Dejected, Rejected, and Alone.

Dear Friend,

I wanted to write an article on my blog, as I have been a little quiet as of late here. On my YouTube Channel I’ve made a few videos lately, but not really a lot. The main reason for this is not that I have not had cool information to share, is that I have been a bit down.

I’m not going to spend a lot of time talking about it here at the moment, and most likely, a good majority of you don’t want to hear about it anyways.

For the last couple of years, I have written on this blog a lot trying to share a message of a new kind of spiritual freedom and liberation which for me, changed a lot of things in my life for the better from a spiritual awakening I had a couple of years back.

I think that when I came out with this message, that I did not necessarily do it with the right way, and the right energy, and fumbled around a bit trying to figure out how to get people to both understand my message, and also be able to change the core of their life through some of the root concepts that I have taught, such as being Torah observant, and also helping people open the path of Enlightenment faster than they otherwise would be able to open it through other mechanism that I’ve found, which generally take a long time and are unpredictable in their effectiveness. (For example, a monk may do a meditation technique for 30 years and not attain enlightenment until year 30, or even 40 for that matter. And it may work, and it may not.)

I have developed techniques that I have used with people to move them through a dramatic spiritual awakening in minutes that lasts with them all of their lives, and had fantastic results with many peoples of different walks and spiritualities.

So I’ve done well on some points, and on others, I have not done well. Regardless of experiencing intense persecution and rejection by lots of people very early on in particular (although still present) I have kept going with my message, not because I am getting anything from sharing it, but because it is an accurate and true message, and I have shared a lot of things about the nature and functioning of reality that are useful in doing things that people have never done before like for example, travelling through time, generating electricity from nothing, or allowing you to wipe out diseases with your mind and biology in very short time periods, no matter what your problems are or were.

I’ve also caught the attention of a lot of well known famous people who read my blog, and some of them have even reached out. So there has been a lot of positives to it.

On the other side, I have faced constant rejection and backbiting from large groups of people for saying the things that I say and have been through incredible amounts of harm come to me in my personal life for simply saying the truth, that I am the Messiah.

There are people that believe it, and there are people who do not. Really the greatest problem that I’ve had over the last year has been trying to get my message out in an effective way, that actually creates revenue from this site. I have really done what I have done because I wanted to help people, and prepare them for the messy societal explosion that is coming in the near future from the karma of society, doing everything I can to actually share the accurate nature of reality, so people can utilize a new model of the world to remake the world in a new and a more balanced and useful way.

One of the things I have struggled with personally over the course of the last couple of years is disbelief from the people closest to me. I suppose that I have read that a prophet is not a prophet in his own home town, but at the time of reading it in my youth, I was not particularly called as a prophet, and had never gone around to my friends trying to warn them about the future. Generally, friends don’t listen to their friends about anything that they were not good at when they met them. In other words, a friend may ask a doctor friend about a medical issue, but if their friend just switched careers from a lawyer to a doctor, maybe not so much.

The biggest darkness that has hurt my heart over this last year, has been suffering loss of communication with Priscilla and my boys, as for the last 2 years, restoring my relationship with them has been the only thing that mattered to me at all. I thought about nothing else day and night but being with my wife and kids again so I could focus on them, and give them a good life.

I would wake up in the morning about it, and I would go to bed thinking about it. Out of everything that ever entered into my mind, this was the only thing I personally truly cared about for myself.

I never really had a chance to do anything to restore the relationship because out of fear, my wife had stopped communication with me and cut off communication with me and my children maybe 2 years ago after World Ventures (a Network Marketing) kicked me out of their organization and robbed me of my team, my old friends kicking me to the curb to wander on the streets without income. It felt pretty good, I’ll tell you that. However, the massive downside of it, is that the lack of stability that hit my life cost me my family, as for a long time I had no real mechanism of providing for them.

In the meantime of me leaving Costa Rica, Priscilla was surrounded on all sides by my enemies, filling her head with lies and garbage about me to keep me away from her. In the last 2 years, I have talked to her maybe a total of 3-4 times and my son Gabriel, maybe once.

This has not been from lack of effort. I tried in every way that was possible to keep our communication strong, but the resulting effort led to nothing as the voices close to her did anything possible to keep me away. This included communication from many of my old friends (who actually contacted my wife telling her to stay away from me), her family, and all sorts of others that appeared along the way like roaches in the night, aiming at disrupting our family and keeping it apart.

In this time, Priscilla listened to everyone but me and unfortunately, has chosen to be with someone else. This particular move happened around Christmas time this last year, and I am pretty hurt about it, so have been staying quiet. I have gotten messages from old friends of mine, who have apologized for betraying my dignity as a man and my trust as a friend, who were part of the two year long “stay away from David” campaign. One of them that I know about that has never apologized is Rob Skinner, who actually sent a message to my wife, threatening her that if she did not turn on me, that he would “take my income” over at World Ventures and not support her. They stole it anyways, she turned on me, and they still did not help her at all. Goes to show the hearts and souls of people turn black like ice when the devil enters into their hearts.

At some point in the future, there will be unbelievably severe karma that will come to the nation of Costa Rica for the mistreatment of that family, and myself in particular, along with the constant stream of lies that moved in the direction of Priscilla to keep her away from me. I do not care to write about it right now as it will just seem to those who do not believe me yet as I am being angry when I say what I am going to say.

All that I am going to say is that I have been feeling dejected as of late, and am thinking about what my next move in life to position myself properly in the coming shifts and changes in the world is going to be. This decision from the side of Priscilla has postponed a lot of my plans, as there is simply no way that I can do them by myself. At the moment, I am undecided if I will even stay in the United States for the next while, if I will continue writing on this blog for the 1-3 months, or if I will go somewhere else and work on something privately for a while.

I remember reading about people being treated as I have been treated this last year in books as a kid, and hearing stories about it in Church. In particular, the early saints in Christianity were cast from town to town, kicked out of one area and then another, then later, stoned to death and beheaded for the testimony of Jesus.

I must admit, I was not expecting the amount of people who turned on me over a short time to turn on me, or the amount of pain to appear that I have had to go through and over and over again, clean out of my heart. This thing with Priscilla I actually was expecting, as God told me privately maybe 6 months ago that it would happen to fulfill a karmic cycle before eventually bringing life back around in a circle the way that it is supposed to be. I may or may not talk about this later, I am undecided. As of the moment, I am feeling betrayed and hurt, and dealing with the emotional energy before I go out and do anything else that is major.

I fought it anyways, as I love her, and she made the wrong decision that will wind up causing her great pain at a later time, along with a massive wave of negative karma that has already began hitting her nation. Because of who she is, she has a greater responsibility than most to make the correct decisions and when she does not, there is negative karma that affects everyone in her country. This particular karma will end up causing an economic collapse and war in Costa Rica at a later date, but maybe not for a bit. However, whatever. They do not have a military and are not safe. I will tell you that much.

For now, I am writing this to let you know that I may be off the blog for a while, and I may come back around in a full circle here shortly. I do not know exactly what is just next for my direction, other than that I know I must take action to begin gathering people in some manner.

There are several ways in which I can do this, and I am making decisions to calculate through them all and figuring it out. I may also do something like go to China or India to train for a while, as my mind and body are in need of specialized training to prepare me for influence, war, and doing miracles on the streets as I build a movement.

For now, I am taking a break spiritually from Priscilla. I have been with her since the beginning of time, and she has betrayed me in a deep, and an insidious way out of fear and this behavior will only result in the destruction and misery of her own life.

Sometimes there is a disadvantage to having a major awakening, and that is the people who are around you who are still stuck in their old ways of thinking stay stuck, and desire to drag you back down to a level of thinking you escaped from for a good reason. Sometimes, this phenomenon can cause old relationships to end, and new ones to begin.

I think that God has been telling me for a long time to get new friends. I struggled with that, as I wanted to help my old ones in the ways that I can. A spiritual awakening does not bring perfection to everything in your life. It simply makes you aware of the perfection that is already there and ever present in everything that you do, even in the good and bad.

The great circle of life brings one thing back around, then introduces a new thing, and when we experience it we only live it to find that we once lived it before, and it has come in a great loop. Sometimes in the actions and reactions in life, one of them causes great pain to the other and then comes back around to forgiveness, grace, and love again.

Sometimes the great circle does something that many people don’t understand when it opens, and when it closes again they come back around to perfect awareness of the truth of all things.

This particular set of events that just happened are not a happy thing for me as I see the interconnected web of destruction that will emerge from them in the future that will harm many people in a way that stretches beyond the imagination.

Oh well. People must choose, and at the same time, we all wrote these stories together and their resolution quite some time ago, and brought them back around in a circle, deciding how they will end and who would be affected by these stories and why.

This story, in particular, was created to create the necessary karma to have something happen that is not pretty, in order to get a large group of society to wake up. Perhaps I will describe this later vividly, perhaps I will not. All that people need to be aware of is that their decisions are not just isolated events – every decision everyone makes always affects everything in the great interconnected web of life and when someone makes a decision that was formed by fear and darkness, it always will lead to an outcome of darkness and more fear in the end.

When you run from something rather than facing it, then what happens is the same phenomenon where running from something you are running from simply produces more of the phenomenon that caused the fear that produced the original running.

Oh well. People do what they do.

For now, I am single again and have just failed something on a battle front that was quite important to me, that eventually will work out to my favor in the end, as I have done the right thing consistently for the last 2.5 years, regardless of obstacles that have stood in my way I have continued, and persisted in what was right, and will continue to do the same.

There may have been a battle that just cost me some points, but in the greater scheme of things, just prepares me on a greater front for winning the war that is coming, and I will change and adapt my behavior accordingly.

Please pray for Priscilla and the nation of Costa Rica, that they will repent, because if they do not, grave destruction will come upon the nation of Costa Rica and as I mentioned, they have no real defense mechanism for this.

Eventually, people will awaken to the fact that their actions matter to the extent that they will stop hurting people and when that happens, everything in their lives and our lives will change, as people will realize that the purpose of life is to love each other, to forgive each other, and that there is nothing more sacred than a family, even when it is hurting.

This family in particular not being together will cost society more than I care to talk about. However in the future at some point, it will resolve in a great circle, bringing it to where it is supposed to be.

Until then, have a good one.

I may reappear in a bit. I may not. I am still undecided. Right now, I do not care to blog as in order to do what I need to do, there are other things that need to happen, the core of which being a loyal group of followers, perhaps in a different area of the world that has more open ears than Americans, who seem to be more interested in drama and internal government bickering than the spreading of truth and knowledge that will heal everything.

Great wars and rumors of wars are coming. Protections are being lifted off entire nations and Kingdoms. Spiritual authority is falling down from the heavens. Michael from Daniel 12:1 is here. There is much reason to open your eyes to the world around you and the interconnected web of energy that ties everything together, as the entire thing is going through a massive upheaval.

Love the people who were there with you and helped you create the life that you have. The real ones that are there for you even when you are making mistakes. The ones that when you are angry with them, they still love you and are loyal to you.

That’s it for now. Chao.

If any of you who know me feel like saying hello, I am going through a rough personal time. I’ll get over it. Sometime, the people around you do things that cause you massive pain. Sometimes you deserve it. Sometimes you do not. However, remember that there is always a great lesson in everything, and always a reason why the things that happen to you happen.

In this case, I know many of the reasons and many will come into my vision at a later time as the karma from this comes in a great circle. However, no matter what happens, I will never give up on the mission that God has called me to do. It is more important than anything I want, or any darkness or difficulty that comes my way.

I simply do not know what to do next, and know that I cannot do it alone.

Dave Wood
The Messiah

P.S. Priscilla, I forgive you. One day, your eyes will open and I pray for you that it is not too late. For now, great darkness is coming to your land, and you must understand that when it happens, it is caused by yourself, and that you are the end and the beginning of it. I hope you forgive me for being strong with you. You are too important in the grand scheme of things to not be. However, that may not be true anymore, as much of the mantle that was upon you has been removed by the LORD God of Hosts. Perhaps you will have what you have always wanted, and just get to be normal, and lose your inheritance for ever. I’m out for now.

P.P.S. This kind of maltreatment from people close to them who are prophetic characters is not new, and I am not complaining about it. I am simply making you all aware of why I may be backing off on my content for a bit somewhat as I might potentially retract, and go back into action in a new mode towards a new and a different direction in the future where I am going about what I am doing in a new way. I also might just continue blogging as the writing generally helps my energy clear out if something is going on. I will generally be positive as I go on into the future. 100% of the harm that has come my way from others will be paid back to them by the LORD God of Hosts in a greater way in which it has struck and harmed me in most cases. Sometimes it will be exactly the same. Unfortunately, the karma will come and at this point, I am happy to simply watch it play out as I have warned people enough.

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