Principle #32: Justice. Leaked Chapter From The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness

Principle #32: Justice.

I grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska with a Father who was a very big fan of Justice as he was a Judge that later became a Supreme Court Judge and was for a long time the best prosecuting attorney in Fairbanks, Alaska, throwing over the course of his years many vicious murderers and criminals in jail for a very long time.  Fascinatingly enough, even the murderers and everyone said that my Sacred Father was the most fair Judge they had ever had in their life. He had no desire to harm them. He offered them free advice on how to get help. He pointed out to people the damage that they did to each other’s families. They saw him cry in court.  Everything.

Nelson Mandela Quote About Jail

See, Justice goes absolutely way, way, way beyond simply a criminal going into jail, or a murderer being publicly executed, or privately executed which is an abomination of modern society (private execution with mercy).  Why is this an abomination? Because these criminals shewed no mercy. It is my opinion that exactly what they did to others is exactly what they should have done to them, or they should be simply stoned to death until they die outside of the gates of the city, for this is natural law, and justice. 

You might be asking why it should be like that, and perhaps is there a balance in a Christian society?  Yes, perhaps in a Christian modern society there is more room for forgiveness and grace; however, people have this idea completely backwards a very good majority of time.  Why? Because it is against the teachings of the entire Bible to not fiercely and exactly punish crime out of existence. The reason for this is because if we do not do this, the karma that is exacted from the universe out of people is always more fierce and severe than if we simply punished the crime utterly out of existence like what ancient societies like Jerusalem used to do. 

What is the evidence of this working in the Middle East? People have this misconception about the Middle East like it is more violent than the United States. Actually, schools have less shootings and everything in the Middle East. The murder rate per 100,000 people in the United States of America is about 5.3 or so and rising. The murder rate per 100,000 people in Mecca and Jerusalem is approximately 1.3 or so.  That means to get the same amount of murders, Mecca would have to have approximately 1 billion people for about every 250,000,000 people in the United States. You can do the math on your own, it is very severe what crime does to the population of America over a long period of time and also to the hearts and minds of the innocent in society.

See, there is always Justice.  Sometimes people say things like:  There’s no Justice. However, there is always Justice, whether it be through the unstoppable feminine force of Karma which we have already talked about earlier in the book, or whether it be from people enacting out the Karma (for example beating a rapist up in the streets) or a murderer murdering a murderer he knows for money.  Karma is everywhere and all pervasive in society and cannot be stopped. Let me give you some examples of this through ancient stories.

There was a Buddhist monk who once was enlightened, and after his enlightenment he became aware through previous incarnations that he had brutally murdered 11 people.  I may have talked about this already earlier in the book, yet story reinforcement will help you get the point as I am teaching you things like this to obviously correct micro behavior in you (you obviously don’t do anything like that).  However, there may be someone who is reading this book who does. I am actually talking to them, so hopefully they get scared, and stop.

Buddha is the Way of Enlighenment
Buddha is the Way of Enlighenment

So then what happened is he got away with it.  No justice, right? Wrong. This particular monk was then allowed to incarnate 11 more times just to be brutally murdered in each approximate incarnation in the same exact manner in which he murdered others.  An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. People walk around getting angry at each other, and mostly: It is quite pathetic. They do not realize that it is their own actions causing their own karmic reactions.  People are getting angry at them for something that they did. Perhaps they are not giving 10% of their income to their local church or The Kingdom Of Elohim, which you can visit with the following link:, because they who do not give 10% of their incomes always end up losing their money.  This is what the billionaires know.

Perhaps what causes the anger is something different.  Perhaps they were mad at their Father, or got into an argument with their Mother.  One time when I was a kid, I lashed out at my Mother in a rage and then got into a car.  Funny enough, a few minutes later I got into a car accident by sliding out in front of a school bus on a patch of black ice.  I was blessed to find that the school bus crashed right in front of my foot and there was a perfect square dent in my car from this and my head broke through the side window and I woke up 10-15 minutes later without a scratch, not remembering what happened, and the kids on the bus were fine, and nobody had been seriously harmed or damaged.  People would confine this to luck mostly; however, there is really something more powerful than luck, and that is a Father who is righteous and pays tithing. Nothing serious that was life threatening ever happened to anyone in my family because my Father was a righteous man. This is the power of righteousness. People do not understand what is causing these karmic actions, and reactions unfortunately, and therefore they get confined to the places of the wicked, which is being punished again and again until they realize the truth:  That they caused it all.

I know I talk about things in this book that make modern people uncomfortable, such as hell fire and brimstone.  I am doing it on purpose to wake people up, and to cause the collapse of duality into oneness, and oneness back into duality to realize yet another lesson, as the prophets in the Old and New Testaments as well as Buddha used to use, each prophet and each leader doing things in a slightly different enlightened way, to bring the people to a deep and inner change that lasts forever, when society finally wakes up and realizes that we are all one, even as I and the Son are One, and the Son becomes the Father, and the Father becomes the Son, and each time a new Son is born onto the earth through a new Father, or an existing Father, or a daughter, there must be Justice for harming them.

Justice is one of the most important things that can exist in any kind of society for without it, people begin losing faith in the system, which is exactly what is going on right now.  We are seeing people rampage with violence in the streets of America, school shootings are at an all time high and growing, and there is an increase in general crime over a period of 3-5 years in nearly every part of America, whereas it should be reversed.  You may ask why all of this violence exists in the first place and what causes it to generally increase rather than decrease over a period of time. It is simply put that the justice system we have is not actually fair, and does not generally create equal justice for all as would have been suggested by the Constitution of the United States of America.  We do not punish the right things severely enough, and we punish stupid things way too severely; such as people utilizing natural plants to get high or whatever they want to do that is not hurting anyone but themselves. Weed, for example is actually a sacrament in Hinduism, and is simply a plant that can be utilized for either light or darkness, depending on who is taking it.  So we take people who are smoking a joint, and we throw them in jail for years at times, whereas a murderer is also in jail, and then the more innocent weed smoker goes into jail and learns about all sorts of other dark crimes he can do. This is the worst idea anyone could have thought of and is going to create a massive karmic whiplash in society later on from all of the people who are really doing nothing that have been punished utterly for bullshit.

But then what about the murderers?  They murdered others, and then what do we do?  We put them in jail and we give them room and board for 30, 40, or even 50 years at times.  Each year this can cost anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000, depending on what part of the world they live in as jail in general is a very expensive operation.  Now I would say in current society, jail is necessary as nobody has presented a better option (yet) which I will in my next book, Make America Righteous Again.  However, jail is a modern form of justice and does somewhat of a good job in scaring people away from doing crimes.  

The problem is though that it does not scare people who do horrible things enough.  A murderer who doesn’t like to work (for example) will love jail, as jail is going to be a place where he can still probably kill people occasionally and not get caught, or seriously harm them, and he gets free food, a free bed, free showers, and lots of hot chicks like to stop by and sleep with the criminals.  It’s like the best thing ever for a certain kind of person, although they still would prefer to escape and get thrown back in or whatever, to create drama in society and then go back to jail and tell everyone how they did it. Jail is the worst idea to punish crime I have actually ever heard about. It is rotten from the bottom to the top like a bad apple that is spoiling the entire fruit basket of a righteous and just society.

The bad thing about this kind of justice, is that this justice has mercy on the criminal, but it does not have actual justice for the person who had their son or their daughter brutally killed in violence.  Ancient societies would have simply taken these people and hung them in front of everyone, offed their head, or taken them outside of the gates of the city and stoned them until they die. Actually, they would do this in front of everyone, and all of society would participate in inflicting the punishment, and even bring their children to watch.  Now, before you say: What an awful thing for a child to have to see (which in one way, I agree with) if the children of society never see these things because we hide from them the punishment of a crime such as an execution in a back room of a tower somewhere in a public jail that nobody ever sees, then what happens is that many children who have tendencies that can turn into something violent never have the fear of God enough to simply stay away from those tendencies.  The good majority of time in 1850 in America, for example, they just would have stayed away from the crime for fear of death. That is justice: An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. Someone knocks someone’s tooth out unjustly, and then what happens is their tooth gets knocked out in front of everyone. That is the ancient Biblical system that produced greater prosperity of state than any other system that has ever existed. If you question that, King David in the Old Testament (who was one of my previous incarnations) had the equivalent wealth of like 80 Bill Gates.  A lot of people would say things like: Oh yeah, lots of evil billionaires have lots of money.  However, David’s entire Kingdom was wealthy and I think we would all agree that he was a righteous man who did his best.  David was very merciful, even weeping bitterly for people that he had to kill in battle. His enemies, and everything.

One of the things that creates prosperity in any kind of society is the rule of Law and the enactment of Justice for all peoples on an exactly equal level.  In Judaism, they say that they are not the makers of the Law, they are simply the keepers of the Law. This attitude in society makes people more free to simply act and react to their localized environment, knowing that the Law will protect them and their families and that the Law is above every politician and leader, and reigns supreme in the land.  I learned a lot about justice and law from my Father, who loved people. My Father was always a fan of the death penalty for murderers. My Mother did not like that idea as much as she believed that over a period of time they can change.

Justice is not just about enacting strict penalties for crossing the Laws of a society or in the case of Torah the laws of God, justice is about letting everyone know through our actions, not just our words that society is perfectly fair.  If we are fair in our legal system and in our actions, and our reactions, then what happens is we learn through testing our behavior what is going to produce prosperous and powerful results. If we are not fair and we are not just then what happens is that the evil in society slowly, but surely begins taking over the land over a period of time.  This phenomenon will then manifest in a currency that deflates, economies that collapse, wars that ensure, droughts, famines, and disease.

The point of this section of the book is is that justice always is enacted no matter what a society does to either support it or try to counter it.  The problem is that if we do not create swift and severe immediate justice, then the counter justice from the spiritual universe that slaps society is always more severe, as that karma will lead to an increase of that same kind of problem and then things will happen like school shootings will get out of control because kids that have not been taught properly to love each other at home by good parents see that nothing happens but they get to escape the poor homes they are in, and go to jail.  Very few societies in the world are perfectly fair with justice.

Instead, we all live in a system where the severest crimes go unpunished with equal severity, making excuses that say that things like public hangings are cruel and unusual punishment.  It is actually not cruel and unusual punishment to fiercely punish someone who was fierce with another. It is an equal and opposite reaction to what they did, which keeps the entire universe imbalanced and can throw society down a path that leads to eventual destruction every single time there is no justice.  Justice is that important to the nature and functioning of the universe because justice protects each other, and protects the others, which is the point of society.

Are public hangings for men who harm the innocent truly cruel and unusual? Or is it fair and simple justice that eradicates crime from society?

Many times people that I encounter along the way do not like the Old Testament laws of Torah because they do not like the way that the violent are punished with violence.  Many of these people are very spiritual and I have found it very common for them to be more connected with the teachings of the prophet Buddha, for example. However, if you point out to them that in Tibet (the land of the Dalai Lama) that people who were caught stealing would have their hands cut off and the wounds cauterized with butter so they could not be surgically reattached, then all of the sudden they began to be dislocated slightly from this attachment to this idea that direct and exact justice shouldn’t be served.

Why would a society like Tibet that was known for its peaceful laws and its love for all peoples do something like cut someone’s hand off and cauterize the wound with butter?  It is because it is better to be without a hand than to have your whole body cast into hell. If people see things like this happening for crime, then what happens is that people fear stealing from their youth so they learn to work hard instead of depending on society to give them a handout.  Particularly, the more enlightened a society is, the more need their is for exact and specific justice, as the enlightenment of a society exponentially speeds up the karma resolution of that society whether there is justice or not. 

His Holiness The 14th Dalai Lama
This is a photo of “His Holiness” The 14th Dalai Lama.

What this means is that as the consciousness of society expands in the future as people act, the reactions from the energetic universe also speed up.  If the societal increase in consciousness advancing is exponential, the reactions from the karmic universe have an equivalent exponential advance, whether that is either for the positive, or the negative.  I first noticed this phenomenon right after my initial enlightenment in this incarnation, as all of the stuff I had ever done that was negative caught up to me and slapped me in the face immediately, causing my old life to collapse in every direction as I had to learn how to create a new life with new friends, with new ideals.  It was as if I was placed in an area of the universe where I was a baby again, needing to learn how to move my eyes, and walk, and talk. That is how much I lost, and I was actually a pretty good person in the majority of my life who always loved helping people. It did not matter, as I also had negative karma and that negative karma had to get resolved.

What does karma have to do with justice?  Well, everything, as they are interwoven and inextricably connected.  Karma will enact justice anyways on a person and a society if justice is simply not served by the people in this life, and in this incarnation.  The reason it gets more severe if justice is not served is that several things happen:

#1) Somebody gets away with something that then needs to be punished in some other way.

#2) Society starts losing faith in the system and because of this, that particular kind of crime or bad behavior then increases in that same society.

#3) Darkness is allowed to puncture more deeply into society because of points #1 and 2, increasing the problem all throughout society in a way that ends up punishing everyone.

In other words, negative karma will hit all of us if justice is not simply served with exactness 100% of the time.  If nothing else, society becomes more unsafe, it gets more and more dangerous to be outside at night, violent crimes begin increasing, and satan gets more and more control over that aspect of that society that did not simply directly and exactly punish that crime with natural karmic law, such as Torah.

I think that modern society is very unaware in general of what the jail system is like unless they’ve been there.  We do not see equal justice because in our current law system if a man has more money he gets away with more, so there is a growing chasm between the rich and the poor in our ability to create justice.  This chasm is creating a kind of dissent that is growing inside of America where nobody quite knows why they are dissatisfied all the time, they simply do not feel right about what is going on in society.  Because of this we are seeing larger and larger and more and more intense protests in the streets about bigger and bigger issues, and there is a great divide forming in America where everyone is beginning to be set at variance against each other, soon leading to an even greater divide that has the potential to erupt in violence that can be catastrophic, such as another Civil War or even worse yet, a war that erupts and begins to flow to all nations.  This phenomenon actually happens from the way that consciousness reacts to stimulus and phenomenon. It is a well known phenomenon that if a person lives without any boundaries enforced, they will tend to walk on other people when they are older socially and emotionally, because that person does not have any sort of internal barometer that was built from their youth that helps them understand why to do certain things instead of others, or vice versa.  

Therefore because of this lack of morality, it is very possible for a person that has never been raised otherwise to do things that are massively out of line for another person with a greater sense of internal morality.  Someone who is born a sociopath (for example) is not always evil. This is simply a style of personality that reacts very differently to input, or stimulus than a non sociopath. It is very obvious to me that the savior Jesus was a sociopathic personality, for example as the personality displayed in the New Testament was the will of his Father and he was a stepped down warrior King from the Celestial Kingdom more akin to Jehovah of Armies in the Old Testament than the personality that you see displayed in the new.  My point with this is that one personality versus the other isn’t the point – some people simply need more strict guidelines that are more simple than others, and others simply follow natural law without any reinforcement systems necessary. We need to accommodate everyone and their needs as we march into the future.

If we simply begin reinforcing the boundaries of society, and simplify our legal system and have punishments that actually make sense for the specific crimes, creating a better system of punishment that reorients criminals to live healthy in a society and emerge completely and totally free from their own internal issues that created the problem in the first place, and the system also does its job of creating fear of doing things that are serious such as violent crimes towards others, then what will happen is society will at first lash out at the boundaries as they are not used to them, but then over a short period of time people will simply realize that the only reason these laws are there are to protect the innocent from the violent, and they will support the system and embrace the change, and exact and equal justice will be served to the rich and the poor alike, for God is no respecter of persons.

Over a period of about 200 years or so, America’s simple freedom system has been severely watered down and covered with an array of laws that are so difficult to understand that you have to be a lawyer or a layperson that does nothing but study laws all day to even decipher what is legal, what is not, and what is simply a hole in the law that provides opportunity to get away with things.  The tax system is not obvious, and is not equal. It is actually much easier to pay proportionally less taxes for a rich person in modern society than it is for a upper-middle class worker who simply gets trapped in the tax schema that is built in a way that creates never ending piles of debt. Our money system is being drained from value by the constant influx of printing new money or as the Federal Reserve likes to say, quantitative easing.  I think they do this to try and make what they are doing look cool with a word that nobody understands, so the wool is pulled over our eyes and we do not realize that it is simply printing more money from nothing, and robbing the wealth of the people. 

In other words, we have obvious crimes in America (such as murder) and we have hidden crimes (such as robbing the wealth of the people through inflation) which, since society voted this into place, is not actually a crime for them; however, it is still creating a massive problem as the poor and the middle class in particular are being constantly drained and robbed of their wealth.  This creates a great injustice in the universe for many parts of this party as their is unpunished wickedness – so because we have done nothing truly to stop it the problem exponentially expands, latching itself onto every part of society in a giant house of cards that can come tumbling down at the flip of a switch from the hands of the elite, and at any time our entire modern society can collapse into a pile of rubble, wars ensuing on the streets and people turning to cannibalism and stealing to survive.  This is the ultimate karma that will fall upon many parts of society for refusing to stand up to wickedness the moment they see it emerging.

What is the solution for these problems?  It is very simply to stand up to evil and enact justice immediately upon there being something that happens that is unjust.  If society is always like this and our attitude towards justice is exacting and equal to all persons, then we live in a world that is not ruled by Kings and their whims, we live in a world where even the lands of the Kings are ruled by Laws, and even the Kings are subject to those laws, for everything we ever do must be exact and equal at all times.  See, something happened to me a few years ago when my crown chakra first opened, and I began to remember the numberless incarnations that I have had in my consciousness. I remember when this first happened, I remembered living millions, and millions of times as I have talked about throughout this book. I started to have all of the memories from all of those incarnations linking through my history and showing me how to do things right, and how to do things wrong.  I suddenly found myself reacting to everything slightly differently than I used to react. where before I would be lackadaisical, not really caring about some kind of minor detail or minor problem, I suddenly realized that the problems that emerge in society and the solutions all lie in the details being worked through, and everything works in a harmonic balance, whether we are aware of it or not.

I suddenly found myself standing up to wickedness in a very different kind of way.  For example, I remember I was driving in Costa Rica and there was these two guys that got out of their car and jumped out, robbing a woman of her purse on the other side of the street at a bus stop.  I stopped my car nearly in the middle of the road, and tried to get out but there was a wall of cars in front of me, so I could not get there in time. All of this traffic and all of these cars drove by the incident, doing nothing to stop it, depending only on the police to show up.  And truthfully, what would they then do? In Costa Rica, they would most likely report the incident and never catch the criminals who stole the purse. Now the injustice that exists is that a woman who most likely has children was robbed, and society did not stand up to it, so there are unpunished criminals who will continue robbing old women as they are more physically weak than them.  What if that lady in particular had just gotten paid a lifesaving amount of money to take her son to the doctor and get urgent medicine needed to support her family? Society is weak. If I could have gotten over there, there would have been a Kung Fu war on the streets and most likely, both of them would have been seriously injured, whether they had knives or not. Now, they are off robbing various peoples, creating an imbalance in the energy of Costa Rica in a way that if left unchecked, will create more and more violent crimes in the streets as now (Because of injustice) satan is allowed to rule on the streets.

Remember in Tibet, the most peaceful society anyone can think of, this person would have been chased down by monks, grabbed, and they would have had two people with their hands cut off, and one lady would have had her purse restored to her, and crime in the entire society would have gone down as a result.  That may seem extreme, except for in Tibet because they did this, violence and crime never got out of control and they did not have problems like school shootings like we do in America. It was punished severely and exactly, in the same manner as ancient Jerusalem. The good majority of society who has tendencies that can wind up down the road as creating criminals will simply choose other paths in their life if punishment is fierce and exacting.  

Now let’s get to the other side of justice.  We have talked about a lot of violent crimes being punished in an equal manner, and how this happens anyways regardless of whether it is in this incarnation or the next.  However let us talk about true justice for the righteous, and the wicked. When we think of a concept like heaven or hell, what we are thinking about is actually the greatest reward for the righteous that can emerge, or at the same time the greatest reward, depending on who you are talking about.  Let us first review the way that a good majority of Christians view hell, as this is the punishment that is reserved for people who do not receive the savior Jesus.  

First, to see if this is an accurate idea, we must understand that the principle of justice itself would say that there could not be a punishment for a crime that was not equal in nature to the crime itself in a perfect society, and I think we would all agree that the concept of heaven is a perfectly righteous society.  Therefore, from this very idea, we will see that hellfire and brimstone is not a punishment for every kind of sin that exists, as this very idea would be absurd, and against the nature of a just God. In other words, it would be against his own divine nature, justice, and harmony of Law and order for God to send all of these various very righteous peoples on the face of the earth in different religions (for example) to hell for not doing one simple thing, because they actually do not deserve a punishment that is so severe.  Therefore, there must be greater and lesser punishments, and greater and lesser rewards; for anything different would be contrary to the nature and perfection of God and his eternal justice and mercy.

Examples of this are all over the Bible.  We have often quoted the very serious sins in the bible and how punishments are fierce, such as the death penalty.  But what about the thief? Depending on the kind of thief, in the Bible they simply have to create restitution. Societally enforced restitution, paying back what they stole in general with some kind of tax, or interest.  If criminals simply are always required to payback what they stole, people in society will not steal in general, as it is very difficult to create restitution to someone that you harmed, particularly if a person does not make a lot of money.  So not all punishments in Torah are violent, and involve the public stonings of criminals. All around, it is much more merciful in every direction, people being given many opportunities for change before the laws catch up to them and exact the punishments after a trial and a Judge of the Law.

My point is, people only have something happen to them that they deserve and it is exact, perfect, and fair in every capacity for that specific kind of crime for that specific group of people.  It is very obvious that a good majority of people that I have ever met do not deserve to be thrown into hellfire and brimstone forever and ever. I even think this of some of the nastier people that I’ve met.  I actually know only a few people who currently would deserve something like that, as I have met and had an encounter with the biblical antichrist as described in Revelation and other areas of the New Testament.  Obviously that person in particular currently deserves hellfire and brimstone if they died. However, I do not desire this, I simply desire that this person repents. See, in order for a person to deserve hell, they have to do something that is severe enough to get cast into hell.  They are not going there for no reason, or because of something very tiny, for to do so would be against the nature, justice, and mercy of God. However, for acting badly a person could be consigned to a lower kingdom, for example, than the other kingdoms of glory and perhaps they would not have direct access to the Father, for example.  However hellfire is reserved for men that transgress against the Tetragrammaton in a way that is severe such as partaking in the mark of the beast and there is a reason why those people get cast there, which I have already described. It is still important for a person to accept the savior Jesus; however, they are doing it for salvation and salvation from what?  It could be from hellfire and brimstone, and it could also be from simply the punishment and Karma of the Law, pinning our sins and darkness to the cross backwards in time by the simple act of faith and repentance when we feel in our hearts and say out loud: I confess that Jesus died for my sins and that he sits at the right hand of God; Jesus, please save me. Therefore we have grace from the most extreme punishments of justice from a just and a perfect God, and the fires of hell are abated on our behalf.  So, therefore, there is a balance in all things. Remember, however: It is against the teachings of the entire Bible to assume that all people go to hell who don’t do what we simply believe it means. God is fair, he is perfect, and he is just.

Therefore, justice is also fair, and it is perfect, and heaven is also a just and a perfect reward, with a countering just and perfect counterbalanced punishment for those who are unjust and wicked still and even then, common sense must dictate that there would be a maximum possible time period of punishment. 

Karma is exacted perfectly upon society every single time it is enacted for everything that is done, justice being served as well as mercy, both for the just and for the unjust alike.

Now society in her current form is not a perfect society, and therefore we do not currently have perfect laws, nor do we have perfect justice.  These laws which are perfect for a society to be ran in Gods manner have already been written down in the books of Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy as I have discussed all throughout this book. If we honor those laws as the laws of the land, society needs zero other laws. 100% of everything that we have created in modern society to make up for wickedness has just resulted in more wickedness and more slavery and debt of society.  Therefore the only way to change this problem is to change the root of the problem, which is the wickedness of society itself and restore the earth and the heavens to a state of eternal justice, love, and power.

You maybe wondering in some parts of this book what this has to do with consciousness, or what this has to do with science.  On one hand, it has everything to do with it, and on the other it has nothing to do with it. The reason for this is that I am doing something and venturing into a territory that is previously entirely unexplained.  I have already established much of the ground rules. I am now establishing boundary conditions upon those rules and how things react in the spiritual-physical universe based on our actions and reactions to that energy and from this standpoint, justice has everything to do with consciousness, as in the future we will actually be able to build instrumentation to track how the enactment or disruption of justice acts and reacts in the spiritual quantum universe, remember that these principles are the foundation from which matter and energy emerges along with their various laws in their current state, and therefore justice is a boundary condition in space time for quantum mechanical energy, very similar in one regard to Karma.  However they are two different things, think of Karma as the energetic system that connects experiences together and when we do something good, something good comes back to us, and vice versa. Think of justice like the universal enforcement system that flips the universe back into order when the Laws of the Universe are being violated, to slap reality back into gear so we never fall too far off the eternal order of things, and therefore, humanity survives another day for if this were not so, human beings with no set or enforced boundary conditions would destroy the universe, and we would all collapse into oneness and then God would have to start over from zero. We are blessed to live in a reality where this will not happen, because the words of the prophets must be fulfilled and many things yet have to come to pass, and many have already been fulfilled.

On the flip side, when the universe has perfect justice, society is more happy and free, people live longer, they love more, they have more children, they live better lives, they work harder, and they create lives that make a difference that last throughout never ending generations of time as the darkness that is now controlling the land is eradicated by new decisions and new alignment with all of society towards universal Law, or Torah.

BIG TORAH: This Is A SACRED Torah Scroll!
BIG TORAH: This Is A SACRED Torah Scroll!

Remember that the principle of Justice is way beyond simple criminal justice; it also extends to the home.  In the home, if a husband cheats on a wife, or a wife cheats on a husband, there is always negative Karma that can, in fact, risk the entire future and safety of a relationship, or even worse, have the cheater get an infectious disease and pass it to the partner.  This is not the beginning, or the ending of this Karma, however. Adultery in particular can collapse businesses, break billion dollar companies apart, bring a nation or a Kingdom to its knees (look what happened to David in the Old Testament) and even worse.  So it is far better if there is some kind of societal punishment for adultery, as this would prevent the spread of diseases to family systems.  You might say that isn’t our business; however, when there are kids and women involved, society absolutely must punish those people in some manner or the diseases will just continue to spread and the deaths will simply mount, and the world will get more violent, and the earth will quake with terror, and then we all get punished from disease outbreaks that were initiated from the wicked, but now they spread to the others because the others allowed the wickedness.  Therefore, we all must stand up to wickedness the moment we see it, wherever we see it, right then. If we all do this together, then what happens is society falls back to righteousness, people learn boundaries, conflicts turn into oneness, and people begin doing things that they should do like being involved in the farming system in their backyards, finding gold and silver, and creating wealth everywhere they go through relationship based, people driven businesses that sell real products that are sustainable and carefully made with wisdom that will benefit society this year, 100 years from now, or even 1,000 years in the future!

See, society is lost and thinks somewhat backwards about most things in the sense that we will do anything at all to cover up for absurd wickedness.  We make injections that inject diseases into people that are absolutely unnecessary to prevent future illnesses; we buy constant junk from pharmacies that fill up our bodies with nothing but pain and disease; we buy more cars and more houses and build more cities and pave more roads; we build bigger jails, better jails, and more absurdly expensive jails; and much, much more.

There is always justice, however.  The Greek empire collapsing. The Roman empire collapsing.  The Egyptian empire falling into dust. The world being destroyed with a flood.  The judgement of the dead and the casting of the nephilim into outer darkness for 1-133 trillion years with no air and no light for attempting to destroy the universe and everything alive.  People dying of diseases. People getting in car crashes. Forest fires. Etc. This is all a manifestation of divine Karma and Justice and is perfectly balanced in every regard; however, it is important that we must understand that it is not necessarily true that everyone getting caught into this destruction are innocent, such as children and whatnot; however, if they did not have negative karma from previous incarnations, these things would actually not be happening to them.  There is a reason for everything under the sun. However, that must not stop us from absolutely destroying the wicked, because we need to defend the kids and the women in particular to keep society safe from harm, and also protect the men who protect the women and the children, in that order. This is because the children are the most important people in society as they are bringing the future, and the Mothers protect the kids, the most sacred creations of God are women, obviously because of this divine relationship to the future of the race of a species.  In the animal kingdoms animals will impregnate a woman and she leaves and raises the kids by herself. In the human kingdom fallen men do this same kind of thing. Women raise and protect the kids so we must do whatever we have to do to keep them safe: For the real enemy of Justice is here, even the enemy himself. Beware of his person, and beware of the number of his name, which you can find reading the book of the Revelation of Saint John the Divine.

So Justice is part of life.  Yelling at a wife for a man will blow up in his face, and maybe he will not have sex again in the home for a week or so until she feels safe again.  Eating pork will make a person fat. Justice. Eating too much meat, particularly mistreated meat creates all manner of diseases. Justice is always served, no matter what a person ever does to try and stop it.  Hating others causes people to hate the one who hates them. Justice. Hurting others causes pain to come back to the one inflicting harm. Justice. So if Justice is there anyways, why not help her along by creating exacting and fair punishment so all of society begins resolving problems?

Now before you think that this whole death penalty thing is out of control, in the chapter where we talk about Forgiveness, I will talk about societal based forgiveness systems where if people come and confess their sins in advance in a very public and humiliating manner such as declaring it on a rooftop at a scheduled event with a megaphone, then what will happen is they will see people booing, and perhaps the people will even throw a tomato at them and they will feel disgusted with themselves, and society will forgive that person and perhaps put them into a long and very effective therapy system to eradicate this problem causing this behavior from the brain, the heart, and the mind and the spirit so it never happens again.  This is why in Torah, there is always opportunity for change and if people change, the punishments are not inflicted at them in the sample manner. This is very consistent with the principle of the entire Bible which suggests that God is both loving, merciful, and forgiving when people repent and when they do not, he holds them to a very strict and rigid standard. This is how our Justice system should be. Imagine how many people we could help with the eradication of problems in their bodies and minds that were essentially put there by bad parenting and erroneous punishment systems that do nothing but increase negative karma and cause pain, and how many people we could heal in a way that is permanent and how liberated all of society would be.  This way if they come and they change, and do the public confession, one thing happens (Option a), whereas if they do not, the full and exact standard is inflicted (Option b) essentially using appropriate social pressure to get people to desire and decide to change, and therefore honor Universal Law.

Please tell me what you learned about Justice in this comment area below and then proceed to the next chapter to learn about the principle of family:


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