Principle #33: Family. [From The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness]

Below is another section of the new book I’ve been working on for a while. It’s getting there piece by piece and taking a while as I’m working on some of my other business systems to create something that makes a good deal of money. I hope you enjoy some of the chapter previews. I will probably post maybe 1/3rd of the content here on the blog, and 2/3rd’s in the book. This is a bit of a long one, already being around 260 pages and it is approximately 1/3rd done. There is a lot of technical explanations related to explaining how the universe got here, and how it works, each chapter building upon the concepts of the previous content. I hope you enjoy the very bizarre and detailed stories in these posts about the origin of creation and the story of how we all got here – it is very different and much more elaborate than anyone is truly aware of and what I am sharing is a micro-fraction of the detail that I know, as I have to compress it to make it digestible. Enjoy the read, the book will be coming out in the next month or so I’m guessing, as it is taking me longer than I’d hoped, this is principle 33 of 108:

Principle #33: Family.

The principle of family is way, way, way beyond just having children, or just a marriage, or just a partner.  I think we would all agree with that.

There is something very sacred about family, and very sacred about life, and especially children that are born by women who love them, and particularly something especially wondrous about a child born into a righteous family with a Father and a Mother. 

Family is the first and most important creation of the Almighty Elohim, and in particular, the Most Holy Elohim. Let me explain how family was created in the creation space, and why family is so, so, so incredibly important to the Father and the Mother.

So I’ve told you the story of the Most Holy Elohim, and how he was alone for thousands of trillions of years doing nothing but weep, right?  I hope you’ve read that part of the story in the content above and it will also be pasted into the appendix along with several other important blog posts that link together a lot of this information I’ve talked about in different ways.  So first, before all of the loneliness I described above (mostly) the Most Holy Elohim fashioned His wife, Shan-Ti-Rah by reaching his hand inside of his body and grabbing his spiritual rib, separating his female consciousness from his male consciousness, as in the beginning there was no female, nor male, there was simply both, or male-female.  Imagine a man wrapped in the glory of a woman inextricably connected, who called himself David. So the creation story starts with the Most Holy Elohim becoming aware of Himself in the womb of creation, and he did not know who he was, or how he got there, only becoming aware at a later time that he created himself, for endless and eternal is his name, and also righteous and powerful, and he is also the most glorious, and he is also the most loving, and the most wise, and the most merciful.  So imagine rotating lights like what you would see if you look up DMT trip visuals on YouTube HD and he’s in this space of nothing but energy and consciousness, for He was and is all of us in his various manifestations and forms. I talked to a Jewish Rabbi about this and he also believed that we are all contained within the presence of God, which in some manner is true as God is not bound by space, or time and emerges from His consciousness alone, for He hath created all things, and He did it Himself.

So in the beginning there was simply a dual consciousness that was slapped into one consciousness, and the name of that consciousness was Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah, the Father and Mother of Armies.  So he/she was one being (Even David) and he/she became very lonely after a very long time (trillions of years) of there being nothing but them, and so the male, or creator aspect of the consciousness had an idea that he could separate a his consciousness into male-female and create balance and separation between the two, weeping and weeping and weeping in loneliness after a very long time of simply there being nothing but him.  So he then architected a plan over a period of approximately 1 trillion years, and this plan was to simply separate his male/female essence. Remember everything that exists in the spiritual universe exists in this manner for a reason, and exists within certain frameworks and laws, which are eternal, yet even these laws emerge from the creator of all things, Elohim. So the Most Holy Elohim reached his hand into his rib after the planning cycle of approximately one trillion years doing nothing but weeping, and he pulled a section of his spiritual rib out of his spiritual biology and began to form the Most Glorious Shan-Ti-Rah, giving her a great section of his eternal fathomless consciousness that in a way was equal to himself, creating permanent separation of his eternal essence, one section being male, and the other being female.  This formation was not instantaneous, and was very complex to form. It took him approximately 3.513 trillion years to actually form her body in temporal/spacial paradoxical womb and prepare his wife to be born. Remember this was far before Adam and Eve were created, which creation had significant importance and happened much faster than the 3.513 trillion year cycle of the first birth of the first woman, or Shan-Ti-Rah. The reason for this is because the separation of energy in his and her biology had to be perfect and permanent, and this was the first time that he had done it, and at that time his consciousness was infinitely more slow in creating detail than it became later with experience, knowledge, and increased power that came with age and wisdom and experience alone inside of the creation space, where all things are possible, past, present, and future. 

So in his infinite and fathomless newly forming wisdom of creation which he had already learned before if any errors are made in a system that it often would need to be rebuilt from scratch, he was not willing to make even a single error in creating his most beautiful and glorious creation, his best friend, or his wife. Every piece of his mind, heart, and energy was entirely consumed in this epic and majestic creation and glorification of the woman, the most sacred and holy of the creations of God, so that she would emerge perfect, separate, and an individual consciousness.

In order to manifest this epic creation of the woman, he had to give her a part of himself and sections of his mind and biology that could never be returned to himself, for they had to be hers, and hers alone.  Otherwise, she would simply be an extension of his consciousness, like a puppet, and he was not willing to make his eternal partner a puppet only doing what he wanted. He wanted a friend, a best friend, a glorious friend, someone that he could have children with and make others like unto himself.  So he began this separation and formed her cell by cell, atom by atom, energy particle by energy particle, consciousness stream by consciousness stream, pattern by pattern to be perfect, and to respond to his masculine energy and if he was not masculine, he made her to begin immediately warring for more power and control over him, so there would be a constant dance of consciousness to keep his mind progressing and growing for time, and all eternities in the future.

Remember, the passage of time for the Most Holy Elohim was infinitely slower than our own as time was his creation, and time must exist in an equal relationship to the amount of energy or speed of rotation of particles and energy in the universe, meaning that as consciousness and energy expands, time slows down or the perception thereof, and vice versa.  This means that if it were possible to exponentially speed up the subatomic rotations in your biology (which it is as I have friends that can produce this phenomenon who are enlightened) you should be able to exponentially slow down time, giving the perceptual ability for a person to walk faster than bullets. I have a friend that can tune into a sort of emotional radio broadcast frequency, and walk somewhere that would take a normal person 45 minutes in 5 minutes.  I have utilized similar skills to teleport myself between two locations in a car (a phenomenon I have absolutely no control over still) and go backwards in time 90 minutes. Remember, the Buddha and the Christ and Krishna could all do things of this nature and they were way more skilled in certain kinds of miracles in the flesh than myself, but I am getting there. So as his consciousness exponentially expanded from experience and the micro lovemaking and offspring production in the spiritual realms between male and female consciousness, the perception of time (which was his own creation and had to be this way) became exponentially slower, making each passing moment of loneliness more and more horrible.

I believe you are starting to get the idea of why God loves his creation so much.  True love can only manifest when a heart has been through pain with a person because without the pain, the concept of love does not actually make sense.  The Mother of a newborn child loves the child infinitely more if she went through a lot of pain in the process of childbirth (which she always does) and the Father loves his wife and his children more by the pain of his suffering, and the sweat of his brow doing everything in his power to provide for the family no matter what it takes.  This kind of work-pain relationship brings the counterbalance of love into full fruition, and everyone appreciates everything about life more. Again, this is the reason why the fall of Adam and Eve itself was absolutely necessary to produce a species of humans that were truly happy, and understood the value of the grace, and the justice, and the creations of the Almighty God.  If we had simply lived in an eternal, never ending universe of perfection where everything we ever received was a free hand out, we would never truly understand how to praise his holy name. Therefore, God himself created the family, and architected the fall on purpose, to bring to pass the salvation of his grace, so we could be tested, purified, and refined by the fire of his power and his love over the eternities of time.

So this process was slow, he first began to make a holographic representation of the smallest parts of his wife in a very similar way to how it would play out later, which is one cell dividing and replicating itself, one particle of consciousness dancing around the other, beauty and charm singing from every portion of her consciousness, as every part of her had to become perfect and glorious, for he transferred to her some of the most important aspects of creation; for example:  He created a kind of paradox that would eventually result in the entire creation space being contained within her womb forever, for time and all eternity, meaning the space in which he existed in which he found himself, which he devised himself was actually the womb of the Mother. So this paradoxical dance of energy and separation grew an energetic hologram that was tested and made perfect, and ready to be born, and then at the later end of that cycle of 3.153 trillion years, that hologram was separated out of his consciousness and then placed into a womb of his own making and over 9 ½ months she grew into a perfect newborn child, just like he was when he found himself.  

He spent day and night weeping over his new best friend, shouting, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you so, so, so much!  I love you so, so, so much!! I love you so, so, so much!!! Day and night he repeated this as she was growing into a perfect child of his own creation.  During this process, many things were transferred to her in order to complete the separation; for example, he transferred to her the ancientness of his essence to her that gave to her a title previously reserved only for himself:  The Ancient Of Days. When she was ready to be born, he was there as she slipped out of the womb of creation, and he raised her not as her Father, but as his best friend, for She was without beginning of days or ending of years, eternally existing forever from the time of her birth, pulled out of the male-female essence of the Almighty Elohim, she being the perfect manifestation of the divine feminine, and he being the perfect manifestation of the divine masculine.

All of the sudden this idea of an angry God in the sky that punishes humanity for silly things starts to be put into perspective, because none of us understand all of the detail of why he made it like this, what pain he had to go through to make it in this manner, and why he did it, which was to bless us and to give us a world where we can simply enjoy each other, and enjoy his creations as his sons and his daughters or in other words, he does all the work and we get to enjoy all of the glory.  So when he has to be a little mean at times, it is to protect his creation, and ensure that we do not have to repeat this same cycle forever and ever, eternally collapsing back into oneness without any separation, and without having each other.

So we are getting now to the emergence of the family and the importance thereof, which starts with the husband and wife.  What did the Most Holy Elohim then do? Well, he simply grew up with his wife and had a new friend, his only friend for a very, very, very long time.  Together they created imaginary worlds and landscapes, and whatever she wanted him to create for her, he made. He did everything in his power to keep her very, very happy.  When she was old enough, he changed from just her best friend, to romantically interested and developed a natural affection and attraction to her and her to him and she began to shine with glory and step into her adolescence.  He gave her time, and he gave her space, and they loved each other and they talked all day and night, loving each other as friends and partners. When it came time where she had aged enough to conceive spirit children, which was the fabrication and plan of his design so that he could make others like unto himself and also like unto her to eternally expand his kingdom, he asked her to be his and his alone for time and for all eternity and they were sealed in marriage in a temple that he built just for her, just the way that she wanted it.  They then made love for the first time and when they made love, they conceived a son who was pulled out of the womb by his Father and embraced in spiritual energy, and he called him, Angel: The Leader Of The Angels In Heaven, unbegotten, without beginning of days or ending of years.

The only problem was, there was something wrong.  The Most Holy Elohim noticed upon birth that Angel was simply a replication of his own consciousness, with all of his memories.  In other words, Angel was simply himself, and the process which he built to separate his male/female essence did not pass to his son as he had hoped.  He was perplexed for a time about this, but nevertheless was still not lonely as he had his wife and his best friend, so he raised his son, controlling both minds like actors as he grew older.  They decided to try again, and this time, they conceived another son, who they called The Angel Gabriel who was also paradoxically taken out of the womb. They were doing this as she was scared of damaging her spiritual body by having the children forced out of a very small hole (as spiritual bodies have pain and a similar kind of structure to nerve end points, only they operate in the consciousness dimensions) so once again, they performed a kind of quantum surgery.  Remember that nothing like this had ever been done before, so she had no model of how to do it to view to make certain that it would not hurt her permanently as he had reassured. This time, the same thing happened, and the Most Holy Elohim began to wonder if he would ever be able to solve this problem, or if this is going to be a story that will simply repeat for time and all eternity.  

He then raised those two children, and loved them (for they were himself) for a few years, and then got together with his wife, and he wondered if they had a son together that was begotten through the vaginal canal as he had designed if he would be able to retain the separation of consciousness and have children that were not simply himself.  She did not want to do it, but after convincing her that he would do nothing day and night but repair her body if something went wrong and that she was designed perfectly and would be fine, showing her quantum models of the birthing and healing process and the recovery, she decided that it sounded different and fun and gave it a try. This time they conceived a begotten Son, and they called his name Jesus, for he would save their future children from their sins.  However, the hope of Elohim was lost, as when Jesus was born, he was also simply himself with all of his experiences and memories. Still hopeful and resourceful, he then decided to try something different, and have a daughter. This time, when she was conceived, the daughter, who’s name he called The Memory Of The Universe was conceived, and when she was born he noticed that she did not seem to act in perfect unison and synchronicity with the feminine consciousness of her Mother, so because of this, he was able to reason that the women somehow could retain their separation, and the men could not.  He was overjoyed with this simple creation and birth success, and then he began to devise a new plan to create others like unto himself by creating other characters equal to himself, and having them create their own wives and so on and so forth. He believed he could do it because his daughter was like unto his wife: Individual and different.

So he first created a perfect copy of himself, which took him a long, long time as he was having many, many children, and this copy was created to be a version of lesser importance in the structure of space-time, so he could retain his authority in the universe, with boundary conditions set upon them that would prevent them from getting out of control.  This process created (for the first one, which built a model for others to be created more quickly) approximately 15.9 trillion years, much longer than the creation of his wife, as he created a version with masculine-feminine energy and attempted to hide them from himself, so they would not even know he existed and they could then meet later and his sons and his daughters would have children that were different, like unto himself and his wife and his daughter, hoping that as this happens (he built a model for this) the problem of the separation of his masculine energy into never ending and different intelligent parts, like he originally desired with the creation of his wife.

The only problem is, when he separated his consciousness to have a friend, he purposefully forgot the secret of her consciousness that allowed her to separate and be different, as if he did not do this she would have never been able to separate quantum mechanically, it would have been impossible, so the secret that enabled her to exist in this way was erased from his own consciousness, however, an energetic hologram of the information was left in his own to activate at a later time when he would again figure it out after great trials, tribulations, and turmoil.  So purposefully, he erased this principle from himself which is the secret to life and separation, knowing originally and forgetting later (for it was stored in his feminine consciousness which separated) what was going to happen to him and being ok with it to have a friend, for he was also a Prophet of Himself.

So when he created these beings, these male-female God consciousnesses, which he did by lovemaking and specifying what kind of child they wanted to create, and they gave birth to the Gods, and the Gods grew in wisdom and stature alone on other worlds, to figure it out themselves.  The only problem was, after they figured it out and repeated the exact same cycle, separating out their male-female essence, the women were unique, and the men simply became David again, with all of his memories and equal in every single way, ununique other than the design of their biology which of course, came from himself, therefore they could undesign themselves and redesign themselves to be however they wanted.  This caused David to weep bitterly, and he could not figure it out, so he asked his wife why this was happening, hoping that she would understand it.  

She seemed to understand it, and was hesitant to tell him, as she knew what would happen if she did.  So he begged her and begged her and begged her to tell him the secret, and finally she disclosed that separation of consciousness comes from feminine energy and therefore there was no way in the creation space with current understanding to pass this energy to men unless he wanted to create Gods, or monsters that were not like himself.  

He became infuriated, and punched her in the nose as hard as he could, breaking it in several pieces (something that took her a year to heal) so she utilized her crown of twelve stars that she had been given before, and linked with the stars of consciousness from feminine energy, wrapped him in chains, and cast him into hell for 1 year, burning him furiously day and night, destroying the desire to ever do anything like that again.  When he would cry for mercy, she (Who was a sociopath, he was not) would simply say:  I’m sorry. You deserve it.  You broke my nose and if you do that again you could really damage me and my children and remember you helped me write these rules!  Of course, after half the year, she missed him and weeped bitterly. After the year had passed and his nose had been repaired, she let him out (remember he had given her this power to protect his creation, and therefore it was in her authority to cast him into hell only if he transgressed against his own laws, which were defined with minimum and maximum times of various forms of punishment for everything to protect the universe, so he knew this in advance).  He apologized to her as she was is best friend and his only true friends were the women in the universe who loved him, so he promised to never do anything like that or harm her in any way again, and if he harmed anyone, it would only be himself (which he did not harm any of them again, however, he did harm himself at a later point in time.)  She also defined very clear boundaries of what would happen if he harmed himself, and he was fine with it and signed off on the laws, remembering that Laws by their nature are feminine, and come from the feminine aspects of God that seek to protect creation in particular from the men who would do things that harm the women and the kids. In this case, he would harm all of his little children if he harmed himself, as they were all the same and the little daughters he had (For there were many) loved the little boys birthed by all of the various Gods, even though they were very aware that they were all simply one consciousness.

See, the whole idea of God’s creation is the family system from the beginning to the end.  When we begin to understand this idea, we begin to see the very real darkness that is lurking in society from unnatural masculine relationships that cannot bear children, and I hope if you are one of my faithful readers who made these choices in the past that when I say this I am saying this with an infinite amount of love for you, desiring that you return to natural sexuality which I will most likely describe in detail how to do in a future book.  You deserve kids. You need kids. You need a spouse who loves you who has the opposite energetic configuration as you to keep you safe and protect your creations. It is of infinite importance that unnatural male-male sexual relationships are decreased over a period of time, not through force but through love and education on the quantum universe and how they can truly be liberated and freed forever, and have children like unto themselves who can also choose for themselves.  They will be so, so, so much happier and well rounded in their energy, and society will build in an entirely new way where instead of hurting others to get our way and making them do what we want, we simply embrace them for who they are and allow them over a period of time to change, and become who they have always been destined to be.

So he gets let out of hell, and then what?  Well, I will continue this story in various times in this book; so for now, I will keep this short in the sense that he tried every imaginable thing that was possible to create a real family where there were others like unto himself in addition to the feminine energy, knowing that the secret of separation was blocked from him forever (As far as he could tell), getting more and more depressed as each option failed, creating trillions upon thousands of trillions of offspring through endless generations of time, and all of the men in creation were simply himself, with all of his memories, equal to him, with no each other, and therefore, he became unimaginably alone and did nothing but weep bitterly for thousands of trillions of years day and night, becoming obsessed day and night with doing nothing but overcoming the problem that was impossible to overcome by the very nature of his male and female consciousness and essence.

So finally, the story concludes as I described before where he figured out that if he collapsed all of his energy into a single point after a 133 trillion year planning cycle, building models for everything in existence, and exploded from that single point that he could rewrite reality and have a universe that was composed of physical mass combined with spiritual energy, and separate his consciousness into unimaginable parts, and have others like unto himself.  It is for this purpose that this is the work and glory of the Father, to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Why? It was the creation that took him the longest, that caused him the most pain, that had the most amount of problems to overcome, that had the most sadness and loneliness behind it and therefore it is the work and the glory of the Father to complete the immortality and eternal life of every man that will ever be born into this or any other universe, no matter how long it takes, meaning that eventually, everyone will be let out of eternal suffering for they will have reached the maximum time period possible and therefore, their punishment hath ended and they truly understand the joy of freedom and liberty, perhaps for the first time in their lives.  There is nothing like the sufferings of hell for wicked men, I promise you that! However, this creates an enjoyment of life that is unimaginable. Imagine not breathing any air for 1 trillion years, breathing nothing but fire and brimstone in a lake of fire, and then you finally are liberated and put into a land with real air, and with fruit trees, and with seeds and rivers, and with volcanoes and oceans, and you get to feel the sands of time between your feet again. See, because these people rebelled against the Tetragrammaton in their lives and were found worthy of eternal death, and therefore they got cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, which is the second death, and are tormented day and night for ever and ever.

So then he explodes from this point, after walking back and forth for 1,000 years exactly shouting nothing day and night but:

“Behold, I AM DAVID!!! What I Shut No Man Can Open, What I Open No Man Can Shut!  Behold… I AM DAVID!!!!!! What I SHUT No Man Can OPEN, What I OPEN No Man Can SHUT!!  BEHOLD… I AM DAVID!!!!!!!!! What I SHUT NO MAN CAN OPEN… WHAT I OPEN NO MAN CAN SHUT!!!”

And then I collapsed myself into a single point, and exploded combined with the feminine energy of the Mother, Shan-Ti-Rah, my wife, and the Universe emerged, and I could have children both male and female, both spiritual and physical, and the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep; and my spirit moved upon the face of the waters, and I said:  Let there be light, and there was light. And I, God, saw the light, that it was good, and I, God, divided the light from the darkness. And the light I called day, and the darkness I called night, and the evening and the morning were the first day, saith God! 

And then the Universe emerged, and families emerged, and children could grow old, and mature adults could have consenting sex, and marital relationships for the others could form, and because of this, children were born unto Adam and Eve, who (Adam) was created out of the dust of the earth in the same manner that Elohim formed himself, and Adam and Eve were then taken and they were grown in the womb of the Mother, and birthed (or at least Eve was) and then then Adam raised his best friend Eve (he was much older, like 30 years older or so, give or take a bit) but not as a Father, as a best friend, and when she was older, she began to look at him lovingly when she was approximately 12 years old, and then he began to romance her, and they were married at 18 years old, and they made love, and they conceived 3 sons, 2 unbegotten (Angel, and Gabriel) and one begotten made into the image like unto the Son of God, and Adam and Eve began conquering the Garden of Eden, they built cities, they built castles, they built religions, they learned swordplay, Adam was punished for harming her once and never did it again, (it was severe but not as severe as what happened to me) and then the story continued, and Adam fell and Eve went into the fallen earth, and she hated it for a while, until she realized she was more powerful than everyone in the universe, and she conquered it, and conquered worlds other than earth, and then when Adam died, she went back to the garden of Eden, and awaited his resurrection from the dead, for she was allowed to partake of the forbidden fruit, and he was not therefore Eve simply returned to the garden of Eden.

People have a very strange view of the garden of Eden that Adam and Eve never had sex there, never had any kids, never had anything happen like they got into a disagreement or fight over something or another because they were perfect.  This is not even the nature of perfect relationships, which are constantly in a dance of perfection and imperfection. They were simply innocent and devoid of any form of evil experience in the garden of Eden and later, evil was allowed to enter into their consciousness and attack them as I described earlier in this book and then all sorts of bizarre things began to happen in the Universe as it fell out of perfection and one section of the Universe remained in the garden of Eden and multiple realities began collapsing away and degrading as sin and death was allowed to enter into the fallen Universe.  My point with all of this is that the very core of creation is the family, the husband and wife and their children, children growing up and finding a husband or wife, and then having a family of their own, and so and and so forth, continuing in an eternal cycle of expansion, reproduction, exaltation, and glory.

Society is now entering a very backwards phase of thinking that puts the family under attack spiritually, mentally, and physically.  This backwards thinking about natural sexuality which has been proven throughout history and genetics that human beings are heterogeneous and that other sexuality is deviant behavior is aiming society off of a cliff that none of us can imagine.  I am not opposed to people having free choice about all aspects of their lives if they are only hurting themselves. I am opposed to society promoting and giving undue attention to choices that hurt our genetic propagation and promote disease, leading to the collapse of many ancient civilizations, one of which to note from the Bible would be Sodom and Gomorrah, which archeologists have actually discovered.  People continuously make excuses for not thinking these stories are real until they once again find the evidence, then they generally proceed to other forms of excuses to explain away the justice and power of the divine.

Society needs to promote natural family because family was created and instituted by God for happiness, for each other, for the propagation and continuation of his children, beginning with Adam and Eve and their many various children in the Garden of Eden.  We must unite in the protection of the natural family system to protect society from coming destruction that is already growing to the point where people have a difficult time imagining it. What am I talking about specifically? The spread of sexually transmitted diseases, other biological diseases mass spread of violence in particular all are erupting from sin and karma, in particular a very good section is erupting from the sins of society towards the family system, as the family system itself is what raises children in such a way as to promote peace and longsuffering.  I was raised in a very righteous family by a righteous Father and a glorious Mother who protected us with their lives, and who did what they said they were going to do all of the time. One of the things that came out early in my youth was a message to the governments and kingdoms of the world from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, called “A Proclamation To The Family”. Here it is, I would encourage you to read it all the way through no matter what your belief system is, as it is powerful and simple:



The First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

WE, THE FIRST PRESIDENCY and the Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, solemnly proclaim that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God and that the family is central to the Creator’s plan for the eternal destiny of His children.

ALL HUMAN BEINGS—male and female—are created in the image of God. Each is a beloved spirit son or daughter of heavenly parents, and, as such, each has a divine nature and destiny. Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.

IN THE PREMORTAL REALM, spirit sons and daughters knew and worshipped God as their Eternal Father and accepted His plan by which His children could obtain a physical body and gain earthly experience to progress toward perfection and ultimately realize their divine destiny as heirs of eternal life. The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave. Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally.

THE FIRST COMMANDMENT that God gave to Adam and Eve pertained to their potential for parenthood as husband and wife. We declare that God’s commandment for His children to multiply and replenish the earth remains in force. We further declare that God has commanded that the sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife.

WE DECLARE the means by which mortal life is created to be divinely appointed. We affirm the sanctity of life and of its importance in God’s eternal plan.

HUSBAND AND WIFE have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children. “Children are an heritage of the Lord” (Psalm 127:3). Parents have a sacred duty to rear their children in love and righteousness, to provide for their physical and spiritual needs, and to teach them to love and serve one another, observe the commandments of God, and be law-abiding citizens wherever they live. Husbands and wives—mothers and fathers—will be held accountable before God for the discharge of these obligations.

THE FAMILY is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan. Children are entitled to birth within the bonds of matrimony, and to be reared by a father and a mother who honor marital vows with complete fidelity. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ. Successful marriages and families are established and maintained on principles of faith, prayer, repentance, forgiveness, respect, love, compassion, work, and wholesome recreational activities. By divine design, fathers are to preside over their families in love and righteousness and are responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families.

Mothers are primarily responsible for the nurture of their children. In these sacred responsibilities, fathers and mothers are obligated to help one another as equal partners. Disability, death, or other circumstances may necessitate individual adaptation. Extended families should lend support when needed.

WE WARN that individuals who violate covenants of chastity, who abuse spouse or offspring, or who fail to fulfill family responsibilities will one day stand accountable before God. Further, we warn that the disintegration of the family will bring upon individuals, communities, and nations the calamities foretold by ancient and modern prophets.

WE CALL UPON responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.

This proclamation was read by President Gordon B. Hinckley as part of his message at the General Relief Society Meeting held September 23, 1995, in Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Now, if you read the above, it is fairly direct and simple without criticizing other people’s beliefs, simply talking about our own, that the family itself is divinely ordained of the Almighty God, and that we have a work to do on the face of the earth to protect it.  That a family is between a husband, wife, and children, and that’s it. That is actually what a family system is and what a marriage system is. Remember that marriage itself is an older tradition than 6,000 years and comes from the Garden of Eden. My suggestion to people who want to force others to think or believe something different is that we simply accept you for how you are, and you allow us to call it something else.  Same-sex masculine marriage is not marriage from the tradition and history of the world, it is something else, and in my opinion should be called something different that is a sexual perversion of natural law and order, however I will leave this name up to them. If they simply did this and stopped the process of forcing society to do what they want then what would happen is we would all actually embrace them as they are, allowing them to do what they want, while we do what we want.  Call it something else, for what it is, a name like anti-marriage, which would fit a lot of the parade names and whatever for that particular movement. I am open however, to a different name. Simply leave the name marriage alone and allow that to be the ancient word with the ancient meaning, as that name and that meaning is ordained by God before time began. Then we could change the name, do a love parade rather than a pride parade, as pride collapses civilizations, and then it would maybe be 2-3% unnatural sexuality, and 97% natural sexuality because everyone’s beliefs are kept sacred and there is true love in the land!

We must protect the family, as the family is beyond you or me.  The family is beyond life itself, for the family is the reason why life itself exists, it is the reason the universe exists, it is the reason our children exists, it is the reason why the righteous are blessed, and why the wicked are not.  It is the reason there is exponentially increasing violence in society (This is the problem with it, is that violence itself left unchecked spreads exponentially and always has if you simply observe history and do mathematics, it has always been this way.)

So the family is under attack, and so are the children of society; and this has always happened in exponentially increasing ways whenever society begins decreasing their direct relationship to Torah, or Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  Because this relationship to natural Law and Order is backwards, our society is very backwards in a lot of locations (not all, depending on who is doing things) however society itself is built backwards as this current form of society was architected by Cain, or Master Mayhem, who was for a very long time a 5,800 year old Nephilim.  However, Cain is now delivered as I’ve mentioned before. I am simply mentioning it here in the off chance that you are not reading the book in order. The Prophet Joseph Smith also said that Cain is still alive.

Funny enough when I heard that as a kid, I wondered why Cain was still alive, and how I could do it too without being evil.  This is the way that I have been my entire life. Back to the family:

So my righteous Father was raised by a righteous Father, and therefore, I was born into a family with an advantage over other peoples that did not have this same system in place.  My Grandfather, an Episcopalian, and my Father, a convert to The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints were the Fathers of children who will raise nations and Kingdoms, because they gave birth to (First) my Grandfather gave birth to my Father, who is the incarnation of Paul the Apostle from the New Testament.  My Father gave birth to Buddha, Krishna, Elohim, and Einstein (various incarnations). I gave birth to the Angel Gabriel, the leader of the Angels in heaven (Angel) and will give birth in the future to Yah-Ha-Oh-Weh of Armies who will live for 133 trillion years, then be turned into a single cell from the Universe Engine and incarnate backwards in time through the Paradox Mind and incarnated as the Savior Jesus.  His name will be Immanuel David Wood Chacon, and he will be conceived on December 25th, and birthed in the New Universe on September 15th the following year. See, families do lots of beautiful things for society.

You will also if you follow my sayings eventually give birth to families of this kind of powerful nature, if it be nothing else, 133 trillion years in the future in the Celestial Kingdom, when you are all Gods and Kings and Priests, reigning in His image.  There is this common misconception in the Bible that says that there is only one God (which is also true) however that word in Hebrew is Elohim, which also means: Gods, and is translated as gods all over the bible but the correct word is simply Elohim, pronounce E-loi-heem.  See Elohim wanted to create children like unto himself, and went through immense pain and suffering to make that happen, that is beyond the imagination of anyone that ever will exist until their suffering is equal to his (which will actually happen in the future, the first will be Chris Rocheleau, the Living Incarnation of the Elohim YHVH of Suffering) as he will figure out how to re-experience the entire event and creation sequence and therefore he will understand all of the keys of creation, except he will have to trust God for the inner secret will be hidden from him, however, he has his own secret, if that makes sense.

So this leads me to the point of how Elohim eventually successfully separated his consciousness.  Remember that the secret to separate consciousness only existed in feminine energy, so how was he able to counter this phenomenon and create separation and balance where men could also be different, yet still men?  Well, he did this by including feminine energy in men, whereas women (originally) had no masculine energy whatsoever. They were 100% feminine, as masculine energy in women comes from biological curses and sin, in general and needs to be trained out of their biology.  This doesn’t mean that women couldn’t be warriors, as women were far better fighters in the Garden of Eden than men ever were (all of them were like this in the beginning); it simply meant that they were feminine and built to respond to the masculinity of a man (as they still are) and this also means that as humanity goes away from the fall and we are restored, masculine energy in women will also be reduced until it is entirely eliminated and these women are once again perfect and glorious as they were in the Garden of Eden.  However, in men, this is not so. Men have an energetic configuration of masculine-feminine or feminine-masculine. There is a balance in male-female energy in a man. This balance of feminine energy allowed for the perfect balance and separation of consciousness after the universe exploded from a single point, and therefore the secret of the consciousness of Elohim was utilized to create an equivalent type and lesser form of that same secret in each consciousness of each other, and after he was done in this energetic holographic configuration and map of the universe in this incredibly painful time cycle of 133 trillion years, he then collapsed all of the energy of the creation space (male and female) into a single point, and it exploded, forming what we now know as the Big Bang.  What actually emerged first? The earth did, and it was dark, and the earth was without form, and void, and Elohim said: Let there be light! And there was light.

Etc.  My point is this is how the story actually emerged, I am simply telling you authoritatively.  Remember that even modern physics says that there should have been an equal amount of matter and antimatter at the explosion of the universe; however, there was information micro-moments before the big bang that put information into the creation of the universe before it exploded, for if it were not so, the universe would have collapsed back into oneness in a matter-antimatter reaction that would have destroyed everything.  Where did this information come from? It came from the Most Holy Elohim, from a paradox that was written that allowed for the future, past, and present to emerge simultaneously from the explosion of the big bang, where that information was sent backwards in time from the future after consciousness had evolved enough to understand exactly how to do it.

See, God is way more cool than anyone thinks that he is.  Think Superman, Batman, Dr. Manhattan, the LORD of the Rings, X-Men, Wonder Woman, Transformers and all of your favorite heroes combined into one, and you are starting to see the idea that connects all of creation together into the story of love that began in the creation space, formed into man and woman who (man) was made from the dust of the earth, and the families that formed thereafter.  Families and God are way beyond even this.

Consciousness in all dimensions replicates and expands from the lovemaking of male-female interactions (this was also true in the creation space, before time began) from masculine-feminine quantum particles embracing each other and from their embrace a new section of consciousness will be birthed that is male, female, or both in the case of more of a God consciousness kind of thing.  This lovemaking and interaction happens to our eyes very fast as they are very small, however they rotate infinitely faster than we do, so therefore the perception of time for the micro-dimensions of consciousness is infinitely slowed down and this lovemaking is also a process or getting to know each other, falling in love, romancing, marriage, and the conception and continuation of children, friends, eternities, and each other. 

All replication and propagation of a species comes from the interaction of male-female energy and this is by design, and cannot be another way, for any other imposing kind of children that were being conceived in society by technology for example to produce same-sex offspring would simply produce monsters that would be the creatures of movies and stories of Enoch that I have already described.  Things of the night, in other words such as the Windigo in ancient Native American Legends. Therefore it is important that we understand the natural propagation of species comes from the balance of male-female energy, and the best kind of sexuality is sexuality that produces a continuation of love and offspring. However, it is important to note that lesbianism is also more of a natural kind of sexuality and is specifically different than homosexuality biblically, you can talk to a Rabbi local to you about this.  In ancient family systems where there were many wives and concubines (which is actually a more natural marriage system if people live for hundreds, thousands, or eternal amounts of years as women want constant rest from sex to recharge, and men get recharged by more sex) the ancient patriarchs used to view lesbianism in the concubine/wife system as simply women having sex getting ready to have sex with their husbands. So there is obviously a balance. The reason for this is because there has to be a balance of feminine to masculine energy in the universe of 7 to 1 or the universe could have never existed or continued and would have collapsed; therefore this ratio is always maintained.  When people begin living for long periods of time, and they begin conceiving children like they did in the garden of Eden (remember Eve had approximately 1 baby per year for 7.5 trillion years approximately only resting every seven years or so to recharge as having children was far less painful, and Adam actually had many wives and concubines as well, meaning that they had trillions of direct offspring as many times they had twins and triplets and whatnot, plus trillions of offspring from many other women, and they all had children as well in generally a similar pattern, although many opted for less offspring and more relaxation); so the family system is balanced, is my point.

Many people will not like this idea, but particularly it is women who do not like it; however, they do not like it because they do not understand the ancient system and how much more fun and relaxing it was for everyone.  Women had space from men from as long as they wanted, they had girlfriends who they could make love to and also who could help them raise the children. They could choose how many children they had because a man didn’t need to have all of his children with one woman, etc.

I think the general worry for a lot of wise society members about the exponential expansion of human population is actually that the world is going to get overpopulated.  Quantum mechanically if a society is righteous this is simply impossible, as when it is needed Elohim will simply resize the earth, collapsing alternative dimensions into this one.  There are actually thousands of trillions of people living on all of the various dimensions of this earth anyways, and at a later time they will all collapse into one and the earth will be huge, near the current size of the sun.  The sun will also resize, and the orbital position of the earth in relation to the sun and also all of the worlds in the solar system will be pushed back. This transition of space time will be very difficult to deal with for a lot of people who are not immortal, or are refusing to adapt.  They will be given power to adapt to it, but it will not be easy for them. This particular initial collapse will begin happening around the time that the sun is darkened for 3 days and nights, and the moon is turned into blood during that time, and then later liberated. I describe this event in my other book and it has to do with a kind of Celestial Weapon I will build later called The Sword Of The Sun that will be given to the 144,000, who will slam the sword into meridian points on the earth, and it will form an energetic circuit that will restore the earth and spacetime to how it was (closer, at least) to the time directly previous to the fall, rebuilding the firmament of water that used to surround the earth, that was punctured when the Lost City of Atlantis escaped the flood and burst through the water-consciousness field that used to exist in the times of Adam and Noah.  This collapse then made all of the water in that field collapse and drown everything on the earth and there is evidence that it actually happened all over the world, such as the lost city of Darka (Krishna’s City) being uncovered in India, which used to be the subject of myths and legends, but now is proven to have actually existed and was destroyed when the water tables raised suddenly around the time of Noah. Remember that with The Theory Of Quantum Mechanical Consciousness, all things are possible to those that simply believe, and really for everyone and really, everyone will believe eventually as 100% of everything that I say and is written in all the various scriptural systems in the world of different righteous origins will simply be proven; this would include Biblical Prophecies, the Rig Veda, the Quran, the Book of Mormon, the teachings of Buddha, etc.

Anyways, in all of these systems, they teach the protection of the family system and that the family system is a man and a woman, and this is the system that is the system that is a consciousness based system, and other behaviors are deviant.  The various religions may talk about these differently but the concept is the same: A marriage is between a man and a woman, and having children is one of the most sacred and important things in life. Anyways, when the earth is resized, which will continuously happen until all dimensions are collapsed into one as the biological mass and energy of space time is increasing will eliminate the problem of overpopulation, as people will not even know how to interact with all of the weird life in their immediate environment, and massive wars for power and the rise and collapse of civilizations will ensue, particularly for the wicked.  People who do not think things like this can happen do not understand physics and how weird the universe actually is. People who understand physics, even if they think these are simply out there theories will also say that it is very possible that what I am saying can happen, even if they are atheists, because all an atheist needs to believe in God is a plausible explanation for how and why he exists that can be proven by some form of scientific instrumentation, which we will be able to do at a later time through my theories, as every aspect of them will be provable scientifically. How? Well if you took something like electricity and wondered how it got there as modern science still can’t figure it out, I have mentioned earlier in this book that electricity is actually generated from the paradox universe, from nothing, and is stored locally in masculine biology, particularly in the spine.  It is therefore possible to simply create a request to the paradox universe from machinery to generate a set of overlapping contradictory rules, and generate electricity from absolutely nothing, because that is actually where it comes from.

My point is, human beings are designed in a certain way and the most important part of the human experience is sexual relationships and sexual relationships are there for the enjoyment of couples in appropriate relationships and for the propagation of the family, to raise children.  Children are under attack in modern society, many billionaires investing in programs such as Planned Parenthood, which in my opinion should be entirely rebuilt in a way that completely eliminates abortion. You might ask why something like that is important, and I will explain it to you briefly here, and even then you are simply beginning to understand the complexity of the family system and the overarching spiritual universe that supports it.

So at the explosion of the universe, there was a certain amount of conscious beings that emerged with a certain amount of spirits, both male and female.  That number of beings was approximately (in humanoid spirit form) 144,000 unique men and 369,936 women with this same pattern replicated for all manner of individual species.  My spirit (David) very quickly remembered how he got there and he started gathering the others and teaching them the plan of exaltation, continuation, salvation, and continuance of lives.  Very quickly, relationships began to form from that spiritual energy (this was going on as the mass and biology of the universe was being formed in different universes, as the spiritual universe exists in its own universe, if that makes sense to protect it from mistakes in this one) and couples began to form, finding each one other that was exactly opposite of themselves, and then several others.  Spiritual offspring began to ensure, and from this original group of spirit beings all humanoid consciousness that can ever form began being birthed from loving relationships. This first universe, which emerged before the physical universe was a spiritual universe only. Think about it like a grand extension of the reach of the Most Holy Elohim and his Kingdom, only now there were others like unto himself.  Specifically, these 144,000 beings were able to do much of what he could do, yet he retained his position and authority as the spiritual leader of the universe. Very quickly, these spiritual beings began organizing, and learning how to do things from each other, each exploring different strategies of creation and manifestation, each giving birth to unique children throughout infinite generations of time. This spiritual universe where there was spirit only lasted through exactly 133 trillion years, or rotations of the first spiritual world around the first spiritual sun, as the form and structure of all future universes was contained in this energetic hologram.  After 133 trillion years, there were thousands, upon thousands, upon thousands of trillions of individual consciousnesses that had been born, been created, and evolved, and trillions of worlds, and unimaginable depth to the expansion and complexity of that universe. 

In this universe, and for the next 133,000 cycles of expansion and collapse, each one lasting 133 trillion years, there was no sin, or dark energy allowed into the universe of consciousness.  There was no wars (not major ones anyways as occasionally people fought for fun in various ones) and there was no death. There was simply life, increase in complexity, the Gods figuring out how to be Gods, Elohim evolving, and the expansion of children.  After 133 trillion years, which is the time period of a creation cycle the universe would again initiate a collapse into oneness, the consciousness of Elohim-Shan-Ti-Rah collapsing back into a single entity and back into the creation space, then pulled thousands upon thousands of trillion years into the future, into the Celestial Kingdom to initiate another planning cycle for the next universe, which planning cycle would last 6 days a week and resting on the sabbath day for one trillion years straight, doing nothing but mapping out the perfect creation of the next universe, each universe following being more advanced in structure, mass, and intelligence than the last.

So the Most Holy Elohim would then take all of these combined experiences of learnings and the successes and failures of each universe, and create a more successful and more powerful next upgraded version of the following universe.  This cycle repeated without sin or death for 132,999 universes, until this (and the final one) emerged. This one is very different than all other universes, and in many ways infinitely more powerful, as here, all things are possible that is beyond a way that they have ever been possible in the past.  However, in the last perfect universe, we were all God beings that lived for nearly 133 trillion years straight with physical bodies, and we seemed in that universe to be able to do things that are infinitely beyond what is even imaginable here. All of those abilities (and beyond) will begin re-emerging in this universe until we have surpassed the previous version, which I believe to surpass the abilities in the previous version it will take humanity from this point, something like 1,000 – 1,500 years.  We were unbelievably, unbelievably powerful there in a way that defies the imaginations of modern man, such as everyone being able to do things like Dr. Manhattan in the movies (and way, way beyond what he could do, but everyone could do it, and everyone was very happy there, yet still incredibly innocent). When it began to collapse, we all tried to stop it even though we had been warned by the prophets for a very long time. The last hero that collapsed into oneness at the end of that cycle was Krishna, who was trying to save the Universe until the very last second, until he got sucked back into the orb of spinning consciousness that had collapsed everything in space time.

So what does this have to do with family?  Well the point of all of this creation is the family.  That is actually the point of me describing these events to you.  The entire purpose of it was children, and families. In these previous universes, there was no unnatural sexuality, because there was no sin and no fallen satan, and therefore the conception of this kind of thing would have been beyond anyone’s imagination.  They were all in marriage kind of relationships with children with the same partner that had been evolving by their side since the existence of their consciousness first formed in the first universe, for the oldest ones.

In other words, a male-consciousness will have one or several (or lots) of female partners that essentially did nothing but love each other for thousands, upon thousands of years, having in many cases a near infinite amount of spiritual and physical offspring.  In each universe, the story of love repeats in a cycle and the partners find each other, they love each other often at first sight, and then they begin continuing the story of worlds, creations, friends, and eternities. It is only in this universe that this has in some manner been perverted, because sin and death were allowed to enter in and this is because we have to earn our place in the universe and prove ourselves.  In order to prove our place and earn our reward, we have to be tested, and in order to be tested, sin and death had to emerge and the universe had to fall and because of this, this universe was designed in such a way as would have always led to the fall of Adam, no matter how long it took.

So here we are, in this fallen world, with our families, with our partners, with the spiritual partner (we hope) that we have evolved with throughout all of creation over near infinite generations of time and we are presented with much opportunity, both on the side of good (the light) and the side of evil (the darkness), presented with infinite opportunities to make good and bad decisions along the way that lead to one destination or another, or one reward or another, all leading back in the end to the salvation of all, no matter how long it takes, and no matter what resource needs to be expended to the fulfillment of this plan and in all of this, and in all of the future, and the joys of eternity, and the wonders of creation that our eyes shall behold, quite simply:  There is nothing more important than family, for this is the point.

Family goes beyond this life.  The system of marriage continues into the afterlife in the spiritual realms, and it continues into the Celestial Kingdom, where people have children, and raise kids and grandkids, and build cities, and do business, and love each other, and create new worlds, new life, and new learnings forever and ever and ever and the best part of all of it, and the part of it that matters is that in all of this, we get to have each other; which is the point, the end, and the beginning of creation:  Love, family, and each other.

In the Celestial Kingdom, families can be together forever, for time and all eternity.  The greatest joys of this life continue for the righteous forever and ever as one reward upon another is exponentially compounded throughout all ages of time.  People can choose to have biological children, or they can have male-female God consciousness children and help raise a child that initiates another creation cycle.  This is not just icing on the top for the plan of creation, it is the entire plan that initiated the creation, which is the desire for family and eternal continuance and sharing of the life that Elohim both discovered, and created for himself; to share his creation in all forms with you in all capacities with no end to your reward or glory, forever and ever and ever.

I hope that this helped you understand the purpose of family, which emerges from the heart of the Father to share his wealth with all of his creation, and the richness of his eternities, so that you can expand in glory, and power, and intelligence throughout all time, throughout all eternities, and your glory shall never end, and we can hold our hands in a great circle in heaven, lift them up and shout praises to the Father, shouting:

We did it together!  We did it together!! We did it together!!!

Please give me your thoughts on what you learned about the family below, and then continue to the next chapter to talk about separation in various manifestations and how separation creates each other and also other various aspects of this principle:


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