Day #3 Of The 17 Day Biblical Prosperity Series: The Art Of The Exponential Expansion Game Plan…

From The Desk Of David Wood:
Tuesday, December 2nd at 10:06 pm
Saint George, Utah
Subject: “The Exponential Expansion Game Plan…”

Dear Friend,

If you’re reading this blog post now, you’re probably wondering how you can exponentially expand your ability to think and to act in such a way as to create swarms of sales, success, and dramatic increases of prosperity, pay, and even the great accumulation of Gold, Silver, and all forms of Real Money… practically flocking into your bank account like a wild field of birds headed to the ocean. Not a better metaphor, because if you follow the plan, you will literally be able to create an ocean of living wealth, flowing towards you as you stand on the sands of time…

The Exponential Expansion Game Plan

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Remember that wealth and joining The Kingdom Club isn’t only about getting fantastically rich, or swimming in piles, and piles of money. Wealth is about doing things in a way that matters to you and your family. I was talking to one of my coaching clients the other day for the program that I’m currently working on setting up over at The Kingdom Of Elohim, (you’re hearing about this early) and what I said to him was something very simple: If you want to make ever increasing amounts of money, do things in a way that as your business, wealth, power, and fame expand, your responsibilities exponentially decrease by creating systems that expand in reach and efficiency so it simply takes less time to do whatever it is that you are doing as you make more money.

This is actually the opposite of what people generally do. Let me tell you a story of one time when I had a very small business that went through a very small exponential expansion curve up in Fairbanks, Alaska. I was doing sales at the time and specifically network marketing, and in network marketing, the companies teach this strategy (which I despise personally but it works) called 3-way calls. Basically, you sell someone something, and then get them to sell something in a never ending chain, kind of like a pyramid or a chain letter scheme. (lol).

Most people who do that kind of thing constantly deny the pyramidy nature of it. For me, I would rather simply admit it, and make jokes about how silly some of the behavior is. Network marketing is probably the only business in the world that has doctors who make $500,000 a year in a real business wandering around at Wal-Mart talking to teenagers to get them into a deal that pays them a .01 cent commission 3 times a year.

Anyways, there is always a better way to do things. Obviously I know people that make more than a million dollars a month in network marketing as well as by this point, I’ve met a majority of the major players in that niche, as obviously a lot of them read my stuff every day and many of them buy my products (obviously, because I am very good at selling as well and all people who like sales like reading stuff and learning about how to make more sales easier, and that is one of the major things I teach people to do, in addition to Kung Fu and weird spirituality, obviously).

Anyways, so I’m doing this thing where you get a person, and then they call you with their prospects and you close their prospects for them. Cool strategy except once it actually works, you are simply exponentially expanding the amount of work that you have to do in order to maintain your income the bigger that it expands. I know many people in MLM who preach this fancy shmancy lifestyle and take pictures of their fancy cars, which they only drive (ever) to meetings and coffee shops, drinking non stop buckets of coffee to keep their eyes open long enough to show another plan, giving up the 9-5 for an “apparent” fake freedom, only working all day and night while they pitch people in living rooms about living on the beach, until one day, their phone burns their ears up so bad that they form diseases in their brain from all of the cell phone radiation.

Look I ain’t got nothing but work, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to do something that as I work, I have to work harder and harder and harder. That is actually the opposite of the way an intelligent man does things. The intelligent man (what he does) is he does things in a way that systematizes his behavior, so after he figures out how to do things and that figuring out of doing things is making him money, he trains a person to replace himself and then he is off making another part of his business system.

Let me share with you some various ways about thinking about making lots and lots of money online and offline, especially locally in your market helping good people that matter, remembering that you want to be balanced and take the nights off a good majority of time (eventually) to spend with your family. Sometimes it is ok to be imbalanced for a bit to reform into a superior balance at a later time.

There are several ways of thinking about getting wildly rich with fantastic amounts of very interesting money:

Method #1: Get good grades, get a good job, and work for a good company. This is a fantastic option for a large percent of society who wants to simply show up somewhere and get paid. I used to make fun of jobs at events, and then one day I realized I had a bunch of employees that I needed and if they didn’t exist, my success wouldn’t exist, and I stopped doing that. Yes, there are a bunch of people who hate their jobs. Their are also a bunch of people who love their jobs and do things that matter. The problem with a job is actually the financial mechanics, if you are interested in getting rich. You are getting paid in general by a single entity or person, and if something happens to that person or entity, then everyone in that entity can lose their jobs and they may have to start a 30 year career over and take a major decrease in pay just to continue to survive, if they do not plan.

Job = get paid by 1 person, a very centralized way of getting paid that is controlled by a single person or entity.

Method #2: Still do the school stuff when you are a kid, as it will solve problems later, only be an entrepreneur instead. I used to tell people school was a waste of time, and things like this. I now have a balanced approach to this, as I have not really graduated college and I’ve already done $200 million in sales. However, one of the reasons I had that initial business of mine fall apart and had to rebuild, is that I did not go to college where you will learn practical structure skills on how to grow and maintain organizations. Later, I will go to Rabbinical School in Jerusalem somewhere when I have some time and I speak enough Hebrew to where it makes sense. Probably when I do that I will be making a million dollars a month or more, so it is not something I do for money. Making money is actually very easy and simple if you know what you are doing, as it is really simply a matter of finding a great product at an interesting price for people that matches your target market, and learning to sell it, market it, and build systems around it that involve your work reducing, and in this case, more and more people giving you variant amounts of money as time goes by.

So this option, the entrepreneur option is that you create option #1 for others by making money easily the product sales way and expanding your sphere. One of my coaching clients owns a staffing company across the world, and he outsources a majority of the work of his company to another country (where he is from) so as he builds his business, his work load goes down. Obviously he wants to make $30,000 or $50,000 a month and then go even bigger. I have a personal goal of helping a bunch of people get to a million dollars a month and beyond, as this conceptually seems very easy to me to think about how to do, as the majority of businesses that I run into are 5,000 years behind my thinking in terms of technology advancement and future development of things. Rather than simply building all of this technology and doing it all on my own, I’d rather be the go to guy and simply help others revolutionize the world and create a new kind of peace by creating a giving, and rich, and prosperous people.

Remember that when we are speaking of prosperity, nothing teaches prosperity better than the Bible. There is record of King David in the Old Testament being the approximate wealth of like 80 Bill Gates. I am telling you it was actually more than that, as David and I emerge from the same consciousness and I remember it (Remembering past incarnations is actually very easy if you are awakened). The thing about David’s wealth though, is that it wasn’t just him. His entire Kingdom was wealthy, prosperous, and happy. Mostly, anyways, I am certain there were some poor people here and there as there are always people who are the meek of the earth, and that is ok.

However, even the poor people would have had higher wages and better lifestyles than they do now under David’s system, as David’s system was a debt free economic model with trade based on real assets like gold, silver, camels, horses, real estate, etc. So the goal of a rich and prosperous Kingdom is that the Kingdom is rich and prosperous for everyone involved who is willing to simply get engaged, work, and focus.

See, I specialize in building and thinking through systems. It may seem that I am just a writer with strange ideas to many of you, which happen to bear exact matches in reality in the external world and be easily provable by theoretical physics and world leaders who hang on every word on this blog and change their entire strategies based on what I write. Perhaps many of you think that is very cool for me. However, I am not merely a writer. I write because I believe there is nothing that creates more powerful influence in others over a period of time than writing, particularly prophetic writing as that is the majority of what I spend my time on when I write, as prophetic writing is writing with many meanings.

However, I build systems is actually what I do. I build thinking systems. Systems of doing miracles. Systems of intelligence expansion. Marketing systems. World peace systems (my main goal that I obsess over day and night is world peace) and more.

Let me give you a simple example of the way that I do things that is very different than the way that everyone I know does things. So most people they simply pray over their food and bless it, and that is it. It is more of a habit than a system.

Well, I asked God to create a system of food blessing, where basically all of the desires of the righteous that they bless over their food combines with my intentions, and every time I or anyone else in the universe prays over food, it simply adds this to my previous food blessing, exponentially compounding the blessing of the food every time I think of praying for anything. Then I simply asked him to pass this blessing to the food through touch, etc. It is actually much more complex than that, what I have asked. See, I am very specific with my intentions for everything and because of this, I am a prosperous and wealthy man who, from this point will have his wealth grow and exponentially compound forever and ever, for time and all eternity.

In business terms, I would take this same kind of idea and build the framework for a business, which would start with the Game Plan. See when you get started in The Kingdom Club, one of the things that will happen is that you will get a game plan that will enable you to begin creating the wealth that you’ve always desired. However, in order to create that wealth, you obviously have to follow the plan and get started in the Kingdom Club today by adding the product below to your cart:

So back to the Game Plan and actually how it works. See, what you need to do in order to succeed in your own business or in your life, or in your ministry is to have an effective ‘inner model’ that turns into an effective ‘outer model’. The right ‘inner philosophies’ turn into the correct ‘outer actions’ and the correct actions turn into the correct prosperity and the fulfillment of all of your dreams and desires eventually, if you simply stick with the plan and keep going, fighting for what you know shall be your divine blessing if you pursue the way of righteousness.

There is actually a good portion of the words of the savior Jesus that deal directly with business, prosperity, and how you relate your prosperity to your life, perhaps 20% or so of his teachings are related to things that are connected in some way to work or to money, or to simply prosperity (directly). I would say that all spiritual teaching of righteousness is actually simply prosperity teaching, as another manifestation of prosperity is simply being with your family, enjoying your wealth, taking the nights off, spending time with your kids and telling them stories, and looking at the stars at night and the sands of time and the sun during the day, enjoying the creations of the Almighty God.

So what you do is you get a good ‘outward model’ that is a reflection of your ‘inward self’ and these to things work together, aiming your mind in a single direction towards prosperity, referring products to people who want those particular products or services in your local business or internet business model. As time goes by, products will be cheaper and cheaper to develop, and the kind of work that the general population will do will increasingly shift towards simple trades where people are helping people, as there will be increasing shifts of technology in the future where more and more of what people do are handled by machinery systems. This will result in the doing away of lots of various kinds of businesses and jobs and will eventually restore humanity to more simple work, but that pays higher wages such as trades, farming, and things that people used to focus on more in ancient societies that allowed them to be more connected with nature.

However, there will always be opportunity to exponentially expand your wealth and as you do, remember to build a system, and when the system starts working, this is when you want to bring other people into it. A lot of people I’ve known over the years have made the radical mistake of bringing something to a market that wasn’t ready for it because the thing itself was not already working and well enough thought out and tested to exponentially expand. So they had a great idea, and it didn’t succeed yet the way that they wanted, because the system itself wasn’t working and built in a way that was sustainable.

Good thoughts for today, right? If you focus on your business system, you will get the most value out of focusing on building the model out of how you are going to make things work. Start it in your imagination, then map it out, then take the model and the idea and expand it through various outreach and marketing strategies that you’ll learn in The Kingdom Club, and you’re on your way to being a successful man or woman who grows wealth in a way that lasts forever.

Remember that focusing on wealth all of the time is not healthy. There needs to be a balance between the creation and maintenance of wealth, and how you are managing that wealth and actually simply doing other things, like focusing on family, which is the purpose and point of wealth in the first place: Giving the people you love the resources and tools they need to create the kind of atmosphere that brings the most peace and joy into the family. Remember that that much of the wealth in the world that you see in various forms will fade away, but the righteous will live forever and in that time, the righteous will continue to prosper and make money in heaven by doing similar things, but in a more balanced way than people do on the earth.

I hope you enjoyed the post. Keep reading your emails and come back for the rest of the 17 day series. If you are seeing this as I am working on it, the series may take me a long time to finish as I am in the middle of many projects that are all prospering at once, and I have to take care of my clients and my paid customers at the same time. As I continue building this process out, everything will be systematized into such a manner as all I will really need to keep doing (not because I need to do it, but because I prefer to) is writing. Sales processes will be automated. Coaching systems will be automated. Infrastructure expansion will be systematized through trained people following a plan and it will continue going in this manner until The Kingdom Of Elohim is doing a billion dollars a day in revenue, and then beyond. We are just beginning and things are finally just beginning to come together as we’re all paying attention now to what’s next.

We’ll talk tomorrow!

David Wood
The Messiah David

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