Day #2 Biblical Prosperity Series: Setting Outcomes That Create Quantum Mechanical Manifestations Of Wealth And Prosperity!

From The Desk Of David Wood:
November 24th, 2019 at 19:45 PM MST
Saint George, Utah

Subject: “How To Create Quantum Mechanical Consciousness Based Manifestation Of Wealth, Prosperity, And The Success Of Nations!

Dear Friend,

If you have ever wanted to learn how to reach your goals and outcomes at record time, then I would encourage you to watch this video, and pay attention all the way through:

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What is an outcome exactly?

An outcome is a specialized kind of goal that is time dated, emotionally specific, and results based in its description, and is written in a form that suggests that it is already accomplished.

What do I mean by this? Well most people when they are writing down what they want, they are missing the descriptions in many parts of what they are doing. For example, they may want a car, but they do not describe the exact kind of car that they want. They may want to buy or launch a new business, but they might not be clear about what kind of business they want to build all day and night for the next few years (as new ventures tend to take a lot of focused and precise energy). They may want to make a lot of money, but they do not define what they do not want to do and because of this they wind up trapped in a business where they are doing work that they do not love which over a period of time, will always lead to burnout.

So for example, I first learned a lot of my business skills when I was in the network marketing profession. Network marketing in general likes to just get people working, and often does not have as much regard for how certain kinds of behaviors burn out teams and organizations (such as non stop 3 way calls, which do work quite well, but they burn people out over a period of time.) and because of this, they wind up having to replace too many of their representatives over a period of 3 years, and this can create a cycle that over a period of time, the bigger that a company gets, the more difficult the product sales of that company are to sustain and so what happens after a while if they change not, is that they go into an inevitable decline in sales, and their reps wind up jumping to a new company, and recruiting everyone in the first company into the second in a vicious cycle that does not end until the people in the organization wake up, and begin building their business in a more sustainable way that is customer focused.

From this experience, if you take this learning and apply it to other areas of life, you will soon realize that outcomes cannot just be about making money in the absence of lifestyle and balance. The reason for this is because: What is the point of creating a business that simply enslaves you into never ending tasks that you have to perform in exponentially increasing numbers? Meaning that as your business expands, so does the amount that you work. I remember I first discovered this when I was building a company called Agel Enterprises in Fairbanks, Alaska (this is when I was doing network marketing). I set an outcome to take over the market for this particular company up in Fairbanks, and then I started getting to work.

Well, after a period of time, I actually accomplished exactly what my outcome was. Only the problem was, the original dream or outcome of this desire was by itself limited to a certain area, where there were not very many potential customers. So eventually, I got involved in the market every single person that it was possible to get involved, and my income capped out around $3,500. The worst part about it wasn’t the income cap, as that was the most money I had ever made in my life from a business up to that point in time.

The worst part about it was that my outcome was not lifestyle defined before I began, so in other words: As my then business expanded, it simply required more and more grinding work to sustain the same amount of income and of course, the pitch then was if you simply keep working like this, eventually it takes off “all by itself” and you’re making residual income that begins piling up automatically. Unfortunately, the entire structure of that business at the time was opportunity based (they may have changed now, I am not certain) meaning that if you were not bringing in never ending piles new recruits, your income would simply go down because nobody was buying the product without a business opportunity attached (Or, at least, nobody in my team. We were all about getting rich quick; which, of course – never happened.)

Check this out. Years later when I was making $30,000 a month online selling info products and systems back around 2009 I went back and I interviewed one of the people I knew that was still in the deal. This guy had approximately 60,000 people in his team, which sounded fantastic. Of course, when I asked him what his retention rate was, he simply stated that he had to replace 50,000 downline team members every 6 months in order to keep his income at $30,000 a month [in case you are one of my readers who is unfamiliar with network marketing, downline is the word for the people beneath you in that particular pyramid scheme].

To me, building a business where it does that in the end is not even worth it to bother starting. The foundation and structure of either the business model, or the way that they were doing it was foundationally flawed, as the majority of the people who are joining it are only joining it to get rich quickly, not for the product, and therefore, when they do not make money once they have lost enough they simply quit and are on to the next scheme.

Now I want to be fair to my friends that are in network marketing. I like the business model, I simply think the way that it is constantly structured like a never ending chain mail scheme is a backwards way to build it that winds up burning through way too many good people that if they were trained and regimented differently, would succeed. Nevertheless, it is what it is. Unfortunately because the vast majority of this profession has refused to adapt, it continually plays out this boom and bust cycle where one company rises and the others surrounding it collapse.

So what does this have to do with outcome setting? Well, when you are setting outcomes about what you want, it is equally important to define what behavior, businesses, or kinds of imbalanced results you want to stay away from. For example, I did not define that I did not want to be trapped on the phone all day when I was building my first business that succeeded and because of this, I simply utilized any strategy that I needed to utilize in order to bring in another person, to get another person, to get another person – repeating the endless cycle.

So eventually, because I was doing this in a way that led to exponentially increasing phone calls the more I succeeded (as I was quite good at closing on the phone) what happened is I simply did more calls as my income went up. Now, eventually I thought this behavior would stop and I would be free at some point, only when I called all the leaders in the company, they seemed to answer the phone all of the time. What that essentially meant is that if I called them with a prospect at 10:30pm at night, they would answer. If I called them at 7:30am, they would answer. So they had traded a 9-5 where they have limited, defined hours and a predictable wage for another business with a completely half hazard, unpredictable income with unlimited hours and no work limits. So they would “retire” and pitch the dream in hotel rooms 6 nights a week, and the second that they stopped running around like ragged puppets, their income would go back down – so they were tied constantly to the phone.

To me, this seemed like if this was the way that it was, I should do something else for a living that had a more predictable income, a better expansion model, and higher margins so it would be easier to make money; or, I should simply figure out a better way to do it that didn’t produce slavery in the end the more success a person had. For example, it seemed like it would make far more sense to simply teach people to close their own sales and get rid of the 3 way call thing, as by itself it was an exponentially increasing slavery machine.

So again, my first outcome in that model was to take over an area. I clearly defined parts of it, but not all of it, which then led to burnout and collapse. I, being a thinking man, did not think that doing things in this way would be a good pattern to repeat. So I got burned out from the phone calls, and “retired” from network marketing for a good two years, living in a Green 1996 Dodge Caravan instead, sleeping on different beaches every night over there in Oahu, Hawaii. After all of those phone calls, it seemed like a much better use of my time to enjoy nature and sleep in a green van down by the river than it ever was to do network marketing. After that experience, I didn’t even have a phone for a long time. Actually, I still do not have a cell phone, as I despise the idea of someone being able to call me 24 hours a day. So instead, I have a land line phone and when I am done working, I turn it off like people used to back in 1981 when I was born. Call me old fashioned. I think that all of this technology sometimes disconnects us with regular social behavior, like talking to each other and enjoying the presence of others. Sometimes I walk down the street and I see people on what I call a “technology walk”. They walk through nature, ignoring everything around them in favor of clicking like constantly on Facebook. In fact, I once saw a person walk through the forest, and they did not even notice a single tree!

I Call That “A Cell Phone Master!” It Is Kind Of Like The Masters Of The Universe (Like He-Man) Only Without The Powers!

The Masters Of The Universe!

That is, until their phone ran out of batteries. Luckily, this happened right before they almost walked off of a cliff! I often think of that event and remember the pigs in the new testament that Jesus cast all of the demons into. They probably fell off of the cliff because they accidentally dropped their cell phones off of the ledge, and couldn’t stand being alive without Facebook and the constant vibration and feedback systems of their social reward systems that over a period of time, programming a person to sit there and do nothing but click, buy, and write, forgetting their children and their spouse exist until one day, they are all alone! They look up in the end, only to find an empty house, and a note from their ex wife that says “I’ve decided to leave you for a man who pays attention to me.”

So Then, The Pigs Jump Off Of A Cliff, Because Pigs Don’t Know Pigs Stink!

So in case you were wondering why the pigs jumped off of the cliff, it was probably because of a similar story to what I described above. Perhaps, or perhaps not. You decide.

My point is, that you have to define clear boundary conditions on what you want or in the process of creating it, you can very easily destroy your life by becoming too successful. This is actually far easier to do than you can imagine, and many righteous people have fallen to the never ending pursuit of the quick dollar, doing anything possible to sustain their over fat lifestyles, and this happens in all industries.

Now to be clear, I’m not selling network marketing on this blog for now as I’d rather focus on selling my own stuff in general as there are higher margins and better residual income, and I also think my stuff changes people’s lives more. I simply enjoy the stories and they relate to any kind of business or trade that exists, so I think you’ll get a lot of value out of it. If there is one thing that network marketing people know how to do, it’s sell overpriced stuff that has no value outside of the opportunity! Now, they are very good at selling legitimate products as well in good companies that have actual competitive products, and I know lots of people who build their businesses in different ways; however, I am generally tired of the way that network marketing nearly forgets the products entirely over the pursuit of the quick dollar. It is absurd, backwards outcome setting, business planning, and strategy execution that always results in collapse over a period of time.

A few more outcome stories and top secret breakthroughs along the way about creating clear outcomes, and then we’ll end with an assignment, and I’ll type the outcome for you that I wrote in this blog and also give you some scriptures about clear outcome and intention setting from various scriptures around the world, and I hope that you’ll take these principles and follow the simple assignment of beginning to redefine your life. I will also simply bless you as you complete this series and apply these strategies to supernaturally expand your outcomes in your life, no matter what kind of business or job you are promoting.

Remember that outcome setting is about asking God, asking the Universe (which dwells within God) and putting your intentions out there in a way that gets life to respond to you positively. Remember the sayings of James the Apostle, the brother of Jesus, where he said: FROM whence come wars and fightings among you? come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts. Asking is not just about having stuff, it is about doing stuff that matters to people, and helping people. Even the greatest of the desires of wealth will not come to fruition if the sole desire is to only benefit ones self in the absence of blessing the lives of others, for to step into leadership, we must first step into servant hood. It is for this reason that asking for something that results in blessing others will always out perform asking for something that simply and only blesses yourself, for the purpose of life is to have the others.

So what happened next? Well, I got a little better at setting outcomes in a way that made me even more money than the last time I made even more money than the time previous to that amount of money that I previously made (in fact); and what this resulted in was the building of my next business, after of course the van story.

So I’m living in this Green 1996 Dodge Caravan and it had the paint peeling off and old, rusted tires and I used to park at different beaches every night in Hawaii to avoid capture by the police, as I was white, it was Hawaii, and being homeless in Hawaii is illegal because (obviously) it is obnoxious to all of the people who work in society and are productive and prosperous. Of course, I was just doing it on purpose, as I thought it was very funny to live in a van by the river (like Chris Farley); although, it did get old after a while as I was constantly getting hassled by the police, and had to constantly move to different locations every night; and, of course, I was broke.

So I had gotten this job at Green Peace selling environmental donations on street corners, and I was pretty good, only I was late all of the time. The Green Peace office in Honolulu was under performing and losing money, so they brought in the “Lord Overseer” (they were this twisted mix between a boiler room sales floor, a Trump Tower, and a bunch of Hippies smoking weed in the top secret meetings) and his job was to fire everyone and basically not pay them anything. So they fired me for being late, and this was their excuse to not give me my two week severance pay.

So now I was jobless, homeless, and broke. Quite the combination. I then started getting in the mood to try my hand in the network marketing space again, only I refused to do it in a way where I was on the phone day and night, as I thought this was a retarded way to scale a business. Now, of course, I have a more balanced philosophy on it and I think that a combination of both are necessary to build success, as leaders like connecting with people on the phone, and in person and whatnot.

Then, though, I was like scared. I thought that if I would get on the phone too much, that one day I would be getting surprised talking to Granny’s at a quarter past midnight getting jumped on and practically abused by commission hungry down line who want nothing but to get rich quick immediately with no hard work or product sales ever involved (I heard in MLM they actually came out with a new policy to allow “nothing but pyramid scams”. I heard in China if you ever sell a product with no scheme attached, they throw you in jail for like 10 years.) “Only Schemes” allowed there, as they say. Commies and they’re never ending pyramid schemes!

Actually, one time in China a man joined an MLM deal, and went and got 100 customers (without even pitching a compensation plan). They executed him immediately for treason. I think he was that guy that got ran over by a tank in the news!

Enough of the jokes now. As you can see, I was in a profession with highly imbalanced thinking in nearly every area. Propping up never ending check getting with nothing but promises of get rich quick. Although that certainly works, it also creates disasters that nobody can imagine as the debt and trail of destruction that is left in its wake simply gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger. The boundary conditions are not clearly defined.

So I began looking for a way to get rich online and be prosperous in a way that lasts forever, and build a business in a way where people were coming to me, and very soon thereafter I ran into another way of thinking that said that if you are going to sell something, sell something to somebody who wants that something you’re selling. In other words, you can go knocking on doors looking for someone who is hungry to pull out their credit card, and buy, or you can simply target a group of people who are already looking for that particular thing, and by targeting that group of people who are already looking, and desiring for it, you have simply surpassed the need to wander around in shopping malls looking for never ending prospects from people that are actually looking for something else in the mall, like buying a pair of sunglasses.

Now, I am balanced. I think it is valuable to talk to people wherever you go as long as you are not focused on sales, if you are focused on relationship building, go for it. However, this is not the main easy way of creating attraction and people who come to you with their credit cards in hand, ready to buy immediately your products and services, right there on the spot.

If you want to do the latter, and have them buy your products immediately, literally automatically desiring it and practically having their credit cards levitate out of their pockets to enter themselves onto your form, or into your machine where you are selling high value, low priced products that are competitive in the marketplace, then what you gotta do is learn how to attract people through your content.

We’re going to talk about that in the future sections, this is a story telling video. This is simply what I learned about how to make money easily and instantly whenever I want in any niche, by providing value and selling products that people are already looking for. In other words, they are making a decision to buy your products because they have already decided to buy when they initiated a Google search, or: Perhaps you helped them along the way.

Low cost and high value products are the way of the future. Look at, “The Everything Store”. There is a spiritual leader that cares about the high value of the products displayed on his site, that gives value to the end consumer. Obviously, Jeff Bezos is the richest person in the world, and is Jewish, and honors Torah wealth building Laws. What people don’t understand is that every word in Torah is about the prosperity of nations. 100% of it is prosperity from the beginning to the end, even when it is demonstrating how prosperity gets obliterated from societies and stolen by the devil when they do not repent and simply honor God’s laws.

So anyways, I discovered how to attract an endless stream of clients to me, credit cards in hand, hungry and practically ‘drooling’ to buy as they were so excited to align with a spiritual leader that treated them right, and cared about their success for the rest of their lives. 90 days after making this top secret discovery, I had a week where I made approximately $30,000 from product sales. Actually funny enough, that money was not from network marketing, it was from affiliate marketing. Network Marketing accounted for approximately $7,500 a month of my income at that time. I was making far more money by selling low cost, high value niche affiliate products that people needed in that niche. Particularly, niche software seemed to be the easiest thing to sell. I imagine this is still somewhat true, although I think the future direction of nearly all software is a free model on the front end that gives free trials to people, and then they pay for upgrades on the software. Eventually, there will be free versions of nearly everything as people will find ways of arbitraging the price of their products and services and offers to simply make the software nearly perfectly free to experience, except for upgrade levels. This is where the future is heading and therefore, we must do something that makes money that is not dependent on all of these changeable things. We will talk about that in the future segments of this series.

I know I am giving you a lot for free. This is because it is my desire to bless you, whether you join the Kingdom Club now or not:

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So I set an outcome to do what? To make $30,000 a month and then go live on the beach in Costa Rica and be happy forever, like the movies. I did pretty well, as that is exactly what happened to me over the course of the next 90 days. It was like I went from zero, to making $30,000 a month in 90 days by working day and night selling products.

Funny enough, I did not get that lesson. I was convinced that the reason for all of my success was opportunity pitching, whereas when I look backwards in time, that was always responsible for maybe 10-30% of it when I was doing well. If I had it to do over again, I would simply alter this and focus 100% of my front end efforts on product sales only. Then, I would simply have a connection upgrading strategy to upgrade my clients into more opportunity, however, a majority of the upgrades would simply be products. This is a far superior way of building a long term business strategy and market leaders like Frank Kern, David Sharpe, Chris Hawk Jones, Donald J. Trump, and of course David Wood would all agree with that, as this is a model (product focus) that does not lead to exponentially compounding loss, which is the problem that the FTC has in general with MLM and is a very serious problem, actually that is simply getting worse with time, as people are ignoring the constant warnings from the market that everything that they do is impermanent.

So then, I moved to Costa Rica, and I lived on the beach. I spent the next 8 years there, even meeting the woman of my dreams that I had seen in a vision when I was 8 years old. It seemed like I had it all, right? Only, my life had become imbalanced. I didn’t honor Torah giving laws that I had learned from my youth (we are supposed to give 10% of our money to charity before we spend any money, as that money is God’s and does not belong to us). I made money, and I lost it. I sold opportunity that pitched opportunity that pitched opportunity, never learning the lesson of simply product sales.

However, I was quite good. So I did like $200 million in sales pitching various things that I designed, only the design of my system had several critical flaws, the main one being that it was so focused on opportunity that it was impossible to pretend that there were real products that were independent of that. So, like the great companies that have come and gone before me, of course, eventually my previous empire collapsed. Why did this happen?

It happened because I did not understand the secrets that you are learning right now, and that you are learning in this video series. See, balance is the key. Set your hours and work a certain amount of hours a majority of the time. Do not allow work to consume you day and night until you cannot spend any time with your kids and your family, because you can actually ignore a family out of a family, meaning you can lose a family by not meeting their needs.

Balance, loving nature, paying attention to the new moon, looking at the stars at night, enjoying the creations of the Almighty God. If you are going to make money, have it be a part of your life that is important, and have other parts of your life be equally important or more, such as family and your wife or your husband and children. It is of utmost importance that we put God first in our lives and always be thankful for what we have, because pride collapses civilizations. This is outcome setting: Being aware of the balance of all aspects of your life, and mapping it into a desire. Being balanced with the desire. Making sure that the desire is not simply something that you are making up to consume upon your lusts. Ask and ye shall receive is the principle. Put your heart energy into the quantum universe, having faith and tuning into your heart and soul and connecting together the desires of nations into your outcome, aiming at creating world peace with us, aiming at healing your community and your family, and remember if it does not happen, it does not happen and this is not failure, it is only feedback in the form of the universe telling you that you didn’t succeed yet, and you must keep going in order to reach your desired state.

Interestingly enough, I learned more about outcome setting from Kung Fu than I ever did from famous speakers that I’ve listened to such as Tony Robbins and whatnot. In Kung Fu, they are perfectly balanced in the way that they see things. When they fight, they do not have a goal of winning the fight. Their goal is to execute the 108 principles of Wing Chun perfectly in every way, knowing that if they execute the principles perfectly they will always win the fight, for it would be impossible for another outcome to emerge. Being principle centered therefore would be a great outcome.

However, you may have the desire to make money, and if you want to make money this is fine and it will manifest if your desire is balanced and the ultimate goal is to help people. One outcome after another, I have always created 100% of my desired end states. Each time I’ve done it, it has worked. So the assignment is to set a new outcome, it could be anything. You want to describe it accurately, as if it has already been accomplished, written by hand and alternating between the left and the right as you are writing, as you are connecting the electrical endpoints of your nervous system in your finger tips with the emotional and psychological energy needed to accomplish the outcome, and doing it in this way balances the brain. Then end the paragraph by stating something like: Looking back on this outcome, I cannot believe how easy it was to accomplish it. Here is how I did it:

Then make a list of 100 items you can do in order to make the outcome happen, and you are rock solid.

Let me give you an example of an outcome I set for this video. This outcome is based on the restoration of my family, which for me is the most important thing that exists, as it should be for you. Here it is:

My outcome is to spend this year on Christmas day with my wife Priscilla and Gabriel and Angel. It is December 25th, 2019 at 9:15am and we are in Saint George, Utah together, holding hands and watching the kids open presents. She is happy, and I am happy. I cannot believe how easy this was to accomplish. As I stare at her she shines with the radiance of the sun and it is like the world is shouting: David Wood is back, and great peace is coming to the earth!!! I then login to my email account to see $10,000 in commissions which have stacked up in my bank account and my wife and I book a trip to paris, then Jerusalem for our honeymoon!!! This is how I did it:

Then at this point, I will make a list of 100 items that I did to create this, paying attention in my unconscious mind to exactly what I did, step by step. It is important during this process that you think and believe as if it has already happened, tuning into the faith inside of your heart. The emotional, physical, and kinetic energy that you put into a desire all greatly affects the outcome and the end state of that desire and the accomplishment of the outcome. The rule is, the more energy you put into an outcome in the form of emotion, intellect, dreaming, meditation, action, and planning, the more exactly that particular outcome will manifest.

The universe is exacting in its function, I think we would all agree with that, so to manifest from the universe, which dwells within God all that you’ve ever desired, you simply need to be exact and specific and make certain that you are following universal law. The above exercise is worth its weight in gold, and if you simply do it you will be astounded at the exactness with which you can now manifest whatever it is that you desire, from the beginning, even unto the end.

Think about intention and outcome setting in the Bible as the process of God first creating an intention to have other beings like unto himself to enjoy creation with, then an outcome would be himself imagining himself with his new friends and followers that he created, then we proceed to the next step in the equation, which I will work on tomorrow, which is the game plan.

Tomorrow I am going to talk about game planning skills that are so far beyond anything that you’ve ever read for free, that your whole life will be changed simply by the act of reading it. Think about these blog posts as automatic unconscious instructions from my heart to your own, from my mind and my spirit to yours and from God’s mind to all of ours, in order to get you to change your behavior now as you are healing and stepping into the newest best version of your future desired self, already living the life and the future that you desire to live, because you are walking a blessed existence, in the name and image of the Almighty God.

Remember, if you desire to know anything, simply ask in the comments below, remembering that if you ask, you will receive, and if you receive, you shall be blessed. I would encourage you to pickup a copy of The Kingdom Club below for only $19.95 monthly and I will walk you through the process of creating any outcome that leads to any fulfilled desire, that multiplies throughout endless generations of time if you simply desire to change now, and embrace the way of the future, the way of the thinking man, the way of the righteous:

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I hope that this helped you understand outcome setting. I would encourage you to open and click on every single email that ever sends from our site, and if you are not on our list, be certain that you subscribe and follow our blog posts!

David Wood
Creating Prosperity One Story At A Time

P.S. I’d encourage you to follow this blog daily for tips on how to create a better life, a better mind, a better future, more fans and followers, and also, to solve any problem that you ever wanted to solve related to thinking, planning, how the universe works, how to make your body and mind indestructible and prosperous in every way, and much, much more!

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