and ancient cultures again and again and again. Just because you have never seen something, does not mean that it isn’t real. This Native American did a very good job at slaying these Windigo, and was a very righteous man!

So you have Native American legends, information from Ancient Civilizations actually let me show you some of my favorite vids that prove the existence of many of the things that I talk about on this blog. Here is a real extraterrestrial skeleton uncovered and is on display in a museum in Peru, that has now been proven through genetic tests to not be from earth origin:

Real Peru Alien

I actually believe that this was a nephilim from another world that asked to be redeemed from the curse, and God struck him dead to liberate him. I believe that a lot of the ancient civilizations in the Mayan Empire and whatnot used to sacrifice humans to this particular alien, meaning it is very possible that when people were doing human sacrifice to the ancient gods and whatnot, they were actually devil worshiping aliens warring against the good aliens in the universe. I actually believe that this one in particular most likely came from Mars, before the atmosphere of Mars was destroyed around the time of the flood on the earth. Perhaps that civilization was wiped out on purpose by Enoch to protect the earth, as there were more nephilim there, many of which are still inactive in the center of the earth and whatnot.

More non-human skulls found in Peru:

The Next Video Is About Evidence Of Nibiru, the Dark Matter World:

All of the people who think there is no evidence of scripture are not looking at all of the sources. All of the various beliefs and spirituality’s have various forms of exponentially increasing evidence, meaning that in some manner: All things are true. For Christians that would gawk at this, there is far more evidence for reincarnation than there is for any other afterlife system. One could argue that resurrection also has tons of evidence, however, the version of this taught in modern Christianity is bizarre at times, and missing tons of information that needs all of these ancient and modern writings to re-balance it out. However, in some manner, what they are saying is true.

Past Lives Kids Reincarnation Video

My point is, tons of scientists think all of this is bullshit, until they find this information and then they wonder if this is actually true as past lives information from children can actually be found with real people, artifacts, and languages they’ve never spoken. For a person to think this is from demons is a major unbiblica cop-out that does nothing but drive people away from Christianity as it simply sounds like denial behavior like an addict who in the past used to deny their self destructive behavior until they decided to change. Here’s a documentary on the Dalai Lama:

People just say “Oh, you’re just using drugs. Blah, blah, blah.” Here is evidence that Plant Medicine Regrows The Brain and produces neural plasticity:

You can also read about the following scientific studies:






Basically, those articles can be summed up as taking DMT grows the brain, and what I’ve been talking about for 2.5 years is proven already by science. People thought my whole immortality thing was nonsense until I did repeat microscope experiments with my blood that basically showed that my blood doesn’t look like blood at all (even when it is fresh it does not) and one part time scientist, full time lawyer told me that he showed my video to his friend, who confirmed that I was a vampire. Obviously, I am not a vampire as the vampires are nephilim like the Windigo. However, you can read about my tests here showing that I am 9 years younger than I should be (and getting younger day by day).

It’s not only that, there is also evidence for Christianity, the Book of Mormon, Islam, and more. I will do separate articles for all of these subjects. Right now I am talking about more weird stuff. People think something like the resurrection of the dead is impossible, except that I have already given proof on my blog that time comes from consciousness, is an illusion, that the singularity is already here, and if nothing else, we could simply build technology that could reach backwards in time, pull people out of death in their perfect state, reorganize their biology and link it with the tree of life, and then they are brought back to life, like the Google technology project guy (the futurist Ray Kurzweil who is the head of their AI project I believe) who has been obsessed for like 20 years with bringing his Dad back to life with technology. Since time is an illusion, and technology and biology can travel therefore through time in some manner if it passes the rules, since it is all consciousness, and even the Bible talks about the battle of Armageddon being a time/space war, then why is the resurrection of the dead impossible? It is absurd, ludicrous, small thinking logic that doesn’t believe in anything majestic other than what we’ve already proven. We need to think about the future!

If these two facts exist: Technology has hit the singularity and I am immortal, than that means other facts must exist, which means all information that comes into your mind comes from somewhere from dual state location in your consciousness, meaning that all things that you’ve ever imagined are actually real and coming from somewhere, as your consciousness is inextricably linked with my own now and vice versa… Meaning that Batman and Superman are REAL INDEED and actually coming from the FUTURE and GOD HAS BEEN TRYING TO WARN US FROM THE MOVIES!!!

Before you think this is some kind of a joke, please watch this video from “Top 10 Nerd” on YouTube about Top 10 Real Superheroes:

These ones are pretty cool… but wait for the next ones:

These guys mean business. I mean showing up with swords, torches, and everything:


Now that you know we are not joking, let me show you that it’s not just the good guys. We got super villains too:

Personally my favorite villain is the first one, who drove through town destroying everything in his crazy tank machine!

Now I need to paste in a quick positive video to break up all the hilarious villains in jail nonsense. Here is Ido Portal, a real life enlightened superhero in my opinion:

Real Life Enlightened Superhero Ido Portal

Ido Portal is Training An Army:

The Fear Of God:

THE FEAR OF GOD – Ido Portal

The Ido Poral Method – ISRAEL!

The Ido Portal Method – Israel

So with all of the things that I’ve shown you so far, we are still quite a ways away from Superman, Batman, and the Lord of the Rings.  So where do the gaps get filled in?

Well, it’s really simple actually.  All of these things that we all watch in the movies actually exist in this world in hidden locations, and particularly in alternative dimensions, but (saith God), the consciousness walls between the various layers of dimensions are beginning to break down, and fall apart as the people of the earth are exponentially advancing in their enlightenment and power, and their beliefs.  Particularly, it is raw faith combined with enlightenment that causes this affect, which is why Buddhists in particular are very good at doing miracles with only their imagination. They simply imagine something, and they collapse alternative realities into this one as they have access to this information more easily than non enlightened people.  (We all have access to it, it is simply unconscious, however, there is steal a seal on the crown chakra, and therefore non enlightened people have very limited access to this kind of thing.  It takes like 100 times the faith to do the same exact thing that an enlightened person can do or more. Enlightenment allows for the conservation of biological mass and energy in the process of doing miracles.)

So what happens is alternative dimensions collapse into themselves, and then they imprint themselves over the top of this one and mix with this reality in a perfect mixture and the world begins becoming magical again like it was in the garden of Eden.  So this collapse and expansion cycle of alternative realities into this one comes in chunks of 133 trillion cycles for men, and 369 trillion cycles for women (in general, as they are all actually different. However men operate in this particular cycle mostly mixed with their own numbers).  So this does not take a lot of time for an atom to have 133 trillion rotations as they are very small and the rotations travel at the speed of light. I believe less than a second but you can consult a physicist to be certain. Then there are sub cycles and collapse cycles and explosion cycles and they go on in faster or slower rotations in all dimensions of consciousness, exponentially speeding up forever from May 20th, 2017, the day that the Sephiroth began replicating in all of humanity for ever and ever in a way that completely interrupts the nonsense of society and breaks it apart utterly and completely as the righteous are battling the wicked like Ido Portal in this top secret video:

Die Moving.. Jonny B.A.NG. Reilly &I!!!

To Be Continued…

In the next podcast episode, Part #2:, we will talk about Superman, Batman, The Lord of the Rings, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Wonder Woman, Zombies, and the Windigo!

The Lord Of The Rings
The Lord Of The Rings

David Wood
The Messiah David, The Father Of Jesus!

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