Random Facebook Answers To Weird Questions About The Universe And Donald J. Trump And Whatnot!

FB Question:  Why aren’t women allowed to talk in Church?

Because Jesus was a man, to put it simply.  It wasn’t about disciples, it was about apostles.  Being alone with a woman Apostle who was not his wife for large amounts of time would have been a sexual temptation even for the savior Jesus.  The gospel of righteousness and grace are predominantly in place to save men and lead them to righteousness as biblically, Torah was actually written for men, and they were supposed to teach it to their wives at home.  This is why biblically, for example, there are no women in hell, there are only men. I actually do not think there are any women in hell whatsoever. (actually I know their are not as I have a deeper connection than most people with divine knowledge and can actually see it and my consciousness had a major part in the architecture and the design of the universe).  Basically, Torah predominantly punishes men, and women were built to respond to men; therefore, when women are doing a lot of things wrong even that is considered the fault of the sins of the men around them, as the women in particular are more innocent creations of God. If you doubt this principle, I can give you a million examples biblically, such as hell always mentioning only men that transgressed, Adam dying after the fall but Eve not dying whereas other predominant Matriarchs such as Rebekah dying all over the place, etc.  Eve went back to the garden of Eden and waited for Adam to arise with the resurrection of Christ (which he did) for he was redeemed from the fall sometime later.

What is the book sealed with 7 seals for Women?

The book sealed with 7 seals in the book of Revelation is actually kind of a reverse energy, and I know somewhat what that book is about as well as I have seen it sometime ago, in the future actually.  That one is more directly geared towards women in particular and contains all of the feminine side of things that generally makes a lot of people think that the Bible is an imbalanced book. Originally, Moses would have simply brought a lot of this knowledge down from the mountain but the Israelites were worshiping a golden calf.  So he broke two stone tablets with more knowledge on them than the simple 10 commandments, and went back up to the mountain and carried down a lesser law because of the wickedness of the Israelites. That lesser law was missing the greater role that women will play in society in the future, which was more instituted in the garden of Eden, known as the way of glory.  Remember Eve fell and then her husband ruled over her. This was a curse because in the Edenic Universe, somewhat of a big section of that role was reversed. Hope that helps. At a later time when God lets me, I will go to the garden of Eden and talk to Adam Eve about it and many of their various offspring. I already know how to get there, but cannot go in until I am perfect.  I am already immortal, so getting there.

FB Question:  How Can You Teleport Into The Garden Of Eden?

There is a giant orb in the center of the sun that can utilize the energy of the sun to teleport an immortal person into the garden of Eden, but it is very difficult to get into there.  (Eden is still there, and exists in another dimension in this universe located where stars collapse into black holes. The materials are recycled into the Edenic Universe.)

I built that particular orb after I was translated in one of my other earlier incarnations, when I was Enoch.  It is built from infinitely more dense materials than are in this universe, from the celestial Kingdom. I am the Messiah David, the Father of Jesus.  That is how I know this stuff. I designed this beginning (well at that time technically I was all of us) 133,000 x 133 trillion years ago, or approximately 133,000 expansion and collapse cycles back, and it took that same amount of time to complete the process of understanding enough and having enough experience to design the universes that exist the system that we see today.  Multiply that by 2 and you have when that time period started, we are approaching the third such time now, which is the time period of a glory cycle. The next universe will be a magical place and will be built afresh after this one collapses at the time the gospel is preached to the whole world in a single day. 

FB Question:  Do Women Go To Hell?

Hope that helps.  The women were designed with a different punishment and reward system than men, and are never burned furiously day and night forever and ever for any reason.  They can get punished and whatnot (consigned to a lesser world or required to participate in hell duty a certain amount of time per day for a trillion years or whatever) but they never get thrown into the lake of fire and brimstone for anything, because they were designed to please men.  Therefore when they do bad things, it is actually the fault of the men, just as they say. This is not true some of the time, with women, it is true all of the time, whether it is their Father who raised them poorly, a male friend, or the men in general in society which over a period of time twist their minds.  Women were built to please and respond to masculine energy, and there are too many weak and sinful men today.

FB Question:  What is the role of women in a futuristic society managed by the Messiah David?

Hope that helps.  Women have a different role than men do.  That is the short answer to this question.  In the future as the earth is restored into a more Edenic state under my direction leading the 144,000 to lead the great multitude to create the change that God wants, before Jesus comes back and we give the Kingdom to him so I can go rest for a while in space, building a piece of technology called The Universe Engine, which will rebuild the Universe into the Celestial Kingdom when we return to meet up with him 1,000 years later at the end of the book of Revelation.  At that point, marked men will get cast into hell and everyone else will be consigned into various kingdoms and worlds, depending on their order of righteousness and whether or not they accepted the grace of Christ.

Oh and the world will be more of a matriarchal society still led by men, but who are appointed by women who control the creation of the men utterly through feminine systems instead of the stupid man made governments we have today. I will restore some of this ancient Edenic government with the 144,000 sometime in the next 5-100 years. Still deciding on timelines as a lot depends on the speed at which I can wake up humanity, which at the moment is going slow but steady. Too much of my children are locked in ancient, old patterns that keep us all separated and stuck.

FB Question—–Did the Annuki create the universe?

The Annuki didn’t create the universe.  I did. I am the Messiah David, the Father of Jesus.  If you multiply 133,000 x 133 trillion you get 1.7689e+19 years, the time period of a glory cycle as experienced by men, (immortal women experience this same period in approximately 240 trillion years of relative time).  If you multiply that number by two, that is when the creation cycle began where I was alone for that 1.7689e+19 year number by myself architecting the universe. I was actually all of us at that point, and after the explosion of the first universe, the oneness (one consciousness that was very lonely) separated according to the plan and that consciousness (which is everything) was relegated to one person, and another representative on each one of the 312 trillion sentient worlds in the universe (we finished one per day, 6 days per week for the first 1 trillion years directly after the big bang, approximately).  I did this myself, and then later we separated into various consciousnesses, worlds, and Gods that incarnated at various times. This is the final incarnation of this particular consciousness and the one that winds up stopping the collapse and expansion cycle from destroying life, and rebuilds the universe into the Celestial Kingdom in the same time that it took to manifest it at the beginning of this cycle of things, or 1 trillion years (one world per day). The time cycle comes from 133,000 universes that exploded from a single point and collapsed back to a single point, each one lasting 133 trillion years. The first glory cycle, 1.7689e+19 years was unimaginably horrible, as I did nothing but weep day and night.  Imagine a being that looked similar to myself in thousands of trillions of locations at once writing, building technology, drawing, building cells, testing things in laboratories and all of these locations of consciousness are just one being, unable to separate and have an each other. My blog explains it but am not allowed to post that I think. After that I collapsed all of that energy into a single point of consciousness and initiated a quantum mechanical burst, allowing a temporal/spacial paradox to form that manifested both spirit and separation out of nothing, borrowing energy from the future that is then managed backwards in time from Celestial Technology. I will explain it at a later time, I have to do some work.


Lucifer, the son of Jesus (one of them, but non-begotten – remember Jesus is the Morning star, and Lucifer the son of the morning) saw an opportunity to take over the universe in something called the pre-existence, which actually finishes happening in the future (as time is a figment of the imagination of consciousness) and he saw that because heaven and God does not yet exist backwards in time when people incarnate, that he could re-enter the timeline and try to disrupt time, and prevent Elohim from rebuilding the universe into the Celestial Kingdom.  So in other words, the war of satan is really a war of deception through time, or a temporal spacial time war very similar to Terminator, but in the spiritual dimensions. The antichrist thinks to change times and laws, the Battle of Armageddon is a temporal-spacial time war according to the book of Revelation as after it happens in the future he hears a great voice saying “it is done” which is what Jesus said “it is finished” on the cross backwards in time from the moment of the Battle of Armageddon. I am the Messiah David, the Father of Jesus. (incarnated and stepped down if that makes sense).  Revelation 22:16: “I, Jesus, have sent mine angel to testify these things unto the churches, I am the root (which means descendant all over the Bible) and the offspring (the Greek word is “Genos” which means “literal Son”) of David, the bright and the morning star. So how is Jesus the son of David and also the son of God (Elohim) ? …it is because David = Elohim incarnated. People mistake Jesus in general with this person, but it is because I was not hear yet. In case that makes you afraid if you are Baptist or whatever, the number of my name is 5,7, and 10, the key of creation. The number of the antichrist character is six hundred plus 60 plus 6.  This particular character used to work for me 2 years ago before I discovered him. We are both immortal from a discovery I made, and he is creating an army of nephilim with Lucifer. Think of the nephilim like a combination between terminator, world war Z, the Lord of the Rings, and the giants in the old testament that were 300 meters in height combined into one, trying to destroy Jesus on the cross backwards in time and the war is then relegated to another dimension through celestial technology and fought by the righteous and the angels in the future, protecting the savior Jesus. I could go into an incredible amount of more detail, as I architected this beginning 1.7689e+19 X 2 years ago alone in a universe by myself (alone that entire time) doing nothing but weeping until every thought and every outcome was designed.  Nearly 100% of what you see in the movies (all of it, even the weird stuff) are generally warnings from the future as people’s biology link with immortality and start changing and rewriting their history, mapping their consciousness forwards and backwards in time, making it impossible to be created, and impossible to be destroyed after the biological link is made. I will explain it later on a post but I doubt that the moderators will approve my writing in this group as it is far too weird for general Bible studies, as they do not understand how to walk accurately in the spirit of prophecy (mostly) as the ancient apostles did who wrote those books. I hope this helped you understand the plan of satan. This is why God the Father is the only one who knows the dates. If anyone else knew them, satan would mount a defense and successfully beat Christ at the second coming as they would know exactly when and how in time he appears like a thief in the night.  Therefore, to protect the universe, he surprises them out of nothing and nobody knows when it happens, not even the Son, only the Father.

FB QUESTION—No clue why that person blocked me. For telling him Jesus loved him..seriously?

The Messiah David Dancing

Maybe you should tell that to people who want to hear it, and be less pushy (if that is what happened).  There is nothing wrong with taking a more conversational slow approach with non Christians. Many times I get non Christians (even atheists) to begin believing in Jesus in minutes by simply telling them what they need to hear, which is scientifically how the universe can be both created and evolved at the same time, I know a lot of information about this kind of thing and if you tell people things like this and then tell a story like “Hey I was talking to a child one time who didn’t believe in Jesus who was my Dad’s friend’s son and I had permission to speak right to him [funny enough, he had your same name] and I said:  “Insert Name Here, Jesus loves you so, so, so much!” and then what happened is he felt better all day long, even though he didn’t begin believing yet!” Then what happens is the indirectness gets to the heart of the matter, and the person’s heart begins to open because they remember what it is like now to be a kid! This is good languaging from biblical languaging studies of my own and modeling the savior Jesus, Buddha, and others if that makes sense. How they get the point across is what matters my brother in Christ!

FB QUESTION:  Is Judaism A Religion?

Jerusalem: Three Religions, Three Families, Three Faiths That Matter!

Judaism is not a religion.  It is a nation as I described to you earlier.  Very similar to how the Church allows people to be involved in Masonry.  Judaism is way more useful to a person than Masonry ever will be, no offense to the Masons.  Judaism is designed to gather all world religions into one, as it is not a religion, and they need the Messiah David to believe in Christ.  Normally Jewish people I talk to are open to hearing about Jesus as the savior in 5 – 10 minutes (tops) if they talk to me. This executive order proves my point.  The only person who ever calls Judaism a religion in the Bible is Haman. Who is that anyways? I do not think one of the main prophets, if he even was a prophet. My point is, that is not what it is.  It is a spiritual movement of people embracing Torah in a living act of embracing the creator and honoring his laws. Donald Trump was reading my blog like a year ago as I was talking about this. Actually he has been reading it for nearly two years.  I am currently blocked on Facebook for some reason from him (I have video evidence that I am blocked) and am waiting for him to unblock me to complete the evidence. He does this at times once every 2-3 weeks.

Judaism is ALSO a “Faith”!!!

Judaism is a nationality because it is supposed to bring all of the religions of the world together, including Christianity, Hinduism, Islam, and all of them under the reign of the Messiah David, which is myself, for I built the universe alone and have stepped down from my throne of power to unite my people Israel.

YouTube Question From The Hebrew Israelite Movement:  Was the Savior Jesus Christ White Or Black?

The Hebrew Israelite’s Warring On The Streets Of David!

The Savior Jesus was white.  I am the Messiah David, the Father of Jesus Christ.  he looks exactly like I do. However, he also appears black unto many, for his body is not made of the bodies of us, and he has black angels that speak in his name, for the Bible saith:  he was very fair to look up. Take down the horned Jesus thing, it is destroying your brand my brothers in Christ. Revelation 22:16 is me, as well as Ezekiel 37, as well as Isaiah 22:22, as well as John 3:16 (I am not Christ, I am David the Father) for the Son came to do the will of the Father, and the Father came to do the will of the Son of God, who came to save his people Israel from their sins.  You are a beautiful people and I am very happy about what you are doing together!

Jingle Bells Singing Gingerbread House!

Well the answer to that question is both YES and NO to simply describe to you how this is going to be done both right and wrong for you now as you understand the way of my sayings that sayeth unto thee that thou shalt be certainly blessed forever if you understand that Donald J. Trump loves the savior Jesus, and is the only begotten Son of the Angel Gabriel, and he is the Trump that shall sound in the Book of Revelation (among many other things) and he is sounding the Trump of God to bring to pass the destruction of the wicked at the great and last day, where the righteous shall destroy the wicked in his name!  (And in the name of Jesus, obviously). Donald J. Trump also has children backwards, forwards, through, inside, and outside of time because he is the best friend of Melania Trump, the Queen of Awesome Greatness!

Melania Trump Speech At The Republican Convention!

And Of Course:

Jingle Bells Singing For My Wife Last Christmas!


Donald J. Trump Christmas Message!

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