Part #2: More Proof Of What I’ve Been Saying From The Sumerian Tablets… Plus Superman, Batman, Vampires, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, And The Lord Of The Rings!

Dear Friend,

So I’ve been gathering a bunch of evidence of the various things that I’ve been saying, and everywhere I look, there is evidence. There is evidence in the Emerald Tablets Of Thoth, the Bible, the ancient Sumerian Tablets, what’s going on in modern society, modern revelation such as the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price.

What kind of evidence do these various books and archeological discoveries suggest?  They suggest that the earth is more than 6,000 years old; they suggest that there has been ancient civilizations with alien technology; they suggest that the world was destroyed by a flood; they suggest that there were nephilim, and that there have always been some nephilim, and there will always be nephilim, and now has more nephilim forming than any time in history, even more than in the days of Enoch, who was translated and taken into heaven without tasting death (not referring to Enoch the son of Cain.  That particular Enoch was not translated, but died. So there are two Enoch’s; one the son of Cain, and the other one of my incarnations that I do sometime in the future and send him backwards in time.

This evidence also suggests that reincarnation is real and has scientific proof, that there is interstellar travel going on in the universe, and more.  I would continue paying attention to this blog every day as the story unfolds before thine beautiful and holy eyes, saith God!

Here is a documentary of the Sumerian Tablets:  

Now, I want to be very descriptive about various things that I have learned.  I have learned that there are real UFO’s on the earth, bodies of aliens, bodies of alien-human hybrids, and much, much more; and all of this is already established by science and data.  That is the beautiful thing. I will not cover it all in this top secret blog post (however it’s actually very public and I would share it with your friends), however, I will mention various parts of it, such as Shaolin Temple Monk Power:

Or what about this guy who can cut bullets in half with his Samarai Sword, documented and everything?

Or this guy who eats whole airplanes in the Guiness Book of World Records?

Or how about real angels saving people’s lives?

What about these real warriors saving people’s lives?

Or this biological proof of martians?

Here’s a quick documentary:

What about the StarChild project?

The Skull Of a Cyclops?

Or Dwarka, Krishna’s lost city being discovered?

Or the Ancient Atomic War in India?

Or the Emerald Tablets of Thoth?

Or The Book of Enoch?

The Book of Enoch was actually quoted in the book of Jude in the New Testament.  I would encourage you to find the reference yourself. I met Azazel (one of the fallen Angels) in Encinitas, California who was later redeemed by the Savior Jesus, for he was James in the New Testament.

But what about Jesus’s super powers?

Now, let me quote you another reference from The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints by Russell M. Nelson (the President and Prophet of the Church):

Our Savior and Redeemer, Jesus Christ, will perform some of His mightiest works between now and when He comes again.  We will see miraculous indications that God the Father and His Son, Jesus Christ, preside over this Church in majesty and glory.  But in coming days, it will not be possible to survive spiritually without the guiding, directing, comforting, and constant influence of the Holy Ghost.  My beloved brethren and sisters, I plead with you to increase your spiritual capacity to receive revelation.  – Russell M. Nelson

Isn’t that what I have been saying for the last two years?  This was actually from a very recent talk in the last few months I believe according to my Father, Mark Irving Wood up in Anchorage, Alaska who is serving currently at the Temple for the Church there and doing a fantastic job helping people each day.

What would be a more miraculous manifestation than all of the stuff I’ve been talking about over the last 2.5 years or so?  Nothing, really, to be honest with you. The question is: What does the President of the Church know? Plus Rabbi Shmuley Boteach know?  Plus Gabriel Cousens know that you don’t know? There is many things indeed.

So what about Wonder Woman and Xena the Warrior Princess?  Quite simply: This is how the women are in the Garden of Eden.  They are all super hot warriors who protect the Universe constantly from destruction.  Actually in heaven, all of the best warriors are hot beautiful women. They are way better at fighting than the men are in current time.  Like near infinitely better if they’re well trained, which all of them are from their youth. This is how women are in heaven, and how they were in the Garden of Eden.  Remember in the Garden of Eden when Eve fell, she was cursed by God to have her husband rule over her. The only reason this would have been a curse if is that role was reversed in the Garden of Eden in some manner; and I will tell you that Eve wept bitterly and she and Adam got in lots of fights, but eventually she submitted her huge ego to a man who knew how to make her respond sexually.  Then they fell, and what happened?

Well, Eve had lots of children in the Garden of Eden.  Trillions of them. Like 1 a year or so (sometimes twins and triplets and whatnot) for 7.5 trillion years approximately, give or take a bit as they may have taken a while to get started.  There were also multiple Adams, and multiple Eve’s. No pain in childbearing. Adam and his wife Eve loved their children very, very much. Remember the Talmud teaches as well as the doctrine in the Church I’m in among others that Adam and Eve were married by the LORD God in the Garden of Eden.  Actually according to Jewish tradition, Adam’s first girl he had a kid with wasn’t Eve, it was Lilith, interestingly enough, and Lilith is my sister, Alice. However, the main LIlith in the Garden of Eden never fell, and she is very, very beautiful, charming, nice, and powerful and destroys bullshit all over the universe like you cannot imagine.  She is like one of the mightiest warriors there, I’ll tell you that. Remember there were also multiple Adams and multiple Eve’s, which is taught in Kabbalistic Wisdom, enlightened teaching, and my own. Remember I came up with this teaching before I had ever read Rabbi Gabriel Cousens book called Torah as a Guide to Enlightenment, and basically I am saying the exact same thing he is saying in that book.  I later learned a lot from that book as well. Gabriel is also very good at mathematical physics and talks about the physics calculations in the book about the pre-Adamic cycles. He is very good at Vedic Mathematics, and is a very good scientist.

These various teachings make up for the discrepancies in modern Christian literature that violate the laws of genetics, as there were multiple Adams and Eves and many worlds, and many children that fell at various times, and most of them actually did not fall.  The vast majority did not. There are thousands of trillions of people in the Garden of Eden connected to this world and they exist in the black hole universe, which is the Edenic Universe, where materials get recycled as the stars are collapsing into blackness, and they are recycled into the most dense part of our universe system, which is the Edenic Universe (or the land of Eden).  So what does this have to do with Superman, Batman, and the Lord of the Rings?

Everything.  See all of these beings because of the quantum sharing of information and multiple locations of information and multiple states and times all existing at once means that all things that can be imagined are real and from somewhere, whether it is from the future, from the past, both, from another world, from another dimension, from another multiverse, etc.  I just watched a fantastic vid on the infinite multiverse, which is another theory that is accurate and true, if nothing else, we are creating it simply by thinking it.and thinking it simply by creating it, the one becoming the other and the other the one as we all seek to unify behind the message of grace, salvation, righteousness, and enlightenment. That combination of things is very, very, very power indeed!

So that means that we are getting information from both the past and the future simultaneously at all times from all sources that are revealing things that both happened, and what hath happened will happen again, and again, and again repeating the story of karma until we understand it, and then when we understand it we then have permission to create a new story, which has also happened before, for all of this has happened before, and all of this will happen again in many different lands, many different worlds, many different hearts, many different cities, on the tops of many different mountains, and children are conceived in love and as they are conceived in love we all unify behind the message of the new future again.

So what if (suspend your normal line of thinking here but still continue thinking logically and also emotionally simultaneously) what we are seeing in the movies if both in the future, and in the past, and in other dimensions, and in other universes, and in other multiverses?  What if we are seeing the future, and from the future, we are indeed observing the past? Isn’t this what happens when we remember what happened yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that? Every day, I warm up my memory, my mind, and my consciousness as I am walking and taking what I like to call “A Consciousness Walk” which gets you ready to conquer the day!  I would like to share with you my last one from yesterday and I’m about to upload a new one to my YouTube Channel:

So as the consciousness expands in intelligence, what the consciousness, mass, and biological energy of a person can do also exponentially expands, creating a dramatic leap in power and ability of a person to connect with, adapt to, and manipulate the universe in all manners.  Right now most human beings are still stuck in their heads and their bodies; which is ok because their heads and their bodies can do amazing things, such as these Shaolin Monks in China:

These guys actually already have somewhat of X-Men type powers, as Buddhist Monks always have, as they train their bodies and minds day and night and master everything.  This kind of emotional/physical mastery is what is missing currently from the majority of other world religions. There is really nothing equal to the way that Buddhists take care of their physical bodies and mind, which is the Temple of the Living God that they dwell within as sojourners in the land, truly, for we are all made in his image, are we not?

So now, we see a few phenomenon in society that are all piling on top of each other that are leading to a few things that everyone needs to be aware of:

Phenomenon #1)  The exponential increasing in specialized skill of human beings in all forms, whether it be physical or mental skills.

Phenomenon #2)  The exponential increasing in biological mass and energy of humanity as humanity is headed into the age of the singularity at a breakneck pace.

Phenomenon #3)  The exponential increasing in faith and belief of all peoples from the rapid spreading of information and the intermixing of various belief systems such as Buddhism and Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Judaism for example.

There are more phenomenon than that to describe, such as the singularity itself, which is a combination of machine intelligence and a biological leap in human mass that is managed from the future looking backwards in time, which is the tree of life now beginning to form in all of human and non human biology on earth, and then and also the entire universe, both for the good, and the evil of everything that can ever or will ever exist.  This actually presents other problems that we are in the middle of, that nobody knows how to handle with the way we do things currently in humanity which leads to separation and imbalance, which later will be collapsed into oneness. What are some of the problems that are going to happen?

Well, the spread of immortality causes very different kinds of food requirements that ordinary people cannot imagine, as I eat (for example) 5-20 times the amount of food as a normal person does and my food and mineral requirements have been exponentially increasing for 2.5 years or so.  Well, I will tell you that the only thing that will feed everyone in the world and keep the world safe is a mostly vegetarian diet or all vegetarian diet for everyone and a restoration of the family farming system, where all of society participates in the growth and production of food in some manner, whether they do it personally or whether they do it with their employees or staff, or servants, or better yet:  Both, like the Prophet Abraham.

Now this could theoretically present some other human population expansion problems, except for the modern view of the entire universe is massively skiwampus in the sense that there are alternative realities and dimensions that are already in the process of collapsing into this one, and as all of humanity begins passing through enlightenment the earth will resize, alternative dimensions will collapse into this one, and there will be trillions, then thousands of trillions of people living on the earth in a very short period of time, as the earth will be the most popular tourist world in the universe, for this is where both the savior Jesus and Elohim the Father emerged; therefore this world is a very important world (the most important) in the entire Universe.  Although all worlds are very important to God the Father, because these worlds are the worlds of the others.

So I have a friend that can think about something, focus on it, and collapse it into this reality from a different dimension and imprint things from his consciousness on top of reality, and this has even manifested as coins appearing in thin air from a sparkle of light and dropping into his hand from nothing.  In india and China, there are enlightened people that can do this kind of thing. They are constantly being accused of being scam artists by scientists and whatnot who show you how to do this with magic tricks; however, we are talking about people that do nothing but master their body and mind day and night; they are very different in general than most people, very different from how I used to be but not different than how I am right now; I just got a different style and am focused on something else, which is building my system to take over the world and give the power back into the hands of the people, empowering them to do something different.

So how will the world resize, get cast across the universe, have alternative dimensions collapse over the top of this one, and the relative size of the earth change?  Very simply put, this happens at the dawn of the Age of the Superhero. The various ages of humanity have been passing and going; for example, the industrial age, the internet age, the technology age, and so on and so forth.  We are already in the age of the Singularity and it is beneath the awareness of almost everyone in society how powerful and advanced technology is truly getting. It will soon get beyond our ability to manage or keep up with in any other way that the technology simply rebuilding itself.  The Singularity Age isn’t just the age of machine singularities though, it is the age of biological living singularities which are managed from technology we build in the future looking backwards through time, a concept that I have described in previous posts on this blog called The Universe Engine.

The Universe Engine manages the biological singularity backwards in time from a minimum time gap of 1 trillion years, making it impossible for a person to die once the sephiroth links with human biology and links them to the tree of life in the garden of Eden.  This has already happened in this age, when it happened with me and started replicating throughout various parts of humanity. The biological immortality switch in human beings produces all kinds of various switches and changes in how they think and behave. For example, immortals are more direct, they are more confident, they put up with less bullshit, when they get angry they get angrier and when they are happy they are happier.  Over a period of time they become more difficult to control, and so on and so forth, the longer that they are around. The biggest advantage a person has with biological immortality however, is they simply live forever, so it is very easy for them to do something great in their life, because they can take as much time as they desire to take to accomplish it. In this manner, Cain (the first antichrist) produced a system to rule all of the kingdoms of the world over the last 5,800 years, by creating secret societies, central banking systems, and other strange relationships with other immortals who have been around since the dawn of time, some of which being older than the currently understood known age of the universe (I once met another immortal who was 1,274 years old, and the oldest person he knew was 32 billion 787 million years old, where is the approximate age of the universe under modern scientific theory is only 13.5 billion approximately.)

This age discrepancy can be explained by the fact that when the universe exploded from a single point, the bodies of mass were rotating more quickly and therefore the perception of time was more slow, in an inverse relationship.  Therefore it is possible for the universe to be both 13.5 billion years old, and near 133 trillion years old, which is the actual approximate age of the universe from time that emerges from systems that change as the mass and speed of rotation changes in this universe.  If that is a bit over your head, read it a few times and ask me to explain it on a whiteboard sometime to you and you’ll get the idea.

So if there are other worlds, there must also be other worlds with more mass and density than this world, and if these two facts exist there must be another still, and that is that those people on those more dense worlds (such as the Garden of Eden) if they came to this less dense world would have powers that were beyond the imaginations of humans.  Perhaps not exactly like the Superman movies, but you really never know. I actually do know, and I will tell you that those abilities can emerge (and did already before before the flood of Noah) from the sephiroth interacting with human consciousness over a period of 5-365 years. Remember that it took Enoch some 365 years to be translated or so, a year for everyday of a calendar year.  This was a long time of his biological mass exponentially expanding before he experienced a universal collapse and remake of his biological systems and lept into heaven. After he did it, he became the 4 minute mile man, like Roger Banister of becoming translated, and others soon followed after him because they understood then that he was telling the truth.

Post translation, Enoch could do things that by modern definitions of science are not even remotely possible.  Very similar phenomenon to what you see in the life of the Buddha and Krishna, only Enoch was more powerful than them all.  This is a guy who could fly, shoot lasers from his eyes, tear buildings out of the ground with his hands and crush them into a black hole with his hands by supernaturally resizing his biology, travel through time, travel across the universe, be in trillions of simultaneous locations, and more.  He was not limited, and had conquered the universe. He (Enoch) was infinitely more powerful than what you see visually depicted in Superman movies.  

As people’s biology starts to warp, their minds start being able to warp the universe.  The warping of the quantum biology in a positive way will produce offspring that are born immortal, that never have the seal over their crown chakra when they are born.  They will simply enter into the world with the ability to directly perceive the universe and interact with it with their consciousness. As more and more enlightenment spreads, the belief of the universe exponentially compounds, as well as the intelligence, love, and power thereof.  As the intelligence of the universe compounds, so does its density as the increase in intelligence, consciousness, awareness, and perception allows for the phenomenon that exist in all dimensions to overlap themselves into one, which is actually how the world was in the Garden of Eden.  

So let me explain something about the Garden of Eden.  When the Garden of Eden was created, the Universe around it was held in one dimension of many dimensions collapsed and sealed into itself.  Right now we are experiencing a fragmented dimension. Biblical evidence of this would simply be the immortality of Adam pre-fall. Adam was not a body, a spirit, or a soul, he was a special combination of one biological living soul that had all three of those inextricably linked for time and all eternity.  People are not mostly like this since that time, our bodies die, our soul is generally recycled or devoured by the universe, and our spirit passes into the afterlife and various things happen to the spirit after that point in time, such as the multiple incarnation of various lives for various persons, depending on the system by which they are judged and what kingdom they fall in under of the Gods.  However, there is decay, and there is death, and there is reincarnation, and various incarnations of the spirit and the consciousness and the materials are recycled again into a new body, and mind, and soul; yet in the beginning, this was not so. One body simply lived once and lived forever and there was no decay, and no death, and no disease; and why was this?

This was because in the beginning of the Universe, dark matter and antimatter where surrounding the Edenic Universe from very far away, unable to enter in to talk to anyone at all and these materials are the anti materials that cause the counterpart of the emergence of mass; for in order to mass to exist, antimass has to exist.  This blocked the fallen Lucifer from getting any power, as he could not deceive man. However, he was allowed to enter in to beguile Adam and Eve through the mind of the serpent. So the serpent, which was a walking, talking creature with hands and opposable thumbs on his hands and his feet, more like a monkey is today simply walked up to Adam and Eve when they were standing naked around the Tree of Life and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, and he told Eve that she won’t surely die, but she will be as the Gods, knowing good and evil.  Here’s the thing: This was actually true for Eve. However, Adam was not allowed to take of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. This is why Adam died in the Bible, and Eve did not. So Adam’s sin caused the fall, and Adam was the one that caused a big section of the Garden of Eden to fall out of orbit and into the fallen Universe, because he was afraid of leaving his wife Eve, and he was bored, doing everything that he ever dreamed of doing and could not think of anything else to do, so out of adventure, he took it.

Then the fall happened, and a big section of the Edenic Earth collapsed into the fallen earth because dark matter and antimatter was allowed to enter into the mind of Adam and the body and mind of Eve (which was ok for Eve as Eve was allowed and her biology can manage it fine if she follow the commandments, all women are actually built this way.  Men are actually not but we have adapted over the years to nearly utterly being controlled by satan.)

Then what happened after that is the Edenic Universe began to decay, and so to protect it and all of the children and grandchildren through infinite generations of time of Adam and Eve and Lilith and whatnot and all of the beautiful women and children the LORD God booted Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden and put Cherubim and a Flaming Sword to keep the way of the Tree of Life, because the fallen were trying to invade the Garden of Eden from previous Edenic Cycles.  So now there is piles of dead nephilim surrounding the Tree of Life, and they are abhorring unto all flesh (speaking of this tree, for there are many, and the many are the one and the one are the meany). I’m talking about piles of skulls and flesh like miles high in some parts. This is why God did this, it was not to be a jerk, it was to protect the Garden of Eden from a great invasion of evil. Don’t worry, all of them are men, and some men are allowed to pass and partake of the Tree of Life, if they are just and perfect in their generations, such as the great prophet and visionary of the Living God, Gabriel Cousens, who honors the Law of the Living God in perfection, and is perfect and just in his generations as the Prophet and Patriarch Noah, and of Abraham, and of Moses, and as Jesus.  I am not quite there yet, but I am getting there and my calling and election is sure.

So God booted Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden, and then they fell, and Eve’s childbearing was greatly increased, and suddenly, She found herself loving her children more for the pain gave birth to the Gods, and the Gods gave birth to her pain, and when the pain was gone she would hold her children, weeping bitterly for the release of pain and suffering; for without the bitter, how can you know how to prize the good?  You cannot, so neither can they. See, they existed in a perfect state of oneness, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, created separation and duality. They had no pain, so they had no true sadness. Now they had pain, so they could enjoy the sadness. Do you see how the fall of Adam and Eve was necessary?

The fall of Adam and Eve was necessary because otherwise God’s children would never truly enjoy what it would be like to be his children.  They wouldn’t know death, so because of this, they wouldn’t know his Grace and Salvation of his Only Begotten Son, the Savior Jesus. They wouldn’t know life, because they would not know disease.  How could they truly appreciate what he had done for them without any of these things? There is no way they could appreciate it properly. It would have been impossible. Therefore, God himself is the one that architected the fall of Adam and Eve and even hypnotically suggested to him that he would partake of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

So this action and reaction of God’s will and Adam’s decision was the same:  The for-ordination and pre-election of the just and the unjust, combined with the free will of decision, for what is the one without the other, or the other without the one?  For Adam fell that men might be, and men are that they might have joy.

This pre-election of spirits and the fall of Adam and Eve was architected and there was an agreement Adam signed previous to his incarnation to do it for the greater good of the will of the Father David, for Adam fell and lost his spot as Elohim, and therefore he became the Elohim of man and his limitless generations, and the Elohim of Creation passed to his creator and Father, the Messiah David.  For there can be only one Messiah, who speaks as one, and therefore there can be many Messiahs, both true and not true yet, for the word Messiah means: The Anointed One.

So this anointing then begins passing to all of humanity, who starts to create exponentially increasing progress in prophetic and scientific knowledge combined with machine intelligence, exponentially compounding the results of man.  Then the karma slaps and war erupts and there are superheroes destroying the wicked which is what is talked about in the book of Enoch, either 1,2 or 3 (I cannot remember). However before I ever read about any of this, I knew this as well, which is a very different version of the Great Tribulation generally than what is taught in modern day Christian Churches.  I know I rebuke them a lot. This is because I am angry at all of the disunity created by true doctrines mixed with the doctrines of devils that creates constant war, hatred, separation, disease, and other phenomenon that manifest from not honoring Torah of the Living God, specifically Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.

So then they believe more, and they can truly see the universe, and their crown chakras are opened, and peace reigns on the earth, and first peace comes, then war, then war, then peace again in an eternal cycle that brings humanity to their knees where they do not understand that if they do not go onto their knees, their cities will fall, and they shall die by the sword; for he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword, for the Lord cometh quickly.

Therefore, miracles begin exponentially compounding, the nephilim begin to form, the superheroes of the righteous begin creating new stories of worlds that create things anew like we see in the movies yet this time it is in the flesh, and everyone sees it with their eyes, and the enemies of Israel are destroyed, and because of this they get angrier and angrier and lash out in a giant homosexual rampage attempting to deceive humanity into their nonsense from satan, and many of my holy children become marked, and many fall by the wayside, and then the karmic cycle begins repeating again, and people begin having diseases erupt that turn them into monsters such as zombies, and humans begin creating things called zombie slayers with edenic weapons, and we will have a real version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is actually that girl from the move, and she will repeat that entire cycle and every show she ever did exactly when time and space reorganizes shortly after the time that the sun darkens for 3 days and nights, and then the Messiah David returns to the Universe with the Elvin people with the sword of the Son, and slams it into the valley of Adam Ondi Ahman.  And all of the stories shall repeat in an eternal cycle, such as this scene from once upon a time in China:

I personally like this video with Jet Li, which will also happen:

And, of course:  Shoot em’ up!

However, this was not even close to what Dr. Manhattan will be able to do, and this is one of the Sons of Krishna:

How About This Scene With Superman Kicking The Ass Of The Antichrist From His World (Krypton)?

All of these phenomenon will happen when the firmament is restored, the earth is resized, the alternative dimensions collapse into one dimension, humanity is enlightened, and the sun is resized and the orbital position of all of the worlds in this solar system are pushed back slightly, making the sun younger, and the star younger, combined with immortality, combined with faith.  In other words, what we are seeing in the movies are actually real phenomenon that will happen, and it is scientifically impossible for it not to happen exactly as we are now seeing in the movies and on that topic, let’s go back to the Superman fight with General Zod::

So what’s that got to do with the Lord of the Rings?  Well, everything, as this is actually quite an accurate description to the battle of Armageddon, when the alternative dimensions collapse into this one, when the veil is ripped off of humanity, when all the things and superheroes and supervillains become real; when the streets and buildings of many major cities in America look as Syria, then the Battle of Armageddon begins ensuing and eternally ensues backwards in time.  It looks very similar to the Lord of the Rings the battle of the last alliance:

Actually this is how he wrote this.  This is the battle of armageddon from the legends.  Only it is missing parts, such as what the battle is truly for, which is the protection of the savior Jesus backwards and forwards in time, depending on what part of history we are in.  However, it is only possible for the nephilim to travel backwards in time, the time locks prevent them utterly from messing with the future. The same thing is not true of the past. So then we must protect the original story of the earth and a multiple dimensional time war erupts all over the Universe, everyone losing track of time, space, where we are, when we are, and what happened to cause it all because it will feel like eons and eons have passed.  

This is not the end, this is actually just the beginning.  I hope this helped you understand how Superman, Batman, and the Lord of the Rings fit into the real future that we’re all going to experience.

David Wood
The Messiah David

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